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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
QARAYEV     Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of Garayev.
QASIMOV     Azerbaijani
Means "son of Qasim".
QASSAB     Indian, Muslim
Means "butcher".
QIN     Chinese
From Chinese 秦 (qín) referring to the ancient state of Qin, which existed from 221 BC to 206 BC in what is now the Gansu and Shaanxi provinces.
QING     Chinese
From Chinese 青 (qīng) meaning "blue, green, young".
QUAAS     German
Nickname for a big eater, from Middle Low German quās meaning "guzzling", "feasting".
QUÁCH     Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Guo, from Sino-Vietnamese 郭 (quách) meaning "outer part (of a city)".
QUACKENBUSH     Dutch (Anglicized)
Americanized spelling of Dutch Quackenbosch, a topographic name from Dutch quaak ‘swamp’ (cognate with the English word quagmire) + bosch ‘woodland’, ‘wilderness’.
QUADE     Irish, German
As an Irish surname, it is a variant of Quaid.... [more]
QUADERER     German
Nickname for someone stocky, from Middle High German quader meaning "building stone".
QUAID     Irish
Reduced form of McQuaid.
QUAN     Chinese
Of the Quan village
QUANDT     German, History
From Middle Low German quant "prankster, joker". ... [more]
QUANTRELL     English
From a medieval nickname for an elegantly or flamboyantly dressed person (from Middle English quointerel "dandy, fop", from quointe "known, knowledgeable, crafty, elegant").
QUARRY     English
From Middle English quarey "quarry", a topographic name for someone who lived near a stone quarry, or a metonymic occupational name for someone who worked in one. ... [more]
From a medieval nickname for a very dextrous person, or for someone who habitually wore gloves (from Old French quatremains, literally "four hands"). A fictional bearer of the surname is Allan Quartermain, the hero of 'King Solomon's Mines' (1886) and other adventure novels by H. Rider Haggard... [more]
Variant of Quartermain. This surname was borne by British actor Leon Quartermaine (1876-1967).
QUARTEY     Western African, Ga
Ga surname of unknown meaning.
QUARTZ     German
The name refers to the common mineral "quartz"
QUAST     German
habitational name from any of several places so named in northern Germany. metonymic occupational name for a barber or nickname for someone who wore a conspicuous tassel or feather, from Middle Low German, Middle High German quast(e) "tuft", "tassel", "brush", also "fool".
QUAYLE     English, Irish, Scottish, Manx
Meaning, "son of Paul." When the name originates from Ireland, the Isle of Man and Scotland it is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic Mac Phàil (Scottish) Mac Phóil (Irish) Mac Phaayl (Manx) meaning "son of Pàil / Póil / Paayl"... [more]
QUENBY     English
English: of uncertain origin; perhaps a variant of Quarmby, a habitational name from a place so called in West Yorkshire.
QUENNELL     English
From the medieval female personal name Quenilla, from Old English Cwēnhild, literally "woman-battle". This was borne by Peter Quennell (1905-1993), a British poet, critic and historian.
QUERCIA     Italian (Rare)
From the Latin quercus "oak".
QUESADA     Spanish
Habitational name from Quesada, a place in Jaén province. The place name is of uncertain derivation; there may be some connection with Old Spanish requexada meaning "corner", "tight spot".
QUESTED     English (British)
English surname of uncertain origin, possibly derived from the lost village of Questers.
QUETZ     German
German family name originating from the town of Quetz (today Quetzdölsdorf).... [more]
QUEZADA     Spanish
Probably a variant of Quesada.
QUEZON     Filipino, Tagalog
Meaning uncertain, possibly a variant of Quizon or of Spanish origin.... [more]
QUICHOCHO     Chamorro
Chamorro for "to take out from hiding"
QUILL     Irish
Quill or Quille is an anglicised version of the Irish surnames Ó Cuill, Coll, Coill, and O'Coill (Ó Coill), all of which mean wood, forest or shrub Hazel Tree. The Coill clan are believed to be a bardic family from Munster, particularly Kerry and Cork... [more]
QUILLE     Irish
Variation of Quill.
QUILTY     Irish
QUIN     English
Variant of Quinn.
QUINENE     Chamorro
Chamorro for "to take away"
QUINLEY     English, Scottish, Irish, Scottish Gaelic
Apparently an altered form of Scottish McKinley or a reduced form of Irish McQuinnelly, Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Coingheallaigh or Ó Coingheallaigh ‘son (or descendant) of Coingheallach’, a personal name meaning ‘faithful to pledges’.
QUINTO     Aragonese, Spanish, Catalan, Italian
Habitational surname for a person from a place called Quinto, for example in Zaragoza province. However, the high concentration of the surname in Alacant province suggests that, in some cases at least, it may derive from the personal name Quinto (from Latin Quintus denoting the fifth-born child or Catalan quinto "young soldier").... [more]
QUIROGA     Galician
This indicates familial origin within the municipality of the same name.
QUISLING     Norwegian
A treacherous person who sides with opposing forces, this meaning comes from Vidkun Quisling of Norway. He helped the Germans during the German rule of Norway in the 1940's. Original meaning "One from" (-ling) "Quislemark", (quis) A romanization of the place name of Kvislemark.
QUIST     Swedish
Variant spelling of Kvist.
QUIZON     Filipino, Tagalog
Possibly of Hokkien (Hakka) origin, from a combination of the Chinese surnames Cui and Son.
QURBANOV     Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani variant of Kurbanov.
QURBONOV     Uzbek, Tajik
Variant transcription of Kurbonov.
QURESHI     Urdu, Sindhi, Indian (Muslim)
Derived from Arabic قُرَيْش (Qurayš), which refers to an ancient Bedouin tribe of the Arabian peninsula (the Islamic Prophet Muhammad belonged to a sub-clan of the tribe). The name itself is derived from Arabic قَرَشَ (qaraša) meaning "to gnash, to grind, to chew".
QURSAWI     Tatar
Derived from the Arabic word قرصة (qursa) meaning "pinch".
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