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Warg Swedish
Taken from Swedish varg "wolf", ultimately derived from Old Norse vargr.
Waris Arabic, Urdu
Derived from the given name Waris.
Warisaya Japanese (Rare)
Variant reading of Japanese Kanji 割鞘 (see Warizaya).
Warizaya Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 割 (wari), from 割り (wari) meaning "breakage into separate pieces" and 鞘 (zaya), the joining form of 鞘 (saya) meaning "sheath", referring to a broken sheath.
Warmbier German
Metonymic occupational name for a brewer, derived from Middle Low German warm meaning "warm" and ber meaning "beer".
Warming Danish
Probably originating near the town of Ribe in Southeast Denmark. It appears as both Warming and Varming.... [more]
Warnakulasooriya Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhalese වර්ණකුලසූරිය (see Warnakulasuriya).
Warnakulasuriya Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit वर्ण (varna) meaning "color" or "caste", कुल (kula) meaning "family" and सूर्य (surya) meaning "sun".
Warnecke German
North German from a pet form of the personal name Warner, Low German form of Werner.
Warneke German
German variant spelling of Warnecke.
Warnke German
German variant of Warnecke.
Warns Dutch, German
Dutch habitational name from places so named in Friesland and Overijssel. The one in Friesland was the site of a famous victory of Frisians over the Hollanders in the 14th century. ... [more]
Warrior English
From the given name “warrior” from Old Frenchwerreieor, werrieur ‘warrior’.
Warron English
Variant of Warren.
Warszawa Polish
Place name for a person from Warsaw, the capital of Poland.
Warthen German
German: from a short form of the personal name Wartold, from Old High German wart ‘guardian’.
Warton English
"From the poplar-tree farm"
Wäscher German
Occupational surname for a washer, from Middle High German waschen, weschen "to wash".
Waseem Arabic, Urdu, Dhivehi
From the given name Wasim.
Washburn English
Northern English topographic name for someone living on the banks of the Washburn river in West Yorkshire, so named from the Old English personal name Walc + Old English burna ‘stream’... [more]
Washi Japanese
Occupational name for a paper worker. From 和 (wa) meaning "sum" and 紙 (shi) meaning "paper".
Wasikowska Polish
It is the surname of Australian actress Mia Wasikowska.
Wasim Arabic, Urdu
Derived from the given name Wasim.
Wason Scottish
Variant of Watson.
Wasser German, Jewish
Topographic name from Middle High German wazzer "water".
Wastie English
Derived from “gehaeg” meaning “hedge” in Old English which was later changed to Weysthagh then Wastie
Watabe Japanese
From Japanese 渡 (wata) meaning "cross, ferry" and 部 (be) meaning "part, section".
Watabohshi Japanese (Rare)
Variant transcription of Japanese Kanji 綿帽子 (see Watabōshi).
Watabōshi Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 綿帽子 (watabōshi) meaning "bridal hood".
Wataboshi Japanese (Rare)
Variant transcription of Japanese Kanji 綿帽子 (see Watabōshi).
Wataboushi Japanese (Rare)
Variant transcription of Japanese Kanji 綿帽子 (see Watabōshi).
Watanuki Japanese
This surname is used as 渡抜, 渡樌, 渡貫, 綿抜, 綿貫, 四月一日 or 四月朔日 with 渡 (to,, meaning "cross, deliver, diameter, ferry, ford, import, migrate, transit," 綿 (men, wata) meaning "cotton," 抜 (hai, hatsu, batsu, nu.kasu, nu.karu,, nu.ku, -nu.ku, nu.keru) meaning "extract, omit, pilfer, pull out, quote, remove, slip out," 樌 (kan, nuki), an outdated kanji meaning "grove," 貫 (kan, tsuranu.ku, nuki, nu.ku) meaning "brace, penetrate, pierce, kan (obsolete unit of measuring weight - equal to 3.75 kg./8.33 lbs... [more]
Watari Japanese (Rare)
Watari means "ferry, import, deliver". Watari is also a first name and a place name.... [more]
Watariyo Japanese (Rare)
Variant transcription of Japanese Kanji 濟陽 (see Watariyō).
Watariyō Japanese (Rare)
Variant reading of Japanese Kanji 濟陽 (see Watayō).
Watayo Japanese (Rare)
Variant transcription of Japanese Kanji 済陽 or 濟陽 (see Watayō).
Watayō Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 濟陽 (Watayō), a variant reading of Japanese 濟陽 (Saiyō), from Chinese 濟陽 (Jìyáng) meaning "Jiyang", a town in the county of Xiayi in the city of Shangqiu in the province of Henan in China.... [more]
Waterfield English
Derived from a town named Vatierville.
Waterford English (Rare)
From a place name derived from the Old Norse words veðra, 'ram' (Swedish vädur, 'ram', See Wetherby) and fjord, 'fjord'.
Waterhouse German
Old German and Dutch locational name meaning “a house by water.”
Waterson English
It is a patronymic of the male given name Water or Walter.
Wathers Irish
The surname originated in Donegal, Ireland. MacConuisce was an Anglicized form of o'hUisce. Uisce translates to water in English. Wathers is a rather uncommon name because it is an untraditional way of spelling Waters... [more]
Watney English
Probably means "person from Watney", an unidentified place in England (the second syllable means "island, area of dry land in a marsh"; cf. Rodney, Whitney)... [more]
Watterson Scottish, Northern Irish
From an altered form of the given name Walter.
Watthana Thai
From Thai วัฒนา (watthana), a variant form of วัฒน (watthan) meaning "culture".
Waud English
From Old English weald meaning "forest".
Waverly English
Meaning, "from Waverley (Surrey)" or "from the brushwood meadow." From either waever meaning "brushwood" or waefre meaning "flickering, unstable, restless, wandering" combined with leah meaning "meadow, clearing."
Wawrzyniak Polish
from the personal name Wawrzyniec
Wawrzyszewski Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Masovian village of Wawrzyszew.
Wax German, Jewish, English
German and Jewish variant and English cognitive of Wachs, from Middle English wax "wax" (from Old English weax).
Waxman English, German (Americanized), Jewish (Americanized)
Occupational name for a seller or gatherer of beeswax from wax "wax" plus Middle English man "man". According to the Oxford English Dictionary wax-man is an obsolete term for an officer of a trade guild who collected contributions from members for wax candles to be used in processions... [more]
Waycaster English
The surname Waycaster is German in origin. It means "roll-eater," and was likely derived from a derisive nickname on a baker.
Waynewright English
Variant spelling of Wainwright.
Waywood English
Name for someone who lives in Wetwood (near Eccleshall) or Wetwood (near Meerbrook). ... [more]
Wazir Arabic, Pashto, Urdu
Means "minister, vizier" in Arabic.
Waziri Muslim
"Prime minister, Advisor, leader of passion."
Wazowski Polish Pop Culture
The name of the main character in Pixar’s Monster’s Inc. In Polish, it would be pronounced as vazz-OV-skee, instead now replacing all the letter W to make the V sound.
Weakly English
Variant spelling of Weekley.
Weale Welsh
A Welsh name, quite rare.
Weaponsworth English
Means maker of weapons
Weare English (British)
Derived from the Old English wer, meaning a "weir, dam, fishing-trap". This was used as an occupational surname for fishermen. Originated in Devon, England.... [more]
Weatherford English
Topographic name or a habitational name from a lost or unidentified place.
Webbe English (Rare)
Variant of "Webb", meaning weaver.
Wechter German
Variant spelling of German Wächter
Weddell Scottish
Derived from Wedale, the original name of the parish of Stow in Scotland. A famous bearer is James Weddell, a Scottish navigator and seal hunter who sailed a record 7.69 degrees south of the Antarctic Circle... [more]
Wedderburn Scottish
From the name of a location in Berwickshire, Scotland, which is derived from wedder “wether” and Old English burn “stream”.
Wedmore English (British)
Habitational name from Wedmore in Somerset, recorded in the 9th century as Wethmor, possibly meaning ‘marsh (Old English mor) used for hunting (w?the)’.
Wedon English
Variant of Weedon
Wędrogowski Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Masovian village of Wędrogów.
Wee Chinese (Hokkien)
Hokkien romanization of Huang.
Weedon English
From places called Weedon
Weekley English
Originally meant "person from Weekley", Northamptonshire ("wood or clearing by a Romano-British settlement"). British philologist Ernest Weekley (1865-1954) bore this surname.
Weerasekara Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit वीर (vira) meaning "hero, man, brave" and शेखर (shekhara) meaning "crest, peak, top".
Weerasinghe Sinhalese
From Sanskrit वीर (vira) meaning "hero, man, brave" and सिंह (sinha) meaning "lion".
Weerasinghe Sinhalese
Weerasinghe is a Sinhalese surname that means "brave lion." It comes from "Weera" meaning brave and "Singhe" meaning lion.
Weerasooriya Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhalese වීරසූරිය (see Weerasuriya).
Weerasuriya Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit वीर (vira) meaning "hero, man, brave" and सूर्य (surya) meaning "sun".
Weg Dutch
Proper non: Way/road/path
Węglarz Polish
Means "Charcoal burner". Uncommon, mostly popular in voivodship of Małopolska (Lesser Poland) in places like Szczawnica, Kraków or Mszana Dolna.
Węgrzyn Polish
Means "Hungarian" in Polish.
Weichmann German
From the given name Wigman. Derived from ancient Germanic wig "battle fight" and man "man".
Weichselbraun German (Austrian)
From Weichsel, "sour cherry" in German and Braun, "brown" in German
Weidemann Medieval German, German (Austrian), Norwegian
Weidemann is a German family name and comes from the Middle High German terms for hunter or woad farmer.... [more]
Weidmann German
Name meaning, "hunter".
Weigel German
Derived from the given name Wigand.
Weiher German
Meaning:... [more]
Weil German, Jewish
South German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): habitational name from any of various places so named in Baden, Bavaria, and Württemberg, from Latin villa ‘country house’, ‘estate’ (later used of a group of houses forming a settlement).
Weiler German, Jewish
Habitational name from any of several places so named in southern Germany. Jewish (Ashkenazic): variant of Weil.
Weimar German
Habitational name from any of several places called Weimar in Hesse and Thuringia.... [more]
Wein German, Yiddish, Hungarian
Means "grape, vine, wine" in German and Yiddish (װײַנ). According to Nelly Weiss, Wein-style family names originated from signboards (house sign, house shield) in Jewish communities. Wein may also be related the German verb weinen meaning "to cry"... [more]
Weinbach German, Jewish
From the name of a commune in Hesse, Germany.
Weinberg German, Jewish
Weinberg means "Vineyard" in german.
Weinbrenner German
Occupational name for a distiller of brandy, literally 'wine burner'.
Weingartner German
Derived from German weingärtner meaning "wine maker, vintner", which itself is derived from German weingarten meaning "vineyard". The latter is a composite word consisting of German wein "wine" combined with German garten "garden"... [more]
Weinheimer German
German: habitational name for someone from any of the places named Weinheim, for example in Baden and Hessen.
Weininger German (Swiss), Jewish
Denoted a person from Weiningen, a municipality in the Canton of Zürich, Switzerland. It is also a Jewish ornamental name derived from German wein meaning "wine" and the suffix -inger.
Weinkauf German
From "wein kaufen" meaning "buy wine" or "wine-buyer"
Weinmann German, Jewish
German and Jewish (Ashkenazic) occupational name for a viticulturalist or wine merchant, Middle High German winman, German Weinmann.
Weinreich German
from the name "Winrich"... [more]
Weinstein Jewish
Means "wine stone" from German wein meaning "wine" and stein meaning "stone". It originally referred to the potassium bitartrate crystals produced from the process of fermenting grape juice.
Weinstock English, German, Hebrew
This surname of WEINSTOCK is the English variant of the German surname WENSTOCK, an occupational name for a producer or seller of wine, derived originally from the Old German WEIN. The name was also adopted by Ashkenazic Jews, largely recollecting the prominence of wine in the Jewish Scriptures and its used in Jewish ceremonies... [more]
Weintraub German, Jewish
This surname translates into English as “grape”.
Weir Scottish, English
Topographic name for someone who lived by a dam or weir on a river.
Weir Irish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac an Mhaoir "son of the steward or keeper".
Weir Irish
Anglicized form, based on an erroneous translation (as if from Gaelic cora "weir", "stepping stones"), of various Gaelic names such as Ó Corra (see Corr) and Ó Comhraidhe (see Curry).
Weis German
Variant of Weiss.
Weise German
Means "wise, prudent" in German. Notable bearers include Christian Weise (1642-1708), a German writer.
Weisenburger German, Jewish
Habitational name for someone from any of numerous places named Weissenburg "white fortress".
Weiser German
Variant of Weise.
Weishuhn German
Derived from Middle High German wiz meaning "white" and huon meaning "hen, fowl", hence a metonymic occupational name for a poultry farmer or dealer, or perhaps in some instances a nickname.
Weisman German, German (Austrian), Jewish
A German surname meaning "white man"
Weissmuller German
Translates to "White Miller".
Weisz Jewish
Hungarian spelling of Weiss.
Weixel German
German: variant spelling of Weichsel, a topographic name for someone who lived near a sour cherry tree (St. Luce cherry), from Middle High German wīhsel (modern German Weichsel(n), pronounced ‘Weiksel’.
Welborn English
Habitational name from Welborne in Norfolk, Welbourn in Lincolnshire, or Welburn in North Yorkshire, all named with Old English wella ‘spring’ + burna ‘stream’.
Welburn English
English surname meaning "From the Spring brook"
Welby English (British, Rare)
Lincolnshire family name
Weld English
Meant "one who lives in or near a forest (or in a deforested upland area)", from Middle English wold "forest" or "cleared upland". A famous bearer is American actress Tuesday Weld (1943-).
Weldin English
Variant of Weldon.
Weldon English
Weldon is one of the many names that the Normans brought with them when they conquered England in 1066. The Weldon family lived in Northamptonshire, at Weldon.... [more]
Welfing German
Name given to our family by our relative, a German king.
Welford English
English surname meaning "Lives by the spring by the ford"
Welk German (East Prussian)
Nickname from Middle High German welc, meaning "soft and mild". The name was first recorded in South Holland, however many of the bearers of the name trace its roots back to East Germany. A famous bearer of this name was Lawrence Welk, an American musician and host of the Lawrence Welk Show.
Welker German
Variant of Walker.
Well English
Topographic name for someone who lived near a spring or stream, Middle English well(e) (Old English well(a)).
Welland English (British, Rare)
From the name of the place, derived from Old English wig - war and landa - territory, land.
Wellborn English
Related to Wellburn
Wellborne English
Related to Wellborn
Welle German
Topographic name for someone who lived by a spring or stream, Middle Low German welle.
Weller English, German
Either from the Olde English term for a person who extracted salt from seawater, or from the English and German "well(e)," meaning "someone who lived by a spring or stream."... [more]
Welles English
Variant of Wells.
Wellington English
Habitational name from any of the three places named Wellington, in Herefordshire, Shropshire, and Somerset. All are most probably named with an unattested Old English personal name Weola + -ing- (implying association with) + tun ‘settlement’.
Wellman English
From German Welle meaning "wave" and man, meaning "man", referring to someone who lived by a stream.
Wellspeak French (Anglicized)
Anglicized version of Beauparlant.
Welsch German
From Middle High German welsch, walsch "person from a Romance country (especially Italy), foreigner", hence an ethnic name or in some cases perhaps a nickname for someone who had trading or other connections with the Romance countries.
Welsh Irish
Variant of Walsh.
Welsh Scottish, English
Ethnic name for someone from Wales or a speaker of the Welsh language. Compare Walsh and Wallace.
Welti German (Swiss)
Derived from a diminutive of the given name Walter.
Welton English
Habitational name from any of various places named Welton, for example in Cumbria, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, and East Yorkshire, from Old English well(a) ‘spring’, ‘stream’ + tun ‘enclosure’, ‘settlement’.
Weltraum German
A German surname meaning "outer space".
Welty German (Swiss)
From a Swiss German diminutive of the German given name Walther. A literary bearer was the American writer Eudora Welty (1909-2001).
Wemyss Scottish
From the lands of Wemyss in Fife, which is derived from Gaelic uaimheis "cave place".
Wen Chinese
From Chinese 温 (wēn) meaning "warm", also referring to any of several territories that were called Wen, namely an ancient state that existed during the Zhou dynasty.
Wences Slavic
Based on Wenceslaus or Wenceslas, latinized forms of name of Slavic rulers in various forms such as Václav, Wacław, Więcesław, Vyacheslav, Vjenceslav, etc. Derived from the Slavic words veli/vyache/więce/više ("great(er), large(r)"), and slava ("glory, fame")... [more]
Wend German
Variant of Wendt.
Wendelin German
From the given name Wendelin.
Wendler Medieval German
derived from a German word meaning to wander or wanderer
Wendt German, Danish
Ethnic name for a Wend, Middle High German wind(e). The Wends (also known as Sorbians) once occupied a large area of northeastern Germany (extending as far west as Lüneburg, with an area called Wendland), and many German place names and surnames are of Wendish origin... [more]
Weng Chinese
From Chinese 翁 (wēng) meaning "elderly man".
Wenig German
From the German word “wenig”, meaning little.
Wenn English
Surname from Norfolk, England
Wennerström Swedish
Combination of the place name element wenner, which is probably derived from the name of Lake Vänern, and Swedish ström "stream".
Wensley English
Habitational name from Wensleydale in North Yorkshire.
Wentworth English
Habitational name from places in Cambridgeshire and South Yorkshire called Wentworth, probably from the Old English byname Wintra meaning ‘winter’ + Old English worð ‘enclosure’... [more]
Wentz German (Rare)
Originally a pet form of the given names Werner and Wenceslaw. Meaning "guard" or "army".
Wentzel German
Variant spelling of Wetzel.
Wenz German
Variant of Wentz
Wenzel German
Variant of Wentzel or from the given name Wenzel
Wepener South African, German
South African, German decent/history
Werdum German
Werdum is a municipality in the district of Wittmund, in Lower Saxony, Germany.
Wernersson Swedish
Means "son of Werner".
Wernik Polish (Rare)
A diminutive surname created from the initial sound of a personal name, place or thing and diminutive ik suffix added to create a surname. The ik suffix may be commemorative also, meaning a significant event has occured regarding the person or family... [more]
Wero Spanish (Latin American), Maori
Maori: Means "to cast a spear"... [more]
Wertheimer German, Jewish
Habitational name for someone from Wertheim.
Wertz German
From a pet form of the personal name Werner.
Weseloh German
German habitational name from a place so named near Hannover.
Wesner German
Habitational name for someone from any of several places named Wessen.
Wesolowski Polish
Meaning Happy men