Submitted Surnames of Length 10

This is a list of submitted surnames in which the length is 10.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Khirlig-ool Tuvan (Rare)
Means "dirty boy" in Tuvan, from Tuvan хирлиг (khirlig) "dirty" and оол (ool) "son, boy".
Khlebnikov Russian
This surname means a baker who makes bread.
Kholodinin Russian
From kholodnii, meaning "cold".
Khrushchev Russian
Derived from Russian хрущ (khrushch) meaning "cockchafer" or "May beetle".
Kılıçaslan Turkish
From Turkish kılıç meaning "sword" and aslan meaning "lion".
Killmonger African
The name (last name) of the villain in Black Panther, played by Michael B. Jordan.
Kilpatrick Scottish
Scottish: habitational name from Gaelic cill Padraig "church of (Saint) Patrick".
Kindermann German, Jewish
occupational name for a schoolteacher literally "children man", from the elements kind "child" and man "man".
Kingsleigh English
It is a variant of KINGSLEY.
Kingsolver English (American)
Altered form of English Consolver, which is unexplained. Compare Kinsolving.
Kinsolving English
Altered form of English Consolver
Kirakosyan Armenian
Means "son of Kirakos".
Kirichenko Ukrainian
Alternate transcription of Kyrychenko.
Kirschbaum German, Jewish
topographic name from kirschbaum "cherry tree" derived from the elements kirsch "cherry" and boum "tree"... [more]
Kishlansky Russian (?)
Mark Kishlansky was a historian.
Kitchenham English
Occupational surname for a person who was in charge of the kitchen in a royal or noble house, or a monastery. From the Anglo Saxon cycene (German: Küche Dutch: kjøkken Latin: cocina Italian: cucina)
Kitzmiller English (American)
Americanized form of German Kitzmüller, literally ‘kid miller’ ( see Kitz + Muller ), a nickname for a miller who kept goats; alternatively, the first element may be from a personal name formed with the Germanic element Gid-, cognate with Old English gidd ‘song’.
Kitzmüller German
Meaning "kid miller".
Kiyomigawa Japanese
A notable user of this surname is Kiyomigawa Umeyuki, a sumo wrestler from Yokota, Akita Prefecture.
Klaarwater German
"Clear water."
Klarwasser German
"Clear water."
Kleanthous Greek (Cypriot)
Alternate transcription of Greek Κλεάνθους (see Cleanthous).
Kleehammer German
Means "Cloverleaf hammer"
Kleinstein Romansh
Corruption of Klein's Thöni, itself a calque of Thöni Pitschen.
Klingemann German
Occupational surname for a knife maker, literally meaning "knife maker, weapons smith". It is derived from German klinge meaning "blade".
Knatchbull English
A nickname from Old English knatch "to strike" + bull "bull", indicating strength.
Kobasigawa Japanese (Anglicized)
The more common form of Kobashigawa in the Western world.
Kobayakawa Japanese
From Japanese 小 (ko) meaning "small", 早 (baya) meaning "fast" and 川 (kawa) meaning "river".
Kołakowski Polish
Name for someone originally from a place called Kołaków, Kołaki or Kołakowo.
Kolesnikov Russian
Derived from Russian колесник (kolesnik) meaning "wheelwright, wheel artisan".
Koljenović Bosnian
Derived from koljeno, meaning "knee".
Königsberg Jewish
Associated with the Polish/Prussian/German/Russian town Königsberg, now called Kaliningrad. This surname was borne by the parents of American actor, writer, teacher, and director Walter Koenig (1936-) before they emigrated to the United States.
Konkyuhrei Japanese (Rare)
Variant transcription of Japanese Kanji 今給黎 (see Konkyūrei).
Konkyuurei Japanese (Rare)
Variant transcription of Japanese Kanji 今給黎 (see Konkyūrei).
Konvalinka Czech
Means "lily-of-the-valley" in Czech.
Kon'yashima Japanese (Rare)
Variant reading of Japanese Kanji 紺屋嶋 or 紺屋島 (see Koyajima).
Konyashima Japanese (Rare)
Variant transcription of Japanese Kanji 紺屋嶋 or 紺屋島 (see Kon'yashima).
Koralewski Polish
Habitational name for someone from a place called Koralewo in Ciechanów voivodeship.
Kordestani Kurdish
Originally indicated a person from the Kurdistan province (also known as the Kordestan province) in Iran.
Kotelnikov Russian
From Russian котел (kotel) meaning "cauldron".
Kotromanić Medieval Serbian
The Kotromanić were a late medieval Bosnian and Serbian noble family. The name is thought to have originated from a knight named Cotromano.
Kowalewski Polish, Jewish
Habitational name for someone from places called Kowalew or Kowalewo, named with kowal "smith" or an occupational name for a blacksmith.
Kozikowski English
Habitational name for someone from Koziki in Masovian and Podlaskie voivodeships.
Krähenbühl German (Swiss)
Combination of German Krähen "crow" and Bühl "hill".
Kraivixien Thai
Variant spelling of Kraivichien.
Kratochwil German
German cognate of Kratochvil.
Krautschat German (East Prussian)
Derived from Prussian-Lithuanian kraucźius (kriaučius in Standard Lithuanian), meaning "tailor".
Kremenović Serbian
Derived from kremen (кремен), meaning "flint".
Kristenson English
Anglicized form of Kristensen
Krivokapić Montenegrin, Serbian
Derived from krivo, meaning "wrong", and kapa, meaning "hat, cap".
Kronenberg German, German (Swiss)
Habitational name from a place called Kronenberg (there is one near Wuppertal) or possibly from any of the places called Kronberg (see Kronberg ) from German Krone "crown" and German Berg "mountain, hill".
Krstanović Croatian, Serbian
Derived from krst, meaning "cross".
Krstičević Croatian
Derived from krst, meaning "cross".
Kruchowski Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Greater Polish village of Kruchowo.
Kruczynski Polish
Derived from the polish diminutive of kruk meaning “raven”.
Krzyżaniak Polish
Derived from Polish krzyż meaning "cross".
Krzyżewski Polish
Derived from the name of any of the villages called Krzyżewo in Poland. A notable bearer is American basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski (b. 1947).
Kulasekara Sinhalese
From Sanskrit कुल (kula) meaning "family" and शेखर (shekhara) meaning "crest, peak, top".
Kulasekera Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Kulasekara.
Kulasekere Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala කුලසේකර (see Kulasekara).
Kulasingha Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala කුලසිංහ (see Kulasinghe).
Kulasinghe Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit कुल (kula) meaning "family" and सिंह (sinha) meaning "lion".
Kulasuriya Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit कुल (kula) meaning "family" and सूर्य (surya) meaning "sun".
Kulathunga Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit कुल (kula) meaning "family" and तुङ्ग (tunga) meaning "high, lofty, tall".
Kulathunge Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala කුලතුංග (see Kulathunga).
Kulatilaka Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala කුලතිලක (see Kulathilaka).
Kulatilake Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala කුලතිලක (see Kulathilaka).
Kulawansha Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala කුලවංශ (see Kulawansa).
Kullerkupp Estonian
Kullerkupp is an Estonian surname meaning "globeflower" (Trollius europaeus).
Kumanomido Japanese (Rare)
Variant transcription of Japanese Kanji 熊野御堂 or 熊埜御堂 (see Kumanomidō).
Kumanomidō Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 熊野 (Kumano), a name of a shrine that is/was somewhere in Ōita in Japan, 御 (o), a honorific indicator, and 堂 () meaning "temple, shrine, hall", referring to a hall in Kumano Shrine.... [more]
Kumanomidō Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 熊野 (Kumano), a name of a shrine that was somewhere in the former Japanese province of Kii in parts of present-day Wakayama and Mie in Japan, 御 (o), a honorific indicator, and 堂 () meaning "temple, shrine, hall", referring to a hall in Kumano Shrine.... [more]
Kumarasiri Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit कुमार (kumara) meaning "boy, prince" and श्री (shri) meaning "diffusing light, radiance, splendour, beauty".
Kunfermann Romansh
Younger form of Gufermann, which was derived from Romansh gufer "rubble, shingle" combined with German Mann "man". This name was given to someone who lived near a place filled with rubble.
Kurisingal Malayalam
Malayalam surname used by the St Thomas Christians of Kerala.
Kuropatkin Russian
Derived from Russian куропатка (kuropatka) meaning "partridge".
Kuroyanagi Japanese
From Japanese 黒 (kuro) meaning "black" and 柳 (yanagi) meaning "willow".
Kusayanagi Japanese
From Japanese 草 (kusayanagi) meaning "grass" or 日 (kusayanagi) meaning "sun, day". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Kwasigroch Polish
person who ferments(kwasic) peas(groch)
Kwieciński Polish, Jewish
Habitational surname for someone from a place named Kwiecin, named after the Polish word kwiat, which means "flower".
Kyrychenko Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Kyryk.
Laagriküll Estonian
Laagriküll is an Estonian surname meaning "bearing enough". Also possibly derived from "laagrikuul" meaning "bearing ball/bullet".
Labachotte Basque
Meaning: from or near the wet/low lands
Labazanova Chechen, Avar
Feminine transcription of Chechen/Avar Лабазанов (see Labazanov).
Labossiere French
Norman habitational name from a common village name La Boissière, meaning 'wooded area', from bois 'wood'. possibly a metronymic, from a feminine derivative of Bossier 'cooper', denoting the 'wife of the cooper'.
Ladstetter German
Læstadius Swedish
From the name of the village Lästa in Ångermanland, Sweden, whose name possibly means "Leiðulfr's home". Lars Levi Læstadius (1800-1861) was a Swedish priest who founded a Lutheran revival movement known as Laestadianism.
Lafontaine French
Means" The fountain" in French.
Lafrenière French
Topographic name derived from French frenière meaning "place of ash trees". It is often Americanised as Freeman.
Lagerqvist Swedish
Combination of Swedish lager "laurel" and qvist, an archaic spelling of kvist, "twig".
Lagoudakis Greek
Derived from the Greek word λαγουδάκι (lagoudáki), diminutive of λαγός (lagós) meaning "bunny".
Lahaylahay Filipino, Cebuano
Means "to pass time" in Cebuano.
Lamichhane Nepali
Means "long roof" from Nepali लामो (lāmo) meaning "long" and छाना (chānā) meaning "roof". It was traditionally used to refer to families that lived in houses with longer roofs.
Lamoureaux French
Means "the lover" in French. It would be the nickname of an amorous person.
Lancashire English
Shire of Lancaster; One who came from Lancashire, a county in the North of England.
Lanchester English
Indicated the bearer of the surname lived in the settlement of Lanchester.
Landaverde Spanish
From Spanish landa meaning 'meadow' + verde meaning 'green'.
Lanfranchi Romansh, Italian
Italian variant of Lanfranco.
Långstrump Literature
Last name of Pippi Långstrump, the original Swedish name for Pippi Longstocking, a character invented by Astrid Lindgren. Pippi's name was allegedly made up by Lindgren's daughter Karin. It's a combination of Swedish lång "long" and strumpa "sock".
Laranjeira Portuguese
It means "orange tree" in Portuguese
Lardizabal Filipino, Basque
This indicates familial origin within Lardizabal Palace, a mansion in Segura, Comarca of Goierri.
Larramendi Basque
It literally means "mountain grassland".
Larrazabal Basque, Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the municipality of Arteaga, Comarca of Arratia-Nerbioi.
Larsdatter Norwegian, Danish
Strictly feminine patronymic for Lars.
Lasiewicki Polish
I don't know meaning history.Please tell me the meaning and history of my name
Launceston Cornish
Derived from the Cornish place name Lannstevan. Besides the Cornish town, there is also a Launceston in Tasmania (Australia).
Lauricella Italian
From the pet form of Laura.
Lauterbach German
From the name of various places in Germany, for example the village of Lauterbach in the district of Rottweil, Baden-Württemberg.
Laverdière French
Habitational name from various places named La Verdière in France, or a variant of the name Leverdier (see Verdier).
Laverdiere French (Quebec)
Said to be a locational or occupational name related to land and greenery. Related to the Cauchons, descended from Quebec. A noble Paris woman was sent to Quebec for marriage in the 17th century.
Laviolette French, French (Quebec), French (Acadian)
A secondary surname, associated with some forty family names in Canada and also used independently since 1698, a nickname from the flower violette ‘violet’, with the definite article la. In feudal France it was a name given to soldiers and domestic servants.
Lavrentiev Russian
Variant transcription of Lavrentyev.
Lazarevski Macedonian
Means "son of Lazar".
Leadbeater English
Variant spelling of Ledbetter.
Lefrançois French
From the given name François. It may also mean "the Frenchman", probably used to denote someone who came from the region of Île de France in France.
Lehtiranta Finnish
From the word "Lehtirant" meaning "Leaflet".
Lempiäinen Finnish
Alternative form of Lempinen.
Lethbridge English
Believed to have derived from a location in Devonshire around the 16th century.
Létourneau French
Nickname for a chatty, gregarious person or an occupational name for a birdcatcher, derived from French l'étourneau meaning "the starling".
Levenstein Jewish, Yiddish
Jewish (Ashkenazic): ornamental name, or perhaps an ornamental elaboration associated with the name Leyb; from Middle High German lewe ‘lion’, translating the Yiddish male personal name Leyb (see Low) + German stein ‘stone’, ‘rock’... [more]
Lezhebokov Russian
From lezheboka, meaning "sluggard".
Liakhovich Belarusian
Means "son of Liakh".
Liddington English, Scottish (Rare)
This surname is derived from a geographical locality. "of Liddington", a parish in Rutland, near Uppingham; a parish in Wiltshire, near Swindon.
Lieberherr German (Swiss)
Derived from the given name Lieber.
Liebermann German, Jewish
Derived from German lieb or Yiddish lib meaning "dear, beloved". Many Liebermann families originally spelled the name in Hebrew or Cyrillic characters, so variations in the spelling occurred during transliteration to the Latin alphabet.
Lilienthal Jewish
Means "valley of lilies" in German, being this word derived from Lilie "lily" and Thal "valley".
Lilienthal German
habitational name from any of the places called Lilienthal in Schleswig-Holstein Lower Saxony and Baden-Württemburg named with Middle High German liljen "lilies" (from Latin lilium) and tal "valley".
Lilleallik Estonian
Lilleallik is an Estonian surname meaning "floral/flower source".
Lillevälja Estonian
Lillevälja is an Estonian surname meaning "floral/flowery outside".
Lillywhite English
From a medieval nickname for someone with very fair hair or complexion. It was borne by English cricketers James Lillywhite (1842-1929), first captain of England, and William Lillywhite (1792-1854), pioneer of overarm bowling, uncle of James... [more]
Limanowski Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Lesser Polish town of Limanowa.
Lindenbaum German, Jewish
topographic name for someone who lived by a lime tree Lindenbaum or a topographic or habitational name referring to a house distinguished by the sign of a lime tree. Derived from the elements linta "linden" and boum "tree".
Lindenberg German, Jewish, Dutch
As a German and Jewish name, it is derived from any of numerous places called Lindenberg in Germany, composed of Middle High German linde meaning "lime tree" and berg meaning "mountain, hill"... [more]
Lingerfelt American (South)
Americanized spelling of German Lingenfeld, a habitational name from a place so named in the Palatinate.
Lippincott English
A habitational name meaning "of Luffincott," a parish in Devon, England. Named from Old English uncertain first element + cot ‘cottage’.
Litchfield English
locational origin either from Lichfield, south east of Stafford in Staffordshire, or from Litchfield in Hampshire... [more]
Littleford English
It means "small ford".
Littlejohn Scottish, English
Distinguishing epithet for the smallest of two or more bearers of the common personal name John. Compare Meiklejohn... [more]
Littlewood English (British)
This surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and may be either a locational or topographical surname. If the former, it derives from any of several minor places in West Yorkshire, such as Littlewood in Wooldale near Holmfirth, all of which are so called from the Olde English pre 7th Century "lytel", little, small, and "wudu", wood... [more]
Litvinchuk Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian
Derived from Russian литвин (litvin) historically denoting a Lithuanian or Belarusian person.
Livingston English, Scottish
This surname is thought to be derived from Middle English Levingestun meaning "Leving's town" or "Leving's settlement."
Ljubojević Serbian
Means "son of Ljuboje".
Ljungqvist Swedish
Composed of the elements ljung "heather" and quist, an old spelling of kvist "twig".
Ljungström Swedish
Combination of Swedish ljung "heather" and ström "stream".
Lobosvilla Spanish
Rare variant of Villalobos.
Lõhmussaar Estonian
Lõhmussaar is an Estonian surname meaning "linden island".
Lomachenko Ukrainian, Russian
Derived from Ukrainian ломач (lomach) meaning "bonfire".
Lomishvili Georgian
Basically means "child of a lion” in Georgian, from Georgian ლომი (lomi) meaning "lion" combined with an Eastern Georgian surname suffix -შვილი (-shvili) meaning "child".
Longbottom English, Literature, Popular Culture
English (West Yorkshire) topographic name for someone who lived in a long valley, from Middle English long + botme, bothem ‘valley bottom’. Given the surname’s present-day distribution, Longbottom in Luddenden Foot, West Yorkshire, may be the origin, but there are also two places called Long Bottom in Hampshire, two in Wiltshire, and Longbottom Farm in Somerset and in Wiltshire.
Longfellow English
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was an American poet and educator whose works include "Paul Revere's Ride", The Song of Hiawatha, and Evangeline.
Łopaciński Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Masovian village of Łopacin.
Lorencovič Slovak
Patronymic from the given name Lorencs or any other name relating to that.
Lotfinejad Persian
Means "descendant of Lotfi".
Lothringer German
Indicates origin from Lothringen, German form of Lorraine
Loudermilk German
In German the word “lauter” translates into English as “pure” and the German word “milch” translates into English as “milk”. This surname belonged to those who worked in the dairy industry.
Louisville English
From the name of the largest city of Louisville in the U.S. state of Kentucky. The city was named for the 18th-century King Louis XVI of France, whose soldiers were then aiding Americans in the Revolutionary War.
Löwenstein German
Habitational name from any of several places called Löwenstein.
Lowenstein Jewish
Combination of German Löwe "lion" and stein "stone". In some cases an ornamental name associated with the name Levi (see also Levy and Lew).
Lukashenka Belarusian
Belarusian form of Lukashenko, the current Belarusian president's last name.
Lukashenko Ukrainian
Means "son of Luka".
Lukashvili Georgian
Means "son of Luka".
Łukaszczyk Polish
Derived from the given name Łukasz.
Lumbanbatu Batak
From Batak lumban meaning "village, hamlet" and batu meaning "stone".
Lumbangaol Batak
From Batak lumban meaning "village, hamlet" and gaol meaning "banana".
Lustgarten Jewish
An invented Jewish name based on German Lustgarten "pleasure garden" (perhaps alluding to the Garden of Eden). It was borne by British barrister, writer and broadcaster Edgar Lustgarten (1907-1978), presenter of television crime reconstructions.
Lynchehaun Irish
Anglicized form of Irish-Gaelic surname Ó Loingseacháin
Lytvynenko Ukrainian
It indicates being a descendant of someone who lived in the medieval Grand Duchy of Lithuania but wasn't necessarily of the Lithuanian ethnicity.
Mac Airtain Medieval Irish
Older Irish form of McCartan.
Mac Ambróis Irish
Means "descendant of Ambróis"
Mac an tSaoi Irish
From Tyrone
Mac Ascaidh Irish
Means "descendant of Ascadh"
Macatangay Filipino, Tagalog
Derived from Tagalog makatangay meaning "one who takes away".
Mac Cearáin Irish
Means "descendant of Ciarán"
Mac Clingan Scottish (Archaic), Scottish Gaelic (Anglicized, Archaic)
Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Gilla Fhinnéin meaning "son of the servant of Saint Finnian". The original Gaelic surname was also Anglicized as Mac Alingen.
MacCrimmon Scottish
Nickname for a person noted as a guardian, and an anglicized form of MacCruimein.
MacDonnell Scottish, Irish
Variant spelling of McDonnell.
Mac Eacháin Irish
It literally means "Eachán’s son".
Mac Giobúin Irish
Means "descendant of Giobúin"
Macglanchy Irish
Anglicized form of Irish-Gaelic Mac Lannchaidh
Macjimpsey Irish
Anglicized form of Irish-Gaelic Mac Dhíomasaigh