Submitted Surnames Starting with B

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Ba Arabic
Arabic from a shortened form of Aba, accusative case of Abu ‘father’.
Ba Chinese
Chinese from the name of the kingdom of Ba, which existed in Sichuan during the Zhou dynasty (1122–221 bc). Descendants of some of the ruling class adopted the name of the kingdom as their surname... [more]
Baack North Frisian, Dutch
Either from a reduced form of the Germanic personal name Baldeke (a short form of any of the compound names with the first element bald ‘bold’, for example Baldewin) or from Middle Low German baec, bake ‘pork’, ‘bacon’, hence a metonymic occupational name for a butcher or pig farmer.
Baamonde Galician
This indicates familial origin within either of 5 eponymous parishes.
Baamonde Spanish
habitational name from one of the Galician places called Baamonde (earlier written Bahamonde) in the province of Lugo most probably Santiago de Baamonde (Begonte).
Baatirov Kyrgyz
Means "son of Baatir" in Kyrgyz.
Baba Nigerian, Yoruba, Western African
From an honourific title used to denote a father, wise man, or an elder.
Baba Japanese
From Japanese 馬場 (baba) meaning "riding ground".
Babaev Uzbek, Tajik, Turkmen, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Russian
Variant transcription of Babayev.
Babaian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Babayan.
Babao Filipino, Cebuano
From Cebuano babaw meaning "top, above, over".
Babao Filipino, Tagalog
From Tagalog babaw meaning "shallowness".
Babaoka Japanese
Baba means "riding ground" and oka means "hill".
Babar Urdu
From given name Babar
Babauta Chamorro
Chamorro name for "our banner or flag"
Babayan Armenian
Derived from Turkish baba meaning "father".
Babayev Azerbaijani
Means "son of Baba".
Babaylan Visayan
From "babaylan" which were pre-Hispanic priestesses or mediums. The root word of which is "babaye" which is Cebuano for woman.
Babazoe Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 馬場添 (Babazoe) meaning "Babazoe", a name of a group of several households for the Kadowari System that took place in the Edo Period in the former Japanese province of Satsuma in parts of present-day Kagoshima, Japan.
Babbit Anglo-Saxon
Babbitt is part of the ancient legacy of the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. It is a product of when the family lived in Suffolk. The surname refers to a person who came from Babe, which may refer to an area known as the Hundred of Babegh in the county of Suffolk... [more]
Babbs English (Rare)
A matronymic of Barbara.
Babe Japanese
Variant reading of Umabe.
Babel French
Either (i) from the medieval French personal name Babel, apparently adopted from that of St Babylas, a 3rd-century Christian patriarch of Antioch, the origins of which are uncertain; or (ii) an invented Jewish name based on German or Polish Babel "Babylon".
Babeș Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Babiker Arabic
From the given name Abu Bakr.
Babinec Czech
Nickname from Old Czech babinec meaning "coward".
Babington English
Habitational name for someone from Babington in Somerset or Great or Little Bavington in Northumberland, named with the Old English personal name Babba + the connective particle -ing- meaning "associated with", "named after" + tūn meaning "settlement".
Babla Polish, Indian
Polish: nickname from babula ‘(old) little woman, granny’, a hypocoristic derivative of baba (see Baba).... [more]
Baboli Mazanderani
Means “from Babol”.
Babu Indian, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada
Derived from Hindi बाबू (babu) meaning "father, sir", used as a respectful term of address for a man as well as a term of endearment for a young boy.
Babushkin Russian, Jewish
Derived from Russian бабушка (babushka) meaning "grandmother".
Bača Czech, Slovak
Meaning Shepherd
Baca Spanish
From Spanish vaca meaning "cow".
Bacal Romanian, Jewish
Derived from Romanian bacal, an alternative form of băcan meaning "grocer".
Bacall Romanian, Jewish
Variant spelling of Bacal. A famous bearer was the American actress Lauren Bacall (1924-2014).
Bacalso Filipino, Cebuano
Meaning uncertain.
Bacani Filipino, Pampangan, Pangasinan
Meaning uncertain.
Bacatan Filipino, Cebuano
Derived from Cebuano bakat meaning "billow, large wave of water".
Bacca English
Origin: English (Norman origin).... [more]
Bacca English
Origin: English (Norman origin).... [more]
Baccay Filipino, Tagalog
Possibly from a Tagalog word meaning "to guard".
Baccellieri Italian
From baccelliere "batchelor", a title for a young knight, or a university disciple who had studied Canon Law for 5 years and Civil Law for 7 years.
Bacchus English
(i) Variant of Backus (meaning "one who lives in or works in a bakery", from Old English bǣchūs "bakehouse, bakery"), the spelling influenced by Bacchus (name of the Greek and Roman god of wine).... [more]
Bạch Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Bai, from Sino-Vietnamese 白 (bạch).
Bach Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Bạch.
Bacha Pashto
Means "king" in Pashto, ultimately from Persian پادشاه (padeshah).
Bacharach German, Jewish
Derived from Bacharach, a town in the Mainz-Bingen district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. This surname was borne by the American composer and pianist Burt Bacharach (1928-2023).
Bacharachas Jewish
Bacharachas is a derivate of the Bacharach that is a town in Germany.
Bachechi Italian
Comes from the Tuscan-Italian personal name Baccio.
Bacigalupo Italian
From Ligurian bacigare "to beat with a stick" and lupo "wolf", or from Genoese basigâ "to swing, to tease" and lupo "wolf". Possibly a nickname for someone considered courageous or cowardly, or an occupational name for a hunter.
Baciu Romanian
Romanian surname from the word "baci" (shepherd)or the capitan of the game "oina".
Backhurst English (British)
Meaning bake house or wood cutter
Bäcklund Swedish
Combination of Swedish bäck "brook, stream" and Lund "grove".
Backlund Swedish
Combination of Swedish backe "hill, slope" and Lund "grove".
Bäckman Swedish
Combination of Swedish bäck "small stream" and man "man".
Backman English, Swedish, German
Combination of Old English bakke "spine, back" and man "man". In Swedish, the first element is more likely to be derived from Swedish backe "hill", and in German the first element can be derived from German backen "to bake"... [more]
Bäckstrand Swedish
Combination of Swedish bäck "stream" and strand "shore".
Bäckström Swedish
Combination of Swedish bäck "brook, small stream" and ström "stream".
Backström Swedish
Combination of Swedish backe "slope, hill" and ström "stream".
Baclan Celtic (Rare)
Form of the surname Backlund
Baclay Filipino, Cebuano
Means "long walk, hike" in Cebuano.
Bacolod Filipino, Hiligaynon, Cebuano
Derived from Hiligaynon bakolod meaning "hill, mound, rise". This is also the name of a city in the Negros Occidental province in the Philippines.
Bacon English, French, Norman
An occupational surname for someone who sold pork, from Middle English and Old French bacun or bacon, meaning 'bacon', which is ultimately of Germanic origin. Can also be derived from the Germanic given names Baco, Bacco, or Bahho, from the root bag-, meaning 'to fight'... [more]
Bacot French
Derived from the root bac-, which is of unknown meaning.
Bacque Basque
It's a Basque and Gascon surname whose meaning is cowboy, rancher (cattle rancher) or breeder.
Bacquier Medieval Basque
Meaning cowboy or rancher.
Bacunawa Filipino, Cebuano
Derived from Cebuano bakunawa referring to a type of serpent or dragon in Visayan mythology.
Bačunić Vlach
From Bačuna
Bačvar Croatian
Bačvar family my grandfather Stjepan Bačvar born July 11 1904 in Bosiljevo Croatia in Croatia it means barrel Here in Canada it's spelled Bacvar thank you
Bączalski Polish
This indicates familial origin within either of a cluster of 3 Lesser Polish villages: Bączal Dolny, Bączal Górny, or Bączałka.
Badami Indian
The town of Badami is situated in the northern part of Karnataka. It was formerly known as Vatapi and was the capital of the Chalukya kingdom from the 6th to the 8th century ad.
Badan Japanese (Rare)
Variant reading of Japanese Kanji 馬之段 (see Umanodan).
Badar Urdu
Derived from the given name Badar.
Badawi Arabic
Means "Bedouin" in Arabic.
Badawy Arabic (Egyptian)
Alternate transcription of Badawi chiefly used in Egypt.
Baddeley English
From place names in both Suffolk and Staffordshire derived from an Old English personal name, 'Badda,' possibly meaning "battle" and lee or leah for a "woodland clearing," therefore meaning someone from "Badda's woodland clearing."
Baddhanabanij Thai (Sanskritized)
Sanskritized transcription of Phatthanaphanit.
Bade English
From the Old English personal name Bada which possibly a short form of various names with the first element being the Old English beadu "battle"... [more]
Badelj Croatian
Meaning unknown.... [more]
Bader Arabic
Derived from the given name Badr.
Badillo Spanish
Topographic name from a diminutive of vado ‘ford’ (Latin vadum) or a habitational name from either of two places named with this word: Valillo de la Guarena in Zamora province or Vadillo de al Sierra in Ávila.
Badillo Spanish
One who came from Badillo (small ford), in Spain. This looks like the diminutive form of "badil" meaning a fire shovel. "Badillo" comes from "vado" meaning a place to cross the river. Other Spanish names from this name source are Vado, Bado and Vadillo.
Badmaev Buryat, Kalmyk
From the given name Badma.
Badowski Polish
Habitational name for someone from a place called Badowo in Skierniewice voivodeship.
Badr Arabic
From the given name Badr.
Badrinette English
Apparently an extremely rare name of French origin, but isn't used as a first name in France. It might come from the rather uncommon French surname Bardinette, which apparently is a variant spelling of the surname Bardinet... [more]
Badzakov Bulgarian, Macedonian
Patronymic name derived from the Turkish word "bacak" which means "leg".
Bae Korean
Korean form of Pei, from Sino-Korean 裴 (bae).
Baechli German (Swiss)
Derived from the word "Bächli," which means "small brook" in Swiss German.
Baeder German (Austrian)
Means something like "bath house" which historically was associated with health or medicine.
Baek Korean
Korean form of Bai, from Sino-Korean 白 (baek).
Baer German
Derived from Old High German bero "bear".
Baeta Ewe
Best known as the maiden surname of a certain Annie.
Baez Spanish (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of Spanish Báez, which might be a different form of Peláez (cf. Páez). A famous bearer is American singer and activist Joan Baez (1941-).... [more]
Baeza Spanish
From a place called Baeza in Andalusia, Spain.
Baffa Italian
The origins of this surname are uncertain, but it may be from Italian baffo "mustache", with the Latinate feminine suffix probably due to the influence of the word famiglia "family". Alternatively it may be Albanian in origin, of unexplained meaning.
Baffoe Western African, Akan
Ghanaian surname of unknown meaning.
Bagacay Filipino, Cebuano
From Cebuano bagakay referring to a type of bamboo.
Bagaoisan Filipino, Tagalog
From Tagalog bagwisan meaning "to grow wings" or "to pull out the wing feathers (of a bird)".
Bagatsing Filipino
Filipinized form of Bhagat Singh, a combination of Sanskrit भगत (bhagat) meaning "devotee, follower" combined with सिंह (siṃhá) meaning "lion". A notable bearer was Ramon Bagatsing (1916-2006), the 19th Mayor of Manila who was of Indian descent.
Bagchi Bengali
Habitational name from the village of Bagcha in present-day West Bengal, India.
Bağcı Turkish
Means "vigneron, winemaker" in Turkish.
Bagci Turkish (Rare)
Bagci translated into English means vigneron, a vigneron is a person who cultivates grapes for winemaking. Originated in the 1920s in Turkey after the Balkan wars
Bagdonas Lithuanian
Patronymic from the personal name Bagdon, Lithuanian form of Polish Bogdan.
Bagge Swedish
From Swedish bagge "ram (male sheep)".
Baggerly English
English: variant of Bagley .
Baghdadi Arabic
Alternate transcription of Arabic البغدادي (see al-Baghdadi).
Baghdasarian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Armenian Բաղդասարյան (see Baghdasaryan).
Bagheri Persian
From the given name Bagher.
Bagheri Persian
From the given name Bagher.
Bagherpour Persian
Means "son of Bagher" in Persian.
Bagherzadeh Persian
Means "offspring of Bagher" in Persian.
Bagiński Polish
From the word baginiak meaning "master".
Bagnall English
From a place in England, derived from the Old English name "Badeca", a short form of any name beginning from beadu "battle", and halh "nook, recess".
Bago Cebuano
Derived from malabago and maribago, the Cebuano name for the Hibiscus tiliaceus plant.
Bagongahasa Filipino (Rare), Tagalog
Refers to "something newly sharpened". It comes from the words bagong meaning "new" and hasa meaning "sharp". This surname is mostly found in the town of Paete, Laguna, and is often the subject of ridicule because it contains the word gahasa, meaning "rape"... [more]
Bagrationi Georgian
Means "son of Bagrat" in Georgian. This was the name of a royal dynasty that ruled Georgia from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.
Bagryanov Bulgarian
Means "son of Bagryan".
Bagshaw English
Derived from the village in Derbyshire called Bagshaw
Bagsic Filipino, Tagalog
From Tagalog bagsik meaning "fierceness, severity, strength, power".
Bagtas Filipino, Tagalog
Means "trail through rough country, passage across wilderness" in Tagalog.
Baguinda Filipino, Maguindanao, Maranao
From the Minangkabau title bagindo denoting a prince or member of royalty. It was probably adopted in honour of Rajah Baguinda Ali (Raja Bagindo Ali in Indonesian sources), a Minangkabau prince who became a ruler of the Sulu Archipelago.
Baguio Filipino, Cebuano
Hispanicized form of Cebuano bagyo meaning "typhoon, storm".
Bah Fula (Anglicized)
A surname of Fulani origin found all over Western Africa. French speaking African countries typically spell this surname as Ba or .
Baha Arabic
Derived from the given name Baha.
Bahaa Arabic
Derived from the given name Baha.
Bahadır Turkish
From the given name Bahadır.
Bahadori Persian
From the given name Bahador.
Bahadur Indian, Hindi, Urdu
From the given name Bahadur.
Bahaghari Filipino, Tagalog
Means “rainbow” in Tagalog.
Bahamonde Spanish, Galician
Derived from Baamonde (officially called Santiago de Baamonde), a town and parish in the province of Lugo, in Galicia, Spain. This surname was borne by the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco Bahamonde (1892-1975), better known as Francisco Franco.
Bahandi Filipino, Cebuano
Means "wealth, riches, treasure" in Cebuano.
Bahdanaŭ Belarusian
Means "son of Bahdan".
Bahena Spanish
Altered form of the Spanish Baena.
Bahij Arabic
From the given name Bahij.
Bahl Indian, Punjabi, Hindi
Derived from Sanskrit बहल (bahala) meaning "strong, solid, firm".
Bahl German
Derived from the given name Baldo.
Bahrami Persian
From the given name Bahram.
Bahri Arabic, Persian
From the given name Bahri.
Bahromov Uzbek, Tajik
Means "son of Bahrom".
Bahşış Crimean Tatar
Derived from Persian بخشش (baxšeš) meaning "forgiveness, amnesty" or بخشیش‎ (bakhšīš) meaning "present, gratuity, reward".
Bai Indian, Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Odia, Malayalam
Perhaps derived from Hindi बाई (bāī) meaning "lady".
Bai Hui
From the Persian name Baiderluden.
Baiamonte Italian
Derived from the given name Baiamonte, itself a form of Boiamund.
Baidya Indian, Bengali, Assamese, Odia, Nepali
East Indian and Nepali form of Vaidya.
Baig Muslim
Baig Name Meaning Muslim (common in Pakistan): from the Turkish word beg ‘bey’, originally a title denoting a local administrator in the Ottoman Empire, but subsequently widely used as a title of respect... [more]
Baig Indian (Muslim), Bengali, Assamese, Persian, Urdu, Pashto, Punjabi, Turkish, Arabic
Derived from the Ottoman Turkish title بك (beg) (modern Turkish bey) meaning "ruler, chief, lord, master". It is especially common in Pakistan and the Maghreb.
Baigorri Basque
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous commune in the arrondissement of Baiona.
Baile Phùir Scottish Gaelic
Proper, non-Anglicized form of Balfour.
Baili Chinese
Means "hundred miles", from Chinese 百 (bǎi) meaning "hundred" and 里 () meaning "inside, hometown, miles".
Bailly French, English
French cognitive and English variant of Bailey from Old French baillif "bailiff" (from Latin baiulus).
Bails English
Indicated that the bearer lived outside the walls of a feudal castle, from the Old French baile, refering to the structure
Baily English
Variant of Bailey.
Bain Scottish, French, English
Nickname for a hospitable person from northern Middle English beyn, bayn meaning "welcoming", "friendly".... [more]
Bainbridge English
from Bainbridge in North Yorkshire, named for the Bain river on which it stands (which is named with Old Norse beinn ‘straight’) + bridge.
Bainebridge English, Irish
Bridge over the Bain, An English town named for its place on the river Bain, now used as a surname. Lives near the bridge over the white water... [more]
Baio Italian
From a nickname for someone with light brown or reddish-brown hair or beard, from baio meaning "bay horse", ultimately derived from Late Latin badius meaning "red-brown".
Bairnsfather English
From a medieval nickname in Scotland and northern England for the (alleged) father of an illegitimate child (from northern Middle English bairnes "child's" + father). This surname was borne by British cartoonist and author Bruce Bairnsfather (1888-1959).
Baishō Japanese
Bai (倍) means "double", while shō (賞) means "Prize" or "Award". When you combine the two, it would likely mean "Double the Award".
Baizhanov Kazakh
Variant transcription of Bayzhanov.
Bajaj Indian, Punjabi, Hindi
Occupational name for a clothier from Punjabi ਬਜਾਜ (bajaj) meaning "cloth merchant", ultimately derived from Arabic بزاز (bazzaz).
Bajāri Latvian
Descendant of historic Russian title боярин.
Bajārs Latvian
Derived from the Slavic title boyar.
Bajramović Bosnian
Derived from Bosnian bajram meaning "Eid" (a Muslim festival), borrowed from Turkish bayram.
Bajwa Punjabi
Derived from Persian باز والا (bâz vâlâ) meaning "great hawk, great falcon".
Bak Korean
Variant of Park 1.
Bakalova Bulgarian
Feminine form of Bakalov.
Bake English
Probably an occupational name for a baker.
Bakedano Basque
It indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the Navarrese municipality of Ameskoabarrena.
Bakeš Czech
From a derivative of the personal name Bak.
Bakhsoliani Georgian
Meaning unknown.
Bakhtiari Persian
From the given name Bakhtiar, also used to refer to a member of the Bakhtiari tribe from southwestern Iran.
Bakır Turkish
From the given name Bakır.
Bəkirov Azerbaijani
Means "son of Bəkir".
Bakisto Esperanto
Occupational surname for a baker. Comes from baki, meaning "to bake" and -isto, a suffix used for professions.
Bakkum Dutch
The surname of a certain Jim.
Bakon Polish
Origin is uncertain, possibly the Polish version of the surname Bacon.
Bąkowski Polish
Habitational name for someone from any of various places called Bąkowa, Bąkowice, Bąkowiec or Bąkowo, all derived from Polish bąk meaning "horsefly", "bumblebee" or "bittern" (a type of bird).
Bakr Arabic
From the given name Bakr. A famous bearer was Abu Bakr (573-634), the first Islamic caliphate.
Bakr Arabic
Derived from the given name Bakr.
Baksa Polish
From Polish meaning "hawser".
Bakshi Indian, Bengali, Punjabi
Derived from Persian بخشی (baxši) meaning "paymaster, scribe, secretary", used as a title for officials who distributed wages in Muslim armies.
Bakshis Lithuanian
Means fighter or boxer
Bakugo Japanese, Popular Culture
From Japanese 爆 (baku) meaning "bomb" and 豪 (go, gō, gou) meaning "powerful"... [more]
Bakulin Russian
possibly a variant of Abakumov
Bakulina Russian
feminine form of Bakulin
Bakunin Russian
derived from Russian words "бакуня" (bakunya) and "бакуля" (bakulya) meaning chatterbox, talkative person or agile, business-like person.... [more]
Bakunina Russian
feminine form of Bakunin
Bakytbekov Kyrgyz (Rare)
Means "son of Bakytbek" in Kyrgyz.
Bal Punjabi
Bal is an sikh and muslim jat family. they will few found in Pakistan and India Punjab. Basically they will found from bal kalan tehsil verka 5 District Sri Amritsar Punjab India. In the 2011 Census Bal Kalan Local Language is Punjabi... [more]
Bal Turkish
Means "honey" in Turkish, originally denoting a person who worked as a beekeeper.
Bala Indian
1 Indian (Gujarat and Bombay city): Parsi name, probably from Persian bālā ‘high’, ‘exalted’.... [more]
Balaban Turkish
Means "large, robust, burly" in Turkish.
Balagtas Filipino, Tagalog
Means "shortcut, direct (path or statement)" in Tagalog.
Balaguer Catalan, Spanish, Filipino
Habitational name for someone originally from the city of Balaguer in Catalonia, Spain.
Balaji Tamil, Telugu
From the given name Balaji.
Balandin Russian
From a nickname derived from Russian баланда (balanda) meaning "idle talk, nonsense".