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Tharu Nepali
Possibly refers to the Tharu, an indigenous ethnic group of Nepal.
Tharwat Arabic (Egyptian)
From the given name Tharwat.
Thaufeeq Dhivehi
From the given name Tawfiq.
Thavornvong Thai (Sanskritized, Rare)
Sanskritized transcription of Thai ถาวรวงศ์ (see Thawonwong).
Thavornvongs Thai (Rare)
Variant transcription of Thai ถาวรวงศ์ (see Thawonwong).
Thavornvongsa Thai (Rare)
Variant transcription of Thai ถาวรวงศ์ (see Thawonwong).
Thawonwong Thai (Rare)
From Thai ถาวร (thawon) meaning "permanent" and วงศ์ (wong) meaning "family".
Thawornwong Thai (Rare)
Variant transcription of Thai ถาวรวงศ์ (see Thawonwong).
Thawornwongs Thai (Rare)
Variant transcription of Thai ถาวรวงศ์ (see Thawonwong).
Thawornwongsa Thai (Rare)
Variant transcription of Thai ถาวรวงศ์ (see Thawonwong).
Theall English
Theall is a rare English surname. It originates from the British town of Theale.
Theisen German, Danish, Norwegian
German, Danish, and Norwegian: patronymic from a reduced form of the personal name Matthias or Mathies (see Matthew).
Theiss Biblical German
From the given name Theis
Theissen German
North German: patronymic from Theiss.
Themptander Swedish (Rare)
Derived from the name of Tämta parish in Västergötland, Sweden.
Then Malaysian
Possibly a form of Chen or Shen used by Chinese Malaysians.
Theobald English
From the given name Theobald
Theobold English
Variant spelling of Theobald
Théodore French
From the given name Théodore.
Theodore English
From the given name Theodore.
Theodoridis Greek
Means "son of Theodoros".
Theodoropoulos Greek
Means "son of Theodoros" in Greek.
Theodorou Greek
Means "son of Theodoros".
Theodorsson Swedish
Means "son of Theodor".
Theodulf Irish (?)
The name means "Wolf God" or "Wolf of Gods Blood".... [more]
Theofanous Greek (Cypriot)
Alternate transcription of Greek Θεοφάνους (see Theophanous).
Theophilus English
From the given name Theophilus
Theresa English, German
From the given name Theresa.
Theriault French (Rare)
Possibly from the Greek "therion" which means a beast of a nondescript nature.
Theron Southern African, Afrikaans, Occitan
Habitational name for someone from any of various locations in Occitanie named Théron or Thérond, ultimately from Latin torus meaning "elevation, height, embankment". A famous bearer is South African and American actress Charlize Theron (1975-).
Theroux French (Quebec)
Southern French (Théroux): of uncertain origin; perhaps a topographic name for someone living by "the wells", from a plural variant of Occitan théron "well".
Theuma Maltese
Most likely derived from Arabic ثُوم (ṯūm) meaning "garlic", used in reference to someone who grew garlic or owned a garlic field. Alternatively, it may also be from تَوْأَم (tawʾam) meaning "twin, double".
Theunis Dutch
From the given name Theunis.
Thianthong Thai
From Thai เทียน (thian) meaning "candle" and ทอง (thong) meaning "gold".
Thibert French
From the given name Thibert, the French form of Theudebert.
Thiel German
Derived from Old High German thiot "people".
Thienpondt Belgian
Possible translation is “ten pounds” in Flemish possibly Dutch. ... [more]
Thienthong Thai
Alternate transcription of Thai เทียนทอง (see Thianthong).
Thiessen German, Danish
Reduced form of the personal name Matthias or Mathies.
Thimmesch Luxembourgish
Meaning "Tiller of the Water" in Luxembourgish. A variant of the Germanic surname Miller
Thirimanne Sinhalese
From an element with an unknown meaning combined with Sanskrit माने (māne) meaning "meaning, purpose".
Thirring Upper German (Rare)
The name Thirring has many different forms/variant spellings. These include Thiering, Thiring, Thuring,Thuringer, Turinger, Duringer, Diringer, Diring and During. One of the reasons for all the variant spellings is that the church scribes in Hungary originally all recorded the name differently... [more]
Thistle English
Derived from Middle English thistel "thistle", this was either a nickname or a topographic name for someone who lived near a place overgrown with thistles.
Thistlethwaite English
A surname found in Lancashire in north west England, taken from the name of a minor place in the parish of Lancaster which meant "meadow overgrown with thistles" from Middle English thistle and thwaite "meadow" (cf... [more]
Thoj Hmong
Original Hmong form of Thao.
Thoma German, German (Swiss)
German and Swiss German: variant of Thomas. Greek: genitive patronymic from Thomas. Genitive patronymics are particularly associated with Cyprus.
Thoman German
Derived from the personal name Thoman.
Thomann German
Variant of Thoman. It was first discovered in Germany, where it surfaced in the medieval times.
Thomason Welsh, English
Means "son of Thomas".
Thompsen English
Variant of Thompson meaning "Son of Thomas".
Thomsen English
A variant of Thompson, meaning "Son of Thomas".
Thondan Tamil, Indian
Tamil for "devotee, votary".
Thongkham Thai, Lao
Means "gold" in Thai and Lao.
Thongsavanh Lao
From Lao ທອງ (thong) meaning "gold" and ສະຫວັນ (savanh) meaning "heaven".
Thongsing Thai
From Thai ทอง (thong) meaning "gold" and สิงห์ (sing) meaning "lion".
Thongsuk Thai
From Thai ทอง (thong) meaning "gold" and สุก (suk) meaning "ripe, mature".
Thongthip Lao, Thai
From Thai ทอง (thong) or Lao ທອງ (thong) meaning "gold" and Thai ทิพย์ (thip) or Lao ທິບ (thip) meaning "divine, heavenly, celestial".
Thöny Romansh
Derived from the given name Antonius.
Þórarinnsdóttir Icelandic
Used exclusively by women. Means "daughter of Þórarinn."
Þórarinnsson Icelandic
Means "son of Þórarinn" in Icelandic.
Þórasdóttir Icelandic
Matronymic, used exclusively by women. Means "daughter of Þóra".
Þórasson Icelandic
Matronymic, used exclusively by men. Means "son of Þóra".
Thorbecke Dutch
Combined from old Norse god 'Thor' and old Norse 'Beck' means 'stream'. This is a dutch surname from old Norse.
Thoreau English
Last name of famous American author, naturalist, transcendentalist, tax resister, development critic, sage writer and philosopher, Henry David Thoreau.
Thorén Swedish
Combination of the name Thor (possibly derived from a place named with this element) and the common surname suffix -én.
Þórhalldóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Þórhallur" in Icelandic.
Þórhallsson Icelandic
Means "son of Þórhallur" in Icelandic.
Þórirsdóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Þórir" in Icelandic.
Thörn Swedish
Either a cognate of English Thorn or German Torn, or a soldier name derived from Swedish törn "thorn".
Thorn Low German, German, German (Silesian), Polish, Luxembourgish
In North German, Danish, and Luxembourgish, it is a habitational name for someone who lived near a tower, from Middle Low German torn "tower".... [more]
Thornburg English
The name Thornburg comes from the Old English thorn broc, because the original bearers lived near a "stream by the thorns" in Buckinghamshire and North Yorkshire.
Thornhill English
Habitational name from any of various places named Thornhill, for example in Derbyshire, West Yorkshire, Dorset, and Wiltshire, from Old English þorn "thorn bush" + hyll "hill".
Thornley English
Derived from Thornley, which is the name of three villages in England (two are located in the county of Durham, the third in Lancashire). All three villages derive their name from Old English þorn "thorn" and Old English leah "clearing (in a wood), glade", which gives their name the meaning of "the thorny glade"... [more]
Thorogood English
Variant form of Thurgood.
Thorp English
Variant of Thorpe.
Thorsby English
habitational name from North and South Thoresby (Lincolnshire) Thoresby in Carperby (North Yorkshire) or Thoresby in Perlethorpe cum Budby (Nottinghamshire). The Lincolnshire and Yorkshire placenames derive from the Old Norse personal name Thorir (genitive Thoris) + Old Norse byr "farmstead village"... [more]
Þórsdóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Þór" in Icelandic.
Thorson Norwegian (Americanized), Swedish (Americanized)
Americanized form of Swedish Thorsson or Norwegian Thorsen.
Þórsson Icelandic
Means "son of Þór" in Icelandic.
Thorton English
Contracted form of Thornton.
Thrall English
English status name from Old English þr?l ‘thrall’, ‘serf’ (from Old Norse þræll).
Threadgold English
Means "person who embroiders cloth with gold thread".
Threepwood English
The last name of the main pirate character in Lucaart's Monkey Island.
Threet American (Anglicized), German
Americanization of German Tritt.
Threston Medieval English (Rare)
The surname of Threston is English in origin, and, means "to twist"** and, can be traced as far back as the 11th century where the name is found in the "Domesday Book." The name Threston is a variation of the name of the town of Threxton, Norfolk, UK, and, there are several variations of the name Threxton including:... [more]
Throndsen Norwegian (Rare)
Variant of Trondsen, meaning "son of Trond".
Thulin Swedish
Meaning uncertain. Possibly derived from thule, an ancient Greek and Roman term for an area in northern Europe which some believe to be the Nordic countries.
Thulis Irish
The meaning of the name is unclear, but it seems to derive from the pre 13th century Gaelic O' Tuathalain suggesting that it was probably religious and may translate as "The male descendant of the follower of the lord".
Thunberg Swedish
Combination of Swedish tun (from Old Norse tún) "enclosure, courtyard, plot, fence" and berg "mountain".
Thundercloud English
This was the last name of a person I saw on YouTube. It was actually their last name. I am not joking at all. According to this site, it ranks 128,249 out of 162,253. It's a pretty badass last name... [more]
Thunderson English
Means "son of Thunder".
Thurgood English
From the Old English given name Thurgod (see Þórgautr).
Thuringer German
Habitational name for someone from Thuringia.
Thurles English
Today's generation of the Thurles family bears a name that was brought to England by the migration wave that was started by the Norman Conquest of 1066. The Thurles family lived in Suffolk, at Thurlow which was in turn derived from the Old English word tryohlaw, meaning dweller by the hill.
Thurman English (Rare)
Composed of the elements þórr (see Thor) and mundr "protection".
Thursby English
habitational name from a place in Cumbria so named from the Old Norse personal name Thorir a derivative of Thor and Old Norse byr "farmstead settlement"... [more]
Thurston English
Derived from the Old Norse personal name þórsteinn (see Torsten).
Thynne English
Either a nickname meaning “thin”, from Old English þynne, or the designation “of th’Inne” for someone who lived at the Inn of Court.
Tiago Portuguese
From the given name Tiago.
Tiäkenbuorch Low German
Westphalian, it indicates familial origin within the eponymous town.
Tiannaimuang Thai
The surname "เถียรในเมือง" is used after the place they was born: Nai Muang District in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand.
Tiao Taiwanese, Chinese (Hokkien)
Min Nan and Hokkien romanization of Zhang.
Tiao Chinese
Alternate transcription of Chinese 刁 (see Diao).
Tibayan Filipino, Tagalog
Means "strengthen, secure, steady" in Tagalog.
Tibu Estonian
Tibu is an Estonian surname meaning "chicken".
Tiburcio Spanish
From the given name Tiburcio
Tichá Czech, Slovak
Means "silent".
Tichý Czech
Means "silent".
Tico Spanish
From the given Tico.
Ticozzi Italian
Possibly derived from the given name Ardito or its diminutive forms Ardizzo or Ardizzone.
Tidd English
This Old English Surname was derived from a hill named after its resemblance to a teat or tead (mammary gland) of which Tidd is a variant. That name became a name for the locale and further by extension for its people... [more]
Tiefenbrunn German
Possibly a combination of the german word “Tiefe” meaning depths, and germanic brun, meaning armor, protection
Tiên Vietnamese
From the given name Tiên.
Tiensuu Finnish
Means "The road's mouth". Tien means "the road" and Suu means "mouth" in Finnish.
Tiesema Frisian
It's a patronym and it means "son of Ties".
Tiffany English
From the medieval female personal name Tiffania (Old French Tiphaine, from Greek Theophania, a compound of theos "God" and phainein "to appear"). This name was often given to girls born around the feast of Epiphany.
Tiffen English (British, Rare)
Tiffen is a diminutive of Tiffany which is in turn a diminutive of Theophania. Commonly found in the North West of England and Suffolk
Tift English
Variant of Toft.
Tiger Swedish
Perhaps taken from Swedish tiga "to keep quiet, to say nothing". Tiger is one of the names adopted by Swedish soldiers in the 17th century.
Tihane Estonian
Tihane is an Estonian surname meaning "tit" and "titmouse" ("Paridae").
Tiidus Estonian
Tiidus is an Estonian surname possibly derived from the masculine given name "Titus".
Tiigi Estonian
Tiigi is an Estonian surname meaning "pond".
Tiigimaa Estonian
Tiigimaa is an Estonian surname meaning "pond land".
Tiigirand Estonian
Tiigirand is an Estonian surname meaning "pond shore".
Tiik Estonian
Tiik is an Estonian surname meaning "pond".
Tiikjärv Estonian
Tiikjärv is an Estonian surname meaning "pond lake".
Tiirmaa Estonian
Tiirmaa is an Estonian surname meaning "twirl/wander "land".
Tiis Estonian
Tiis is an Estonian surname; a shortening of the word "tiisel" meaning "pole" and "beam".
Tiisel Estonian
Tiisel is an Estonian surname meaning "pole" and "beam".
Tiislär Estonian
Tiislär is an Estonian surname derived from "tiis" meaning "beam" and "pole".
Tiit Estonian
Tiit is an Estonian surname as well as a masculine given name.
Tiitsmaa Estonian
Tiitsmaa is an Estonian surname derived from the masculine given name "Tiit" and "maa ("land"); "Tiit's land".
Tikhonov Russian
Means "son of Tikhon".
Tikka Finnish
means "woodpecker" in Finnish
Tikkanen Finnish
Meaning "small woodpecker".
Tikker Estonian
Tikker is an Estonian surname meaning "gooseberry".
Tikko Estonian
Tikko is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "tikker" meaning "gooseberry" or from "tikk" meaning "match" and "peg".
Tilea Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Tilk Estonian
Tilk is an Estonian surname meaning "drop" or "droplet".
Till German
From the given name Till.
Tilney English
Used in farming familys back in the 18th century but its still living true! but this very rare and uniqe name is only used in three family in australia.
Tim English
Timberley American, English (Rare)
Means "timber clearing" in English. From the Middle English words tymber, meaning wood trees, and leah, meaning clearing. The name's origin be related to tree farming.... [more]
Timm German, Dutch, English
English: probably from an otherwise unrecorded Old English personal name, cognate with the attested Continental Germanic form Timmo. This is of uncertain origin, perhaps a short form of Dietmar... [more]
Timmerman Dutch