Jewish Submitted Surnames

These names are used by Jews. For more specific lists, see Hebrew names and Yiddish names. See also about Jewish names.
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Wiesenthal Jewish
Ornamental name from German Wiese "meadow" + Tal "valley".
Winehouse Jewish, German
Anglicized variant of German and Yiddish 'Weinhaus'. From German wein, 'vine, grapevine' and haus 'house, building, home', likely indicating a house with a vineyard. ... [more]
Winkel German, Jewish, Dutch, Belgian
German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): topographic name for someone who lived on a corner of land in the country or a street corner in a town or city, from Middle High German winkel, German Winkel ‘corner’... [more]
Winkelmann German, Jewish
German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): topographic name for someone who lived on a corner or kept a corner shop (see Winkel), with the addition of Middle High German man, German Mann ‘man’... [more]
Wittgenstein German, Jewish
Denoted one who came from the Wittgenstein castle in the Siegen-Wittgenstein district in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, derived from Old High German witt meaning "white" and stein meaning "stone"... [more]
Wittlin Jewish
Eastern Ashkenazic, from the Yiddish female personal name Vitle, a pet form of Vite combined with the eastern Slavic suffix -in
Witz German, Jewish
From the medieval personal name Witzo, a short form of any of several Germanic compound names beginning with wig ‘battle’... [more]
Wlodawski Jewish
Habitual surname from Włodawa, Poland. First seen in a 1806 revision list of the city Kobryn (Grodno Guberniya), now Kobryn Belarus. ... [more]
Wohl German, Yiddish
Meaning "pleasant" in both Middle German and Ashkenazic Yiddish
Wolfhard German, Jewish
This name derives from the Old High German name “Wolfhard”, composed of two elements: the “*-wulfaz” (wolf) plus “*harduz / *hardu-” (hard, strong, brave, valiant, powerful one). In turn the name means “the one who is strong like a wolf”.
Wolowitz Jewish
This is the surname of the character Howard in the American television show "The Big Bang Theory".
Wonskolaser Yiddish, Polish
An uncommon Yiddish surname currently known mostly as the basis for Wonka.
Woźniakowa Polish (Archaic), Jewish
Archaic feminine spelling of Woźniak.
Wrieden Jewish
Jewish (Ashkenazic): variant of Fried or a short form of any of the various compound names beginning Frieden of the same derivation.
Yakobashvili יעקובשווילי Georgian, Jewish
Alternate transcription of Iakobashvili chiefly used by Georgian Jews.
Yam Hebrew
From the given name Yam.
Yaniv יָנִיב Hebrew
From the given name Yaniv.
Yarchi ירחי Hebrew
From Hebrew יָרֵחַ (yareach), meaning "moon".
Yarden ירדן Hebrew (Rare)
From the given name Yarden, which is named after the Jordan 2 River. ... [more]
Yardeni ירדני Hebrew (Modern)
Means "of Jordan 2" in Hebrew.
Yaroshevitz ירושביץ, יאראשעוויץ Jewish
Ashkenazi Jewish form of Yarrow.
Yefet יפת Hebrew
From the given name Yefet (see Japheth).
Yehezkel יחזקאל Jewish
From the given name Yehezkel.
Yoffe יופה Hebrew, Jewish
Eastern Ashkenazic variant of Jaffe.
Yohanan יוחנן Assyrian, Indian (Christian), Malayalam, Jewish
From the given name Yohanan, used by Malayalam-speaking Saint Thomas Christians and Cochin Jews.
Yomtov יומטוב, יום-טוב Hebrew (Modern)
Means "good day", derived from Hebrew יום (yom) means "day" and טוב (tov) means "good".
Yonah Jewish
Hebrew for "dove" יונה
Yosef יוסף Jewish
From the given name Yosef.
Yosopov יוסופוב Uzbek, Avar, Tajik, Turkmen, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Russian, Tatar, Crimean Tatar, Jewish
Alternate transcription of Yusupov.
Yosopova יוסופובה Uzbek, Avar, Tajik, Turkmen, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Russian, Tatar, Crimean Tatar, Chechen, Jewish
Alternate transcription of Yusupova.
Youngberg Swedish (Americanized), Jewish (Americanized)
Americanized form of Jewish Jungberg, composed of German jung "young" and berg "mountain, hill", or of Swedish Ljungberg.
Yovel יוֹבֵל Hebrew
Means "jubilee" or "anniversary" in Hebrew, usually refers to a 50 years anniversary.
Yuhanna Judeo-Arabic (?)
Yuhanna or John is one of the apostles of Christ, the prophet of Christians and the religion of Christianity, who believe that he ascended to heaven.
Yurovsky Russian, Jewish, Polish (Anglicized)
Habitational name from Yurovo, or anglicization of Polish cognate Jurowski.
Yussupov יוסופוב Uzbek, Avar, Tajik, Turkmen, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Russian, Tatar, Crimean Tatar, Jewish
Alternate transcription of Yusupov.
Yussupova יוסופובה Uzbek, Avar, Tajik, Turkmen, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Russian, Tatar, Crimean Tatar, Chechen, Jewish
Alternate transcription of Yusupova.
Zachar Jewish, Hungarian, Russian, Slovak, Belarusian
Derived from the Hebrew word זָכַר (zakhar) meaning "to remember". As a surname it can also derive from the given name Zakhar (Zechariah) that shares this etymology.
Zachariáš זכריש, זאַטשאַריאַס Czech (Rare), Slovak (Rare), Jewish
From the given name Zachariáš.
Zacharias זכריה, זאַטשאַריאַס German, Greek, English, Jewish, Assyrian, Indian (Christian), Malayalam
From the given name Zacharias.
Zahavi זהבי Hebrew, Jewish
From Hebrew זהב (zahav) meaning "gold", commonly used as a replacement for Ashkenazi surnames containing the element gold, such as Goldman, Goldstein or Goldberg.
Zaken זקן Hebrew
Means "old man" in Hebrew.
Zalman זלמן Yiddish
From the given name Zalman, a Yiddish diminutive of Solomon.
Zamechanskiy Russian, Jewish
Meaning is unknown, but it is a Russian Jewish last name.
Zaslavski Russian, Jewish
Variant transcription of Zaslavsky. A notable music producer ZEDD's real name is Anton Zaslavski.
Zaslavsky זסלבסקי Russian, Jewish
Name for someone from the city of Iziaslav (or Zaslav) in Ukraine, derived from the given name Iziaslav.
Zatz Jewish
Abbreviation of the Hebrew phrase Zera TSadikim "seed of the righteous", assumed in a spirit of pious respect for one’s ancestors.
Zaychik Russian, Jewish
Means "bunny" in Russian.
Zaydman Jewish
Russian variant of Seidman.
Zechman Jewish
Occupational name from Yiddish tsekh meaning "guild" or "craft corporation" and man "man".
Ze'ev זאב Hebrew
Means "wolf" in Hebrew.
Zeevi זאבי Hebrew
From the Hebrew given name Zev, meaning "wolf."
Zeff Jewish
From the given name Zev.
Zeitlin צייטלין Yiddish, Hebrew
Zeldes זעלדעס Yiddish
An eastern Ashkenazic matronymic surname derived from the Yiddish female personal name Zelde (from the Middle High German word sælde meaning either 'fortunate', 'blessed', or 'happiness'.)
Zeldin Jewish
Means "son of Zelde", a Yiddish female personal name based on Middle High German sælde "fortunate, blessed".
Zeller German, Dutch, English, Jewish
Originally denoted someone from Celle, Germany or someone living near a hermit's cell from German zelle "cell". It is also occupational for someone employed at a zelle, for example a small workshop.
Zelnick Jewish
Occupational name for a tax collecter, comes from Yiddish tselnik which means haberdashery.
Zelnickova Jewish
Zelnickova is a Jewish (Eastern Ashkenazic) surname that can be found in Czechoslovakia, Poland and Slovenia. This surname is derived from the Yiddish word tselnick which in English means haberdashery... [more]
Zemer זמר Hebrew
Zielonka Polish, Jewish
Derived from the Polish word for "green"
Zilberman זילבערמאן Jewish
From nickname meaning "silver man", from Yiddish זילבער (zilber) and מאן (man), possibly a nickname for a person with grey hair.
Zimbalist זימבליסט, זימבאַליסט Jewish
Occupational name for a cymbalist or a dulcimer player, particularly the cimbalom, derived from Yiddish tsimbl meaning "dulcimer, cimbalom, cymbal". The American actor Efrem Zimbalist Jr. (1918-2014) was a famous bearer of this surname.
Zingeser צינגייסער Jewish, Yiddish
Comes from Yiddish "ציו" meaning "Tin" and "גייסער" meaning "Smith".
Zion Hebrew
Means "monument" or "raised up" in Hebrew.
Zipperstein Jewish
Stein is German for the English word stone.
Ziv זיו Hebrew
From the given name Ziv.
Zlatkin Jewish
Meaning, "gold" or "yellow."
Zloczower Polish, Jewish
Denoted a person from Zolochiv (known as Złoczów in Polish), a small city in the Lviv Oblast of Ukraine.
Zohar זהר, זוהר Hebrew
Derived from the the given name Zohar meaning "light, brilliance" in Hebrew.
Zoller German, Jewish
Occupational name for a customs officer, Middle High German zoller.
Zuaretz זוארץ, זו-ארץ Hebrew (Modern)
Means "this land" in Hebrew, also Hebrew form of Suárez.
Zucker צוקר Jewish
Occupational name for a confectioner or a nickname for someone with a sweet tooth, from German zucker or Yiddish צוקער (tsuker) both meaning "sugar". It is also used as an ornamental name.
Zuckerberg צוקרברג Jewish
Means "sugar mountain" from German zucker meaning "sugar" and Old High German berg meaning "mountain".
Zur צור Jewish
Ornamental name derived from Hebrew צור (tsur) meaning "rock".
Zurer צורער, צורר Yiddish
Possibly a variant of Zur or Tzur. Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer (1969-) bears this name.
Zwilling German, Jewish
Means "a twin", as in a twin brother or twin sister. Often given to those who were twins.