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Skerry Irish
Variant of Scarry or Scurry.
Skibniewski Polish
This indicates familial origin within either of 2 Podlachian villages: Skibniew-Kurcze or Skibniew-Podawce.
Skillern English
Habitational name from Skeleron in Rimington, Lancashire (formerly in West Yorkshire), earlier known as Skelhorn.
Skipper English
Occupational name for either a basket weaver Derived from Middle English skeppe witch itself is from Old Norse skeppa... [more]
Skipworth English
From the name of Skipwith in the East Riding of Yorkshire. The place name was recorded as Schipewic in the Domesday Book of 1086; as Scipewiz in the 1166 Pipe Rolls of the county; and as Skipwith in the 1291 Pipe Rolls, and derives from the Old English sceap, scip "sheep", and wic "outlying settlement"; hence, "settlement outside the village where sheep were kept".
Sklenár Slovak
The Slovak version of the Czech Sklenář. From the Slovak "sklo" meaning "glass".
Sklenář Czech
Means "glassworker".
Skleros Greek
Means strong/ harsh in Greek, and also the name of an old Byzantine family.
Sklorenko Ukrainian
Glassmakers son
Sklueff Russian (Latinized, Rare, ?)
Means bird of prey. From Russia. Was changed by the government from Cellieic letters to Latin letters. Unknown if it was change in Russia or Harbin, Chun where they escaped Bolshevism.
Skočdopole Czech
Derived from Czech imperative sentence skoč do pole! meaning "jump in a field!".
Skog Norwegian, Swedish
Means "forest" in Norwegian and Swedish.
Skogheim Norwegian
Combination of Swedish and Norwegian skog "forest" and German heim ''home''.
Skoglund Swedish, Norwegian
Combination of Swedish and Norwegian skog "forest" and lund "grove".
Sköld Swedish
Means "shield" in Swedish.
Skoog Swedish
Variant of Skog.
Skorupa Polish, Jewish
Derived from Polish skorupa meaning "shell", hence a nickname for a secretive individual.
Skoubye Danish (Americanized, Rare)
from the Danish Skovby (also pronounced SKO-bee), meaning "city by a forest" or "forest town"
Skowroński Polish
Name for someone from a place called Skowronów, Skowronna, Skowron or Skowronki, all derived from Polish skowronek meaning "lark".
Skrastiņa Latvian
Feminine form of Skrastiņš.
Škrelja Montenegrin
Montenegrin variant of Shkreli.
Škrijelj Bosnian
Derived from Shkreli, an Albanian tribe and region.
Skrzypczak Polish
One who plays a stringed instrument... [more]
Skrzyszewski Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Lesser Polish village of Skrzyszew.
Škudlárek Czech
Nickname for a stingy person, from a derivative Czech škudil meaning "stingy","tight-fisted".
Skura Polish
Polish name meaning tanner.
Skutnik Romanian
Derived from the historical term scutnic.... [more]
Skwierczyński Polish
This indicates familial origin within a cluster of 3 Podlachian villages: Skwierczyn-Dwór, Skwierczyn Lacki, & Skwierczyn-Wieś.
Sky Jewish
Shortened from last names ending in -sky.
Skye English (Anglicized, Rare)
Originates from the Isle of Skye in Scotland.
Skyring English
originated around London home counties,... [more]
Slaa Eastern African, Iraqw
Slaa has an unknown meaning.
Slack English, Dutch, Scottish, English (American)
English and Dutch: nickname for an idle person, from Middle Dutch slac, Middle English slack, ‘lazy’, ‘careless’. ... [more]
Sladoljev Croatian
Derived from slad, meaning "malt", and the -ljev suffix referring to "pouring".
Slate English
Occupational name for a slater, from Middle English slate, "slate".
Slattery Irish (Anglicized, Modern)
Irish (Munster): reduced form of O’Slattery, an Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Slat(ar)ra ‘descendant of Slatra’, a byname meaning "robust", "strong", "bold".
Slaughter English
occupational name from Middle English slaughter "butcher" a derivative of Middle English slaught "butchery" and the suffix er or from a shortened form of the synonymous Middle English slaughterer a derivative of slaughter "butchery" and the suffix er.
Slavchev m Bulgarian
Means "son of Slavcho".
Slavcheva f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Slavchev.
Slavica Croatian
Derived from Slavic slava, meaning "glory".
Slawson English
Slawson is an English surname meaning "unexplained".
Sledge English
Sledge. Refers to a sledge as a sled.
Sleigh English
A sled drawn by horses or reindeer, especially one used for passengers.
Sleta Russian, Ukrainian
Derived from Russian слёта (slyota) or Ukrainian слета (sleta), both meaning meaning "meeting".
Slim English
A characteristic name for someone noted for being thin.
Slimani Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Sulayman.
Slimi Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Slim.
Slinger English
Travelled with the army's a user of Slings for war. The variant Slingo is a misspelling only appeared after the English civil war. YDNA between the two matches.
Slipper English
Occupational surname for a sword-slipper, or scabbard maker.
Šljivančanin Montenegrin
Habitational name for someone from Šljivansko, Montenegro.
Słodki Polish
It means "sweet" in Polish.
Słomiński Polish
This indicates familial origin within either of 2 Masovian villages named Słomin.
Słomkowski Polish
Habitational name for someone from places called Słomków, Słomkowa, or Słomkowo, all named with słomka meaning "little straw".
Slongo Italian
Variant of Longo.
Slonim Jewish
Habitational name from Slonim, a city in Belarus.
Slotnick Jewish (Anglicized, Modern)
A Polish, Russian, Belarusian, and Ukrainian surname, meaning 'goldsmith'. Also a Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic) occupational name for a goldsmith. Variant/anglicization of Polish Zlotnik, Ukrainian Zlotnyk.
Slough English
A very rare surname, possibly of German origins.
Slovensky Czech
Ethnic name for someone from Slovakia or who had connections with Slovakia.
Slowik Polish, Jewish
Nickname for someone with a mellifluous voice or a night-time reveler. From Polish slowik "nightingale".
Slowinski Polish
Habitational name for someone from Slowin in Gorzów voivodeship. From the adjective slowinski, denoting a member of the Slowincy, a Slavic people living in Pomerania.
Slucki Belarusian
Means "of Sluck", a town in the Minsk region.
Slughorn Popular Culture
Combination of English words "slug" and "horn". It is widely known as a name in the Harry Potter series.
Sluiter Dutch
Occupation name for a porter, or gatekeeper. Also an occupational name for someone who made and poured alcohol. "The one who pours the alcohol." - Middle Dutch Sluter. Compare to English Porter.
Slunjski Croatian
Habitational name for someone from Slunj, Croatia.
Slutskiy m Russian, Jewish
Last name of Leonid Slutskiy.
Slutsky Jewish
Habitational name for someone from Slutsk, a city in Belarus.
Slynger Old Danish
user of a sling. ... [more]
Slyvestre Italian
Derived from the given name Sylvester.
Smailov Kazakh, Uzbek, Kyrgyz
Means "son of Smail".
Smailova f Kazakh
Feminine form of Smailov.
Smajlović Bosnian
Means "son of Smajl".
Smalley English, Cornish (?)
Locational surname from places in Derbyshire and Lancashire, so called from Old English smæl ‘narrow’ + leah ‘wood’, ‘clearing’. This may also be a Cornish name with an entirely separate meaning.
Smarch Ukrainian (Anglicized), Russian (Anglicized)
Smarch is most likely an anglicized form of the surnames Smarchkov, Smarchkova, Smarchi, Smarchevsky, and Smarchevskaya.... [more]
Smart English
From Old English (smeart) meaning "quick". This surname was used to refer to person who worked as a handyman.
Smeaton English
From Old English Smiðatun meaning "settlement of the smiths".
Smed Danish, Swedish, Norwegian (Rare)
Scandinavian cognate of Smith.
Smee English
Variant of Smead, derived from either Middle English smethe "smooth" or Old English smiððe "smithy".
Smet Flemish
One who is a blacksmith
Smetana Czech
Means "cream".
Smidt Dutch
Dutch corruption of the German Schmidt which means smith.
Smieskol Polish
A surname of unknown meaning - originated in Southwestern Poland in the Silesian region.... [more]
Šmigiæ Serbian
It is old Serbian surname.It's origins are probably from Kosovo.
Śmigielski Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Greater Polish town of Śmigiel.
Smiley Scots, English
From elements small and lea meaning "a small clearing" or as a nickname may refer to a person of happy disposition known for smiling.
Smirnoff Russian
Variant transcription of Smirnov.
Smithberger English (American)
Americanized form of German Schmidtberger or its variant Schmiedberger.
Smithe English (Rare)
Rare spelling of Smith.
Smithee Scottish
appears to be an occupational name for a blacksmith, it has been suggested that when surnames came into use in Scotland, several different families simply 'took on' the name whether they had been blacksmiths or not.... [more]
Smither English
Occupational surname Smith with the suffix -er.
Smitherman English
Somebody who assisted the blacksmith.
Smithers English
Patronymic from Smither.
Smithson English
Means "a son who was born by a blacksmith worker".
Smithwick English
habitational name from Smethwick in Staffordshire Smethwick Green near Brereton Heath (Cheshire) or a lost place called Smithwick in Southover (Sussex). The place name means "the farm of the smiths" from Old English smiþ "smith" and wic "dwelling specialized farm"... [more]
Smock English
From Middle English smoc, smok meaning "smock", "shift", hence a metonymic occupational name for someone who made or sold such garments, or a nickname for someone who habitually wore a smock (the usual everyday working garment of a peasant).
Smoke English, German, German (Austrian)
Possibly a variant of English Smock or an altered form of German Schmuck.
Smoker English
Derived from the Old English word "smoc," meaning "smock" or, literally, "woman's undergarment." The name was most likely originally borne by someone who made or sold smocks.
Smokvina Croatian
Derived from smokva meaning ''fig''.
Smolders Belgian (Modern)
A Flemish occupational name equivalent to "Miller", meaning a person who operated a wind or water mill for grinding grain.
Smolenskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Smolensky.
Smolensky Russian
Refers to a region in Western Russia named "Smolensk".
Smolin Russian
From smola, meaning "tar".
Smollett English, Scottish
From a nickname for someone who had a small head.
Smolov Russian
From Russian Смола (smola) meaning "resin".
Smolski Polish
Derived from smoła, meaning “tar”.
Smolsky Tatar, Lipka Tatar, Polish
Smolsky is a variant of Smólski, derived from smoła, which means “tar”.
Smulders Dutch
Occupational name derived from Dutch des mulders meaning "son of the miller". A famous bearer is Canadian-American actress Cobie Smulders (1982-).
Smullen Irish
Irish: reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Smolláin, according to Patrick Woulfe, a variant of Ó Spealáin (see Spillane).
Smy English
Variation of a name given to a blacksmith
Smyth English
Creative spelling of the surname Smith.
Snäll Swedish
Possibly taken from English Snell or its German cognate Schnell, meaning "quick, fast", and having its spelling influenced by Swedish snäll "nice, kind"... [more]
Snape English (British), Scottish
An old, now rare surname, with various origins in Suffolk and Yorkshire in England and Lanarkshire in Scotland, derived from Middle English snaipen, “to injure; to nip (of sleet or snow); to criticize, rebuke, revile”, from Old Norse sneypa, “to disgrace, to dishonor, to outrage”... [more]
Snark English
History largely unknown. The word's original meaning, in the mid-nineteenth century, was to snort / snore, or to find fault. ... [more]
Snearly English (American, Anglicized, Rare), German (Rare)
Ancestors immigrated from Baden-Württemberg, Germany prior to 1741.
Sneh Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Jewish
Means "snow". It is the name of Moshe Sneh, a Polish-Israeli communist politician.
Snelson English
Means "son of Snell", Snell being a nickname for a brisk or active person, from Middle English snell "quick, lively" (cf... [more]
Snicket English
A narrow alleyway
Snidro Italian (Swiss)
Swiss Italian borrowing of Schneider.
Snipe English
Derived from a given name; from Old English snip or Old Norse snípr. It is habitational surname from a place so called in the historic county of Northumberland, North East England.
Snipes English
Variant spelling of or a patronymic from Snipe. A famous bearer is American actor Wesley Snipes (1962-).
Snow English, Jewish (Anglicized)
Nickname denoting someone with very white hair or an exceptionally pale complexion, from Old English snaw "snow".... [more]
Snowden English
Habitational name from Snowden, a place in West Yorkshire named from Old English snāw ‘snow’ + dūn ‘hill’, i.e. a hill where snow lies long.
Snowdon English
Variant spelling of Snowden, a surname initially used by the Border Reivers. Comes from the mountain in Wales.
Snowe English
Variation of Snow.
Snyder Dutch, English, German, Yiddish, Jewish
Means "tailor" in Dutch, an occupational name for a person who stitched coats and clothing.... [more]
Snygg Swedish
Means "handsome, good looking" in Swedish.
Snyman Afrikaans
Afrikaans version of the German surname Schneider, which is German for tailor.
So Korean
Although there are two Chinese characters for the So surname, one of these is extremely rare and can be discounted (there are only about two hundred people in Korea who use this rare character). Some records indicate that the more common character for So has as many as 165 clans, but only eleven of them can be documented... [more]
So Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese romanization of Su.
So Japanese (Rare)
A notable bearer is So Yoshiyori (1818-1890), a fuedal lord of the So clan.
Metonymic occupational name for a salt seller or producer, from ‘salt’.
Soa Estonian
Soa is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "söakas" meaning "bold" and "courageous".
Soames English
Denoted a person hailing from a village called Soham in Cambridgeshire, England. The place name itself means "homestead by the lake" from Old English "lake" and ham "farm, homestead"... [more]
Soap American
a guy in call of duty modern warfare
Sobaharaya Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 蕎原屋 (Sobaharaya) meaning "Sobahara Store", from 蕎原 (Sobahara) meaning "Sobahara", an area in the city of Kaidzuka in the prefecture of Ōsaka in Japan.
Sobaĺ Belarusian, Jewish
Belarusian form of Sobol.
Sobalvarro Spanish
Sobalvarro/Sobalbarro is a surname with known origins in the Iberian Peninsula. The first record of the name appears in the Basque regions of Spain. The name was purportedly constructed by combining the family name of Soba with the newly given Christian name, Alvarro.
Sobanski Polish
Habitational name for someone from a place called Sobanice, in Ciechanów voivodeship.
Sõber Estonian
Sõber is an Estonian surname meaning "friend".
Sobhi Arabic
Derived from the given name Subhi.
Sobhy Arabic
Derived from the given name Subhi.
Sobirov Uzbek, Tajik
Means "son of Sobir".
Sobolev Russian
Variant of Sobol.
Sobolewska f Polish
Feminine form of Sobolewski.
Sobolewski Polish
Locational surname that means a person from places in Poland called Sobolew or Sobolewo, both derived from the Polish sobol, meaning "sable".
Sobral Portuguese
Means "cork oak grove" in Portuguese.
Sobranie Macedonian (Rare)
Sobranie means "Parliament" in Macedonian.
Sobue Japanese
From Japanese 祖 (so) meaning "ancestor", 父 (bu) meaning "father" and 江 (e) meaning "bay, inlet".
Sodano Italian, Sicilian
nickname or ethnic name from Arabic sawdān "black Negro". nickname from Old Sicilian sudanu "sultan".
Soddu Sardinian
Possibly from a nickname meaning "money, coin" or from the given name Soddì.
Söder Swedish
Swedish surname meaning "south".
Soderberg English (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of Swedish Söderberg
Söderblom Swedish
Combination of Swedish söder "south" and blom "bloom, flower".
Söderholm Swedish, Finnish
Combination of Swedish söder "south" and holm "islet, small island".
Soderini Italian
Possibly related to French soudoyer "to bribe", referring to paid mercenaries. Alternately, an elaborate form of Sodero.
Söderlund Swedish
Combination of Swedish söder "south" and lund "grove".
Söderman Swedish
From Swedish söder "south" and man "man".
Sodero Italian
Probably related to the Greek name Soter, from Ancient Greek σωτήρ (sōtḗr) meaning "saviour".
Soe Estonian
Soe is an Estonian surname meaning "warm" and "fond".
Soeda Japanese
From Japanese 添 (soeru) meaning "attach" and 田 (ta) meaning "field, rice paddy".
Sõelsepp Estonian
Sõelsepp is an Estonian surname meaning "sieve smith".
Soete Low German
Derived from Low German söt /seut "sweet".
Soetoro Indonesian
Soetoro is the surname of the Indonesian stepfather of 44th president Barack Hussein Obama ll named Lolo Soetoro.
Sofia Spanish
From the given name Sofia.
Sofian Arabic
It is an old and rare Arabic name and its rapid meaning is to walk, fly or float. Among the famous people who were called by this name is the companion Abu Sufyan bin Harb, the father of Muawiyah bin Abi Sufyan
Sofian Arabic
Derived from the given name Sufyan.
Sofiane Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from the given name Sufyan.
Šofranac Montenegrin
Derived from šafran (шафран), meaning "saffron".
Søgård Danish
Means "sea farm" indicating a farmstead near the sea or open water.