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Liyanage Sinhalese
Means "house of writing" from Sinhala ලියන (liyana) meaning "writing" and ගේ (ge) meaning "home, house".
Liyanasuriya Sinhalese
From Sinhala ලියන (liyana) meaning "writing" combined with Sanskrit सूर्य (surya) meaning "sun".
Liz Spanish
History unknown; surname known in the Dominican Republic
Lizak Polish
Nickname from lizac 'to lick'.
Lizárraga Basque
Habitational name from any of three places called Lizarraga, in Navarra and Alava and Guipuzcoa provinces, which are named from Basque lizarr (or le(i)zar) "ash tree" and the locative suffix -aga.
Lizovich Jewish
I knew a family with this surname and they were Jewish.
Ljubojević Serbian
Means "son of Ljuboje".
Ljungberg Swedish
Combination of Swedish ljung "heather" and berg "mountain".
Ljungqvist Swedish
Composed of the elements ljung "heather" and quist, an old spelling of kvist "twig".
Ljungström Swedish
Combination of Swedish ljung "heather" and ström "stream".
Llanes Spanish (Latin American), Spanish (Philippines)
Likely denoted someone who came from the municipality of Llanes in Spain.
Llapashtica Kosovar, Albanian, Serbian
Derived from the name of Kosovan villages named Llapashticë e Poshtme or Llapashticë e Epërme. It could also denote a person from Serbian villages called Donja Lapaštica or Gornja Lapaštica.
Llewys Welsh
Original Welsh form of "Lewis" used by the former Royal Family of Wales. Most people with the surname "Lewis" derive from the Royal Family. Very few people still have the surname "Llewys," but it is not unheard of.
Llinás Catalan (Hispanicized)
Castilianized form of Llinars.
Llongoria Asturian
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the parish of Samartín de Llodón in the municipality of Balmonte.
Llorente Catalan
Derived from the given name Lorenzo.
Lloris Catalan
Means "son of Llorente" in Catalan. A known bearer of this surname is professional French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.
Loafman English (American)
Americanized spelling of German Laufmann.
Loaiza Basque
Topographic name from Basque loa meaning "mud", "mire", with the suffix -tza denoting abundance.
Loam English
1 English and Scottish: unexplained. The name is recorded in both England and Scotland. It may be a variant of Scottish Lour, a habitational name from Lour, formerly a part of the parish of Meathielour.... [more]
Łobaczewski Polish
This indicated familial origin within either Łobaczew Duży or Łobaczew Mały, 2 Polesian villages in Gmina Terespol.
Lobato American (Hispanic)
Lobato variant of Lovato, a Hispanic last name originating from Spanish colonial New Mexico and Colorado. That surname is common with Native New Mexicans... [more]
Lobato Spanish, Portuguese
nickname from lobato "wolf cub" (from Latin lupus "wolf") or from a medieval personal name based on this word.
Löbe German
Variant of Löwe from Middle High German lēwe löuwe "lion" hence a nickname for a brave or regal person. In some cases the surname may have been a topographic or habitational name referring to a house or inn distinguished by the sign of a lion.
Lobera Spanish
Either a topographic name from lobera "wolf pack" or "wolves' lair" or a habitational name from any of several places called La Lobera. variant of Lovera.
Lobianco Italian
Derived from the words lo "the" and bianco "white".
Lobosvilla Spanish
Rare variant of Villalobos.
Lobsang German (Rare, Archaic)
German name meaning "sung praise"
Lõbu Estonian
Lõbu is an Estonian surname meaning "fun" and "merriment".
Lõbus Estonian
Lõbus is an Estonian surname meaning "cheery", "pleasant" and "amusing".
Locci Italian
Possibly from the Spanish given name Eloche (see Elochius.
Loch German
From German Loch "hole", ultimately derived from Middle High German loch "hole, hollow, valley".
Loch Scottish
From Scottish Gaelic loch "lake".
Loche French
From the Old French word loche meaning "freshwater fish."
Lochhead Scottish
Topographic name for someone who lived at the head of a loch, derived from Scottish Gaelic ceann meaning "head (land)" and loch meaning "loch".
Lochner German
Means "a place where rivers meet with a partial obstruction from a wooden dam. "
Lock English, Dutch, German
Habitational name from any of various places called Loock, from look ‘enclosure’.
Locke English, Dutch, German
English, Dutch, and German: variant of Lock. ... [more]
Lockett English
Diminutive of the male given name Luke.
Lockhart Scottish, German
Scottish: of uncertain origin, probably from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements loc ‘lock’, ‘bolt’ + hard ‘hardy’, ‘brave’, ‘strong’. English: occupational name for a herdsman in charge of a sheep or cattlefold, from Old English loc ‘enclosure’, ‘fold’ + hierde ‘herd(er)’.
Locklear English
Variant of Lockyer. Locklear is an occupational name of anglo-saxon origin meaning "locksmith".
Locklear Lumbee
This is a popular surname in the Lumbee Native American tribe. It was pronounced by elders as Locklaha in the early part of the 20th century. "Falling water" is the definition of Locklaha. In 2004 the Lumbee Tribal Council had members named Lawrence (University of North Carolina employee), James H., Al, Danita as well as Jerl Locklear.
Lockley English
Refers to the region of Loxley in Staffordshire, England.
Locks English
Variant of Lock.
Lockyear English
Variant spelling of Lockyer.
Lockyer English
Variant of Locklear. Lockyer is an occupational name of anglo-saxon origin meaning "locksmith".
Lodde Italian
From Sardinian lodde "fox".
Lodge English
Local name for someone who lived in a small cottage or temporary dwelling, Middle English logge (Old French loge, of Germanic origin). The term was used in particular of a cabin erected by masons working on the site of a particular construction project, such as a church or cathedral, and so it was probably in many cases equivalent to an occupational name for a mason... [more]
Lodovico Italian
From the given name Lodovico.
Lodu Estonian
Lodu is an Estonian surname meaning "marsh" or "fen".
Loepp Dutch
Variant of Loop.
Loesch German
German metonymic occupational name from Middle High German lösch ‘fine leather’.
Loescher German
German variant of Löscher, an occupational name for a fireman, from Middle High German leschen ‘to extinguish’. Als a variant of Loesch and Lescher or a derivative of Loesche.
Loewen Dutch
Dutch variant of Loewe.
Löf Swedish
From an archaic Swedish spelling of löv "leaf".
Löfdahl Swedish
Combination of Swedish löv "leaf" and dal "valley".
Löffler German
Derived from German löffel, it denotes a person who produces or trades spoons.
Löfholm Swedish (Rare)
From Swedish elements löv "leaf" and holme "islet".
Loflin Irish
Possibly a variant spelling of Irish Laughlin. This is a common name in NC.
Löfquist Swedish
Combination of Swedish löv "leaf" and kvist "twig".
Löfström Swedish
Combination of Swedish löv "leaf" and ström "stream".
Lofts English
Variant of Loft.
Löfvén Swedish (Rare)
Combination of Swedish löv "leaf" and the common surname suffix -én, a derivative of Latin -enius "descendant of". Stefan Löfven (b. 1957) is a Swedish politician and the prime minister of Sweden since 2014.
Loghmani Persian
From the given name Loghman.
Loglisci Italian
My grandfather's family name who were from Gravina di Puglia
Logowin Jewish
The last name "Logowin" was found in Russia. Emigrants from Russia moved to the USA and changed the last name in "Levin".
Lo Guasta Italian
Variant of Guasti, literally "the broken". Probably used as a nickname for someone with a twisted or deformed limb, used in at least one case for a foundling.
Lohan Irish
Variant of Logan.
Lohara Indian
Means "blacksmith" in Hindi
Lõhmus Estonian
Lõhmus is a common Estonian surname meaning "linden".
Lõhmussaar Estonian
Lõhmussaar is an Estonian surname meaning "linden island".
Lohu Estonian
Lohu is an Estonian surname derived from "lohutus", meaning "comfort" and "console".
Loi Italian
Clipped form of Balloi.
Loia Italian
Most likely a variant of Aloia. May alternately be related to Italian loggia "atrium, open-roofed gallery", Greek λεώς (leos) "the people", or Tuscan loia "dirt, filth on clothes or skin", perhaps a nickname for someone with a profession that often made them dirty, such as mining.
Loid Estonian
Loid is an Estonian surname meaning "languid" and "inert".
Loigo Estonian
Loigo is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "loiguline" meaning "puddly".
Loik Estonian
Loik is an Estonian surname meaning "puddle".
Loiseau French
Means "The Bird" in French.
Loisel French
Derived from Old French oisel "bird" with fused definite article l' used as a nickname for a flighty individual or perhaps for a small birdlike person but possibly also as a metonymic occupational name for a bird-catcher.
Loit Estonian
Loit is an Esotnian surname meaning "flare". Also, probably from "loits", meaning "incantation" or "spell".
Loizos Greek
Greek variation of the name Louis.
Lokaj Slovak
Footman/Lackey in history meant "servant"
Lokerson Dutch
May be derived from Locke, Dutch meaning enclosure.
Lokhande Indian, Marathi
Derived from Marathi लोखंड (lokhanda) meaning "iron", either a nickname for a person who was strong and well-built or an occupational name for a blacksmith.
Lokhvitskiy Ukrainian (Rare)
This indicates familial origin within the city of Lokhvytsia in Ukraine.
Lokier English (British)
Variant of Lockyer, an occupational name for a locksmith.
Lokk Estonian
Lokk is an Estonian surname meaning "crimp" or "curl".
Løkken Norwegian
Habitational name from any of numerous farmsteads so called. Derived from Old Norse lykkja "enclosure".
Lokman Arabic, Bengali
Derived from the given name Luqman.
Lolokhoev Ingush (Russified)
Russified form of an Ingush surname derived from the name of an Ingush teip (clan), itself derived from Lyalakh, the name of a mountain village. The village's name itself is of unknown meaning.
Lomachenko Ukrainian, Russian
Derived from Ukrainian ломач (lomach) meaning "bonfire".
Lo Màglio Italian
Literally means "the hammer." However, "the" would normally be represented as "il" in Italian, in this case.
Lomas English, Scottish, Scottish Gaelic
Variant spelling of "Lomax", meaning a steam pool devoted from Lumhalghs, Lancs. Also variant spelling of "Lennox", meaning Elmwood in Gaelic.
Lomasney Irish
From Gaelic Ó Lomasna meaning "descendant of Lomasna", a byname from lom "bare" and asna "rib".
Lomax English
Lomax is a territorial surname, derived from the hamlet of Lumhalghs, near Bury, Greater Manchester, and meaning "pool nook" or "recess". Notable persons with the surname Lomax include: Alan Lomax (1915–2002) American musicologist, son of John Avery Lomax... [more]
Lombard French, English, South African
French and English cognate of Lombardi, or derived from the given name Lambert. A famous bearer of this name was the American actress Carole Lombard (1908-1942), born Jane Alice Peters.
Lomenzo Italian
From Sicilian "menzo" meaning middle.
Lomholt Danish
From the name of a farm/estate in Vejlby Parish, Denmark.
Lomishvili Georgian
Basically means "child of a lion” in Georgian, from Georgian ლომი (lomi) meaning "lion" combined with an Eastern Georgian surname suffix -შვილი (-shvili) meaning "child".
Lomp Estonian
Lomp is an Estonian surname meaning "pond" or "puddle".
Lon Lao
Lao form of Lin.
Lon Khmer
Means "superb, magnificent" in Khmer.
Lonardo Italian
Variant of Leonardo, characteristic of central–southern Italy.
Long Chinese
From Chinese 龍 (lóng) meaning "dragon".
Longbottom English, Literature, Popular Culture
English (West Yorkshire) topographic name for someone who lived in a long valley, from Middle English long + botme, bothem ‘valley bottom’. Given the surname’s present-day distribution, Longbottom in Luddenden Foot, West Yorkshire, may be the origin, but there are also two places called Long Bottom in Hampshire, two in Wiltshire, and Longbottom Farm in Somerset and in Wiltshire.
Longfellow English
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was an American poet and educator whose works include "Paul Revere's Ride", The Song of Hiawatha, and Evangeline.
Longino Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
From the given name Longino.
Longley English
Geographic name referring to multiple places by the same name in Yorkshire, England. The name comes from the word "long" plus Old English leáh "meadow".
Longstocking Literature
The last name of Pippi Longstocking. English form of Långstrump.
Longyear English
Meaning uncertain.
Lonie Irish
A variant of Looney meaning "warrior."
Lönn Swedish
Means "maple" in Swedish.
Lonsdale English
Habitational name from the district of Lonsdale (straddling Lancashire Yorkshire and Westmorland) and also from Lonsdale in Great Ayton (North Yorkshire). The district takes its name from the river Lune (of uncertain origin) annd Old English dæl "valley"... [more]
Loo Estonian
Loo is an Estonian surname; from a few geographic names in Estonia. Most notably, the small borough of Loo in Harju County.
Loo Chinese (Hokkien)
Hokkien romanization of Luo.
Loodus Estonian
Loodus is an Estonian surname meaning "nature/natural".
Lööf Swedish
Variant of Löf.
Loog Estonian
Loog is an Estonian surname meaning "windrow" (a line of raked hay or sheaves of grain laid out to dry in the wind).
Look English
Habitational name from Look in Puncknowle, Dorset, named in Old English with luce ‘enclosure’.
Look English, Scottish
From a vernacular pet form of Lucas.
Lõoke Estonian
Lõoke is an Estonian surname, meaning "lark".
Loomets Estonian
Loomets is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "loom" (animal)" and "mets (forest)".
Loomis English
Derived from Lomax (Lumhalghs), near Bury, Lancashire, which means "pool nook/recess."
Looney Irish
From the Irish name O'Luanaigh, "descendant of Luanach," a personal name meaning warrior.
Loop Dutch
Habitational name from de Loop (meaning "the watercourse"), in the province of Antwerp.
Loor Estonian
Loor is an Estonian surname meaning "veil" and "fog".
Loorand Estonian
Loorand is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "loor" meaning "veil" and "fog" and "rand" meaning "beach": "fog(gy) beach".
Loorits Estonian
Loorits is an Estonian surname derived from "loor" meaning "veil", "fog" and "shroud".
Loos Dutch, German
Patronymic from a short form of either Dutch Lodewijk or German Nikolaus, or the name of a place in northern France.
Loosaar Estonian
Loosaar is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "lood" ("level") and "saar" ("island"); or "loog" ("windrow") and "saar" ("ash tree").
Lõõts Estonian
Lõõts is an Estonian surname meaning "bellows" and "accordian".
Lootus Estonian
Lootus is an Estonian surname meaning "hope".
Lööv Swedish
Variant of Löf.
Lööw Swedish
Variant of Löf.
Łopaciński Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Masovian village of Łopacin.
Lopata Russian, Ukrainian
Derived either from Russian лопата (lopata) or Ukrainian лопата (lopata) both meaning "spade, shovel". This may have been a nickname for a digger or a truck farmer.
Lopatin Russian
Occupational name derived from Russian лопата (lopata) meaning "shovel, spade".
Lopida Basque
It indicates familial origin within the eponymous council of the municipality of Gasteiz.
Lopidana Basque (Hispanicized)
Castilianized form of Lopida.
Lopo Portuguese
From the given name Lopo.
Lopoy Filipino (Rare)
In the modern day around 300 people have this surname, and it is most commonly used in the Philippines.
Lõpp Estonian
Lõpp is an Estonian surname meaning "end".
Lor Hmong
From the clan name Lauj associated with either the Chinese character 劉 (liú) (see Liu) or 羅 (luó) (see Luo).
Lorah American
Americanized form of French Loreaux, from a variant of the personal name Lorel, a pet form of Laurent... [more]
Lorain French
Occupational name for a saddler, derived from the Old French word lorain, meaning "a leather strap used on a horse's breastplate".
Lorang French
Surname of uncertain origin. Might be derived from:... [more]
Lóránt Hungarian
From the given name Lóránt.
Lord English
A surname derived from someone of a lordly manner, or perhaps one who had earned the title in some contest of skill or had played the part of the ‘Lord of Misrule’ in the Yuletide festivities.... [more]
Lord French
Nickname from Old French l'ord "the dirty one".
Lords English
Patronymic form of Lord.
Lo Re Italian
Lorén Spanish
A variant of the Spanish personal name Llorente.
Lorence Medieval English
Modern English variant of the French name Laurence
Lorencovič Slovak
Patronymic from the given name Lorencs or any other name relating to that.
Lorenson English (American)
Anglicized form of Danish/Norwegian Lauritsen or Swedish Lorentzon or any other variant (all meaning “son of Lorens”).
Lorenzi Italian
“Laurel tree” or “decorated with laurel.” The English equivalent is Lawrence.
Loretz German (Swiss), Romansh
Derived from the given name Laurentius.
Lorey English, Scottish
Derived from the given name Laurentius.
Lorez Spanish
Means "son of Lorenzo" in Spanish.
Lo Ricco Italian
Originally Spanish but of Italian origin for at least 7 generations. My branch of the family are residing in Australia but many remain in Italy and quite a few in the USA
Lorimer English
Means "maker or seller of metal items of a horse's harness and associated equipment (e.g. bits and spurs)" (from Anglo-Norman loremier, a derivative of Old French lorain "harness").
Lórincz Hungarian
From the Hungarian Ecclesiastical Name Lőrinc.
Loring English
Means "son of Lorin", where Lorin is a medieval diminutive of Laurence 1.
Lormnaimuang Thai
The surname "ล้อมในเมือง" is used after the place they was born Nai Muang District in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand.
Loroño Galician
It indicates familial origin within the eponymous parish of the municipality of Zas.
Lorrain French
French and English: variant spelling of Lorraine.
Lorraine French
Indicates origin within Lorraine, in eastern France
Lorraine French, English, Scottish
Habitational name from Lorraine a region in the northeastern part of France. Its name derives from the name of the medieval kingdom of Lothari Regnum which in turn was named for its sovereign Lothar (a personal name composed of the elements hlud "famous renowned" and hari/heri "army").