Swiss Submitted Surnames

Swiss names are used in the country of Switzerland in central Europe.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
De La Chaumette French
Name for someone from one of several places in central France named La Chaumette; or someone who lived on a chaumette, a high, arid plateau with little vegetation. The term is a diminutive of chaume "bare land", from a specialized sense of Latin calmus "calm, unruffled".
Delacour French
Probably based off the term "de la cœur", meaning "on the court".
Delafoy French
From Old French de la foy meaning "of the faith". This is probably a name given to a cleric or a very pious person among the French Catholics.
Delagardelle French
Habitational name for someone from Lagardelle, a place in Haute Garonne.
Delage French
From the dialect word age "hedge" for someone who lived by a hedge or from the various places in France called L'Age.
Delahaye French, Walloon
Variant with fused preposition de "from" of Lahaye. This surname is also found in the Flemish part of Belgium.
Delalande French
French surname, pronounced /dølalɑ̃də/, which means "from the moor", "from the heath". Famous bearer Michel-Richard Delalande (1657-1726), French baroque composer and organist nicknamed "the Latin Lully", changed its spelling in "de Lalande" in order to give it aristocratic looks.
De La Montagne French
Means "of the mountain" in French.
Delannoy French, Flemish, Walloon
From the various locations in northern France and Belgium called Lannoy with the element de "from".
Delaplaine French
Means "of the Plain" in French
De Laura Italian
Metronymic from the female personal name Laura (a derivative of Latin laurus "laurel").
Delbozque French
French Variant of Del Bosque
Deledda Italian, Sardinian
Variant of Ledda. A famous bearer of this surname is Nobel Prize for Literature recipient Grazia Deledda (1871–1936).
Delevingne French, English
Means "of the vine" in French. It is the surname of Poppy Delevingne and Cara Delevingne, both English actresses and models; it is also the surname of French-born photojournalist Lionel Delevingne
De Lévis French
This indicates familial origin within the Orléanais commune of Lévis-Saint-Nom.
Delfino Italian, Spanish
From the personal name Delfino, from Latin Delphinus, from delphis "dolphin", regarded in medieval times as a symbol of goodness and friendliness.
Del Frate Italian
Italian in origin, meaning; "of the monk"
De Liniers French
This indicates familial origin within the Poitevin commune of Liniers.
Delisle English, French
Derived from De L'Isle meaning "of the Isle, from the Isle" in French.
Della Italian, Spanish
Likely derived from the Italian and Spanish word della, meaning "of the".
Della Chièsa Italian
It literally means "of the church".
Della Francesca Italian
Means "son of Francesca". A famous bearer was Piero della Francesca (1415-1492), an Italian fresco painter.
Dell'elce Italian
From Italian elce "holm oak", literally "of the holm oak".
Dell'oro Italian
Means "of the gold" in Italian. Might indicate someone with blond hair, someone who worked as a goldsmith, or might be descended from the Latin name Aurius.
Delogu Italian
Means "from/of the place", from Sardinian de "of, from" and logu "place".
Delorey French (Anglicized)
Anglicized version of Deslauriers, a topographic name for someone living among laurels, a combination of the fused preposition and plural definite article des ‘from the’ + the plural of Old French lorier ‘laurel’.
Del Popolo Italian
Means "of the people", given to foundlings at a time when a small stipend was allotted to their maintenance by the king.
Delvecchio Italian
The surname Delvecchio is derived from the Italian word vecchi, which further derives from the late Latin word veclus, which measn old, aged, or elderly.
Demachi Italian
Possibly a variant of the French surname Demachy.
Demand German
from Middle Low German demant "diamond" a metonymic occupational name for either a cutter or dealer in diamonds.
Demar French, English
Combination of the French word de, meaning "from" and the Old French word maresc, meaning "marsh".
De Marco Italian
From the given name Marco.
Demaree French (Anglicized)
Americanized spelling of French Desmarais.
De Maria Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian
Means "of Mary" in Portuguese and Italian.
Demaria Italian
Metronymic from the female personal name Maria, or name for a devotee of the Virgin Mary.
Demarmels Romansh
Derived from the preposition de "of" and the place name Marmels.
De Marni Italian
From Italy, most likely Northern Italy. One theory is that De Marni or a similar sounding name was the name of an orphanage, but it's origin is unknown.
De Martino Italian
Means "Son of Martino". A famous bearer is actor Stefano De Martino.
Demers French
From French meaning "of the seas". A famous bearer of this surname was Modeste Demers, a bishop in 18th century Vancouver.
Demestre French
It's an occupational word coming from Latin. It means "master". It is of French origin.
Demetrio Italian, Spanish
From the given name Demetrio.
De Michele Italian, French
An Italian and French patronymic surname, meaning "son of Michele 1".
DeMont French
Variant of Dumont.
Demontigny French
habitational name with fused preposition de "from" for someone from any of several places in various parts of France named Montigny (see Montigny).
Demund Romansh
Variant of Demont.
Demuro Italian
Probably denoting someone from Muro, Basilicata. Alternately, may be a nickname from Sardinian muru "wall" or "donkey".
Denaut French (Rare, ?)
Possibly a variant of Denault.
Denicola Romansh
Derived from the preposition de "of" and the given name Nicola 1.
Denier French, French (Swiss), English, English (British, Rare)
from Old French denier (from Latin denarius) "penny" originally the name of a copper coin or penny later a term for money in general hence probably an occupational name for a moneyer or minter... [more]
Denninger German
Habitational name for someone from Denning in Bavaria. Denning is related to Middle Low German denne meaning "wooded vale".
Dennings English, Irish, German
Variant spelling of Denning. A famous bearer is American actress Kat Dennings (1986-).
Denoth Romansh
Derived from the preposition de "of" and the given name Not.
D'entrone Italian
Italian conjugation, meaning "from within".
Déodat French
From the given name Déodat.
Depardieu French
Means "of by God", derived from French pardieu meaning "by God", originally a nickname for someone who blasphemously uttered the name of God. It could also indicate a person who came from various places in France called Part-Dieu or Pardieu, for example the Lyon-Part-Dieu Business District in the city of Lyon... [more]
Depaul French
Son of Paul
Depeder Romansh
Derived from the preposition de "of" and the given name Peder.
Depietri Italian
The distinguished surname Depietri can be traced back to the ancient and beautiful region of Piedmont. Although people were originally known only by a single name, it became necessary for people to adopt a second name to identify themselves as populations grew and travel became more frequent... [more]
De Pietro Italian
Means "son of Pietro" in Italian; variant of Di Pietro
Deplano Italian
From Latin de plano, "of the plain, from the flat land".
Deplaz Romansh
Derived from the preposition de "of" and Romansh plaz "plaza; place".
Depp German
Derived from Germanic depp which is a nickname for a joker (person who plays jokes on others). A notable bearer is Johnny Depp, an American actor.
Deppe German
From a pet form of the given name Dietbert or Dietmar.
Depuoz Romansh
Derived from the preposition de "of" and Romansh puoz "well, spring".
Deragisch Romansh
Derived from the preposition de "of" and the place name Ragisch.
Derckson Swiss
Meaning: "Powerful People"
Derhodes German
We think this is German or maybe French
Deriu Italian
Means "of the river" in Sardinian.
Derkum German
Dermon Romansh
Derived from the given name Hermann.
Dernier French
Means Last in French
De Robespierre French
From the combined given name Robert and Pierre.
Deroboam French
unknown possibly french, family has french origins
De Rosa Italian
Derived from the given name Rosa 1.
Deruelle French
Habitational name for someone who lived near a place called (la) Ruelle, for example Ruelle-sur-Touvre.
Derungs Romansh
Derived from the preposition de "of" and Latin runcare "to weed out, to thin out, to root up", referring to someone who lived near a clearing.
Desailly French
Originally denoted a person who came from any of the various places in northern or eastern France called Sailly, which is possibly derived from Old French saillir, salir meaning "to spring", ultimately from Latin saliō... [more]
De Salvo Italian
Meaning of "De" is "From", or "Of", so probably "From Salvo".
Desanges French (Rare)
Means "from the angels", possibly connected to the French title of the Virgin Mary Notre Dame des Anges, meaning "Our Lady of the Angels". Bearers of this surname include Louis William Desanges (1822-1905), an English artist of French descent, and French historian Jehan Desanges (1929-).
De Santo Italian, Spanish
Mean “Son of Santo”.
Descatoire French
Alexandre Descatoire was a French sculptor (1874-1949)... [more]
Deschain French, Literature
Of French origin. This is the last name of the character of the Gunslinger Roland in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series.
Deschanel French
Derived from French eschamel meaning "stepladder" or des chanels meaning "from the channels, from the little jugs". An occupational nickname for a trader, it supposedly originated in the Ain department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France... [more]
Deschenes French
"Chenes" is French for "oak tree". In French, "Des" means more than one. "Des"+ "Chenes"= Deschenes meaning "Many oak trees."
Desiderio Italian, Spanish
From the given name Desiderio.
De Simone Italian
Patronymic form of the given name Simone 2.
Desmarais French
Habitational name for someone from any of various places named with Old French mareis, maresc ‘marsh’, as for example Les Marets, in Seine-et-Marne, Centre, Nord, and Picardy.
Desmoulins French
A French surname meaning “of the windmills.” A famous bearer of this surname is Camille Desmoulins, a journalist and politician during the French Revolution who was guillotined.
Desogus Italian
Denotes someone from the town of Sogus, which may have taken its name from Sa bia de is Ogus, "the road of the eyes".
De Soye French
Meaning "From Soye" in French.
Des Roches French
Either a topographic name for someone living among rocks or a habitational name from any of several places named with this word, meaning "from the rocks" in French.
Desrouleaux French, Haitian Creole
Means "of the scrolls" in French. It is a occupational name for a scribe, a person who serves as a professional copyist, especially one who made copies of manuscripts before the invention of automatic printing... [more]
Desruisseaux French, French (Quebec)
Topographic name for someone who lived in an area characterized by streams, from the fused preposition and plural definite article des meaning "from the" and ruisseaux (plural of ruisseau) meaning "stream".
Dessi Italian
Denoting someone from Sini, Sardinia, formerly called Sinu or Sii.
Dessler German, Yiddish
Meaning Unknown. Known primarily in pop culture as the surname of a certain Michelle in the Fox tv hit 24 and of a certain villain called Albert in Space Battleship Yamato.
d'Estaing French
Derived from Estaing, a commune in the Aveyron department in southern France. A famous bearer was the French president Valéry Giscard d'Estaing (1926-2020).
De Stefano Italian
Means "son of Stefano".
Desteffani Romansh
Derived from the preposition de "of" and Steffani.
d'Estienne French
From the given name Estienne, a Medieval French form of Stephen.
Destine Haitian Creole, French (Rare)
From French Destiné, originally a nickname meaning "destined".
De Talleyrand French
A French noble surname. A cadet branch of the family of sovereign counts of Périgord, they took their name from the estate of Périgord owned by these counts, and date back to Boso I, count of la Marche... [more]
De Thomas French
Derived from the given name Thomas.
Dethomas Romansh
Derived from the preposition de "of" and the given name Thomas.
De Tiberio Italian
Ancient and noble family, originally from Lombardy propagated, over the centuries, in different regions of Italy where its members acquired the nobility and were welcomed in the important offices of the city where they lived... [more]
Detweiler German (Swiss)
From the name of a village in Switzerland or from one with a similar name (Dettweiler) in France.
Deubelbeiss German (Swiss)
Alemannic nickname from Middle High German dūvel "devil" and beiz "biter".
Deutch German (Rare), Jewish (Rare)
"German". Used as a last name for those who had none in the 17-18th century. Continues to today, albeit rarely.
Deutsch German, English
Means "German" in German.
Deutschmann German
Originally denoted a person from Germany.
Devall French, English
Devall (also DeVall) is a surname of Norman origin with both English and French ties.Its meaning is derived from French the town of Deville, Ardennes. It was first recorded in England in the Domesday Book.In France, the surname is derived from 'de Val' meaning 'of the valley.'
Deveaux French, Bahamian Creole
Means "of the valleys", derived from French val "valley".
Deveraux English, French
Variant spelling of Devereux.
De Vignerot French, French (Belgian)
The surname Vignerot was first found in Belgium, where the name became noted for its many branches in the region, each house acquiring a status and influence which was envied by the princes of the region... [more]
Devil French
Variant of De Ville.
Deville French
French surname meaning, 'The Village', from French De- 'the' and Ville- 'Village'.
Devore French
French: variant of De Var, a habitational name for someone from a place named Var, for example in Charente. Respelling of French Devors, a habitational name, with the preposition de, for someone from Vors in Aveyron.
Dexheimer German
From the German village Dexheim (south of Mainz).
Di Agostino Italian
From the given name Agostino.
Diana Italian
From the female given name Diana.
Di Benedetto Italian
From the given name Benedetto.
Di Bernardo Italian
From the given name Bernardo. Means "Son of Bernardo".
Di Carlo Italian
From the given name Carlo.
Di Cesare Italian
Means "son of Cesare".
Di Cicco Italian
Patronymic from a pet form of the personal name Francesco.
Di Ciuccio Italian
Ciuccio is a surname especially Campano and more precisely of the provinces of Naples and Salerno, should derive from the medieval name Ciuccio, one of the many apheretic hypochoristic forms of the name Francesco, of which a hypochoristic is Francescuccio, which by apheresis becomes Cuccio
Dickerman English, German, Jewish
Possibly derived from Middle High German dic(ke) "strong, thick" and Mann "man, male, husband".
Dickter German
From dichter, the German word for "poet".
Di Cola Italian
The surname Di Cola originates from the diminutive of the male name Nicola, widespread especially in the city of Bari, devoted to its patron saint.
Diddi Italian
Possibly a variant of Di Dio.
Di Dio Italian
Means "of God" in Italian.
Didonato Italian
Combination of the prefix Di and the name Donato.
Diebold German
Derived from the Germanic given name Theudebald.
Dieckmann German
"one who lives on a dike"
Diefenbaker German
Anglicized form of Diefenbach.
Diehl German
From the given name Diel, Tiel, from Thilo, a diminutive of given names beginning with Diet-, as such as Dietrich.
Dielmann German (Modern)
It was once spelled as "Dielhmann" and sometimes with one "n". The meaning is unknown, but when I used Google's translator "dielh" means "the" and "mann" was "man".
Diem German
German: from a reduced form of the personal name Dietmar ( see Dittmar ).
Diener German
Means "butler" in German.
Dieringer German (Americanized)
Americanized form of German Thüringer, regional name for someone from Thuringia, This was also used as a medieval personal name. Americanized form of German Tieringer, habitational name for someone from Tieringen in Württemberg.
Diesel German
From the pet form of Matthias or from any Germanic compound name beginning with diota meaning "people"
Dieterlin German
From "Dieterlein", a diminuative of the given name Dieter
Diethelm German
From the given name Diethelm.
Dietmar German
From the given name Dietmar.
Dietz German
From a short form of the personal name Dietrich.
Dieu French, Walloon
From French dieu "god" given as a nickname for someone who played Christ in medieval mysteries or for a presumptious or an overly religious person, or from a short for of the given name Dieudonné.
Dieudonné French
From the given name Dieudonné.
Dieulafoy French
From Old French Dieu la foy meaning "God the faith". Famous bearers were the married couple of French archeologists Marcel Dieulafoy (1844-1920) and Jane Dieulafoy (1951-1916). A medical condition of the stomach causing gastric bleeding called "Dieulafoy's lesion" was named after Dr... [more]
Dieuleveut French
From French Dieu le veut, "God wills it".
Difano Italian
Rare Italian surname that comes from the city of Isola di Fano, Presaro e Urbino, Italy.
Di Francesco Italian
Literally means "of Francis," and therefore may also mean "son of Francis."
Di Giacomo Italian
Means "son of Jacob".
Di Giovanni Italian
From the given name Giovanni.
Digne French
From French digne "dignified, worthy" perhaps a nickname for a hardworking person.
D'ignoti Italian
Means "of the unknown", a descriptive term for foundlings of unknown parentage that evolved into a given name.
Dilabbio Italian
A surname historically used in southern Italy, possibly derived from the Italian "dell avvio" meaning "of the beginning."
Dileo Italian
Southern Italian Surname.
Dillie German
Probably an altered spelling of Dilley or Dilly or possibly of German Dillier... [more]
Dillinger German
Denoted a person from Dillingen, a district in the region of Swabia in Bavaria, Germany. This name was borne by the infamous John Dillinger (1903-1934), an American gangster and bank robber during the Great Depression.
Di Lorenzo Italian
From the given name Lorenzo.
Di Maggio Italian
Came from a child who was born in the month of May. The surname Maggio is derived from the Italian word Maggio, which literally means the month of May.
Dimarco Italian
means "son of Marco" in italian
Di Martino Italian
From the given name Martino.
Di Matteo Italian
The surname Di Matteo comes from the personal names Matteo, of Jewish origin and popularized by the evangelist "Mattia" which have the meaning of "Gift of God".
Di Mauro Italian
From the given name Mauro.