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Alanović Serbian
Means "son of Alan" in Serbian.
al-Ansari Arabic
Variant form of Ansari.
Alanson English
English surname meaning "son of Alan"
Alaoja Estonian
Alaoja is an Estonian surname meaning "area/region creek".
Alaoui Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Ali 1. This is the name of the current ruling royal family of Morocco, which was founded in 1631.
Alarcón Spanish
Alarcón was a fort owned by the arabs in the Iberian Peninsula (Alarcón literally meaning 'the fort' in arabic), and the spaniards had the goal of owning it during the spanish reconquista. After 9 months of siege, Fernán Martínez de Ceballos climbed the walls of the fort using only two daggers and opened the gates from the inside allowing the castillan army to come in and conquer Alarcón... [more]
Alardyce Scottish
Scottish regional surname meaning "southern cliff". From the Gaelic all 'cliff' and deas 'southern'.
Alarid Spanish (Mexican)
(via perhaps from Catalan alarit 'outcry' (Castilian alarido). This name is not found in Catalonia, but is very common in Mexico.
Alarie French (Quebec)
Derived from the Visigothic given name Alaric. This form was established in Quebec from 1681.
Alas Estonian
Alas is an Estonian surname, derived from either "ala-" meaning "area" and "region"; or "alasti", meaning "bald" and "nude"; "alastus" means "bareness".
Alasalu Estonian
Alasalu is an Estonian surname meaning "area/region grove".
Alasi Estonian
Alasi is an Estonian surname meaning "anvil".
Alasoo Estonian
Alasoo is an Estonian surname meaning "area/region swamp".
Alatalu Estonian
Alatalu is an Estonian surname meaning "area farm/farmstead".
Al-attar Arabic
Means "the perfumer, the druggist" from Arabic عَطَّار (ʿaṭṭār) "perfumer, druggist, pharmacist".
Alaväli Estonian
Alaväli is an Estonian surname meaning "area/region field".
Alavee Estonian
Alavee is an Estonian surname meaning "area/region water".
Alavez Spanish (Mexican)
Variant of Alaves primarily used in Mexico.
Alavi Persian
From the given name Ali 1.
Alaway English
From the Old English personal name Æðelwig, composed of the elements æðel ‘noble’ + wig ‘war’.
Alawi Arabic
From the given name Ali 1.
Alazraki Judeo-Spanish
From Arabic اَلأَزْرَق (al-ʾazraq) meaning "the blue one".
Alba Spanish, Catalan
From alba meaning "white".... [more]
Albakri Arabic, Malaysian
Alternate transcription of Al Bakri also used in Malaysia.
Albalat Catalan
Means "white winged" from medieval Catalan alb ("white") and alat ("winged"), originally from Latin albalatus ("of white wings") and used by the Visigoths before the Umayyad conquest of Hispania to name the cotton thistle because of its whitish spiny-winged stems.
Albanese Italian
Southern Italian : ethnic name from albanese ‘(an) Albanian’, applied to someone from Albania or from one of the Albanian settlements in Abruzzo, Apulia, Campania, and Sicily.
Albany Scottish, English (American)
From the title of the Dukes of Albany (House of Stuart), hence a name borne by their retainers. It is an infrequent surname in England and Scotland. The city of Albany, NY (formerly the Dutch settlement of Beverwijck or Fort Orange) was named for James Stuart, Duke of York and Albany; he was the brother of King Charles II and later king in his own right as James II... [more]
Albaugh German (Austrian)
Albaugh is a surname of Austrian origin. It is an anglicized variation of the German language surname Albach.
Albayrak Turkish
Means "red flag" in Turkish.
Albaz Jewish, Northern African
Ashkenazic Jewish name meaning, "falconer" found mainly amongst Jewish peoples emigrating from Algeria and Morocco.
Albee Scottish
Means either "son of the blond one" or "son of Alpin".
Al Behairy Arabic
Linguistic: Comes from the word BOHAYṘA which means lake, the name "lake" is being employed as an adjective.
Albehbehani Arabic
Meaning "The Behbehani", with "Behbehani" possibly a given name.
Albeiz Basque
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the municipality of Asparrena.
Albéniz Basque (Hispanicized)
Castilianized form of Albeiz.
Alber German
Alber family name was first found in Alsace. The nickname given to someone fair in complexion or blond haired is derived from Latin word Albanus, which means white.
Alberico Italian
From the given name Alberico
Alberti Italian
From the given name Alberto.
Albertov Russian
Means "son of Albert".
Albertsdóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Albert" in Icelandic.
Albinet French
Derived from the medieval French masculine given name Albinet, which was a diminutive (as the -et suffix indicates) of the given name Albin.... [more]
Albinez Spanish
Means "son of Albino".
Albino Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
From the given name Albino
Albinsen Danish, Norwegian
Means "Son of Albin".
Albizua Basque
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the municipality of Orozko.
Albo Spanish, Italian, Jewish
It is derived from the name Albert, Alberto, Albino, and Alberico.... [more]
Alborty Ossetian
Derived from Loir, the name of a village in present-day North Ossetia-Alania.
Albright American
This name was originally Albrecht. It was changed by German imigrants to America in the 1600s.
Alcabasa Filipino
Derived from Spanish el cabeza meaning "the head".
Alcalá Spanish
From numerous towns with this name (fortified villages during the Moorish occupation of Spain), derived from Arabic القلعة (al-qalʿah) meaning "fortress, fortification, citadel".
Alcántara Spanish
Habitational name denoting someone originally from the municipality of Alcántara in Extremadura, Spain. The name is ultimately derived from Arabic اَلْقَنْطَرَة‎ (al-qanṭara) meaning "the bridge".
Alcântara Portuguese
Portuguese cognate of Alcántara.
Alcantara Spanish, Filipino
Simplified form of Alcántara.
Alcaraz Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous Manchego municipality.
Alcobendas Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous Manchego municipality.
Alcock English
From a diminutive of given names starting with Al-.
Alcorn Scottish
Scottish variation of Allcorn, a name that originally came from Alchorn, a manor in the parish of Rotherfield, Sussex.
Alcott English
English: ostensibly a topographic name containing Middle English cott, cote ‘cottage’ (see Coates). In fact, however, it is generally if not always an alteration of Alcock, in part at least for euphemistic reasons.
Alcubierre Aragonese
This indicates familial origin within the vicinity of the Sierra d’Alcubierre.
Aldane Anglo-Saxon
Derived from "dweller at the old enclosure".
Aldatz Basque
This indicates familial origin within either of 2 eponymous Navarrese neighborhoods: the one in Larraun, Comarca of Leitzaldea or the one in Itza, Comarca of Iruñerria.
Aldaz Basque (Hispanicized)
Castilianized form of Aldatz.
Aldazabal Basque
It indicates familial origin within the eponymous farmhouse in the municipality of Azkoitia.
Aldea Spanish
Topographic name meaning "village, hamlet" in Spanish, ultimately from Arabic الضيعة‎ (ad-day'a).
Al Delaimi Arabic (Rare)
Variant transcription of Al Dulaimi.
Alderink Dutch
A personal name from an ancient Germanic personal name Aldheri.
Alderman English
Status name from Middle English alderman, Old English ealdorman, "elder". In medieval England an alderman was a member of the governing body of a city or borough; also the head of a guild.
Alderson English (Modern)
Patronymic from the Middle English forename Alder, derived from two Old English names, Ealdhere ‘ancient army’ and Æ{dh}elhere ‘noble army’... [more]
Aldinger German
Habitational name for someone from Aldingen in Württemberg.
Aldous English
Aldous is one of the thousands of new names that the Norman Conquest of 1066 brought to England. It comes from the Old English female given name Aldus. Ald, the first part of the name, means old.
Aldridge English
habitational name from a place in the West Midlands called Aldridge; it is recorded in Domesday Book as Alrewic, from Old English alor ‘alder’ + wīc ‘dwelling’, ‘farmstead’.
Alduate Basque
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the Navarrese municipality of Urraulbeiti.
al-Dulaimi Arabic
Means "the Dulaimi", referring to a person from the Dulaim (الدليم) royal tribe of Iraq, Syria, Kuwait and Jordan.
Aldunate Basque (Hispanicized)
Castilianized form of Alduate.
Aleghieri Medieval Italian (Tuscan, Rare, Archaic)
It has a hard to trace meaning, but the research shows that the meaning might be "clurgyman's family" or "son of professers." People know this last name for the poet Dante Aligheri who wrote the Dievine Comedy.
Alegre Spanish, Portuguese
Nickname from alegre "bright, merry" (Latin alacer).
Aleixo Portuguese
From the given name Aleixo.
Alejandro Spanish
From the personal name Alejandro, Spanish form of Alexander.
Alejo Spanish
From the given name Alejo.
Alekhin Russian
Variant of Alyokhin (Алёхин)
Alekhina Russian
Feminine form of Alekhin (Алехин)
Aleksanyan Armenian
Means "son of Aleksan".
Alekseyev Russian
Variant transcription of Alekseev.
Alekseyeva Russian
Feminine form of Alekseyev (Алексеев)
Aler English (Rare), German
From the alder tree, a tree found in the Americas, Europe and parts of Asia. The much less common given name Aler is possibly derived from it.
Alessandro Italian
From the given name Alessandro
Alessio Italian
From the given name Alessio.
Alexanderov Russian, Bulgarian
Variant transcription of Aleksandrov.
Alexandersdóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Alexander" in Icelandic.
Alexandra English (Rare)
Derived from the given name Alexandra
Alexandrou Greek
Means "son of Alexandros".
Alexandrov Russian
Variant transcription of Aleksandrov.
Alexandrova Russian, Bulgarian
Variant transcription of Aleksandrova.
Alexandru Romanian
From the given name Alexandru.
Alexanian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Aleksanyan.
Alexie Greek, Romanian
From the givin name Alexie
Alexiou Greek
Means "son of Alexis" in Greek. A famous bearer is the Greek singer Haris Alexiou.
Alexis German, French, English, Greek
From the given name Alexis
Alexopoulos Greek
From the personal name Alexios + the patronymic ending -poulos.
Aleyeva Russian
Feminine form of Aleyev (Алеев)
Alfani Italian
(or Alfano) three possibilities: from the German word halfer ("helper"), from a place called Alfano, which is supposed to be from the Arab al fannan ("wild donkey"), and Alfana is the name of a race (as in type) of Arab horses, so could be someone related to horses.
Alfeev Russian
Derived from the Russian monastic name Yelevfery, derived from Greek ἐλεύθερος (eleutheros) meaning "free".
Alfeo Italian
From the given name Alfeo.
Alferyev Russian
Derived from the Russian monastic name Yelevfery, derived from Greek ἐλεύθερος (eleutheros) meaning "free".
Alfes Jewish
Official website of the the City of Alfés (in the Province Lleida, Catalonia, Spain) says:... [more]
Alfonsi Italian
From the given name Alfonso.
Alfonso Spanish
From the given name Alfonso.
Alford English, Scottish
Habitation name found in Lincolnshire, Surrey and Somerset, England and Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The name can be derived by combining the Old English female personal name Ealdg- and -ford meaning "water crossing" or can mean "from the alder tree ford".
Alfredo Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
From the given name Alfredo.
Alfsen Norwegian
Norwegian cognate of Alfsson.
Alfstad Norwegian (Rare)
Possibly a combination of the given name Alf and stad "city, town".
Alfvén Swedish (Rare)
Perhaps derived from Swedish älv "river".
Alfyorov Russian
Derived from the Russian monastic name Yelevfery, derived from Greek ἐλεύθερος (eleutheros) meaning "free".
Algerie Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from the French Algérie meaning "Algeria" (referring directly to the country itself). It also refers to someone from Annaba, Algeria.
Al-ghamdi Arabic
Means "the Ghamdi", referring to the Ghamd tribe of Saudi Arabia.
Algieri Italian
Italian form of Algerie.
Algotsson Swedish
Means "son of Algot".
Algus Estonian
Algus is an Estonian surname meaning "beginning".
Al-haddad Arabic
Meaning “The Smith”
Alhadeff Judeo-Spanish
Possibly an occupational name for a weaver from Arabic الهداف (al-̣haddāf) meaning "the weaver's shuttle". Alternately, it may be from Arabic الهدى (al-hadā) meaning "the guided one".
Alhambra Spanish
Refers to the Alhambra, a palace complex located in Granada, Spain. The name itself is derived from Arabic الْحَمْرَاء‎‎ (Al-Ḥamrā) meaning "the red one" or, ultimately, from Arabic أَحْمَر (ʾaḥmar) "red".
Al Harbi Arabic
Originally indicated a person from the Harb tribe derived from Arabic حَرْبيّ (ḥarbiyy) meaning "military, war, army".
Alhassan Arabic, Somali, Urdu
From the given name Al-Hasan.
al-Husseini Arabic
Derived from the given name Hussein.
Alibekov Kazakh, Kumyk, Lezgin
Means "son of Alibek".
Alić Bosnian
Means "son of Ali 1".
Alighieri Italian
From the given name Alighiero, Italian form of Aldiger. A famous bearer of this surname is Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), author of the Divine Comedy.
Alimpiev Russian
Means "son of Alimpiy".
Alin Swedish
Variant of Ahlin.
Alioune Western African
From the given name Alioune.
Alipour Persian
Means "descendant of Ali 1" in Persian.
Alirez Spanish (Mexican)
A protector. Rap. Loves all things Coral.
Aliston English
Variant of Allerston, a habitational surname derived from a place so named in North Yorkshire.
Alistratova Russian
Feminine form of Alistratov (Алистратов)
Aliyeva Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Russian
Feminine form of Aliyev (Azerbaijani: Əliyev, Kazakh: Әлиев, Russian: Алиев)
Əlizadə Azerbaijani
Means "son of Əli".
Alizade Persian, Azerbaijani
Persian alternate transcription of Alizadeh as well as an Azerbaijani alternate transcription of Əlizadə.
Alizadeh Persian
From the given name Ali 1 combined with Persian زاده (zadeh) meaning "offspring".
Alizai Pashto
Means "son of Ali 1" in Pashto.
Alizoda Tajik
Tajik form of Alizadeh.
Aljalal Arabic
Meaning "Son of Jalal". Jalal, a Given Name.
Aljand Estonian
Aljand is an Estonian surname derived from "paljand" meaning "outcrop" and "locality".
Aljas Estonian
Aljas is an Estonian surname. It is a corruption of "haljas" meaning "green" and "verdant".
Aljaž Slovene
Etymological origin unknown, possibly from the latin word alias, meaning "different".
Al-kadamani Arabic, Esperanto
used Dutch "The Voice Of Holland"'s Hanin Al-Kadamani. apparently a Esperanto last name?
Alkaiaga Basque
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the Navarrese municipality of Lesaka.
Alkan Turkish
From Turkish al meaning "dark red, crimson" and kan meaning "blood".
al-Kashgari Uyghur, Arabic
Variant form of Kashgari. A famous bearer was Mahmud al-Kashgari (1005-1102), an 11th-century Kara-Khanid scholar and lexicographer of the Turkic languages from the city of Kashgar in Xinjiang, China.
Al Kayyali Arabic
Arabic surname from aleppo
Al-kindi Arabic
"From the Kinda tribe".
Alkiza Basque
It indicates familial origin within the eponymous municipality.
Alksnis Latvian
Means "alder tree" in Latvian.
Alkurdi Arabic
Arabic surname, denoting someone who had Kurdish ancestry.
Al Kuwari Arabic
Mainly found in Qatar.
All Estonian
All is an Estonian surname meaning "below" or "beneath".
Allaire Medieval French, French (Quebec), French (Huguenot)
Allaire is the name of a village in Northwestern France(Brittany) near Vannes. The name may have Breton origins. At least two separate branches of the family came to the New World in the 17th Century... [more]
Allala Basque
A diminutive of Ayala. The spelling was altered by Jose Maria Ayala, whose son Domingo Allala was related from his marriage to Estefana Champion-Werbisky, descendant of the Champion family from Rovigno, Croatia-Italy... [more]
Allali Arabic (Maghrebi)
Possibly from a shortened form of the name Abd Allah (chiefly Moroccan and Algerian).
Allam Arabic
originally an arabic name but has been used by english speakers. the name means "recognized" or "famous". in other languages it means "one who represents us" and in some languages translates as "flag"
Allane Scottish (Rare)
Variant of Allan
Allansen Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of Allan".
Allaoui Arabic (Maghrebi)
Alternate transcription of Alaoui.
Allcock English
Means son of Allen or Alexander.
Alleman French (Cajun), Spanish (Canarian), German
From the French and Spanish word for "German". Believed to have originated in the Alsace-Lorraine region. Some holders of the name migrated to the Canary Islands and are part of the larger Isleños population that settled throughout the Americas... [more]
Allemand French
Means "Germany" in French.
Allemann German (Swiss)
Allemann (also spelled Alleman, Allemand, Aléman, Allamont, Allemagne, Alemaye, Alemán, and Allamán) is a surname that can be found primarily in Switzerland deriving from the Latin surname, Alemannus, which refers to someone of Germanic descent, specifically from the Alamanni tribe... [more]
Allenbach German, German (Swiss)
Habitational name from any of several places called Allenbach.
Allende Basque, Spanish
Basque surname possibly linked to the Spanish word allende of Latin origin meaning "beyond" or "besides".
Allendorf German
Habitational name from any of ten or more places called Allendorf.
Alley English, French (Anglicized)
From a Middle English personal name, Alli, Alleye, as forms such as Johannes filius Alli (Norfolk, 1205) make clear... [more]
Allgeier German
The harried officials at Ellis Island began to assign surnames based upon the pronunciation of the name by the immigrant, rather than attempting to ferret out the actual spelling. ... [more]
Allgood Literature
Combination of the English words "all" and "good". It is used to denote a virtuous or heroic character in works of fiction.
Allik Estonian
Allik is an Estonian surname meaning "water source" or "spring".
Allikas Estonian
Allikas is an Estonian surname derived from "hallikas" meaning "grayish".
Allikivi Estonian
Allikivi is an Estonian surname meaning "source/wellspring stone".
Allikmaa Estonian
Allikmaa is an Estonian surname meaning "spring (water source) island".
Allikmäe Estonian
Allikmäe is an Estonian surname meaning "wellspring hill".
Alliksaar Estonian
Alliksaar is an Estonian surname meaning "spring (water source) island".
Alliku Estonian
Alliku is an Estonian surname, derived from "Allikas", meaning "wellspring".
Allikvee Estonian
Allikvee is an Estonian surname meaning "well water" or "wellspring water".
Alliluyev Russian
Russian surname. The feminine form Alliluyeva was borne by Nadezhda Alliluyeva (1901-1932), the second wife of Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin.
Alliluyeva Russian
Feminine form of Alliluyev (Аллилуев)
Allin English
Variant spelling of Allen. Also a derivative of the Norman female name Adelina, based on Germanic adal, 'noble'.
Allingu Estonian
Allingu is an Estonian surname related to "allikas" meaning "(water) spring".
Allis English
From the Middle English and Old French female personal name Alis (Alice), which, together with its diminutive Alison, was extremely popular in England in the Middle Ages. The personal name is of Germanic origin, brought to England from France by the Normans; it is a contracted form of Germanic Adalhaid(is), which is composed of the elements adal "noble" and haid "brilliance, beauty".
Allister Scottish
The name Allister is derived from the given name Alexander, which in turn was originally derived from the Greek name, which means defender of men. In the late 11th century, Queen Margaret introduced the name, which she had heard in the Hungarian Court where she was raised, into Scotland by naming one of her sons Alexander... [more]
Allmägi Estonian
Allmägi is an Estonian surname meaning "under/below mountain".
al-Logari Pashto, Persian
Denoted a person from Logar, one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan.
Allooloo Inuit
Surname borne by inuk writer and artist Siku Allooloo and by politician Titus Allooloo.
Allor French (Quebec)
Common Canadian spelling of the French surname Allard, reflecting the French pronunciation.
Alloway English
Means (i) "person from Alloway, Alloa or Alva", the name of various places in Scotland ("rocky plain"); or (ii) from the medieval male personal name Ailwi (from Old English Æthelwīg, literally "noble battle").
Allred English
From the Middle English personal name Alured, a form of Alfred, which was sometimes written Alvred, especially in Old French texts.