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Aamoth English (American, Anglicized)
Anglicized form of the Norwegian surname Aamodt.
Abdukadirov Uzbek
Means "son of Abd al-Qadir" in Uzbek.
Abuev Kazakh, Chechen, Dagestani
Means "son of Abu".
Abukhanov Kazakh
Means "son of Abukhan".
Aca Aztec, Nahuatl
From Nahuatl acatl meaning "cane".
Aceto Italian
Variant of Accetto.
Acuff English (American)
Acuff Name Meaning. English: of uncertain origin, perhaps a variant of northern English Aculf, from an Old Norse personal name Agúlfr 'terror wolf'... [more]
Acuña Galician, Spanish
Derived from a place named "Acuña Alta".
Addamo Italian
Variant of Adamo.
Adesanya Yoruba
Literally means "the crown avenges my suffering".
Adiletov Kazakh
Means "son of Adilet".
Adrianescu Romanian
Of Romanian origin meaning "son of Adrian".
Agar Greek, Italian, French
From the personal name Agar
Agras Galician
Occupational name for a vintner in Coruña, Spain.
Agraz Galician (Hispanicized)
Hispanicized form of Agras.
Aguiar Portuguese
Portuguese form of Aguilar.
Ahmedin Amharic
From the given name Ahmedin.
Ahmedov Uzbek
Means "son of Ahmed".
Ahmedović Bosnian
Means "son of Ahmed" in Bosnian.
Ainstein German (Hispanicized), Spanish (Latin American)
Hispanicized form of Einstein. Most frequently used in Argentina.
Aird Scottish
Habitational name from a place named with Gaelic àird(e) 'height', 'promontory', or 'headland', from the adjective àrd 'high', 'lofty', cognate with Latin arduus 'steep', 'difficult'. There is one such place near Hurlford in Ayrshire, and another in Inch, Wigtownshire.
Aires English
It was a name for a person who was well-known as the heir to a title, fortune, or estate.
Akkawi Arabic
Means "from Akka" in Arabic.
Akkawy Arabic
Variant of Akkawi.
Albertov Russian
Means "son of Albert".
Albinez Spanish
Means "son of Albino".
Alderink Dutch
A personal name from an ancient Germanic personal name Aldheri.
Aldiyarov Kazakh
Means "son of Aldiyar" in Kazakh.
Alexie Greek, Romanian
From the givin name Alexie
Algieri Italian
Italian form of Algerie.
Alimkhanuly Kazakh
Derived from the given name Alimkhan.
Alinurov Kazakh
Means "son of Alinur" in Kazakh.
Álváez Spanish (Latin American)
Variant of Álvarez. Most frequently used in Panama.
Ammons English
From the given name Ammon.
Amoroso Italian
A nickname for a much loved person.
Amramyan Armenian
Means "son of Amram".
Amsterdam Afrikaans, Dutch, Russian
Denoting someone from a place named Amsterdam meaning "dam of the Amstel".
Ananyan Armenian, Jewish
Means "son of Anan 2".
Andreacchio Italian
Derived from the given name Andrea 1.
Andrin French
From the given name André.
Antigua Spanish
From Spanish meaning "antique".
Antonovas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Antonov.
Antuña Spanish
From the given name Antonio.
Apelsinov Russian
From Russian aпельсин (apel'sin) meaning "orange".
Aranha Portuguese
Meaning spider in Portuguese.
Aranyos Hungarian
Occupational name for a goldsmith.
Arbuckle English
Means the "herdsman's portion" (of land).
Arcaro Late Roman
Occupational name for a maker or seller of bows.
Archangel Eastern African
From the given name Archangel.
Argueta Spanish
This surname was most likely originally used to identify a person who lived in a characteristically bright or luminous area.
Aries English, French
The name means either a person who worked in a fashion of the "Arras" cloth, as in the quotation "one bede Coveringe of Aries" (1562), or someone who was a former inhabitant of Arras in France, or Arras in Yorkshire; the latter being a particularly popular source of the name.
Armendariz Spanish, Basque
from the Basque personal name Armendari or Armentari, from Latin Armentarius 'herdsman'. Spanish and French variant of Armendaritze, a habitational name from a village in Low Navarre named Armendaritze.
Aron Various
From the given name Aron.
Aronson English (American)
English form of Swedish surname Aronsson.
Aronsson Swedish
Means "son of Aron" in Swedish.
Artega Basque
Variant of Arteaga.
Asensio Basque
It signifies "dweller at the place where the blackberry bushes grew."
Assanti Italian
Derived from the Italian personal name Alessandro.
Asztalos Hungarian
Literally means "carpenter"
Athinganos Greek
Means "gypsy" in Greek.
Austinson English
Means "son of Austin".
Avalon English
Means "island of apples".
Avalyan Armenian
Means "son of Aval".
Aversano Italian
A nickname for a wealthy person.
Aviles Catalan
From Catalan avile "bird".
Avril French
Derived from French avril meaning "April", perhaps indicating a person who was baptized in that month.
Awad Arabic
Refers to a person who makes "Oud", an oriental musical instrument.
Ayanov Kazakh
Means "son of Ayan".
Azmoun Persian
Means "test exam" in Persian.
Baatirov Kyrgyz
Means "son of Baatir" in Kyrgyz.
Baca Spanish
From Spanish vaca meaning "cow".
Baksa Polish
From Polish meaning "hawser".
Balboa Galician
Habitational name from the city of Balboa, named with Latin vallis bona 'pleasant valley'.
Baldomir Galician
Derived from the given name Baldo.
Balkarov Karachay-Balkar
Means "son of a Balkar."
Baranchik Belarusian
Belarusian form of Baranchyk.
Baranchuk Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian
From Баран (baran) meaning "ram".
Baranchyk Ukrainian
Variant transcription of Baranchuk.
Baranko Ukrainian
From Ukrainian Баран (baran) meaning "ram".
Baranski Polish
Means "son of Baran (ram)" in Polish.
Barbaro Italian
Occupational name for a barbarian.
Barbuto Italian
Nickname for a bearded person.
Barfield English
Dweller at the boar-field.
Barkway English
Derived from the locality of Barkway 'Birch Road'.
Barriera Italian
Means "barrier" in Italian.
Barroso Spanish, Portuguese
Derived from the Spanish word 'barrera' which means 'barrier'.
Batirov Uzbek
Means "son of Batir" in Uzbek.
Batlokwa Tswana, Southern African
a branch of the Bakgatla section of the Bantu speaking communities which originated from the Great Lakes and Northern Central Africa. Batlokwa are said to have been a breakaway branch of the Bakgatla which is another Bahurutse section of the Tswana people.
Batyrbaev Kazakh
Means "son of Batyrbay" in Kazakh.
Beausire French
French form of Bowser.
Beers English
Name for someone who lives in a grove of woods.
Beers Dutch
Name for someone from the village named "Beers".
Begay Navajo
Derived from the Navajo word biyeʼ meaning "his son". This was frequently adopted as a surname among the Navajo when Native Americans were required by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to formally adopt surnames for the purpose of official records.
Bekov Ingush, Kazakh, Uzbek
Means "son of Bek".
Bentancur Spanish
One of the variants of Bettencourt or Bethencourt.
Berchel French
French form of Burchell.
Berenguer Catalan
Derived from the personal name Berenguer.
Beres Hungarian
Occupational name for a farm laborer or casual harvest hand, béres, a derivative of bér 'wage', 'payment'.
Bereza Ukrainian
Means "birch tree" in Ukrainian.
Berlanga Spanish
Derived from Berlain which comes from the name of a precious stone derived from the Greek.
Berlinskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Berliński.
Berryhill English
A name for someone who worked as a servant at the manor house.
Berschel German
German form of Burchell.
Berwick English, Scottish
Habitational name from Berwick-on-Tweed.
Beterbekov Chechen
Chechen form of Batyrbekov.
Beterbiev Chechen
Chechen form of Batyrbaev.
Bikić Croatian
Occupational name for someone who raised bulls.
Billy English
Derived from the given name Bill.
Binger English
Derived from the Old English name Binningas, which was a name for someone who lived near stables.
Birge Hungarian
Occupational name for a shepherd, from birga, a variant spelling of birka 'sheep'.
Biscotti Italian
An occupational surname for someone who sells or bakes biscotti.
Bivol Romanian, Moldovan
Meaning "buffalo".
Bivolu Romanian
Variant of Bivol.
Bjarnason Icelandic
Means "son of Bjarni".
Blancanieves Spanish (Rare)
Means "Snow White" in Spanish.
Blankenstein German, Jewish
From German blanken meaning "bare" and stein meaning "stone".
Bleau French
Roughly translated into " blue water".
Blizanac Serbian
From Serbian meaning 'twin'.
Bliźniak Polish
Derived from Polish bliźniak "twin".
Blyzynskyi Ukrainian
Derived from Ukrainian blyznyuky "twin".
Bobe English
Derived from the nickname Boebel
Bolkiah Malay (Rare)
Meaning uncertain. It may be derived from Arabic وَاقِيَة‎ (wāqiya) meaning "protector, preserver", or it may be an alteration of the Hadhrami surname بلفقيه (Balfaqih) from Arabic الفَقِيه (al-faqīh) meaning "the jurist"... [more]
Bolling English, German
nickname for someone with close-cropped hair or a large head, Middle English bolling 'pollard', or for a heavy drinker, from Middle English bolling 'excessive drinking'. German (Bölling): from a personal name Baldwin
Bolognese Italian
One who came from Bologna.
Bossier French
Occupational name for a cooper, from an agent derivative of Old French bosse 'barrel'.
Boulton English
Means "district" characterized by bends from the Old English words boga and land.
Bousquet French
Originally a name for someone living or working in a wooded area.
Boyter Scottish
Denoting a person from the island of Bute.
Brewton English
Variant spelling of the habitational name Bruton, from a place in Somerset, so named with a Celtic river name meaning 'brisk' + Old English tun 'farmstead'.
Buchli Romansh
Derived from Buchilo, a medieval diminutive of the given name Burkhard.
Buffon Venetian
Venetian form of Buffone.
Bukit Indonesian
Means "hill" in Indonesian.
Bundie English Creole
Creole variant of Bundy. Mostly used by Jamaicans.
Burgos Spanish
Surname from a place named Burgos of Spain.
Burlingame English
means "Burling's homestead".
Burtram English (American)
American form of the German surname Bertram.
Busbee English
Variant of Busby.
Busquets Catalan
Catalan form of Bousquet.
Cadena Spanish
From Aguilar de Campoo, a district of Villalon in Valladolid.
Caillou French
Means "pebble" in French. Perhaps a nickname for a bald person.
Cairo Italian
One who came from Cairo.
Caldeirao Portuguese
From Portuguese meaning "cauldron".
Caligiuri Italian
Comes from the Greek words "kalos" meaning "beautiful" and "gheros" meaning "elderly," and was often given to children in the hopes that they would retain their beauty in their old age.
Calzaghe Sardinian, Italian
From Italian meaning "breeches".
Camarena Spanish
Topographic name for someone who lived by a granary.
Cancino Spanish
A name for a person who first held the position of Chancellor.
Cancio Spanish
A name for a person who first held the position of Chancellor.
Cancrini Italian
Diminutive of Cancro.
Cancro Italian
Derived from Italian cancro "cancer". Probably an occupational name for a person who catches, cooks, sells crabs.
Canela Spanish
Derived from the word 'canela' meaning cinnamon in Spanish. It Could also be a variant of the Catalan surname Candela.
Canelo Spanish
From spanish canela meaning "cinnamon".
Canhoto Portuguese
Means "left-handed" in Portuguese.
Cañoto Galician
Galician cognate of Canhoto.
Cantin French
A territorial division or district.
Cantor Spanish
Occupational name for a singer.
Canul Yucatec Maya
Means "protector" in Mayan.
Capriati Italian
From the name of the province in Campania Italy named "Capriati a Volturno".
Capricorne French
Derived from the Latin word (Capricornus) meaning "horned like a goat". Probably a nickname for an ambitious person.
Caraballo Spanish
Occupational name for a knight or a knight's servant.
Carballeira Galician
From Galician meaning "oak grove".
Cardamone Italian
Occupational name for a spicer.
Carême French
Means "lent" in French.
Carlotti Italian
From the given name Carlo.
Carrizo Spanish
Nickname for a person who's bold, shameless.
Casapiccola Italian
Habitational name for someone from any of the various locations called Casapiccola or Casa Piccola, derived from Italian casa meaning "house" and piccola meaning "small".
Casares Spanish, Galician
One who lived in several places named "Casares".
Cassata Italian
Derived from the Italian word cassata, denoting a sweet cake made with cheese and candied fruit.
Cassatta Spanish (Latin American)
Spanish form of Cassata. Mostly used in Argentina.
Castanheira Portuguese
Portuguese cognate of Castañeda meaning "chestnut grove".
Castanho Portuguese
Portuguese cognate of Castaño meaning "chestnut tree".
Castellaneta Italian
Originated in an area of Italy, known as the Papal States.
Casutt Romansh
Derived from Romansh casa "house" and sut "below".
Catanese Italian
One who came from Catania.
Catterall English
Derived from a town in England named "Catterall".
Cavallini Italian
The surname comes from the words "cavallaro," which means a horse dealer; or from "cavalieri," meaning a horseman, rider or knight.
Caylor English
Anglicized form of Kaylor.
Cayson English
Variant of Cason.