Submitted Surnames Starting with L

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La Hui
From the Arabic surname al-Din.
Laager Estonian
Laager is an Estonian surname meaning "camp"; ultimately from the German "lager" with the same meaning.
Laagriküll Estonian
Laagriküll is an Estonian surname meaning "bearing enough". Also possibly derived from "laagrikuul" meaning "bearing ball/bullet".
Laakso Finnish
From laakso ‘valley’, generally an ornamental name adopted during the name conversion movement of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Often, it was adopted by Finnish bearers of Swedish names containing the Swedish element dal ‘valley’.
Lään Estonian
Lään is an Estonian surname meaning "liege" or "fief". May also derive from "lääne" meaning "western".
Laan Estonian
Laan is Estonian surname derived from "laanelill"; starflower and wintergreen (Trientalis europaea).
Lääne Estonian
Lääne is an Estonian surname meaning "western".
Laanemaa Estonian
Laanemaa is an Estonian surname meaning "wintergreen land".
Laanemäe Estonian
Laanemäe is an Estonian surname meaning "wintergreen hill/mountain".
Läänemets Estonian
Läänemets is an Estonian surname meaning "western forest".
Laaneots Estonian
Laaneots is an Estonian surname meaning "wintergreen tip" or "edge".
Laanepõld Estonian
Laanepõld is an Estonian surname meaning "chickweed-wintergreen field".
Laaneviir Estonian
Laaneviir is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "Laaneveere", a village in Viimsi Municipality, Harju County.
Laanoja Estonian
Laanoja is Estonian surname derived from "laanelill", meaning "starflower" and "wintergreen" (Trientalis europaea) and "oja" meaning "stream/creek".
Laansalu Estonian
Laansalu is an Estonian surname meaning "wintergreen grove".
Läänsoo Estonian
Läänsoo is an Estonian surname meaning "west swamp".
Laar Estonian
Laar is an Estonian name meaning "gyle" (wort in the process of fermentation added to a stout, beer, or ale).
Laas Estonian
Laas is an Estonian surname meaning "greenwood" (wood that has been recently cut) and "woodland".
Laasalu Estonian
Laasalu is an Estonian surname meaning "woodland grove".
Laasik Estonian
Laasik is an Estonian surname meaning "woodland area/stand".
Laasma Estonian
Laasma is an Estonian surname derived from "laas" meaning "forest" and "woodland".
Laasmaa Estonian
Laasmaa is an Estonian surname meaning "forest/woodland land".
Laasmägi Estonian
Laasmägi is an Estonian surname meaning "forest/woodland mountain".
Laaspere Estonian
Laaspere is an Estonian surname meaning "forest/woodland folk".
Lääts Estonian
Lääts is an Estonian surname meaning "lens".
Laats Estonian
Laats is an Estonian name derived from "laat", meaning "fair" or "attractive".
Laayouni Arabic (Maghrebi)
From Laayoune, the name of a city in the Western Sahara (chiefly Moroccan).
Labachotte Basque
Meaning: from or near the wet/low lands
Labakhua Abkhaz
Abkhaz name derived from Arabic لَاحَظَ (lāḥaẓa) meaning "to notice, to look" combined with بَهِيجَة (bahīja) meaning "delightful, joyous" (see Bahija)... [more]
Labang Filipino, Cebuano
Means "cross, pass" in Cebuano.
Labao Filipino, Cebuano
From Cebuano labaw meaning "surpassing, outdoing, prevailing".
Labazanov Chechen, Avar
Means "son of Labazan".
Labazanova Chechen, Avar
Feminine transcription of Chechen/Avar Лабазанов (see Labazanov).
Labba Sami
Meaning uncertain. Perhaps derived from Sami slabba "large reindeer antler shaped like a hand" or from Northern Sami láppis "lamb".
Labeau French
Variant of Lebeaux.
Label French
Variant of Labelle.
Labeouf French (Cajun)
Meaning unknown. A famous bearer is American actor Shia LaBeouf (1986-present).
Labidi Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from Arabic عابد (ʿābid) "worshiper, adorer, server" (chiefly Tunisian).
Labonté French (Quebec), Haitian Creole, Mauritian Creole
From French la bonté meaning "(the) kindness, (the) goodness", originally used as a soldier's name and perhaps also as a nickname for a benevolent person. This surname is rare in France.
Laborde French
Derived from the French word borde meaning "small farm" (from Frankish bord meaning "plank") with the definite article la. This is an occupational surname for a tenant farmer.
Labossiere French
Norman habitational name from a common village name La Boissière, meaning 'wooded area', from bois 'wood'. possibly a metronymic, from a feminine derivative of Bossier 'cooper', denoting the 'wife of the cooper'.
Labrador Spanish, Portuguese, Filipino
From the root word "labora" meaning labor or work. This means laborer or worker but often associated to farmers as in San Isidro Labrador
Labrie French
Topographic name from l’abri meaning "the shelter", or a habitational name from a place named with this word.
LaBrie French
Referred to a person who came from various places named Brie in France, for example Brie-sous-Matha, a commune in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in southwestern France.
Lacandula Filipino, Tagalog
This surname honors Lakandula, the last ruler of the Kingdom of Tondo, a pre-Hispanic state in what is now Manila.
Lacang Filipino, Cebuano
From Cebuano lakang meaning "step, pace".
Lacasse French
Means "box maker"
Lāce Latvian
Derived from Latvian lācis “bear”.
Lacerda Portuguese, Spanish
Nickname for someone with remarkably thick or long hair, or with an unusually hairy back or chest. From Spanish and Portuguese la cerda ‘the lock (of hair)’.
Lachica Spanish (Philippines)
Derived from Spanish la chica meaning "the girl", either used as a nickname or a habitational name.
Lachtrup Dutch
Means 'laughing group' in Dutch. Also occurs in Germany, but mostly in the Netherlands.
Lācis Latvian
Means "bear".
Lackey Irish
Lackey was originally a name for a horse servant.
Lackyard French (Anglicized)
Anglicized version of French surname, Lacaillade.
La Cognata Italian
From Sicilian cugnata "hatchet". Compare Cugno.
Lacombe French
French (western and southwestern): topographic name for someone living in or near a ravine, from la combe ‘the ravine’ (a word of Gaulish origin, related to English Combe).... [more]
Lacosta Spanish
Variant of Costa with fused definite article la.
La Cotera Spanish
Spanish variant for Hill and/or someone living in a slope, A "cota" in Spanish.
Lacour French
topographic or occupational name for someone who lived at or was employed at a manorial court (see also Court).
Lacsina Filipino, Pampangan
From Kapampangan laksina meaning "south", ultimately derived from Sanskrit दक्षिण (daksina).
Lacson Filipino
From Min Nan 六孫 (la̍k-sun) or 六孙 (la̍k-sun) meaning "sixth grandchild".
Lacunza Basque (Hispanicized)
Castilianized form of Lakuntza.
Lăcustă Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Ladja Filipino, Tausug
Derived from Tausug raja meaning "king, ruler".
Ladjabassal Filipino, Tausug
From the Tausug title raja basar, which was conferred upon the second or middle son of a sultan.
Ladley English
Probably a habitational name from a lost or unidentified place.
Ladouceur French
french canadian
Ladson English
Patronymic of Ladd.
Ladstetter German
Ladulås Old Swedish
Most likely from Swedish ladulås "barnlock", but it could also be derived from the Slavic name Ladislaus. Magnus Ladulås, sometimes known as Magnus Birgersson or Magnus III in English, was the king of Sweden between 1275 and 1290.
Ladvik Estonian
Ladvik is an Estonian surname meaning "elite" and "upper class".
Laemmle German, Jewish
Variant spelling of Lämmle. A famous bearer was the German-American film producer Carl Laemmle (1867-1939).
Laes Estonian
Laes is an Estonian surname meaning "fore" and "overhead".
Læstadius Swedish
From the name of the village Lästa in Ångermanland, Sweden, whose name possibly means "Leiðulfr's home". Lars Levi Læstadius (1800-1861) was a Swedish priest who founded a Lutheran revival movement known as Laestadianism.
Laeva Estonian
Laeva is an Estonian surname meaning "ship".
Lafayette French
The name of Marquis de Lafayette; a famous French man during the revolutionary war.
Laffey Irish
Reduced anglicisation of Gaelic Ó Laithimh, itself derived from the earlier form Ó Flaithimh, ultimately from flaitheamh meaning "ruler". It could also be a variant of Leahy.
Lafitte French
French: topographic name for someone who lived near a boundary mark, Old French fitte (Late Latin fixta petra ‘fixed stone’, from the past participle of figere ‘to fix or fasten’), or habitational name from any of several places in western France named with this word
Laflamme French (Quebec)
Means "The Flame" in French.
Laflash French (Quebec, Anglicized)
Anglicization of the name "Richer dit Laflèche." Richer comes from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements ric ‘power(ful)’ + hari, heri ‘army.' Laflèche is a reference to La Flèche, a town in historical Anjou, France... [more]
Laflèche French (Quebec)
A French-Canadian secondary surname from "Richer dit Laflèche," used independently since 1746. Laflèche is derived from the French town of La Flèche, in the former province of Anjou.
Lafleur French, French (Caribbean)
from la fleur "the flower" used as a soldier's name and also as a servant's name; it was one of the most common nicknames (noms de guerre) among French soldiers.
Lafont French
topographic name for someone living near a spring or well a variant of Font with fused feminine definite article la.
Lafontaine French
Means" The fountain" in French.
La Forge French
This is my Grandmother's maiden name
Laframboise French, French (Quebec)
Derived from La Framboisière, a commune in the Eure-et-Loir department in northern France.
Lafranchi Alpine
Possibly, the Frank. Thought by some to indicate a group of merchants in Middle Ages responsible for the transalpine trade to the French.
Lafrenière French
Topographic name derived from French frenière meaning "place of ash trees". It is often Americanised as Freeman.
Lagadu English
Possible French origins
Lagarde French
Habitational name from Lagarde or La Garde names of several places in various parts of France named in Old French with garde "watch protection" (see Garde).
Lagasse French
French: nickname from Old French agace, agasse ‘magpie’ + the definite article l’.
Lagbas Filipino, Cebuano
Means "pierce" in Cebuano.
Lage Estonian
Lage is an Estonian surname meaning "plain" or "flat".
Lagemaa Estonian
Lagemaa is an Estonian surname meaning "plain/flat land".
Lagerlöf Swedish
A notable bearer was Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf (1858-1940), the first female writer to win the Nobel Prize in literature (1909).
Lagerqvist Swedish
Combination of Swedish lager "laurel" and qvist, an archaic spelling of kvist, "twig".
Laghari Pakistani, Sindhi, Balochi
From the name of a Balochi tribe in Pakistan.
Laghi Italian
Possibly originated to denote someone from the Italian town of Laghi.
Lagle Estonian
Lagle is an Estonian surname (and feminine given name) meaning "goose".
Lagman Filipino
Meaning uncertain.
Lago Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Topographic name for someone living by a lake from lago "lake" (from Latin lacus) or a habitational name from any of the many places called with this word.
Lagójskì Belarusian
This indicates familial origin within the city of Lagójsk.
Lagoudakis Greek
Derived from the Greek word λαγουδάκι (lagoudáki), diminutive of λαγός (lagós) meaning "bunny".
Lagrange French
French: topographic name for someone who lived by a granary, a variant of Grange, with the definite article la.
Laguaña Chamorro
Chamorro for "their net"
Laguerre French
Nickname for a belligerent person or a valiant soldier from old French guerre "war" (from Latin werra) with fused article la.
Laguindab Filipino, Maranao
From Maranao lagindab meaning "blaze".
Laguna Spanish
Habitational name for someone from any of the various locations in Spain named Laguna meaning "lake, pond" in Spanish.
Lagundzin Serbian (Rare)
Believe also spelling as Lagundzija
Lah Slovene
It means "italian"
Lahaie French
Locational name for someone who lived near a hedge or large bush, from old French "La" the and "Haie" hedge.
Lahaye French, Walloon
topographic name with the definite article la from Old French haye "hedge" (see Haye ) or a habitational name from La Haye the name of several places in various parts of France and in Belgium (Wallonia) named with this word... [more]
Lahaylahay Filipino, Cebuano
Means "to pass time" in Cebuano.
Lahe Estonian
Lahe is an Estonian surname meaning both "spacious" and "easy-going".
Lahela Hawaiian
Hawaiian version of Rachel (name meaning ewe in Hebrew). Named after fictional character from video game 'Choices: Stories You Play', Dr. Bryce Lahela.
Lahemaa Estonian
Lahemaa is an Estonian surname meaning "spacious land".
Lahesalu Estonian
Lahesalu is an Estonian surname meaning "spacious grove".
Lahey Irish
Lahey and Leahy originate from two different Gaelic surnames. Lahey, Lahy, Lahiff, Lahiffe, Laffey, and Lahive all originate from the Gaelic surname O Laithimh, which itself is a variant of O Flaithimh... [more]
Lahiffe Irish (Rare)
From Irish Ó Laochdha meaning "descendant of the hero" or "descendant of the heroic", ultimately from laoch "warrior, hero".
Lahiri Bengali
Habitational name from either the village of Lohori in present-day Bangladesh or the village of Laheria in India.
Lahlou Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from Arabic حُلْو (ḥulw) meaning "sweet" or "nice, charming", chiefly used in Moroccan Arabic.
Lahm German, Jewish
From middle-high German lam "slow, lame".
Lahmar Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "the red (one)", derived from Arabic الأحمر (al-ʾaḥmar).
Lahner German, Hungarian
Habitational name for someone from any of various places called Lahn in Hungary and Germany. In southern Germany and Austria, Lahn denotes a place where there had been an avalanche or landslide, from Middle High German laen, lēne meaning "avalanche".
Lahovary Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Laht Estonian
Laht is an Estonian surname, meaning "bay" or "gulf".
Lai Estonian
Lai is an Estonian surname meaning "wide", "vast" and "spacious".
Lai Chinese
From Chinese 赖 (lài) meaning "rely", also referring to the ancient state of Lai that existed during the Zhou dynasty in what is now Henan province.
Lai Italian
Possibly denoting someone from Alà dei Sardi, or derived from the given name Nicola. Alternately, it may derive from lai, a type of lyrical poem.
Laichtchetsev Slovak
Surname used in the Investigation I am doing. Person's name is alledgly:... [more]
Laico Italian
Means that is not part of the Catholic Church.
Laid Estonian
Laid is an Estonian surname meaning "islet".
Laidla Estonian
Laidla is an Estonian surname meaning "near an islet".
Laidvee Estonian
Laidvee is an Estonian surname meaning "islet water".
Laigu Estonian
Laigu is an Estonian surname derived from "laigustama" meaning "blotchy", "dappled" and "mottled".
Laik Estonian
Laik is an Estonian surname meaning "blotch", "stain" and "spot".
Laikmaa Estonian
Laikmaa is an Estonian surname meaning "blotch land".
Lail English (American)
Americanized form of German Lehl or Loehl. In either case, the name is a spelling variant of Lehle or Löhle, pet forms of the personal name Leonhardt.
Laîné French
distinguishing epithet from French l'aîné "the eldest (son)", used to identify the older of two bearers of the same name in a family.
Lainevee Estonian
Lainevee is an Estonian surname meaning "wave water".
Lainevool Estonian
Lainevool is an Estonian surname meaning "flowing wave" (literally, "wave flow").
Lainez Spanish
patronymic from the personal name Laín.
Laing Scottish
Scottish form of Lang. A famous bearer was the explorer Alexander Gordon Laing.
Laisaar Estonian
Laisaar is an Estonian surname meaning "wide/expansive island".
Laithen English
English habitational name from any of various places so called, for example in Lancashire (near Blackpool) and in North Yorkshire. The former was named in Old English as ‘settlement by the watercourse’, from Old English lad ‘watercourse’ + tun ‘enclosure’, ‘settlement’; the latter as ‘leek enclosure’ or ‘herb garden’, from leac ‘leek’ + tun... [more]
Laity English
Nickname for a trustworthy person, from Old French léauté ‘loyalty’ (Latin legalitas, a derivative of legalis ‘legal’, ‘by law’).
Laiz English
Possibly a variant of German Lehr
Laizāns Latvian
Derived from the place name Laizāni.
Lajoie French
From a nickname for a happy cheerful person from joie "joy" with fused feminine definite article la.
Lake English
Topographic name for someone who lived by a stream, Old English lacu, or a habitational name from a place named with this word, for example in Wiltshire and Devon. Modern English lake (Middle English lake) is only distantly related, if at all; it comes via Old French from Latin lacus... [more]
Lakeland English (Rare)
Taken from the Place name Lakeland.... [more]
Lakeman Dutch
Topographic name for someone who lived by a lake or pond.
Lakerbaia Abkhaz
Mingrelian form of the Abkhaz aristocratic family name Lakrba possibly from Abkhaz а-лакра (a-lakra) meaning "in thickets, to catch in thickets" or "to rank, to include". It was most likely used to refer to a hunter or a member of a large group of peasants.
Lakhani Indian, Gujarati, Sindhi
Means "descendant of Lakh", Lakh being a short form of the given name Lakshmana.
Lakk Estonian
Lakk is an Estonian surname meaning "hay loft".
Lakmal Sinhalese
From the given name Lakmal.
Lakoba Abkhaz
From the nickname Lako, possibly meaning "swamp" in Abkhaz (denoting someone who lived in a marshy area).
Lakshman Indian, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi
From the given name Lakshman.
Lakshmi Indian, Telugu, Odia, Tamil, Malayalam
From the given name Lakshmi.
Lakuntza Basque
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous Navarrese municipality.
Lal Indian, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi
From Sanskrit लाला (lālā) meaning "caressing, cajoling". It can also be interpreted to mean "garnet" or "red, ruby" from Persian لال (lâl) or لعل (la'l).
Lalatovic Serbian
Possibly derived from the slavic word for "tulips", lale or from son of Lala (a nickname for Lazar)
Lalaurie French (Cajun)
A French surname meaning "the laurel".
Laliev Ossetian (Russified)
Russified form of an Ossetian surname derived from Georgian ლალი (lali) meaning "ruby", ultimately from Sanskrit लाल (lāl).
La Liveres French
Means 'the books' in French
Lall Estonian
Lall is an Estonian surname derived from "lell" meaning "uncle".
Lalli Finnish
Of uncertain etymology. This surname has been attested in Finland since 1550 CE.
Lally Irish
A shortened form of Mullally, an anglicised form of Ó Maolalaidh. A famous bearer includes James Lally, an Irish landowner and politician from Tuam, County Galway.
Lalonde French
Habitational name from any of various places in Normandy called La Londe, from the French feminine definite article la combined with Old Norse lundr meaning "grove".
Lalor Irish
Lalor is an Irish surname derived from the Irish Ó Leathlobhair, from leath- “leper; weak, ailing person”
Lâm Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Lin from Sino-Vietnamese 林 (lâm).
Lama Tibetan, Nepali
A Buddhist name found among people of Tibet and Nepal, from the Tibetan blama, meaning "priest" or "monk".
Lamalfa Sicilian
Variant of Malfa, most probably a habitational name for someone from Malfa on the island of Salina (Messina), although the name has also been linked with Amalfi in Salerno and Melfi in Potenza.
Lamantia Italian
Italian:vail, the last name of a general in Palrmo, Sicily, Italy.
La Marca Italian
Means 'the mark' in Italian.
Lamarche French
French: topographic name or habitational name, a variant of LaMarque.
Lamari Arabic (Maghrebi)
Alternate transcription of El Amari.
Lamarr French, English
Variant form of Lamar.
Lambe English
Variant of Lamb.
Lamberg German
Derived from any of several places so named in Germany.
Lamberg Finnish, Swedish
Perhaps combination of an unexplained first element (maybe taken from a place name) and Swedish berg "mountain". It could also be of German origin (see other submission).
Lambers French
Means "illustrious land", variant of Lambert
Lamberto Italian
From the given name Lamberto.
Lambillotte French (Modern)
Currently, a common name in Wallonia, Belgium with some descendants in USA. Believed to be derived from three terms..."lamb" "ill" "otte". The first term has remained unchanged from early Germanic term; the second is latin for "of the" and the third a dimiuative or feminine form suffix... [more]
Lambiotte Biblical French
A derivative of Lambillotte often occurring among Belgian/Wallowing immigrants entering the USA.
Lamborghini Italian
Probably from Germanic landa "land" and burg "fortress, castle".