Submitted Surnames Starting with M

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Merkouris Greek
Possibly a Greek cognate of Italian Mercurio, which is ultimately derived from Latin Mercurius.
Merl Jewish
Jewish (Ashkenazic) metronymic from the Yiddish female personal name Merl, a pet form of Hebrew Miryam (see Mirkin).
Merlette French
Feminine diminutive of French merle "blackbird", this name was given as a nickname to a cheerful person or to someone who liked to sing.
Mernissi Arabic (Maghrebi)
Possibly a variant of Marnissi. A famous bearer was Moroccan feminist writer and sociologist Fatima Mernissi (1940-2015).
Merriam Welsh
Derived from either the personal name Meuric, which is the Welsh form of Maurice, or ultimately from the Latin personal name Mauritius, which means "dark".
Merridew English
A different form of Meredith (from the Welsh personal name Meredydd, perhaps literally "lord of splendour"). It occurs in Wilkie Collins' 'The Moonstone' (1868) belonging to Mrs Merridew, widowed sister to Sir John Verinder.
Merrifield English
English habitational name from any of various places, such as Merryfield in Devon and Cornwall or Mirfield in West Yorkshire, all named with the Old English elements myrige 'pleasant' + feld 'pasture', 'open country.' See also Merivale.
Merrimen Norman
An ancient Norman name, that would have been used in Britain soon after the Conquest of the island in 1066. This name was given to a person who was a person who was a mischievous child, or who liked to play tricks and make jokes.
Merriweather English
From a medieval nickname for someone of a cheerful disposition (cf. Meriwether).
Merrix Welsh
Variant of Merricks.
Merton English
From a place name meaning "town on a lake" in Old English.
Mervin Welsh, English
From the given name Mervin
Mervyn English
(i) from the medieval personal name Merewine, literally "fame-friend"; (ii) from the Old English personal names Mǣrwynn, literally "famous joy", and Merefinn, from Old Norse Mora-Finnr; (iii) from the Welsh personal name Merfyn, literally probably "marrow-eminent"
Mesa Spanish
Habitational name for someone from any of the various locations in Spain called Mesa meaning "table" or "mesa" in Spanish (referring to a flat area of land).
Mesarić Croatian
Derived from mesar, meaning "butcher".
Mesaroš Serbian
Serbian variant of Mészáros, meaning "butcher".
Mesbah Arabic (Maghrebi), Arabic (Egyptian)
Derived from Arabic مِصْبَاح (miṣbāḥ) meaning "lamp, light, luminary".
Mescall Irish
Variant of Mescal.
Meseta Spanish (Mexican)
Meaning "plateau" in Spanish. Primarily used mostly in Mexico.
Mesías Spanish, Spanish (Latin American)
Spanish, meaning Messiah.
Mesikäpp Estonian
Mesikäpp is an Estonian surname meaning "honey cupboard".
Mesila Estonian
Mesila is an Estonian surname meaning "apiary" and "bee garden".
Mesipuu Estonian
Mesipuu is an Estonian surname meaning "beehive" (literally, "honey tree").
Mesly French
Variant of Mesley.
Mesmer German
Occupational name for a maker of knives from Middle High German messer meaning "knife". A famous bearer was Franz Mesmer (1734-1815), a German doctor known for his theory of "animal magnetism", which was eventually incorporated into the field of hypnosis.
Messam English (British)
originates from a place called Measham in the county of Leicestershire. The placename is first recorded in the famous Domesday Book of 1086, as Messeham, and in the Pipe Rolls of the county of 1182 as Meisham... [more]
Messaoudi Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Mas'ud.
Messer German
Occupational name for an official in charge of measuring the dues paid in kind by tenants, from an agent derivative of Middle High German mezzen "to measure".
Messer Scottish
Occupational name for someone who kept watch over harvested crops, Middle English, Older Scots mess(i)er, from Old French messier (see Messier).
Messerschmidt German
Name given to a knife smith. From German "messer" meaning knife, and "schmidt" meaning smith.
Messi African, Arabic, Italian
Famous bearer of this surname is Lionel Messi (born 1987-), an Argentinian footballer of Italian descent.
Messiaen Dutch, French
Derived from Messiaen, the (archaic) Dutch form of the latinate first name Messianus, which itself is ultimately derived from the Roman praenomen Messus. The meaning of Messus is not wholly certain; it may be derived from the Latin verb meto "to reap, to harvest, to cut, to sever", or from the latinized form of Greek mesos or messos "(the) middle, (the) middle one"... [more]
Messias Portuguese (Brazilian)
Derived from the given name Messias
Messier French
Occupational name for someone who kept watch over harvested crops, Old French messier 'harvest master' (Late Latin messicarius, agent derivative of messis 'harvest').
Messoud Western African
From the given name Mas'ud; used in Mauritania.
Mestanza Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous Manchego municipality.
Meštrović Croatian
Derived from the Croatian word meštar, a rare form of "master".
Mesutoğlu Turkish
Means "son of Mesut".
Metallo Italian
From the Greek vocabulary word metallo "metal", used as a nickname for a miner or for someone with a clear or metallic tone of voice.
Metcalfe English
An occupational name from Northern England, from Old English mete, 'food' and calf, 'calf', i.e calfs being fattened for consumption in late summer. Thus, making this surname an occupational name for either a slaughterer or herdsman... [more]
Metheny English
Originated from the village name of Methley in Yorkshire.
Metin Turkish
From the given name Metin.
Metla Russian
Derived from Russian метла (metla) meaning "broom, besom".
Metrejon Louisiana Creole (?), French (?)
Maiden surname of Constance Leto (nee Metrejon). She was born in Louisiana and has Cajun(French) ancestry. The Metrejon line is traced back to Joseph Marie Maitrejean, who was born c. 1778, in Belle-Île-en-Mer, France, an island off the coast of Brittany.
Mētriņš Latvia
The name is a combination of "mētra", the Latvian word for mint and -iņš, a suffix commonly used for Latvian male surnames.
Mets Estonian
Mets is an Estonian surname meaning "forest".
Metsaäär Estonian
Metsaäär is an Estonian surname meaning "forest edge".
Metsala Estonian
Metsala is an Estonian surname meaning "forest area".
Metsallik Estonian
Metsallik is an Estonian surname meaning "forest spring".
Metsalu Estonian
Metsalu is an Estonian surname meaning "forest grove".
Metsamaa Estonian
Metsamaa is an Estonian surname meaning "forest land".
Metsäniemi Finnish
Finnish surname derived from metsä meaning forest and niemi meaning peninsula.
Metsanurm Estonian
Metsanurm is an Estonian surname meaning "forest meadow".
Metsaorg Estonian
Metsaorg is an Estonian surname meaning "forest valley".
Metsasalu Estonian
Metsasalu is an Estonian surname meaning "forest grove".
Metsavaht Estonian
Metsavaht is an Estonian surname meaning "forest guard" and "forest warden".
Metsik Estonian
Metsik is an Estonian surname meaning "wild" and " ferocious".
Metsla Estonian
Metsla is an Estonian surname meaning "forest area".
Metslang Estonian
Metslang is an Estonian surname meaning "forest cutting area"; derived from the compounds "mets "forest" and "lank" (cutting area).
Metsnõmm Estonian
Metsnõmm is an Estonian surname meaning "forest heath/moorland".
Metsur Estonian
Metsur is an Estonian surname meaning "forester".
Mette Dutch
Truncated form of Demetter.
Mette German
Matronymic surname derived from the given name Mette, a Low German short form of Mechthild.
Metz German
From a short form of the female personal name Mechthild.
Metzelaar ? (?)
Unknown; possibly derived from the German name Metz 1.
Meusburger German (Austrian)
The history of this last name is that it means "Mountain Dweller." Being as part of the Austrian surnames, it's a widely used one in it's home country. A few brothers had gone to various countries, as of now there is Meusburgers in Columbia, as well as the United States and throughout Europe... [more]
Mevaza Dungan
Variant of Muvaza.
Mewborn English
Rare English name. The only place I have found it in the phone directory (other than several small towns in eastern North Carolina) is in Northumberland, UK. The word mew has to do with stables, and of course born is an English word.
Mézec Breton
Mézec derives from mezeg which means physician in Breton
Meziane Berber, Northern African
From the given name Meziane (chiefly Algerian and Moroccan).
Mheenak Thai
From Thai มีนัก (Minak) meaning "of Khmer royalty or nobility".... [more]
Miah Bengali (Muslim)
Derived from a Bengali word meaning "gentleman".
Mian Muslim
From a title of respect, Urdu mian meaning ‘sir’ (from Persian miyān meaning ‘between’), used to address an older man. In Bangladesh this is common as a suffix added to the name of a respected person, especially a senior member of a village community.
Miano Italian
Habitational name from Miano in Naples, Parma, and Teramo; Miane in Treviso; or Mian in Belluno.
Micaelsson Swedish
Means "son of Micael".
Micale Italian
Popular in Italy.
Micallef Maltese
Either from Micali, a variant of the Biblical name Michael, or from Maltese mħallef meaning "judge".
Micelli Italian
Beacon, torch, light
Mich Polish, English
From Michaj or Michal in Polish usage. From Michael in English.
Michaël Dutch, French
From the given name Michaël.
Michaelides Greek (Cypriot)
Alternate transcription of Michailidis chiefly used in Cyprus.
Michaelsen Danish
Means "son of Michael".
Michaelsson Swedish
Means "son of Michael".
Michail Greek
A common last name in Greece. Probably from the Archangel Michael who appeared to the Virgin Mary with a lily.
Michailidis Greek
From the given name Michail.
Michalczewski Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Masovian village of Michalczew.
Michálek Czech
Michálek is pet form of Michal.
Michalidis Greek
Means "Son of Michael".
Michalopoulos Greek
Means "son of Michail" in Greek.
Michałowski Polish
Name for someone from a place called Michałowice, derived from the given name Michał.
Michelet French (Latinized, Rare)
Its name comes from the name Michael, the angel.
Micheletos Greek
Derived from the given name Michail.
Michelle English (American)
Directly taken from the given name Michelle.
Michels German, Dutch
Patronymic from the personal name Michel (see Michael). ... [more]
Michelson French
This surname means son of Michelle.
Michie Scottish
My exact source is in the notes.
Michishige Japanese
From Japanese 道 (michi) meaning "road" and 重 (shige) meaning "greater degree"
Michizoe Japanese
From the Japanese 道 (michi) "road," "way," "path" and 添 (zoe or soe) "addition," "add-on," "improvememnt."
Michon French
Originally a diminutive of the given name Michel.
Mick German, Dutch, Irish
Short form of the given name Mikolaj or an occupational name from Middle Low German and Middle Dutch micke "(wheat or rye) bread"... [more]
Mickelson English (American, Anglicized)
Anglicization of the Danish-Norwegian surname Mikkelsen, which means "son of Mikkel," a variant of the personal name Michael.
Mickievič Belarusian
Belarusian Latin spelling of Mitskevich.
Mickiewicz Polish
Polish form of Mitskevich. A notable bearer is Adam Mickiewicz (1798-1855), the Polish poet of Belarusian origin.
Mickley French
It originated when an immigrant family named Michelet came to New York from Northern France. Because they had a foreign surname, they made up the names Mickley and Michelin. The originator was Jean Jacques Michelet (John Jacob Mickley), a private in the Revolutionary War... [more]
Mickley English
It comes the French name Michelet, which comes from the name Michael, as in the angel. ... [more]
Micucci Italian
Italian: patronymic or plural form of a pet form of the personal name Mico, a short form of Michele.
Middag Dutch
Of debated origin and meaning.
Middaugh English
Variant of German Mittag meaning "midday, south".
Middendorf German
"middle of the village"
Middle English
Derived from the word middle
Middleton English, Scottish
Habitational name from any of the places so called. In over thirty instances from many different areas, the name is from Old English midel "middle" + tun "enclosure","settlement".
Mídeno Guanche
From Guanche *mīdĭdăn, meaning "legitimate humans". This surname was borne by Guanche people.
Midnight Irish
Middle of the night, darkness, dark blue
Midorikawa Japanese
From Japanese 緑 (midori) meaning "green" and 川 (kawa) meaning "river, stream".
Midoriya Japanese (Rare), Popular Culture
Combination of 緑 (midori) meaning "green" and 谷 (ya) meaning "valley," used on the main character Izuku Midoriya (緑谷 出久) in 'My Hero Academia'.... [more]
Miele Italian
It means "honey" in Italian.
Mieles Italian, Spanish, French
Meaning "honey".
Mielke German
Derived from a diminutive of the given name Milogost and other Slavic given names beginning with the element Mil-.
Mier Dutch
Derived from Dutch mier "ant", perhaps denoting an industrious person.
Mier Spanish, English (American)
As a Spanish name relates to late summer and means "harvest" or "ripened".... [more]
Mieras Catalan
Castilianized form of Mieres, a habitational name from Catalan and Asturian-Leonese Mieres, towns in Catalonia and Asturies.
Mifflin English
An English West Country variant of the original Welsh-Breton personal name Merlin.
Mifune Japanese
From Japanese 三 (mi) meaning "three" or 御 (mi) meaning "honourable" and 船 or 舟 (fune) meaning "ship, boat".
Miga Polish
Nickname from a derivative migac ‘to twinkle or wink’.
Miglinieks Latvian
Name comes from the village Miglinieki.
Mignano Italian
Possibly taken from the Mignano Monte Lungo commune in the Province of Caserta in the Italian region Campania.
Mignogna Italian
In part a Southern Italian a habitational name from Mignogna, a minor place in Foggia province.
Miguel Spanish, Portuguese
From the given name Miguel.
Miguelañez Spanish
Derived from the given name Miguel.
Mihai Romanian
From the given name Mihai.
Mihara Japanese
From Japanese 三 (mi) meaning "three" and 原 (hara) meaning "field, plain".
Mihkli Estonian
Mihkli is an Estonian surname, derived from the masculine given name "Mihkel" (a cogante of "Michael").
Mihok Ancient Greek (Rare)
Mihok Families moved over time by selecting different census years, Mihok Family name was founded in the United States in 1920s there were 11 Mihok Families living in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania.... [more]
Miil Estonian
Miil is an Estonian surname meaning "mile".
Mijangos Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the Castilian municipality of Merindad de Cuesta Urria.
Mijović Montenegrin
Patronymic, meaning "son of Mijo".
Mika Polish
A shortened form of the Polish version of Michaelson, which became a family name earlier on.
Mika Hungarian, Polish
Comes from a pet form of a central and eastern European personal name equivalent to Nicholas
Mikail Turkish, Uyghur
From the given name Mikail.
Mikal Ethiopian
The Origin of Mikal comes from the Hebrew meaning... [more]
Mikalauskas Lithuanian
A Lithuanian surname. Lithuanian surnames have a base which would be Mikalausk for this name. If you are a male in the family your name would change to Mikalauskas. If you are female that is married your surname would be Mikalauskiene... [more]
Mikami Japanese
From Japanese 三 (mi) meaning "three" and 上 (kami) meaning "above, top, upper".
Mikazuki Japanese (Rare)
Mikazuki is a one kanji surname that means " Crescent ".
Mike Hungarian
Fro, a pet form of the personal name Miklós, Hungarian form of Nicholas, or possibly from a short form of Mihály, Hungarian form of Michael.
Mikel English, Nigerian
From the given name Mikel.
Mikell Scottish
A variant of Mccall. Some suggest it is a variant of Mikel.
Mikha'il Arabic, Urdu
From the given name Mikha'il.
Mikhailenko Russian
Russian transcription of Ukrainian Михайленко (see Mykhaylenko).
Mikhaylenko Russian
Alternate transcription of Russian Михайленко (see Mikhailenko).
Mikhaylov Russian
Variant transcription of Mikhailov.
Mikhelashvili Georgian, Jewish
Means "son of Mikheil" in Georgian.
Mikhin Russian
Means "son of Mikha".
Miki Japanese
Possibly Mi ("Three") + Ki ("Tree"). This might've been inspired by the Japanese first name Miki.
Mikin Russian
Means "son of Mika".
Mikk Estonian
Mikk is an Estonian surname (and masculine given name); a shortened form of the masculine given name Mihkel (a variant of Michael).
Mikkel Estonian
Mikkel is an Estonian surname (and masculine given name); an Estonian variant of "Michael".
Mikkelborg Norwegian
Norwegian variant of the originally German surname Mecklenburg, which came to Norway during the hanseatic era.
Mikkelsaar Estonian
Mikkelsaar is an Estonian surname derived from the masculine given name "Mikkel (Mihkel)" and "saar", meaning island; "Mikkel's island".
Miklós Hungarian
From the given name Miklós.
Mikó Hungarian
From a pet form of the personal names Miklós (Hungarian form of Nicholas) or Mihály (Hungarian form of Michael).
Mikołajczyk Polish
Derived from the given name Mikołaj.
Mikos Polish, Hungarian, Greek
From a derivative of a personal name equivalent to Nicholas: Polish Mikolaj, Slovenian Miklavž, or Hungarian Miklós.... [more]
Mikulencak Czech
There are many versions Mikulenka, Mikulas, Mikul,
Mikulić Croatian
Means ''son of Mikula''.
Mikulin Russian
Means "son of Mikula".
Milán Spanish
Spanish form of Milan.
Milan Italian, French
Habitational name from the Italian city of Milan (see Milano).
Milan Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Slovene, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian
From the given name Milan, a derivative of names such as Bohumil and Miloslav, containing the Slavic elements mil or milu meaning ‘grace, favor, dear’.
Milanay Filipino (Latinized, Rare, Archaic)
The Milanay is original surname from Bicol region in the Philippines, the most population name in Naga City.
Milanese Italian
One who came from Milan.
Milanović Serbian, Croatian
Patronymic, meaning "son of Milan".
Milashin Russian
Derived from a diminutive Milasha of various Russian given names.
Milbourne English
Variant form of Milburn.
Mildmay English
From a medieval nickname for an inoffensive person (literally "mild maiden").
Milenin Russian
Matronymic surname derived from the Russian name Milena.
Milenkov Bulgarian
Means "son of Milenko".
Milenković Serbian
Means "son of Milenko".
Milesi Italian
Marco Milesi is an Italian racing cyclist.... [more]
Miletić Croatian, Serbian
Means ''son of Mile''.
Miley Irish (Anglicized)
Anglicised form of Ó Maol Aodha, though Ó Máille and Ó Maolmhuaidh can also be possibilities... [more]
Milhous English
Variant spelling of English Millhouse.
Milhouse English
Variant spelling of Millhouse.
Miliband Jewish
This is the surname of British Labour Party politicians Ed and David Miliband, who are ethnically Jewish.
Milič Slovene
Variant of Milić.
Milina Croatian, Serbian
passed down from generations