Swiss Submitted Surnames

Swiss names are used in the country of Switzerland in central Europe.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Teates German (Americanized)
Probably an altered spelling of German Dieter .
Tebow Dutch, Belgian, French
From the Old French personal name Teobaud, Tibaut (see Theobald).
Tedeschi Italian
Plural; From the Italian word tedesco meaning "German".
Teetes German (Anglicized)
Americanized form of German Dietz
Tegaldo Italian
This surname is the Piedmontese origin. The Tegaldo last name comes from the Latin Teca (= shell beans). Its meaning is grower of vegetables (bean). Also it is known as vegetable farming... [more]
Telfer Scottish, English, Italian
From a personal name based on a byname for a strong man or ferocious warrior, from Old French taille or tailler "to cut" + fer "iron" Latin: ferrum "iron" (see Tagliaferro).
Tempesta Italian
Originally a nickname for a person with a blustery temperament, from Italian tempesta meaning "storm, tempest" (compare Tempest).... [more]
Temple English, French
Occupational name or habitational name for someone who was employed at or lived near one of the houses ("temples") maintained by the Knights Templar, a crusading order so named because they claimed to occupy in Jerusalem the site of the old temple (Middle English, Old French temple, Latin templum)... [more]
Templier French
French cognitive and variant of Temple given to someone who wa a member of the Templar order.
Templin French
Possibly from a French diminutive of Temple.
Templin German
German habitational name from a place so named in Brandenburg, of Slavic origin.
Tenaglia Italian
From tenaglia "pincers".
Tenscher German
originated in Germany but came to America
Tenz Romansh
Derived from the given name Antonius.
Tepper German
Meaning "tavern owner"
Terenzio Italian
From the given name Terenzio.
Terracciano Italian
Italian "Fenced In Land" from Italian "Terra" meaning "Land" and "Ciano" meaning "Fenced"
Terrien French
Topographic name from an adjectival derivative of terre "land", denoting someone who lived and worked on the land, i.e. a peasant. It is Americanized frequently as Landers, and occasionally as Farmer.
Tesauro Italian
metonymic occupational name for a treasurer or person in charge of financial administration from Old Italian tesauro "treasure treasury" (from Latin thesaurus "hoard"). It may also be from the personal name Tesauro with the same origin.
Tescher German, Danish
Occupational name for a joiner or a variant of Tasch.
Tesoro Spanish, Italian
from tesoro "treasure" (from Latin thesaurus "hoard") applied as a metonymic occupational name for a treasurer. In some cases this may be a habitational name from El Tesoro in southern Spain... [more]
Tessier French
Occupational Name For A Weaver, From Old French Tissier (From Late Latin Texarius, A Derivative Of Texere ‘To Weave’). It Is Also Found In England As A Surname Of Huguenot Origin. Compare Tacey.
Tessmer German
Derived from the given name Těšimír.
Tetrault French
French, Franko-American
Tetreault French
Ultimately derived from French tistre "to weave".
Tetta Italian
Means "boob, tit" in Italian.
Teubert German
Variant of Taube.
Tgetgel Romansh
Of debated origin and meaning; theories include a derivation from the given name Francestg.
Thal Jewish, German
Ornamental and topographic name derived from German Tal "valley".
Thalman German (Americanized)
Partly Americanized spelling of German Thalmann or Thälmann.
Thannhausen German
An old noble family from Germany. Meaning "dwelling in Tann", specifically from their ancestral seat in the town of Tannhausen.
Theisen German, Danish, Norwegian
German, Danish, and Norwegian: patronymic from a reduced form of the personal name Matthias or Mathies (see Matthew).
Theissen German
North German: patronymic from Theiss.
Théodore French
From the given name Théodore.
Theresa English, German
From the given name Theresa.
Theriault French (Rare)
Possibly from the Greek "therion" which means a beast of a nondescript nature.
Thibert French
From the given name Thibert, the French form of Theudebert.
Thiel German
Derived from Old High German thiot "people".
Thiessen German, Danish
Reduced form of the personal name Matthias or Mathies.
Thirring Upper German (Rare)
The name Thirring has many different forms/variant spellings. These include Thiering, Thiring, Thuring,Thuringer, Turinger, Duringer, Diringer, Diring and During. One of the reasons for all the variant spellings is that the church scribes in Hungary originally all recorded the name differently... [more]
Thoma German, German (Swiss)
German and Swiss German: variant of Thomas. Greek: genitive patronymic from Thomas. Genitive patronymics are particularly associated with Cyprus.
Thoman German
Derived from the personal name Thoman.
Thomann German
Variant of Thoman. It was first discovered in Germany, where it surfaced in the medieval times.
Thöny Romansh
Derived from the given name Antonius.
Thorn Low German, German, German (Silesian), Polish, Luxembourgish
In North German, Danish, and Luxembourgish, it is a habitational name for someone who lived near a tower, from Middle Low German torn "tower".... [more]
Threet American (Anglicized), German
Americanization of German Tritt.
Thuringer German
Habitational name for someone from Thuringia.
Ticozzi Italian
Possibly derived from the given name Ardito or its diminutive forms Ardizzo or Ardizzone.
Tiefenbrunn German
Possibly a combination of the german word “Tiefe” meaning depths, and germanic brun, meaning armor, protection
Till German
From the given name Till.
Timm German, Dutch, English
English: probably from an otherwise unrecorded Old English personal name, cognate with the attested Continental Germanic form Timmo. This is of uncertain origin, perhaps a short form of Dietmar... [more]
Timoteo Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
From the given name Timoteo.
Timothée French
From the given name Timothée.
Tinklenberg German
Probably of German origin, a habitational name from Tecklenburg in North Rhine-Westphalia.
Tisch Jewish, German
Metonymic occupational name for a joiner, from German "Tisch", Yiddish "tish" meaning table.
Tischner German
Tischner means carpenter.
Tisserand French
French for "weaver."
Tisseur French
Occupational surname meaning "weaver".
Tizio Italian
From the given name Tizio
Tizzoni Italian
From Italian tizzone "embers, live coal; firebrand", probably a nickname for a troublemaker or revolutionary.
Todde Italian
From a modification of Latin tollere "to lift, to raise; to destroy". Alternately, may derive from the medieval Sardinian name Totolle.
Todeschini Italian
From Italian tedesco "German, of Germany".
Toepfer German (Anglicized)
Anglicised spelling of Töpfer.
Toggwiler Romansh
Derived from the place name Toggwil.
Tognazzi Italian
From the given name Antonio. A famous bearer was Italian actor Ugo Tognazzi (1922–1990).
Tola Italian
Probably from an ancient toponym.
Tolentino Spanish, Filipino, Portuguese, Italian (Rare), Judeo-Italian
Ultimately derived from the name of a town in the province of Macerata, Italy (see Tolentino). This was adopted as a Spanish given name in honour of the 14th-century Italian saint and mystic Nicholas of Tolentino... [more]
Tolomeo Italian
From a personal name which was either a short form of Bartolomeo or an Italian form of the Greek Ptolemaios.
Tomaš Serbian, Croatian, Sorbian, German
From the given name Tomaš.
Tomaschett Romansh
Derived from an archaic diminutive of the given name Tumasch.
Tomasi Italian
From the given name Tomaso.
Tomaso Italian
From the given name Tomaso.
Tombaugh German
topographic name from to dem bach ‘at the creek’, perhaps a hybrid form as Bach is standard German, bek(e) being the Low German form. habitational name from places in Hesse, Baden, and Bavaria called Dombach (earlier Tunbach, from tun, tan ‘mud’).
Tomei Italian
Patronymic form of Tomeo. Famous bearers include American actresses Marisa Tomei (1964-) and Concetta Tomei (1945-).
Tomeo Italian
From a short form of the given name Bartolomeo.
Tommaso Italian
From the given name Tommaso.
Tonelli Italian
Derived from a short form of Antonello, itself a diminutive of Antonio.
Toni Italian
From the given name Antonio.
Tönjachen Romansh
Contraction of a short form of Antonius and Jachen.
Tonnelier French
French for "cooper."
Tonnoir French, French (Belgian)
Means "thunder". Originally, a nickname given to loud men. Very rare.
Tontodonati Italian
From Italian tonto "foolish, stupid" and the given name Donato.
Tönz Romansh
Variant of Tenz.
Töpfer German
It literally means "potter".
Toplitz German
German: habitational name from Teplice in northern Bohemia.
Topp German
German: from Low German topp 'point', 'tree top', hence a topographic name; or alternatively a metonymic occupational name or nickname from the same word in the sense 'braid'.
Torinese Italian
One who came from Turin.
Torn German
Derived from Old High German dorn / torn "thorn". As a surname, it was usually given to someone who lived near a thorn hedge.
Tornatore Italian
Derived from Italian tornatore meaning "turner", which refers to a craftsman who turns and shapes various materials (such as wood and metal) on a lathe. In other words: this surname is the Italian cognate of the English surname Turner... [more]
Toro Spanish, Italian
Either a habitational name from Toro in Zamora province. Compare De Toro . Or a nickname for a lusty person or for someone who owned a bull or a metonymic occupational name for a tender of bulls or possibly for a bull fighter from toro "bull" (from Latin taurus).
Toronto Italian (Anglicized)
Possibly derived from the Italian province, Taranto.
Torquato Italian, Portuguese
From the given name Torquato
Torre Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Italian cognitive and, Spanish and Portuguese variant of Torres. From torre "tower" (from Latin turris).
Torta Italian
Probably from Italian torto "twisted, bent, crooked", or the related French tort "wrong, deviated".
Tortora Italian
From a given name derived from Italian tortora meaning "turtle dove", ultimately from Latin turtur (genitive turturis). It could also derive from a town and comune with the same name, located in the province of Cosenza in Calabria, Italy.
Toscano Italian, Spanish
Originally indicated someone who came from the region of Tuscany in central Italy.
Tosta Italian
Tosta literally means "hard" in italian.
Toth English (Anglicized), German
Either an anglicized form of Hungarian Tóth or derived from German tot "dead" or Middle High German tote "godfather".
Totino Italian
from a pet form of the personal name Toto.
Totti Italian
From the Medieval given name Toto, abbreviation of either Benedetto or Battista... [more]
Toulouse French, French (African)
Derived from the name of the city of Toulouse.
Toupin French, Breton, Norman
nickname from Old French toupin "spinning-top". in rare instances in the south probably from Old Occitan toupin "small earthenware pot" used as a metonymic occupational name for a potter.
Tourville French
The name Tourville is a very old, and in one case, very famous name. One of the Marshall's of France was named Anne Hilarion de Cotentin de Tourville. This reads: Anne Hilarion of/from Cotentin, Comte (Count) of Tourville... [more]
Toussaint French
Derived from the given name Toussaint, which in turn is derived from Toussaint, the French name for the Christian feast day All Saints' Day (celebrated on November 1st every year)... [more]
Towers French
1. Variant of Tower, with later -s. ... [more]
Tozzi Italian
Derived from the Italian adjective tozzo meaning "squat; stocky" and also "chunk; hunk", both from Latin túndere meaning "to dent" or from Slavic stotz meaning "stump".... [more]
Trachtenberg German, Jewish
Could mean either mean "mountain of thoughts", from Yiddish trakhtn (טראַכטן) "to think" and berg "mountain" or "mountain of costumes", from German tracht "to wear, carry" and berg "mountain"... [more]
Traeger German
Derived from the German word Trager which means "Someone who carries something." Traeger could also mean "gift of God."
Tramp German
The Tramp surname may be derived from the Middle High German word "trumpe," meaning "drum."
Trando Italian
Italian: from the Germanic (Lombardic) personal name Brando, a short form of the various compound personal names formed with brand ‘sword’, particularly Aldobrando and Ildebrando.
Tranquilli Italian
Derived from the given name Tranquillo.
Trapanese Italian
Habitational name meaning "Trapanese", "from the city of Trapani or "from the province of Trapani". Variant of Trapani.
Traube German
Means "grape" in German.
Trausch German, Slavic, Low German, Luxembourgish
A nickname either derived from Trauschke, a nickname from Old Slavic drugu "companion", or from Middle Low German druus "sullen", "dour".
Traut German
From either a nickname or a given name derived from the Middle High German word trut "dear, beloved".
Trauth German
Variant of Traut.
Trautwein German
Derived from a medieval given name composed of Middle High German trut meaning "beloved" and win meaning "friend".
Trautwig German (Modern)
From an Ancient German given name made of the name elements TRUD "strength" and WIG "fight"
Traylor French
Assumed to mean "by the trail". May have originally been "Trouillart". Variations may include: Trail Traill Treil Trelly Teign Pentrail
Trebbi Italian
Cesare Mauro Trebbi was an Italian painter and lithographer (1847–1931).... [more]
Tredoni Italian
Mrs. Tredoni is the main antagonist of the 1976 slasher film Alice, Sweet Alice. The role was played by American actress Mildred Clinton (1914-2010).
Treichel German (Swiss)
Swiss German: from a word meaning ‘cow bell’, presumably a nickname for a cowherd or farmer, or a metonymic occupational name for someone who made cow bells.
Treike German
Surname of german origin, sometimes also used as a given name.
Tremel German
A nickname for a disagreeable person, from German tremel, meaning "boor ruffian".
Treml German
Variant of Tremel.
Trentadue Italian
Trentadue, Joseph, Trentadue Irene, Trentadue Leo, Trentadue Evelyn, Trentadue Victor, Trentadue Cindy, Trentadue Steven, Trentadue Tyler, Trentadue Winery... [more]
Trettin German
Habitational name from a place so named in Brandenburg.
Treu German, Jewish
From a nickname for a trustworthy person, from late Middle High German triuwe ‘loyal’. As a Jewish surname it is mainly ornamental.
Treuz German
Derived from the town Trezzo sull'Adda in northern Italy, the name di Trezzo was used by a Milanese armourer family of the 14th century with the first known member being Bazarino di Trezzo, who was possibly also related to the Missaglia family of armourers... [more]
Trevisan Italian
From the city of Treviso, in Veneto.
Trexler German
It is derived from the Middle High German "Drehseler," meaning "turner," and was most likely initially borne by a turner or lathe worker.
Trezeguet French
Meaning uncertain, possibly an occupational name derived from Old French treize, treze meaning "thirteen" and guet (itself from Old French gué) meaning "look-out, watch, vigil"... [more]
Triarico Italian
Possibly an altered form of Tricarico.
Tribbiani Italian
Joseph Francis Tribbiani Jr. is a fictional character, serving as one of the primary characters of the NBC sitcom Friends and the main protagonist of its spin-off Joey, and he is portrayed by Matt LeBlanc in both series.
Tricarico Italian
Denoting someone from the province of Tricarico, in Basilicata.
Trigiani Italian
Adriana Trigiani (1969-) is an Italian-American best-selling author, award-winning playwright, television writer/producer, film director/screenwriter/producer, and entrepreneur based in New York City.
Trilling German
nickname from Middle High German drilinc "one of three one third" which was also the name of a medieval coin.
Triomphe French
From French meaning "triumph". A nickname for a person who's successful.
Tripoli Italian
habitational name from Tripoli in Libya a placename of Greek origin meaning "triple city" from the elements tri "three" and polis "city".
Tristano Italian
From the given name Tristano.
Troia Italian
Could derive from the name of a town in Foggia, or be a nickname derived from Italian troia "sow, female pig", which has a slang meaning of "slut".
Troiani Italian
From the given name Troiano and variant of Troiano.
Troiano Italian
From the given name Troiano
Troise Italian
Possibly a regional name from Turgisius, Latin name of a Norman province of Sicily
Troisi Italian
Patronymic or plural form of Troise.
Trombino Italian
From a trombino a diminutive of tromba "trumpet" applied as an occupational name for a trumpeter or for someone who made trumpets.
Tromme Belgian, German (Swiss)
From low German meaning "drum".
Trotta Italian
From italian trota meaning "trout" or from the medieval female nickname Trotta the italian cognitive to Trude.
Trotter English, Scottish, German
Northern English and Scottish: occupational name for a messenger, from an agent derivative of Middle English trot(en) 'to walk fast' (Old French troter, of Germanic origin). ... [more]
Trovarello Italian
First mention of the surname was in Marche in the 14th century, given to a foundling Trovarello di Paolo or "Paolo's foundling".The name was transcribed as a last name, as this person adopted the first name Claudio Trovarello... [more]
Trovatelli Italian
Means "foundling" in Italian, literally trovato "found" and the diminutive suffix -ello.
Trovato Italian
Given to a foundling or abandoned child, literally "found" in Italian.
Troxel German
Roots of the German surname Troxel can be found in the region of Hesse, where the name originated. Troxel may be an occupational name, derived from the Middle High German word "truhsaesee," meaning "leader." In this case, Troxel would be a variation of the German surname Truchsess.
Troy German, Jewish, French, Dutch
As a German and Jewish surname, it is and Anglicized form of Treu or a similar surname.... [more]
Troyer German (Anglicized)
Surname common among the Amish and the Mennonites. It is the Pennsylvania German form of the German last name "Dreier", "Dreyer" or "Treyer". Hans Treyer, an early Anabaptist leader, died as a martyr of his faith in Bern in 1529... [more]
Truaisch Romansh
Derived from Romansh torbaces "granary; larder".
Truax French (Americanized)
An Americanized spelling of the French surname Trieux.
Trudet French
Variant of Trudel.
Trumbo French, German
French (Alsatian) form of German Trumbauer.
Trumpfheller German
Means "drummer". From Middle High German trumbeler "drummer", from trumbe "drum" and the agent suffix -er.
Trux German
Variant of Drux.
Tschamon Romansh
Derived from the given name Schamun.
Tschander Romansh
Derived from the given name Alexander.
Tschann Romansh
Derived from the given name Gian.
Tschanun Romansh
Derived from the given name Gian in combination with a diminutive suffix.
Tschida German
The Germanic spelling of the Hungarian name Çsida. Derived from the Turkish word for rider, or man on horseback.
Tschida German
Derived from the Czech word "třída," which means class, kind, category, grade, or avenue and place.
Tuberville French
Tuberville May be related to the surname Turbeville which is a derivation of the original de’ Turberville which derives from old French Thouberville, ville meaning town, place or residence (from Latin villa).
Tuell German
nickname from Slavic (Old Slavic toliti ""to soothe or calm"")
Tung Romansh
Derived from Romansh tung "thunder".
Tuor Romansh
Derived from Romansh tuor "tower".
Turba Italian
Possibly from Italian turbare, "to disturb, to trouble", itself from Latin turba, "turmoil, disturbance; mob, crowd". Alternately, it could be from the German surname Turba, of uncertain meaning.
Turcat French, French (Quebec)
Means "Turkman"
Turco Italian
Ethnic name for a Turk, or a nickname from the same word in the sense of a non-Christian or, following the medieval ethnic stereotype, a cruel, ferocious, or short-tempered person.
Turcotte French, Welsh
Means "tower" in French and Welsh.
Turnbo English, German (Americanized)
Americanized spelling of German Dürnbach.
Turnbow English, German (Americanized)
Americanized spelling of German Dürnbach, from a habitational name from any of several places so named or from places in Austria and Bavaria named Dürrenbach (meaning "dry stream").
Turturro Italian, Sicilian
Metonymic occupational name for a groom (a person employed to take care of horses), derived from Sicilian turturo, (ultimately from Italian tortoro) meaning "straw, hay, plait used for strapping horses"... [more]
Tutera Italian
Means “Of the Earth”
Tuttoilmondo Italian
Possibly derived from the French given name Toulemonde, which is either itself derived from the Germanic names Thurmond or Tedmond, or from the phrase tout le monde, literally "all the world", or "everybody"... [more]
Tuveri Italian
Possibly from Sardinian Campidanese tuvera, meaning "pipe of the bellows", indicating someone who worked at a forge.
Tylson English, German (Anglicized)
English: variant of Dyson (see surname Dye). ... [more]