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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is HL.
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Kyrychenko Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Kyryk.
Laayouni Arabic (Maghrebi)
From Laayoune, the name of a city in the Western Sahara (chiefly Moroccan).
Labakhua Abkhaz
Abkhaz name derived from Arabic لَاحَظَ (lāḥaẓa) meaning "to notice, to look" combined with بَهِيجَة (bahīja) meaning "delightful, joyous" (see Bahija)... [more]
Labang Filipino, Cebuano
Means "cross, pass" in Cebuano.
Labazanov Chechen, Avar
Means "son of Labazan".
Labidi Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from Arabic عابد (ʿābid) "worshiper, adorer, server" (chiefly Tunisian).
Lacang Filipino, Cebuano
From Cebuano lakang meaning "step, pace".
Lacson Filipino
From Min Nan 六孫 (la̍k-sun) or 六孙 (la̍k-sun) meaning "sixth grandchild".
Ladja Filipino, Tausug
Derived from Tausug raja meaning "king, ruler".
Ladjabassal Filipino, Tausug
From the Tausug title raja basar, which was conferred upon the second or middle son of a sultan.
Lagbas Filipino, Cebuano
Means "pierce" in Cebuano.
Laghari Pakistani, Sindhi, Balochi
From the name of a Balochi tribe in Pakistan.
Laguindab Filipino, Maranao
From Maranao lagindab meaning "blaze".
Lahaylahay Filipino, Cebuano
Means "to pass time" in Cebuano.
Lahlou Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from Arabic حُلْو (ḥulw) meaning "sweet" or "nice, charming", chiefly used in Moroccan Arabic.
Lai Chinese
From Chinese 赖 (lài) meaning "rely", also referring to the ancient state of Lai that existed during the Zhou dynasty in what is now Henan province.
Lakerbaia Abkhaz
Mingrelian form of the Abkhaz aristocratic family name Lakrba possibly from Abkhaz а-лакра (a-lakra) meaning "in thickets, to catch in thickets" or "to rank, to include". It was most likely used to refer to a hunter or a member of a large group of peasants.
Lakhani Indian, Gujarati, Sindhi
Means "descendant of Lakh", Lakh being a short form of the given name Lakshmana.
Lakoba Abkhaz
From the nickname Lako, possibly meaning "swamp" in Abkhaz (denoting someone who lived in a marshy area).
Lakshmi Indian, Telugu, Odia, Tamil, Malayalam
From the given name Lakshmi.
Lal Indian, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi
From Sanskrit लाला (lālā) meaning "caressing, cajoling". It can also be interpreted to mean "garnet" or "red, ruby" from Persian لال (lâl) or لعل (la'l).
Lamari Arabic (Maghrebi)
Alternate transcription of El Amari.
Lamichhane Nepali
Means "long roof" from Nepali लामो (lāmo) meaning "long" and छाना (chānā) meaning "roof". It was traditionally used to refer to families that lived in houses with longer roofs.
Langeland Norwegian
Derived from the elements lang meaning "long" and land meaning "land" or "farmstead".
Langevin French
From French l'Angevin meaning "the Angevin", denoting a person from the French province of Anjou.
Langfield English
Habitational name for someone originally from any of the various locations in England named Langfield, from Old English lang meaning "long" and feld meaning "field".
Lansangan Filipino, Tagalog
Means "road, street" in Tagalog.
Latayan Filipino, Tagalog
Means "plank, wale" in Tagalog.
Latheef Dhivehi
From the given name Latheef.
Law Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese romanization of Luo.
Laxamana Filipino, Pampangan, Tagalog
Derived from Malay laksamana meaning "admiral, officer", ultimately from Sanskrit लक्ष्मण (lakshmana).
Lazarev Russian
Means "son of Lazar".
Lazarevski Macedonian
Means "son of Lazar".
Lazrak Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from Arabic الأزرق (al ʾazraq) meaning "the blue (one)", from أَزْرَق (ʾazraq) "blue". It is chiefly used for Moroccan Arabic.
Le Vietnamese
Simplified variant of .
Lebedeva Russian
Feminine form of Lebedev.
Ledoux French
Means "the amiable" from French doux meaning "sweet, soft, gentle".
Lefrançois French
From the given name François. It may also mean "the Frenchman", probably used to denote someone who came from the region of Île de France in France.
Legaspi Spanish (Philippines)
Variant of Legazpi primarily used in the Philippines.
Le Houérou Breton
Derived from Breton c'hwerv "bitter".
Lellouche Judeo-Spanish
From Tamazight alûsh meaning "lamb".
Lemaître French
Means "the master" in French, either used as a nickname for someone who behaved in a masterful manner or an occupational name for someone who was a master of their craft.
Lepère French
Means "the father" in French.
Lessard French
Name for someone who lived in a clearing, derived from French l'essart meaning "the assart" (a term for cleared forest land used for agriculture). It is also a habitational name for someone from any of various locations named Lessard or Lessart, of the same origin and meaning.
Lesueur French
Means "the shoemaker" in French.
Levchenko Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Lev 1.
Liakhovich Belarusian
Means "son of Liakh".
Lichauco Filipino
Meaning uncertain, of Hokkien origin.
Lie Chinese (Hokkien)
Hokkien romanization of Li 1.
Liem Dutch
Habitual surname for Lieme in Eastphalia, which is from lim meaning "mire".
Liew Chinese (Hakka)
Hakka romanization of Liu.
Ling Chinese (Min Dong)
Min Dong romanization of Lin.
Linh Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 靈 (linh) meaning "spirit, soul".
Liong Chinese (Hakka), Chinese (Hokkien)
Hakka and Hokkien romanization of Liang chiefly used in Indonesia and Malaysia.
Lisitsyn Russian
Derived from Russian лисица (lisitsa) meaning "fox".
Litvak Jewish
Variant of Litwak.
Litvinchuk Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian
Derived from Russian литвин (litvin) historically denoting a Lithuanian or Belarusian person.
Livaza Dungan
Dungan surname of unknown meaning; the second element is derived from Chinese 娃子 (wázǐ) meaning "child".
Liwanag Filipino, Tagalog
Means "radiance, light" in Tagalog.
Liyanage Sinhalese
Of unknown meaning.
Lolokhoev Ingush (Russified)
Russified form of an Ingush surname derived from the name of an Ingush teip (clan), itself derived from Lyalakh, the name of a mountain village. The village's name itself is of unknown meaning.
Loo Chinese (Hokkien)
Hokkien romanization of Luo.
Low Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Hokkien), Chinese (Teochew)
Romanization of Liu chiefly used in Malaysia and Singapore.
Lowes English
Patronymic from of Low derived from Middle English lowe meaning "hill, mound".
Lu Chinese
From Chinese 陆 () referring to the ancient territory of Lu, which existed in the state of Qi in what is now Shandong province. Alternately, it may be from 陸渾 (Lù Hún), the name of an ancient nomadic tribe that established a state in the area that is now Henan province.
Lu Chinese
From Chinese 鲁 (lǔ) referring to the ancient state of Lu, which existed during the Zhou dynasty in what is now Shandong province.
Lualhati Filipino, Tagalog
Derived from Tagalog luwalhati meaning "glory".
Lubis Batak
From the name of an area around Lake Toba, itself from a Batak word meaning "strong".
Lueangsuwan Thai
From Thai เหลือง (lueang) meaning "yellow" and สุวรรณ (suwan) meaning "gold".
Lukanov Bulgarian
Means "son of Lukan".
Lukashenko Ukrainian
Means "son of Luka".
Lukashvili Georgian
Means "son of Luka".
Lukyanov Russian
Means "son of Lukyan".
Lumbanbatu Batak
From Batak lumban meaning "village, hamlet" and batu meaning "stone".
Lumbangaol Batak
From Batak lumban meaning "village, hamlet" and gaol meaning "banana".
Lumbantobing Batak
From Batak lumban meaning "village, hamlet" and tobing meaning "riverbank, edge".
Lumbantoruan Batak
From Batak lumban meaning "village, hamlet" and toruan meaning "lower (area or place), below".
Luzano Filipino
Filipino form of Lozano.
Mabini Filipino, Tagalog
Means "modest, prudent, civil" in Tagalog. A notable bearer was Apolinario Mabini y Maranan (1864-1903), a Filipino revolutionary.
Macalipay Filipino, Cebuano, Hiligaynon
From Cebuano and Hiligaynon makalipay meaning "comfort, pleasant".
Macapagal Filipino, Pampangan
From Kapampangan makapagal meaning "tiring". A notable bearer is Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (1947-), the fourteenth president of the Philippines.
Macaraeg Filipino, Tagalog
From Tagalog makaraig meaning "one who defeats, one who overcomes".
Macaspac Filipino, Pampangan
Means "to crack, to break" in Pampangan.
Macatangay Filipino, Tagalog
Derived from Tagalog makatangay meaning "one who takes away".
Madanat Arabic
Mainly found in Jordan.
Madatyan Armenian
Means "son of Madat".
Madej Polish
Either a short form of the given name Amadeusz or a variant of Matej.
Madraswala Indian (Parsi)
From Madras (presently Chennai), the name of the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
Madusanka Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Madushanka.
Madushanka Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit मधु (madhu) meaning "sweet, delicious, honey".
Maeno Japanese
From Japanese 前 (mae) meaning "front, forward" and 野 (no) meaning "area, field, wilderness".
Magarang Filipino, Maranao
Means "bright, sharp" in Maranao.
Magbanua Filipino, Cebuano
From Cebuano magbanwa meaning "townsperson", derived from Cebuano bánwa meaning "city, town".
Magbuhos Filipino, Tagalog
Means "douse, pour" in Tagalog.
Magdy Arabic (Egyptian)
Alternate transcription of Majdi chiefly used in Egypt.
Maged Arabic (Egyptian)
Egyptian transcription of Majid.
Maghribi Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from Arabic المغرب (al-Maghrib) meaning "the west", also referring to the country of Morocco. It could be used to refer to a Moroccan person or (in English) someone from the Maghreb region of Northern Africa.
Maglasang Filipino, Cebuano
Denotes a forest dweller or a person originally from a forest, derived from Cebuano lasang meaning "forest".
Magomadov Chechen
Means "son of Magomed".
Magondacan Filipino, Maranao
From Maranao magondakan meaning "artistic, graceful".
Magsaysay Filipino, Tagalog
Means "relate, narrate, declare" in Tagalog. A notable bearer was Ramon Magsaysay (1907-1957), the seventh president of the Philippines.
Mahabir Indian, Trinidadian Creole
From Sanskrit महत् (mahát) meaning "great, large, big" combined with वीर (vīrá) meaning "man, hero, husband".
Mahajan Indian, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali
Means "great (number of) people" or "tradesman, merchant" from Sanskrit महा (maha) meaning "great" combined with जन (jána) meaning "person, people".
Mahapatra Indian, Odia
From the Sanskrit महत् (mahat) "great, large, big" possibly combined with पात्र (pātra) "drinking-vessel, goblet, bowl, cup".
Maharana Indian, Odia
Derived from the Sanskrit title महाराणा (maharana) meaning "king of kings", from महा (maha) meaning "great" and राणा (rana) meaning "king".
Maharjan Nepali
Meaning uncertain.
Mahato Indian, Bengali, Hindi, Assamese, Odia, Nepali
From a title given to the head of a village or a well-to-do peasant, possibly derived from Sanskrit महत् (mahat) meaning "great, large, big".
Mahdi Arabic, Persian
From the given name Mahdi.
Mahdizadeh Persian
From the given name Mahdi combined with Persian زاده (zadeh) meaning "offspring".
Mahinay Filipino, Cebuano
Means "gently" or "slowly" in Cebuano.
Mahmood Arabic, Urdu, Bengali
From the given name Mahmud.
Mahrez Arabic (Maghrebi)
From Arabic مُحْرَز (maḥraz) meaning "accomplished, achieved, attained". A notable bearer is Riyad Mahrez (1991-), an Algerian footballer.
Mahto Indian, Hindi, Nepali
Variant transcription of Mahato.
Majhi Indian, Odia, Bengali, Hindi, Assamese
Possibly from the Bengali মাঝি (mājhi) meaning "boatman, oarsman, waterman".
Majidov Dagestani, Uzbek, Tajik
Means "son of Majid".
Makhachev Avar, Lak
Means "son of Makhach".
Makhlouf Arabic
From the given name Makhlouf.
Makhov Circassian (Russified)
Russified form of a Circassian surname derived from Kabardian махуэ (māx°ă) meaning "day".
Makó Hungarian
From a pet form of the given name Makár or Mátyás.
Maksatov Kazakh, Kyrgyz
Means "son of Maksat".
Malacad Filipino, Cebuano
From Cebuano malakad meaning "walkable (distance)".
Malaeb Arabic
Lebanese Druze name possibly derived from Arabic مَلْعَب (malʿab) meaning "scene, theatre, sport".
Malakar Indian, Bengali, Assamese
Means "florist, maker of flower garlands" in Bengali and "gardener" in Assamese.
Malalis Filipino, Cebuano
Means "arguable, questionable" in Cebuano.
Malaluan Filipino, Tagalog
Means "surpass, exceed" in Tagalog.
Malawani Filipino, Maranao
Means "daring, harsh" in Maranao.
Malaya Russian, Ukrainian
From Russian малый (maliy) or Ukrainian малий (malyy) both meaning "small, little", used as a nickname for a small child or a person who was thin or short in stature. Alternately, it may have come from Tatar малай (malay) meaning "boy, son" or "apprentice".
Maleki Persian
From the given name Malek.
Malick Indian, Bengali, Pakistani, Western African
From the Arabic ملك (malik) meaning "king, sovereign, monarch" (see Malik 1), used by Indian Hindus and Muslims.
Maligaya Filipino, Tagalog
Means "happy, pleasant" in Tagalog.
Məlikov Azerbaijani
Means "son of Məlik".
Malikov Uzbek, Tatar, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Tajik, Kyrgyz
Means "son of Malik 1" as well as an alternate transcription of Azerbaijani Məlikov.
Malikzai Pashto
Means "son of Malik 1" in Pashto.
Malin English, French, Dutch
From the given name Malin (English), and from the given name Madalin composed of the Germanic element madal meaning "council" (French, Dutch).
Malin Serbian, Croatian (Rare)
From the Serbian word мали meaning "small".
Malinao Filipino, Cebuano
Derived from Cebuano malinaw meaning "calm, peaceful, serene".
Mallari Filipino, Pampangan
Derived from Kapampangan malyari meaning "possible".
Malsagnaqan Ingush
Original Ingush form of Malsagov.
Malsagov Ingush (Russified)
Russified form of the Ingush clan name Малсагнаькъан (Malsagnaqan) meaning "tribe of Malsag", from a given name derived from Ingush малх (malkh) meaning "sun, solar" and саг (sag) meaning "person, man".
Malynov Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Malinov.
Mamilov Ingush (Russified)
Russified form of an Ingush surname, which is from the name of an Ingush teip (clan) possibly from a Turkic word meaning "sweet, delicious" or from an Arabic name of unknown meaning.
Mamun Arabic, Bengali
From the given name Mamun.
Mamurov Uzbek, Tajik
Means "son of Mamur".
Manabat Filipino, Pampangan, Tagalog
Means "ambusher, fighter, accoster" in Pampangan.
Manabilang Filipino, Maranao
Means "disrupter, uprooter" in Maranao.
Manalaysay Filipino, Tagalog
Mean "storyteller, narrator" from Tagalog salaysay meaning "narration, story".
Manalo Filipino, Tagalog, Pampangan
Means "to win" in Tagalog.
Manansala Filipino, Pampangan, Tagalog
Means "one who prohibits" from Tagalog sansala meaning "inhibition, prohibition, interdiction".
Manatad Filipino, Cebuano
Means "common emerald dove (a type of bird)" in Cebuano.
Mangubat Filipino, Cebuano
Means "to battle, to wage war" in Cebuano.
Mangudadatu Filipino, Maguindanao
From Maguindanao manguda meaning "young" and the Philippine title datu meaning "chief, leader".
Manivong Lao
From Lao ມະນີ (mani) meaning "gem, jewel" and ວົງ (vong) meaning "lineage, family".
Mannay-ool Tuvan (Rare)
Derived from Tuvan маңнаар (mañnar) meaning "to run" combined with оол (ool) "son, boy".
Mansoor Arabic, Urdu
From the given name Mansur.
Mansour Arabic
From the given name Mansur.
Mansour Arabic (Egyptian)
Originally referred to someone from the city of Mansoura (المنصورة‎) in Egypt.
Manukian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Manukyan.
Manukyan Armenian
Means "son of Manuk".
Mao Chinese
From Chinese 毛 (máo) referring to the ancient region of Mao, which existed during the Zhou dynasty in what is now the Henan province. A notable bearer of this surname was Chinese communist revolutionary Mao Zedong (1893-1976).
Maouloud Western African
Derived from Arabic مولود‎‎ (mawlud) meaning "born, newborn", used to refer to the مولد (Mawlid) observance of the birth of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (chiefly Mauritanian).
Maputi Filipino, Cebuano
Means "white" or "silvery" in Cebuano.
Marangit Filipino, Maranao
Means "cruel, irritable, mean" in Maranao.
Marasigan Filipino, Tagalog
Meaning uncertain.
Marc French
Derived from the French given name Marc.
Marceau French
From the given name Marcel.
Marcelin French, Haitian Creole
From the given name Marcelin.
Margalit Jewish
Means "pearl" in Hebrew.
Margaryan Armenian
Means "son of Margar" from a given name derived from Old Armenian մարգարէ (margarē) "prophet".
Margolin Jewish
Derived from Hebrew מרגלית (margalit) meaning "pearl".
Margvelashvili Georgian
A bearer is Giorgi Margvelashvili, the current president of Georgia.
Marinescu Romanian
Means "son of Marin".
Markarian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Margaryan.
Markopoulos Greek
Means "son of Markos" in Greek.
Markosyan Armenian
Means "son of Markos".
Marohom Filipino, Maranao
From an honorific title bestowed upon deceased sultans, derived from Arabic مرحوم (marhum) meaning "late, deceased".
Marušič Slovene
Slovene form of Marušić.
Maruyama Japanese
From Japanese 丸 or 圓 (maru) meaning "round, full" and 山 (yama) meaning "mountain".
Marx German
From a short form of the given name Markus. A famous bearer was Karl Marx (1818-1883), a German philosopher known for his work in socioeconomic theory.
Marzouki Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Marzouq (chiefly Tunisian and Moroccan). A notable bearer is Moncef Marzouki (1945-), who was the fourth President of Tunisia from 2011 to 2014.
Masangkay Filipino, Tagalog
Meaning uncertain.
Məsimov Azerbaijani
Means "son of Məsim".
Maskhadov Chechen
Possibly from the given name Maskhad. A notable bearer was Chechen politician Aslan Maskhadov (1951-2005).
Maslov Russian, Jewish
Derived from Russian масло (maslo) meaning "butter", originally used as an occupational name for someone who worked as a dairyman or sold dairy products.
Masri Arabic
Means "Egyptian (person)" in Arabic.
Masry Arabic (Egyptian)
Egyptian transcription of Masri.
Matskevich Belarusian
From the given name Maciek, a variant of Maciej, which is the Polish variant of Matthias.
Matsukawa Japanese
From Japanese 松 (matsu) meaning "pine tree, fir tree" and 川 (kawa) meaning "river, stream".
Mattioli Italian
From the given name Mattia.
Maxamed Somali
Somali form of Muhammad.
Maxime French
From the French given name Maxime.
Maximoff Russian
Variant transcription of Maksimov.
Maximov Russian
Alternate transcription of Maksimov.
Mayrbekov Chechen
Means "son of Mayrbek".
Mazini Arabic (Maghrebi)
Possibly from Arabic مَزِين (mazīn) meaning “decorated, adorned” or مازن (mazin) meaning “rain cloud” (see Mazin; chiefly Moroccan).
Mazzola Italian
From a diminutive of Italian mazza meaning "maul, mallet".
M'bareck Western African
Derived from Arabic مُبَارَك (mubārak) meaning "blessed, fortunate, lucky" (chiefly Mauritanian).
M'beirick Western African
Most likely a variant of M’Bareck.
Mchedlishvili Georgian
Means "son of the blacksmith" from Georgian მჭედელი (mchedeli) meaning "smith, blacksmith".
Meas Khmer
Means "gold" in Khmer.
Medvedev Russian
From Russian медведь (medved) meaning "bear".
Medvedeva Russian
Feminine form of Medvedev.
Megrelishvili Georgian
Means "son of the Mingrelian", derived from Georgian მეგრელი (megreli) meaning "Mingrelian".
Mehamedov Lezgin
Lezgin form of Magomedov.
Mehmood Urdu
From the given name Mehmood.
Mehra Indian, Hindi, Punjabi
Either derived from Middle Persian mihr meaning "friendship, sun" or from a Punjabi word meaning "chief, master".
Mehrabi Persian
From the given name Mehrab.
Meiron Hebrew
From the given name Miron 2.
Melikyan Armenian
Means "son of Melik".
Melkonyan Armenian
Means "son of Melkon".
Memetov Crimean Tatar
Means "son of Memet".
Mendeleev Russian
Meaning uncertain. A famous bearer was Dimitri Mendeleev (1834-1907), a Russian chemist who developed an early model of the periodic table.
Mendeleyev Russian
Variant transcription of Mendeleev.
Merabet Arabic (Maghrebi)
Mainly found in Algeria.
Mesa Spanish
Habitational name for someone from any of the various locations in Spain called Mesa meaning "table" or "mesa" in Spanish (referring to a flat area of land).
Mesbah Arabic (Maghrebi), Arabic (Egyptian)
Derived from Arabic مِصْبَاح (miṣbāḥ) meaning "lamp, light, luminary".
Mesmer German
Occupational name for a maker of knives from Middle High German messer meaning "knife". A famous bearer was Franz Mesmer (1734-1815), a German doctor known for his theory of "animal magnetism", which was eventually incorporated into the field of hypnosis.
Messaoudi Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Mas'ud.
Messoud Western African
From the given name Mas'ud; used in Mauritania.
Metin Turkish
From the given name Metin.
Mevaza Dungan
Variant of Muvaza.
Meziane Berber, Northern African
From the given name Meziane (chiefly Algerian and Moroccan).
Micallef Maltese
Either from Micali, a variant of the Biblical name Michael, or from Maltese mħallef meaning "judge".
Michaelides Greek (Cypriot)
Alternate transcription of Michailidis chiefly used in Cyprus.
Michailidis Greek
From the given name Michail.
Michalopoulos Greek
Means "son of Michail" in Greek.
Mikhaylov Russian
Variant transcription of Mikhailov.
Mikhelashvili Georgian, Jewish
Means "son of Mikheil" in Georgian.
Milenkov Bulgarian
Means "son of Milenko".
Mimoun Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from the given name Mimoun.
Minaev Russian
Means "son of Mina".
Minasian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Minasyan.
Minassian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Minasyan.
Minasyan Armenian
Means "son of Minas".
Minayev Russian
Alternate transcription of Minaev.
Minchev Bulgarian
Means "son of Mincho".
Mirghani Northern African, Arabic
Sudanese name of unknown Arabic meaning.
Mirza Urdu, Bengali
From the given name Mirza.
Mirzadeh Persian
Means "prince" in Persian, derived from Arabic أمير (amir) meaning "prince, commander" combined with Persian زاده (zadeh) meaning "offspring".
Mirzaee Persian
Variant transcription of Mirzaei.
Mirzaei Persian
From the given name Mirza.
Mirzamagomedov Lezgin (Russified)
Derived from the Persian title میرزا (mirzâ) meaning "prince" (see Mirza) combined with the given name Magomed.
Mirzoda Tajik
Tajik form of Mirzadeh.
Mirzoev Tajik, Azerbaijani
Means "son of Mirza".
Misuari Filipino, Tausug
Meaning uncertain. A famous bearer is Nurallaji Pinang Misuari (1939-), better known as Nur Misuari, a Moro Filipino revolutionary.
Mitani Japanese
From Japanese 三 (mi) meaning "three" and 谷 (tani) meaning "valley".
Miwa Japanese
From Japanese 三 (mi) meaning "three" and 輪 (wa) meaning "wheel, ring, circle".
Mizoguchi Japanese
From Japanese 溝 (mizo) meaning "ditch, drain, gutter" and 口 (kuchi) meaning "mouth, entrance".
Mizrachi Hebrew
Variant transcription of Mizrahi.
Mizrahi Hebrew
From Hebrew מִזְרָחִי (mizrakhí) meaning "East, eastern".
Mkrtchian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Mkrtchyan.
Mkrtchyan Armenian
Means "son of Mkrtich".
Mladenov Bulgarian
Means "son of Mladen".
Mohammadpour Persian
Means "descendant of Mohammad" in Persian.
Mohammadzadeh Persian
From the given name Mohammad combined with Persian زاده (zadeh) meaning "offspring".
Mohammadzai Pashto
Means "son of Muhammad" in Pashto.
Mohammedi Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Mohammed (chiefly Algerian).
Mohanty Indian, Odia
Derived from Sanskrit महत् (mahát) meaning "great, large".
Mohsen Arabic
From the given name Muhsin.
Mohsin Urdu, Bengali
From the given name Muhsin.
Mokhtar Arabic
From the given name Mukhtar.
Mokrani Berber, Northern African, Arabic (Maghrebi)
Either from the given name Mokrane or derived from El Mokrani, a town in Algeria.
Molla Bengali
Means "mullah (an Islamic religious scholar)" in Bengali, ultimately from from Persian ملا (molla).