Submitted Surnames of Length 10

This is a list of submitted surnames in which the length is 10.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Radmilović Serbian
Means "son of Radmilo".
Radoliński Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Greater Polish village of Radolin.
Rafailović Serbian
Patronymic, meaning "son of Rafail".
Rafaniello Italian
Probably from Italian ravanello "radish", probably given to someone who grew or sold radishes, or perhaps resembled one in some way.
Rahimzadeh Persian
Means "offspring of Rahim" in Persian.
Rahmanović Bosnian
Means "son of Rahman" in Bosnian.
Rajakaruna Sinhalese
From Sanskrit राज (raja) meaning "king" and करुणा (karuna) meaning "compassion, kindness, mercy".
Rajapaksha Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhalese රාජපක්ෂ (see Rajapakse).
Rajapakshe Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala රාජපක්ෂ (see Rajapakse).
Rajasekara Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit राज (raja) meaning "king" and शेखर (shekhara) meaning "crest, peak, top".
Rajasekera Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala රාජසේකර (see Rajasekara).
Rajasinghe Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit राज (raja) meaning "king" and सिंह (sinha) meaning "lion".
Rajasuriya Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit राज (raja) meaning "king" and सिंह (sinha) meaning "lion".
Ramamurthy Indian, Tamil
Derived from Sanskrit राम (rāma) meaning "pleasing, pleasant, charming" or "dark, black" (see Rama) combined with मूर्ति (mūrti) meaning "idol, icon".
Ramkissoon Trinidadian Creole, Mauritian Creole, South African, South American
Altered form of Ramakrishnan used mainly in Trinidad and Tobago, Mauritius, South Africa and Guyana. This surname is not used in India.
Rampersaud Indian, South American
Indo-Guyanese variant of Rampersad.
Ramsbottom English
Habitational name from a market town called Ramsbottom in Greater Manchester, England (historically in Lancashire), derived from Old English hramsa meaning "wild garlic" or ramm "ram", and bothm meaning "bottom, bottom valley".
Ranasingha Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala රණසිංහ (see Ranasinghe).
Ranasinghe Sinhalese
From Sanskrit राणा (rana) meaning "king" or रण (rana) meaning "delight, pleasure, joy" and सिंह (sinha) meaning "lion".
Ranathunga Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit रण (rana) meaning "delight, pleasure, joy" or "battle, war" and तुङ्ग (tunga) meaning "high, lofty, tall".
Ranathunge Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala රණතුංග (see Ranathunga).
Rangarirai Shona
Rangarirai means "Remember, think over, consider".
Rantavuori Finnish (Rare)
Means Mountain By The Beach/Bay
Rassmussen English (American, Rare)
Americanized spelling of Danish and Norwegian Rasmussen.
Rathnayake Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Ratnayake.
Rattanabej Thai (Sanskritized, Rare)
Sanskritized transcription of Thai รัตนเพชร์ (see Rattanaphet).
Raudabaugh German (Americanized)
Raudabaugh is a German-Americanized surname of Reidenbach. People include Dan Raudabaugh (American Football coach) and Dave Raudabaugh (Outlaw who was an acquaintance to Billy the kid).
Rautiainen Finnish
Derived from Finnish rautio "smith".
Ravencroft English (Rare)
Probably a variant of Ravenscroft.
Ravenswood English (American)
Ravenswood is a gothic surname.
Redžepagić Bosnian
Derived from Redžeb, meaning "Rajab", the seventh month of the Islamic calendar.
Reichstein German
Habitational name from places named Reichstein (in Saxony) or Reichenstein (in Rhineland, Schleswig-Holstein, and Württemberg).
Reisenauer German
Probably denoted a person from a minor place called Reisenau, or a topographic name for someone living by an overgrown water meadow, derived from Middle High German ris meaning "undergrowth" and owe meaning "water meadow".
Remmelkoor Estonian
Remmelkoor is an Estonian surname meaning "willow bark".
Rendelmann German
A habitational name for someone from Rendel near Frankfurt (Hesse).
Reynoldson English
Means "son of Reynold".
Ribchester English
This name originates from the small village in Lancashire that shares the same name. Interestingly, most people with the name 'Ribchester' are in Lancashire, but a lot are also found in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Riesenberg German
Topographic name for someone who lived by a big mountain, from Middle High German rise meaning "giant" and berg meaning "mountain".
Riesenberg German
Topographic name for someone who lived by a big mountain, derived from Middle High German rise meaning "giant" and berg meaning "mountain".
Riesenburg German
Variant spelling of Riesenberg.
Rikardsson Swedish
Means "son of Rikard".
Rinbayashi Japanese (Rare)
It's written like this: 林林. Both rin and hayashi mean "forest". This is because rin is the Chinese reading called onyomi, and hayashi is the Japanese reading called kunyomi.
Ringelberg German
From the mountain on which sat Castle Ringel.
Rizvanović Bosnian
Means "son of Rizvan".
Robertshaw English
habitational name from a lost place Robertshaw in Heptonstall (Yorkshire) from the Middle English Old French personal name Robert and Middle English shaue shaghe "wood grove thicket" (Old English sceaga) meaning "Robert's wood".
Robertssen English
English variant of Robertsson.
Robitaille French
Of uncertain meaning.
Roelofsema Frisian
Possibly meaning "son of Roelof". Variant of Roelofsma.
Roeschlaub German (Rare, Archaic)
Comes from the Bavarian meaning 'Rustling Leaves'
Rólandsson Icelandic
Means "son of Róland" in Icelandic.
Romanovsky Russian
Habitational surname from a place called Romanovo or Romanovka... [more]
Romanowski Polish
Habitational surname from a settlement named Romanowo, Romanów, Romanówka, etc.
Ronnenberg German (Germanized, Rare)
Ronnenberg is a German town in the region of Hannover in Niedersachsen. It consists of 7 areas: Benthe, Empelde, Ihme-Roloven, Linderte, Ronnenberg, Vörie and Weetzen. The town is known for the Church named Michaelis from the 12th century.... [more]
Rosenbluth Jewish
Means "rose bloom" in Middle High German.
Rosenstein Jewish
Means "rose stone" in German.
Rosenzweig German, Jewish
A German and Jewish surname, meaning "rose twig" or "branch".
Rothchilds Old Celtic
Scottish circa 1500-1600. See Neil Oliver's book 'The Vikings' for mention of Rothkilde
Rottscheit German
Modernization of Rotscheidt, also a city in Germany (Rottscheidt) bearing another modern alternate spelling. When broken down it ultimately means "red" and "piece of wood", implying that the families of today descends from woodwrokers.
Rozbiewski Polish (?)
Unknown, possibly related to any of the words: rozbież ("crossroads", "outskirts"),... [more]
Rubinstein German, Jewish, Polish
Means "ruby stone", from rubin and stein. Rubin means "ruby" in German and stein means "stone" in German.
Rummenigge German
Meaning uncertain. It could possibly be an occupational name for a viticulturist who grew grapes to make wine, a seller or producer of Romanian wine, or a nickname for a person who preferred to drink Romanian wine... [more]
Rungrueang Thai
Means "flourishing, prospering" in Thai.
Rupasingha Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala රූපසිංහ (see Rupasinghe).
Rupasinghe Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit रूप (rupa) meaning "shape, form" and सिंह (sinha) meaning "lion".
Rustemović Bosnian
Means "son of Rustem".
Rutigliano Italian
From the name of a town located in Bari Province of Apulia, Italy.
Rybolovlev Russian
Russian occupational surname of "Fisher"
Saadatmand Persian
Means "happy, auspicious, blissful" in Persian.
Saarkoppel Estonian
Saarkoppel is an Estonian surname meaning "island paddock".
Sabashvili Georgian
Means "son of Saba".
Sachtleben German
Nickname for someone perceived to lead a carefree, easy life, from Middle Low German sacht(e) meaning "soft" + leben meaning "life".
Sackdavong Lao
From Lao ສັກດາ (sackda) meaning "power, authority" and ວົງ (vong) meaning "lineage, family".
Sacramento Spanish, Portuguese
Meaning "sacrament" in Spanish and Portuguese.
Sadeghpour Persian
Means "son of Sadegh" in Persian.
Saeidzadeh Persian
From the given name Saeid combined with the Persian suffix -زاده (-zâde) meaning "offspring".
Saengsuwan Thai
From Thai แสง (saeng) meaning "light, ray, beam" and สุวรรณ (suwan) meaning "gold".
Saengthong Thai
From Thai แสง (saeng) meaning "light, ray, beam" and ทอง (thong) meaning "gold".
Sævarsson Icelandic
Means "son of Sævar" in Icelandic.
Saint-Amour French (Caribbean)
Means "Saint Amor" in French.
Saint-Fleur French (Caribbean)
Means "Saint Fleur" in French.
Saint-Juste French (Caribbean)
Means "Saint Justus" in French.
Saint-Louis French (Caribbean)
Means "Saint Louis" in French.
Saint-saëns French
From any place named Saint-Saens by honor to the saint Sidonius.
Saint-Simon French
A French surname meaning "Saint Simon". Two famous bearers were Duc de Saint-Simon Louis de Rouvroy(1675-1755), a French memoirist, and his younger relative, Henri de Saint-Simon(1760-1825), the founder of French Socialism and modern theoretical Socialism in general.
Sakakibara Japanese
From Japanese 榊 (sakaki) meaning "sakaki" (a type of tree) and 原 (hara) meaning "meadow, plain, field".
Sakakihara Japanese
Sakaki refers to the "sakaki tree" and hara means "field plain".
Sakayanagi Japanese (Rare)
阪 (Saka) means "slope, hill" and 柳 (yanagi) means "willow". ... [more]
Sakurajima Japanese
From Japanese 桜 or 櫻 (sakura) both meaning "cherry blossom" combined with 島 (jima) meaning "island". This surname comes from 桜島 (Sakurajima), an active stratovolcano located in Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyūshū, Japan... [more]
Sakurakaba Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 桜 (sakura) meaning "prunus serrulata" and 椛 (kaba) meaning "betula".
Sakuramiya Japanese
From Japanese 桜, 櫻 (sakura) meaning "cherry blossom" combined with 宮 (miya) meaning "temple, shrine, palace".
Sakuramoto Japanese
Sakura means "cherry blossom" and moto means "origin, root, source".
Sakurasaka Japanese
Sakura means "cherry blossom" and saka means "cape, peninsula".
Sakurasaki Japanese
Sakura means "cherry blossom" and saki means "peninsula".
Sakurazaka Japanese (Rare)
Sakura means "cherry blossom" and zaka is a form of saka that means means "peninsula, cape". ... [more]
Sakurazaki Japanese
Variant of Sakurasaki. Sakura means "cherry blossom" and zaki is a form of saki means "peninsula".
Salagubang Filipino, Tagalog
Means "beetle" in Tagalog.
Salahuddin Arabic, Bengali, Urdu
From the given name Salah al-Din.
Salamandyk Ukrainian (Rare, Expatriate)
Rare Ukrainian surname of uncertain origin, perhaps Moldovan.
Salangsang Filipino, Pampangan
Means "(to) stack" in Kapampangan.
Salapuddin Filipino, Tausug
From the given name Salapuddin.
Sallwasser German
It is derived from the German words (Salz) meaning "salt", & (Salweide) meaning "water".
Salussolia Italian, Piedmontese
Originally denoted a person from Salussola, a comune (municipality) in the province of Biella in Piedmont, Italy.
Samandarov Uzbek
From the given name Samandar.
Samarakoon Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit समर (samara) meaning "coming together, meeting" or "conflict, struggle" combined with Sinhala කෝන් (kon) meaning "king" (of Tamil origin).
Sammartino Italian
From Italian san (apocopic form of santo ("saint") + Martino ("Martin").
San Agustín Spanish (Mexican)
Means "Saint Augustine 1" in Spanish.
San Agustin Spanish (Philippines)
Unaccented form of San Agustín. This surname is also found in Guam.
San Antonio Spanish (Philippines)
Means "Saint Anthony" in Spanish.
Sandaruwan Sinhalese
Derived from Sinhala සඳ (sanda) meaning "moon" and රුවන (ruvana) meaning "gem".
Sandioriva Acehnese, Gayonese
A Gayonese patronymic.
Sanfelippo Italian
Italian (mainly Sicily and southern Calabria): habitational name from any of several places so named for a local church or shrine dedicated to St. Philip, in particular San Filippo del Mela in Messina province.
Sanfilippo Italian, Sicilian
habitational name from any of several places called with reference to a local church or shrine dedicated to Saint Philip specifically San Filippo del Mela in Messina province San Filippo near Reggio Calabria.
San Gabriel Spanish (Philippines)
Means "Saint Gabriel" in Spanish.
San Giorgio Italian
“Saint George.”
San Pascual Spanish (Philippines)
Means "Saint Pascal" in Spanish.
Santa Maria Spanish (Philippines)
Variant of Santamaría primarily used in the Philippines.
Santamaría Spanish
Means "Saint Mary" in Spanish, used as a name for someone from any of various locations named after the Virgin Mary.
Santamaria Italian, French, Spanish
Italian and French cognate of Santamaría as well as a Spanish variant.
Santangelo Italian
Originating someone from Sant' Angelo in Italy.
Santelices Spanish
It indicates familial origin within the eponymous locality of the municipality of Merindad de Valdeporres.
Saperstein Jewish, German
“Sapphire” and “stone”
Sarrikolea Basque
It indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the municipality of Larrabetzu.
Sarsenbaev Kazakh
Means "son of Sarsenbay".
Savinainen Finnish
Literally translates as Woman Made Out Of Clay. Real meaning and origin remain unknown
Savolainen Finnish
Means "Savonian, person from Savonia". Savonia is a historical province in eastern Finland.
Scaglietti Italian
The name of an Italian coachbuilder, with one of its famous customers being Ferrari when it doesn't want a design from Pininfarina.
Scanagatta Italian
Probably means "cat killer", from Italian scannare "to slaughter, to cut the throat of" and gatto "cat", with the figurative meaning of "cheat, scoundrel". (Compare Pelagatti)... [more]
Scanarotti Italian
Meaning uncertain, possibly a nickname given to a boastful person.
Scanavacca Italian
Possibly an occupational name for a butcher, from scannare "to slaughter, to cut the throat of" and vacca "cow".
Schaumburg German, Dutch, Belgian
Habitational name from any of the places called Schaumburg or Schauenburg in Germany, or Schauwberg in Brabant, Belgium.
Schiffmann German
Occupational derived from the elements schiff "ship" and mann "man" meaning "shipman, German cognate of Shipman.
Schleicher German
Could derive from the word schleifen meaning "to grind" but most likely is derived from the word schleicher "to sneak, creeper".
Schmeichel German
Nickname for a flatterer, derived from Middle High German smeichen literally meaning "to flatter". Famous bearers of this surname include Peter Schmeichel (1963-) and his son Kasper Schmeichel (1986-), both of whom are Danish soccer goalkeepers.
Schmidlapp German
Derived from Middle High German smit "smith, metalworker" and lap(pe) meaning "cloth, patch, rag".
Schmidtová f Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak form of the German surname Schmidt through the feminine suffix -ová.
Schmoeckel German (East Prussian)
Originally Smekel. In the 17th century the ‘Sm’ in Low German was gradually replaced by the ‘Schm’ from High German. ... [more]
Schoenbeck German, Jewish
Means "beutiful stream" in German.
Schoenberg German, Jewish
Means "beautiful mountain" in German
Schuknecht German
Occupational name for a shoemaker’s assistant, from Middle High German schuoch meaning "shoe" + knecht meaning "journeyman", "assistant".
Schwanbeck German
Habitational name from any of several places so named, for example near Lübeck and near Anklam.
Schweigert German
Derives from an agent derivative of the German "schweigen", to be silent, and the nickname would have been given to a silent, quiet, taciturn person.
Scriblerus Literature
The Scriblerus Club was an informal association of authors, based in London, that came together in the early 18th century. The nucleus of the club included the satirists Jonathan Swift and Alexander Pope... [more]
Sebastiano Italian
From the given name Sebastiano.
Segărceanu Romanian
A topographical surname designating someone from Segarcea, a small town in Dolj County, Romania.
Seidenberg German, Jewish
Derived from several places with the same name. As an ornamental name, it is derived from German seide meaning "silk" and berg meaning "mountain".
Selinofoto Greek
A surname which means "Moonlight" in Greek.
Selmerlyov Russian (?)
Russian translation of Zelmerlöw.
Senanayaka Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala සේනානායක (see Senanayake).
Senanayake Sinhalese
From Sanskrit सेना (sena) meaning "army" and नायक (nayaka) meaning "hero, leader".
Senarathna Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala සේනාරත්න (see Senaratne).
Senarathne Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala සේනාරත්න (see Senaratne).
Senasinghe Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit सेना (sena) meaning "army" and सिंह (sinha) meaning "lion".
Sengsavang Lao
From Lao ແສງ (seng) meaning "light" and ສະຫວ່າງ (savang) meaning "light, bright, dawn".
Sengsavanh Lao
From Lao ແສງ (seng) meaning "light" and ສະຫວັນ (savanh) meaning "heaven".
Sensabaugh American
Americanized form of German Sensenbach, a topographic name formed with an unexplained first element + Middle High German bach ‘creek’.
Sensenbach German
A topographic name formed with an unexplained first element + Middle High German bach ‘creek’. Pretty common in Iowa and Pennsylvania.
Serzhantov Russian
Means "son of a sergeant".
Shackleton English
The place name probably means "valley by a point of land," from the Old English scacol + denu. 3 Another source claims the word scacol, describes a "tongue of land."
Shakeshaft English (British)
Similar in origin to surnames such as Shakesheave, Shakespeare and Wagstaffe.
Shallcross English
Means "person from Shallcross", Derbyshire ("place by the Shacklecross", an ancient stone cross in the High Peak, its name perhaps denoting a cross to which people could be shackled as a penance).
Shanavazov Dargin, Dagestani
Means "son of Shakhnavaz"; the name itself is of Persian origin meaning "shah (king) of grace".
Shcheglova Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Щеглов (see Shcheglov).
Shchepkina Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Щепкин (see Shchepkin).
Shchyotkin Russian
From the Russian word щетка meaning "brush".
Shenberger English (?)
The name Shenberger comes from a common mix up with the archaic Austrian-German surname Schoenberg; meaning "Beautiful Mountain."
Sheremetev Russian
Derived from the Turkic word Şeremet meaning "poor man". (See Şeremet)
Shibuimaru Japanese
From Japanese 渋 (''shibu'') "unripe persimmon juice", 井 (''i'') "well" and 丸 (''maru'') "circle".
Shigematsu Japanese
From Japanese 重 (shige) meaning "layers, folds" and 松 (matsu) meaning "pine tree, fir tree".
Shimotsuki Japanese (Rare, ?)
霜 (Shimo) means "hoar, frost" and 月 (tsuki) means "month, noon". This is the traditional Japanese word for "November". ... [more]
Shinotsuka Japanese
Shino means "dwarf bamboo" and tsuka means "mound, hillock".
Shipwright English
Occupational name for a ship builder.
Shishigami Japanese
A Japanese surname meaning "deer god".
Shishikura Japanese
Shishi means "lion" and kura means "possess, have, storehouse, warehouse".
Shishimine Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 獅 (shishi), script-changed from 猪 (shishi) meaning "sus scrofa" and 峯 (mine) meaning "peak; summit".... [more]
Shomurodov Uzbek
Means "son of Shomurod".
Shovkhalov Chechen
Chechen surname of unknown meaning.
Shrewsbury English
From Shrewsbury, a market town and the county town of Shropshire, England, derived from Old English scrobb meaning "scrub, brushwood" and burg meaning "fortified place".
Shrivastav Indian, Hindi
Short form of Sanskrit श्रीवास्तव्य (shrivastavya) meaning "abode of wealth", itself from श्री (shri) meaning "diffusing light, radiance, splendour, beauty, wealth, prosperity" and वास्तव्य (vastavya) meaning "residence, abode, dwelling, inhabiting".
Shropshire English
Regional name from the county of Shropshire, on the western border of England with Wales.
Shteynberg Jewish
Russified form of Steinberg.
Shteynfeld Yiddish
It means "stone field".
Shteynhoyz Yiddish
It literally means "stonehouse".
Sievertsen German
Patronymic of Sievert.
Sijbrandij Frisian
Comes from the Dutch name Sijbren which originates from the Roman Sybrandus
Sikelianos Greek
Means the Sicilian in Greek.
Silberberg Jewish
The meaning of the name is "silver mountain" and comes from Germany
Silbermann German, Jewish
Variant of Silber. from Middle High German silber German silber "silver" and Middle High German Yiddish man (German mann) "man" an occupation for a man who worked with silver.
Silhouette French (Rare)
Famous bearers include Étienne de Silhouette (1709–67), French author and politician. He was a French Ancien Régime Controller-General of Finances under Louis XV.
Simasthien Thai
Meaning Unknown.
Simatupang Batak
From Batak si indicating location and tupang meaning "intersection, crossway, confluence".
Simeunović Serbian
Means "son of Simeun" in Serbian.
Simionescu Romanian
Means "son of Simion".