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This is a list of submitted surnames in which an editor of the name is Sofia.
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Mccafferty Irish (Anglicized)
McCafferty is derived from the Gaelic Mac Eachmharcaigh, meaning "son of Eachmharcach".
Mcclane Scottish
Means "Natural Wonder" in gaelic
Mccord Northern Irish, Scottish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Cuairt or Mac Cuarta, apparently meaning "son of a journey", which Woulfe suggests may be a reduced form of Mac Muircheartaigh (see Mcmurtry).
Mccurdy Irish (Anglicized), Scottish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Mhuircheartaigh, a patronymic from Muircheartach, a personal name composed of the elements muir "sea" and ceartach "ruler", hence "skilled seaman"... [more]
Mckiernan Irish
Anglicized form of Mac Thighearnáin, a patronymic from a diminutive of the personal name Tighearna.
Mckinnon Scottish (Anglicized)
Scottish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Fhionghuin, a patronymic from a Gaelic personal name meaning ‘fair born’ or ‘fair son’. ... [more]
Mcmorrow Irish (Anglicized), Scottish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Murchadha, a patronymic from the personal name Murchadh "sea warrior", from muir "sea" and cath "battle". In Leinster this name is usually Anglicized as McMurrough and in Ulster as Murphy.
Medo Croatian
Derived from medo meaning ''bear''.
Mefford English
It is the Old English name given to a point where two streams cross each other.... [more]
Meggyes Hungarian
Means "cherry" in Hungarian.
Mekky Arabic (Egyptian)
Refers to the city of Mecca or Makka (مكة) in Saudi Arabia, considered the most holy city in Islam.
Merical American (Rare)
Altered form of French Marécal.
Merick Welsh
Derived from the Welsh given name Meuric.
Meriwether English
Means "happy weather" in Middle English, originally belonging to a cheery person.
Mesly French
Variant of Mesley.
Messi African, Arabic, Italian
Famous bearer of this surname is Lionel Messi (born 1987-), an Argentinian footballer of Italian descent.
Mignogna Italian
In part a Southern Italian a habitational name from Mignogna, a minor place in Foggia province.
Mihai Romanian
From the given name Mihai.
Mikos Polish, Hungarian, Greek
From a derivative of a personal name equivalent to Nicholas: Polish Mikolaj, Slovenian Miklavž, or Hungarian Miklós.... [more]
Mikulić Croatian
Means ''son of Mikula''.
Milenković Serbian
Means "son of Milenko".
Miletić Croatian, Serbian
Means ''son of Mile''.
Milič Slovene
Variant of Milić.
Min Korean
Meaning: Sensitive, fast, quick, clever, smart. famous bearer of this name is kpop idol/rapper Min Yoongi also known as Suga from BTS.
Minamoto Japanese
From 源 (minamoto) meaning "fountainhead, river source; source, origin," derived from a combination of 水 (mi), the combining form of mizu meaning "water," and 元/本 (moto) meaning "source, origin" with the addition of the Old Japanese possessive particle na.... [more]
Minea Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Minella Italian
Southern Italian, from a pet form of the female personal name Mina, a short form of Guglielmina, Giacomina, etc.
Mitrevski Macedonian
Means "son of Mitre".
Mlinarić Croatian
Means "son of a miller".
Moisuc Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Moniz Portuguese
From the medieval Portuguese first name Muhno.... [more]
Montes Spanish
Derived from Spanish monte "mountain".
Montes De Oca Spanish
Spanish surname meaning "mounts of goose".
Montford English
As a Shropshire name believed to mean "from a communal ford or water crossing" while the Norfolk origin is "from Munda's ford," Munda being an old English personal name meaning "protector, guardian," as seen in names such as Edmund.
Montoya Spanish, Basque
meaning "mountain"... [more]
Mookhey Indian
Meaning unknown.
Mordaunt English
Recorded as Mordant, Mordaunt (English), Mordagne, Mordant (French) and apparently Mordanti in Italy, this is a surname of French origins. According to the famous Victorian etymologist Canon Charles Bardsley writing in the year 1880, the name was originally Norman, and was brought to England by a follower of Duke William of Normandy, when he conquered England in 1066... [more]
Morrow Irish (Anglicized), Scottish
Shortened Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Murchadha (see Mcmorrow).
Mount English
Mount is often used as part of the name of specific mountains.
Mumphery English
Variant spelling of Mumphrey.
Mumphrey English
Variant spelling of the surname Humphrey.
Musić Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian
Patronymic from the personal name Musa, a pet form of the Biblical name Mojsije.
Must Estonian
Estonian surname meaning "black".
Mustafić Bosnian
Means "son of Mustafa".
Mutter German
(also Mütter): occupational name for an official employed to measure grain, from Middle High German mutte, mütte 'bushel', 'grain measure' (Latin modius) + the agent suffix -er.
Nadal Catalan, Occitan
From the personal name Nadal, from nadal "Christmas" (from Latin natalis "birthday"). Compare Noel.
Nagai Japanese
From Japanese 長 (naga) meaning "long" or 永 (naga) meaning "eternity" and 井 (i) meaning "well, mine shaft, pit".
Nair Indian, Malayalam
From Nair, the name of a group of Hindu castes concentrated in the Indian state of Kerala. The origin of the word itself is somewhat disputed. Some believe it is derived from nayaka, an honorific meaning "leader of the people", while another theory suggests that is is derived from the Sanskrit नाग (nāgá) "snake, serpent" (a reference to the practice of snake worship)... [more]
Narayan Indian, Nepali, Fijian, Hindi
From the given name Narayan.
Nascimento Portuguese (Brazilian)
Means "birth, nativity" in Portuguese, from Late Latin nascimentum, a derivative of Latin nasci "to be born". This was originally a religious byname. It was also an epithet of the Virgin Mary (Maria do Nascimento), and was used as a given name for children born on Christmas.
Nettesheim German
"nice home"
Newlin English, Irish
An Irish surname meaning "By the the spring"
Nickson English
Variant of Nixon, patronymic from the given name Nicholas.
Nikitović Serbian
Means "son of Nikita 1".
Noble English, Scottish, Irish, French
Nickname from Middle English, Old French noble "high-born, distinguished, illustrious" (Latin nobilis), denoting someone of lofty birth or character, or perhaps also ironically someone of low station... [more]
Nordahl Norwegian, Swedish
The surname derives from a place name in Sunnmøre, Norway. Meaning from Old Norse norðr ''north'' and dalr ''dale'', ''valley''. In Sweden, this name is mostly ornamental, rather than habitaional.
Novakovsky Russian
Russian form of Nowakowski.
Nuttall English
English: habitational name from some place named with Old English hnutu ‘nut’ + h(e)alh ‘nook’, ‘recess’. In some cases this may be Nuthall in Nottinghamshire, but the surname is common mainly in Lancashire, and a Lancashire origin is therefore more likely... [more]
Obar Neithich Scottish Gaelic
Proper, non-Anglicized form of Abernathy.
Oblak Slovene, Croatian
Derived from oblak "cloud".
Obuća Bosnian
Derived from obuća meaning ''footwear'', denoting someone who made or sold footwear.
Ogilvie Scottish, English
From the ancient Barony of Ogilvie in Angus, Northeast Scotland. The placename itself is derived from Pictish ocel, 'high' and fa, 'plain'.
Ohara Japanese
From Japanese 小 (o) meaning "small" and 原 (hara) meaning "field, plain".
Ojala Estonian, Finnish
From oja meaning ‘ditch’, ‘channel’ + the local suffix -la, a habitational name from any of the numerous farms so named throughout Finland, early settlement of the country having been concentrated along waterways... [more]
Ojdanić Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Ojdan".
Oka Japanese
From Japanese 岡 (oka) meaning "ridge, hill".
Oldknow English
Originally "Oldknoll"; deriving from the word knoll meaning ''hill''.
Omerbašić Bosnian
Derived from Omer.
Omerbegović Bosnian
Derived from Omer and beg, a title of Turko-Mongol origin meaning ''chief'' or ''commander''.
Omerović Bosnian
Means "son of Omer".
Ophel English
19th century name from the Cambridgeshire area. Probably derived from Oldfield. Variants include Opheld, Oful and Offel.... [more]
Oruç Turkish
From Turkish oruç meaning ''fast, to abstain from food''.
Oruč Bosnian
Derived from the Turkish Oruç.
Osmanagić Bosnian
Derived from Osman.
Osmanović Bosnian
Means ''son of Osman''.
Osmochescu Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Österreicher German, German (Austrian)
Means "One from Austria", "the Austrian".
Østhagen Norwegian
An uncommon Norwegian surname of uncertain origin. It is most likely a locational name, derived from Norwegian øst, 'east' and hagen, 'enclosure'. ... [more]
Ōtani Japanese
Variant transcription of Ootani.
Otani Japanese
Variant transcription of Ootani.
Paine English
From the Middle English personal name Pain(e), Payn(e) (Old French Paien, from Latin Paganus), introduced to Britain by the Normans. The Latin name is a derivative of pagus "outlying village", and meant at first a person who lived in the country (as opposed to Urbanus "city dweller"), then a civilian as opposed to a soldier, and eventually a heathen (one not enrolled in the army of Christ)... [more]
Pălărie Romanian
Occupational name for a hatter.
Panagiotidis Greek
From given name Panagiotis.
Panepinto Italian
Derived from the word "pane" meaning "bread" in Italian and "pinto" meaning "painted", "flecked", or possibly "bad". The name is generally given to a baker.
Pavlić Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Pavle".
Paz Hebrew (Rare)
From the given name Paz 2, means "gold" in Hebrew. ... [more]
Pejić Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Pejo".
Petek Slovene, Croatian
Derived from petek "Friday".
Petrevski Macedonian
Means "son of Petar".
Petříček Czech
From given name Petr.
Petriček Croatian
From given name Petar.
Petričević Croatian, Serbian
A patronymic derived from Petrič, a diminutive of Petar.
Petty English, Scottish
Derived from Norman French petit, 'small', thus a nickname for a small or insignificant individual.... [more]
Peureux French
In the war there was a French resistance fighter named Maurice Peureux.
Pevec Croatian
From pevec meaning ''rooster''
Peyron French
Unknown meaning. French surname. Famous bearer of this name is Bruno Peyron and the German princess Louise Peyron (1918-1989).... [more]
Phoenix English
From the name of a beautiful immortal bird which appears in Egyptian and Greek mythology. After living for several centuries in the Arabian Desert, it would be consumed by fire and rise from its own ashes, with this cycle repeating every 500 years... [more]
Pieper German, Dutch
Occupational name for a piper.
Ping Chinese
Ping is the Mandarin pinyin romanization of the Chinese surname written 平 in Chinese character.
Pogonat Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Polite English
Derived from the English word polite. This name was most likely given to a person who was considered to be polite.
Polyakov Russian, Jewish, Belarusian, Ukrainian
Patronymic from the ethnic name Polak meaning "Pole".
Pomeroy English
From an English surname meaning "dweller by the apple orchard".
Popović Croatian, Serbian
Means ''son of a priest''.
Posavec Croatian
Denotes a person living in Posavina, an area that is adjacent or near the Sava river in Croatia.
Priest English
Derived from the occupation priest, which is a minister of a church. It could also be a nickname for a person who is / was a priest.
Primavera Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Means "spring (the season)" in Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
Proctor English
Occupational name from Middle English prok(e)tour "steward" (reduced from Old French procurateour, Latin procurator "agent", from procurare "to manage"). The term was used most commonly of an attorney in a spiritual court, but also of other officials such as collectors of taxes and agents licensed to collect alms on behalf of lepers and enclosed orders of monks.
Prodanović Serbian
Means "son of Prodan".
Pták Czech
Czech surname meaning "bird".
Ptak Polish
Polish surname meaning "bird".
Puiu Romanian
Derived from the name Puiu.
Puškár Slovak, Czech
Occupational name for a rifle maker.
Puž Croatian
Means ''snail''.
Pužek Croatian (Rare)
From puž meaning ''snail''.
Pužić Croatian (Rare)
From puž meaning ''snail''.
Quintero Spanish
Habitational name from a location in Galicia named Quintero, from Galician quinteiro meaning "farmstead, square, plaza". Alternately, it may be derived from Spanish quinto meaning "fifth", possibly used as a name for a renter of quintas (a type of wine-growing estate).
Raab German
Derived from German rabe "raven". As a surname, it was given to a person with black hair.
Raabe German
Cognate of Rabe.
Rabe German
German surname meaning "raven, crow".
Radenković Serbian
Means ''son of Radenko''.
Radinović Serbian
Means "son of Radin".