Submitted Surnames Starting with H

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Hertig German
Hertig is associated with the popular German personal name Hartwig, meaning "hard-battle."
Hertzberg German
From Hertz "heart" and berg "mountain"
Hertzel German
The ancestral home of the Hertzel family is in the German province of Bavaria. Hertzel is a German nickname surname. Such names came from eke-names, or added names, that described their initial bearer through reference to a physical characteristic or other attribute... [more]
Herve French
From the given name Hervé.
Herz German
German for 'heart'. Commonly a translation of the Hebrew surname 'Levi'.
Herzfeld German
Derived from the same name of a municipality in Bitburg-Prüm, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.
Hesbrook Scottish
Scottish surname.
Hesketh English
Combination of Old Norse hestr "horse" and skeið "racecourse". This is the name of several paces in England.
Hess German (?)
It is arguably both tribal and residential, originating from the pre 10th century A.D. It is believed to have originally described people who came from the region known as Hesse. The translation of this name is the 'hooded people'
Heß German, Jewish
Variant spelling of Hess.
Hester English
This surname is derived from a given name, which is the Latin form of Esther.
Heuer German
The name comes from the German word "Heu" meaning "hay."
Heung Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese romanization of Xiang.
Heuser German
Deriving from one of several places named Hausen.
Hevia Asturian
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous parish of the municipality of Siero.
Hewa Batage Sinhalese
House of the Cavalry Warrior; Hewa meaning warrior, Bata - cavalry, ge - house
Hewczak Polish
Hewczak is primarily a Polish surname of the Ukrainian surname of Hewczuk.... [more]
Hewczuk Ukrainian
Hewczuk is primarily a Ukrainian/Polish surname.... [more]
Hewit English
Variant of Hewitt
Hewton Irish
I can only date it back to Armagh County, Ireland in the early 1800s.
Heydari Persian
From the given name Heydar.
Heydlauff German (Americanized, Modern)
people lived in the Black Forest region of Germany. Many migrated to Michigan, USA
Heyer English, German, Dutch
English variant of Ayer. ... [more]
Hibbard English
English: variant of Hilbert.
Hibberts English
A variant of Hibbert, ultimately coming from Hilbert to begin with.
Hibbs English
This possibly derived from a medieval diminutive, similar to Hobbs for Robert.
Hibiya Japanese
It consists of the Japanese Kanji meaning day/sun (日), ratio (比), and valley (谷). Chitose Hibiya from the manga and anime Chobits is a notable bearer of this surname.
Hichem Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Hichem, a variant of Hisham; mainly found in Algeria.
Hick English
From the medieval personal name Hicke. The substitution of H- as the initial resulted from the inability of the English to cope with the velar Norman R-.
Hick Dutch
From a pet form of a Germanic personal name, such as Icco or Hikke (a Frisian derivative of a compound name with the first element hild "strife", "battle").
Hick German
From a derivative of a Slavic pet form of Heinrich.
Hick German
From Hiko, a pet form of any of the Germanic personal names formed with hild "strife", "battle" as the first element.
Hickenlooper Dutch, German
This surname means hedge hopper.
Hicklin English (American)
The closest surname found is Hickey, an Irish name dirived from descendant from the healer.... [more]
Hickman Welsh
Comes from Hick, a Welsh diminutive of Richard, so it literally means "Richard's men".
Hickson Irish, English
It means ‘countryman’ similar to Hickman
Hidad Arabic
In Arabic this means "black smith".
Hidayat Arabic, Urdu
From the given name Hidayat.
Hiddleston English, Scottish
Habitational name from a place called Huddleston in Yorkshire, England. The place name was derived from the Old English personal name HUDEL.
Hield English (British)
Olde English pre 7th Century. Topographical name meaning slope.
Hieronymus Dutch, German
From the Greek given name ‘Ιερωνυμος (Hieronymos) meaning "sacred name". (See Jerome.)
Hietala Finnish
Finnish. (hieta) meaning, “fine-sand” combined with (la) meaning, “abode, house, place, or land of….”
Hietamaa Finnish
Finnish. (hieta) meaning, “fine-sand” combined with (maa) meaning, “country.”
Hietamaki Finnish
hieta ("fine-sand") & mäki ("hill")
Higa Okinawan, Japanese
Japanese borrowing of Okinawan 比嘉 (Fija), which is of uncertain meaning.
Higashi Japanese
From Japanese 東 (higashi) meaning "east".
Higashida Japanese
From Japanese 東 (higashi) meaning "east" and 田 (ta) meaning "field, rice paddy".
Higashiyama Japanese
Higashi means "East" and Yama means "Mountain".
Higdon English
From the personal name Hikedun.
Higginbotham English
Habitational name from a place in Lancashire now known as Oakenbottom. The history of the place name is somewhat confused, but it is probably composed of the Old English elements ǣcen or ācen "oaken" and botme "broad valley"... [more]
Higgins English
Patronymic from the medieval personal name Higgin, a pet form of Hick.
Higgins Irish
Variant of Hagan.
Higginson English
Patronymic from the medieval personal name Higgin, a pet form of Hick.
Highland English, German
English, Scottish, and Irish: variant spelling of Hyland.... [more]
Highlander Scottish
Name given to a person who lived in the high lands of Scotland.
Higuaín Spanish (Rare), Basque (Hispanicized)
Derived from the Basque surname Iguain, of uncertain origin.
Higuchi Japanese
From Japanese 樋 (hi) meaning "gutter, trough" and 口 (kuchi) meaning "mouth, entrance".
Hiie Estonian
Hiie is an Estonian surname, derived from Estonian mythology. "Hiiela" was the land of the dead and "Hiis" is a sacred grove.
Hiiekivi Estonian
Hiiekivi is an Estonia surname, derived from the pre-Christian "hiie", a sacred location, and "kivi" meaning "stone".
Hiielaid Estonian
Hiielaid is an Estonian surname meaning "grove islet".
Hiielepp Estonian
Hiielepp is an Estonian surname derived from "hiis" (a sacred grove) alder".
Hiiemaa Estonian
Hiiemaa is an Estonia surname, derived from the pre-Christian "hiie", a sacred location, and "maa" meaning land.
Hiiemets Estonian
Hiiemets is an Estonian surname meaning "sacred grove forest".
Hiiend Estonian
Hiiend is an Estonian meaning "grove" and "ledge".
Hiiesalu Estonian
Hiiesalu is an Estonian surname derived from the pre-Christian "hiie" (a sacred location), and "salu" ("grove").
Hiiesoo Estonian
Hiiesoo is an Estonian surname meaning "grove swamp/marsh".
Hiievälja Estonian
Hiievälja is an Estonian surname meaning "sacred location outside/afield".
Hiiop Estonian
Hiiop is an Estonian surname derived from the Biblical name "Hiiob" (also, "Iiob", or "Job" in English).
Hiiragi Japanese
From Japanese 柊 (hiiragi) meaning "holly osmanthus".
Hiis Estonian
Hiis is an Estonian surname meaning "grove".
Hijazi Arabic
Denotes someone who was originally from the region of Hejaz in western Saudi Arabia.
Hijikata Japanese
From 泥 (hiji) meaning "mud, mire," more often written as 土, from tsuchi meaning "earth, soil, dirt, mud," and 方 (kata) meaning "direction, way" or, more rarely, 片 (kata) meaning "one (of a pair); incomplete, fragmentary" (cognate with 方).... [more]
Hikawa Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 氷 (hi) meaning "ice" and 川 (kawa) meaning "river, stream".
Hiko Japanese
Means "prince" in Japanese. It would denote a person who acted like one.
Hila Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Hilaire Haitian Creole, French
From the given name Hilaire.
Hilario Spanish
From the given name Hilarius.
Hilbert English, French, Dutch, German
English, French, Dutch, and German: from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements hild ‘strife’, ‘battle’ + berht ‘bright’, ‘famous’.
Hildenbrand German
Variant of Hildebrand
Hildersley English
Meadow of the hilldweller.
Hilevich Belarusian
Derived from the Belarusian word гіль (hiĺ) meaning "bullfinch" (a name given to two groups of passerine birds) in Belarusian.
Hilfiker German (Swiss)
Altered spelling of Hilfinger, patronymic derivative of the personal name Hilfo, Helfo, a short form of a Germanic personal name based on helfe 'helper'.
Hilger German, Dutch
From a Germanic personal name composed of the elements hild 'strife', 'battle' + gar, ger 'spear'.
Hiljanen Finnish
Hiljanen derives from hilja which means "quiet" in Finnish.
Hillary English
From the given name Hillary. A famous bearer is explorer Edmund Hillary (1919-2008)
Hillegas German
German: Variant of Hillegass from a variant of the Germanic personal name Hildegaud, composed of hild ‘strife’, ‘battle’ + got, of uncertain meaning (perhaps the same word as Goth).
Hillfair Ukrainian
A fair someone. One who does a fair thing. Hill is which lives on a hill, other meanings of a fine hill, good for agriculture, hillfair as a fair hill.
Hilliard English
English: from the Norman female personal name Hildiarde, Hildegard, composed of the Germanic elements hild ‘strife’, ‘battle’ + gard ‘fortress’, ‘stronghold’... [more]
Hills English
Variant of Hill.
Hilmarsdóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Hilmar".
Hiltz German
Variant of Hilz.
Himi Japanese
From the Japanese 氷 (hi) "ice" and 見 (mi) "mindset," "outlook."
Himlfarb Yiddish
Means "color of the sky".
Himmel German
German word for "sky"
Himmler German, History
Derived from German Himmel "heaven, sky". This was a topographic name for someone living at a high altitude. ... [more]
Hinata Japanese
From Japanese 日向 (hinata) meaning "sunny place", 陽向 (hinata) meaning "toward the sun", or a non-standard reading of 向日葵 (himawari) meaning "sunflower". Other kanji compounds are also possible.
Hinckley English
From the name of a place in Leicestershire meaning "Hynca's wood", from the Old English byname Hynca, derivative of hún "bear cub", and leah "woodland, clearing".
Hind English, Scottish
English (central and northern): nickname for a gentle or timid person, from Middle English, Old English hind ‘female deer’.... [more]
Hindle English
Habitational name from a place in the parish of Whalley, Lancashire, so called from the same first element + Old English hyll 'hill'.
Hindley English
English (Lancashire): habitational name from a place near Manchester, so named from Old English hind ‘female deer’ + leah ‘wood’, ‘clearing’.
Hindman Irish
Keeper of the king's deer.
Hingeston Anglo-Saxon, English
A an earlier variation of the surname Hingston. See Hingston for full meaning.
Hingestone Anglo-Saxon, English
A an earlier variation of the surname Hingston. See Hingston for full meaning.
Hingst Low German
From Low German Hingst (stallion).
Hingston English
The distribution of the Hingston surname appears to be based around the South Hams area of Devon. The English Place Name Society volumes for Devon give the best indication of the source of the name... [more]
Hinkebein Dutch, German
Nickname for someone with a limp, from Middle Low German hinken meaning "to limp" + bein meaning "leg".
Hinkel German
Nickname for a timid, fearful person, from dialect hinkel ‘chicken’
Hinkelman German
Elaborated variant of Hinkel, with the addition of Middle High German 'man'.
Hinkle American
Americanized spelling of Dutch and German Hinkel. Variant spelling of English Hinckley.
Hinode Japanese
日 (Hi) means "Sun, Day", ノ (No) is a particle, 出 (De) means "Come Out". This surname means "Sunrise" in Japanese. It is uncommon, as a last name and a first name as well.
Hinriksdóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Hinrik" in Icelandic.
Hinriksson Icelandic
Means "son of Hinrik" in Icelandic.
Hinson German
It means "son of Hinrich"
Hint Estonian
Hint is an Estonian surname, a diminutive of the masculine given name "Hindrek".
Hintgen Luxembourgish
Appeared in Luxembourg in 1698 in an area around Bertrange and Strassen. there are Hentgens there yet today.
Hinton English (Archaic)
Comes from Old English heah meaning "high" and tun meaning "enclosure" or "settlement." A notable person with the surname is female author S.E Hinton.
Hintzell German (Rare)
Variant from name Hintz which was popular in Saxony and Hessen. Name later used in German Prussia. The name Hintz originates as a short form of the personal name Heinrich.
Hinxstone Anglo-Saxon, English
A an earlier variation of the surname Hingston. See Hingston for full meaning.
Hinz German, Danish (Rare)
Derived from the given name Hinz, a diminutive of Heinrich.
Hiott Anglo-Saxon
From the Anglo-Saxon town of Ayott, which means “at the high gate”.
Hipkin English
English name meaning relative of Herbert
Hippy Indonesian (Rare)
This surname was born in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. However as time passes and people move on, this family can now be found on Java Island.
Hirai Japanese
From Japanese 平 (hira) meaning "level, even, peaceful" and 井 (i) meaning "well".
Hirakawa Japanese
From Japanese 平 (hira) meaning "level, even, peaceful" and 川 (kawa) meaning "river, stream".
Hiramatsu Japanese
From Japanese 平 (hira) meaning "level, even, peaceful" and 松 (matsu) meaning "pine tree, fir tree".
Hiramitsu Japanese
Means "flat light" in Japanese.
Hiranchai Thai
From Thai หิรัญ (hiran) meaning "money, silver, gold" and ชัย (chai) meaning "victory".
Hirasaka Japanese
Hira means "Peace" and Saka means "Hill, Slope".
Hirasawa Japanese
From Japanese 平 (hira) meaning "level, even, peaceful" and 沢, 澤 (sawa) meaning "marsh".
Hirashima Japanese
From the Japanese 平 (hira) "peace" and 島, 嶋 or 嶌 (shima) "island."
Hirata Japanese
From Japanese 平 (hira) meaning "level, even, peaceful" and 田 (ta) meaning "field, rice paddy".
Hiratani Japanese
Hira meaning "Peace" and Tani meaning "Valley". In other regions of Japan, this name could be pronounced "Hiragai, Hiragaya, or Hiraya" by accident, depending on the region it's taken to. I think this originates from the south.
Hirayama Japanese
From Japanese 平 (hira) meaning "level, even, peaceful" and 山 (yama) meaning "mountain".
Hiremath Indian, Kannada
Of uncertain meaning.
Hiroi Japanese
From the Japanese 廣 or 広 (hiro) "wide" and 井 (i) "well."
Hiromi Japanese (Rare)
From the stem of adjective 広い/廣い (hiroi), meaning "spacious, vast, wide," combined with either 海 (mi), shortened from umi meaning "sea, ocean," or 見 (mi) meaning "looking, viewing."... [more]
Hirono Japanese
From Japanese 広 (hiro) meaning "wide, broad, spacious" and 野 (no) meaning "field, wilderness".
Hirosawa Japanese
Hiro means "Wide" and Sawa means "Swamp, Marsh".
Hirose Japanese
From Japanese 広 or 廣 (hiro) meaning "broad, wide, spacious" and 瀬 (se) meaning "rapids, current".
Hiroshima Japanese (Rare)
Hiro means "widespread,broad","generous","prosperous" depending on kanji used. Shima means "Island" the same as "jima" does. So this surname rather mean "Prosperous Island"or "Broad Island"."Generous Island" might be possible,but it's not likely used for the last name the same as it is for the given name, Hiro.
Hirota Japanese
From Japanese 廣, 広 or 弘 (hiro) meaning "broad, wide, spacious" and 田 (ta) meaning "field, rice paddy".
Hiroto Japanese
From the given name Hiroto.
Hirschberg German, Jewish
Derived from many places named Hirschberg in the states of Thuringia and North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, or the historic city of Jelenia Góra in southwestern Poland. It is composed of Middle High German hirz meaning "deer, stag" and berg meaning "hill, mountain"... [more]
Hirschfeld German, Jewish, Yiddish
Ornamental name composed of German hirsch or Yiddish hirsh meaning "deer" and feld meaning "field". It is also a topographic name for someone who lived in an area of land frequented by deer or where millets grew.
Hirsekorn German
Hirsekorn - millet grain - seems to be of Jewish origin
Hirst English
Variant of Hurst
Hirt Upper German (Anglicized)
From the word Hirten meaning sheep herder.
Hiruma Japanese
From the Japanese 蛭 (hiru) "leech" and 間 (ma) "pause."
Hirv Estonian
Hirv is an Estonian surname meaning "deer"
Hirvesoo Estonian
Hirvesoo is an Estonian surname meaning "deer swamp".
Hisamatsu Japanese
Hisa (久) "Long ago, Long lasting" and Matsu (松) "Pine".
Hisamoto Japanese
From Japanese 久 (hisa) meaning "long time ago" and 本 (moto) meaning "base, root, origin".
Hisaw English
Of uncertain origin and meaning.
Hiscock English
From a pet form of Hick.
Hitarashi Japanese
From Japanese "浸" (hita) meaning immersion and "らし" (rashi) meaning likelihood
Hitchins English
Comes from the town Hitchin
Hitotose Japanese (Rare)
Regardless of Hitotose's pronunciation, it literally consists of the kanji for "all 4 seasons : Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter" in that order.
Hitotsuyanagi Japanese
一 (Hitotsu) means "One" and 柳 (Yanagi) means "Willow".
Hittenrauch Prussian
from the prussian word von hittenraoucht meaning "of royalty"
Hittle German (Anglicized)
Americanized form of German Hüttl (see Huettl).
Hix English
Variant of Hicks
Hiyama Japanese
From the Japanese hi, meaning "red, scarlet", and mura, meaning "town, village".
Hiyama Japanese
From Japanese 檜, 桧 (hi) meaning "Japanese cypress" and 山 (yama) meaning "mountain, hill".
Hjälm Swedish
Variant of Hjelm.
Hjalmarsson Swedish
Means "son of Hjalmar".
Hjelm Swedish, Danish
From Swedish hjälm or Danish hjelm, both derived from Old Norse hjalmr "helmet".
Hjelte Swedish
From Swedish hjälte "hero".
Hjermstad Norwegian (Rare)
Hjerm means royal swords, stad means place. So Hjermstad means "place for the King's swords".
Hjornevik Norwegian
Named after the town of Hjørnevik, Norway
Hladik Czech
a finisher or polisher of furniture
Hladika Croatian
Possibly derived from hladno, meaning "cold".
Hliabovič Belarusian
Means "son of Hlieb".
Hlöðversdóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Hlöðver". Used exclusively by women.
Hlöðversson Icelandic
Means "son of Hlöðver". Used exclusively by men; Hlöðversdóttir is the female form].
Hluchý Czech
Hluchý means "Deaf" in Czech.
Hồ Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Hu, from Sino-Vietnamese 胡 (hồ).
Hoagland American
American form of Scandinavian topographical surnames, such as Swedish Högland or Norwegian Haugland, both essentially meaning "high land".
Hoang Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Hoàng.
Hoapili Hawaiian
"Attached to the bosom", i.e very, very close. Name given by Kamehameha to his brother and closest high chief.
Hoar English
Nickname meaning gray haired.
Hõbe Estonian
Hõbe is an Estonian surname meaning "silver".
Hõbemägi Estonian
Hõbemägi is an Estonian surname meaning "silver mountain".
Hõbemets Estonian
Hõbemets is an Estonian surname meaning "silver forest".
Hõbesalu Estonian
Hõbesalu is an Estonian surname meaning "silver grove".
Hoắc Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese (Huò) meaning "Quick".
Hoceimi Arabic (Maghrebi, Rare)
Habitational name for someone originally from Al Hoceima, a town and province in Algeria.
Hočevar Slovene
Originally indicated a person from Kočevje (Gottschee County), a city and municipality in southern Slovenia.
Hochfeld German
Means "high field".
Hock German
Topographic name for someone living by a hedge, from a dialect variant of Heck.
Hockenhull English
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of Tarvin, Cheshire West and Chester.
Hockton German
In relation to Hock a wine producing region and probably being adopted into Britain via Anglo Saxon settlers.
Hocog Chamorro (Modern)
Chamorro for "No more, empty, completed".
Hod Hebrew
From the given name Hod which means "glory, splendor" in Hebrew, more commonly used as a surname.
Hodapp German
1 South German: probably a nickname for a clumsy person, from Middle High German hōh ‘high’, ‘tall’ + the dialect word dapp ‘fool’.... [more]
Hodder English
Occupational name for a maker or seller of hoods, from a Middle English agent derivative of Old English hod
Hoddson French
Variation of the surname, HODSON.
Hodge English
From the given name Hodge, a medieval diminutive of Roger.
Hodge English
Nickname from Middle English hodge "hog", which occurs as a dialect variant of hogge, for example in Cheshire place names.
Hodsen English
Variant of Hodson.
Hoe English
Topographic name for someone who lived by a spur of a hill.
Höek Ancient Germanic (?)
Surname of Ren Höek from Ren & Stimpy.
Hoelzer German
German cognate of Holt
Hoen German, Dutch
Nickname from hoen 'chicken', 'hen', perhaps denoting a silly person.
Hoerman English, German
Variant of Herman. Variant of Hörmann.
Hofbauer German
Means - King farmer
Hoferle German (Austrian)
Means "Yard Clearing" from a Combination of the Austrian word Höfer meaning "yard" or "court" with the ancient suffix "le" meaning woodland or clearing.
Hoffa German
Altered form of Hofer. This surname was borne by American labor union leader Jimmy Hoffa (1913-1975?).
Hoffer German
The name Hoffer is derived from the Old German and German word hof, which means settlement, farm or court.
Hoffert German
Variant of Hofer
Hofstadter Jewish
Derived from the German towns of Hofstetten, Franconia and Hofstaedt, Pomerania. In German, the suffix -er means "from".... [more]
Hogg English
An occupational name for someone who herded swine.
Hoggatt English
A name for someone who worked as a keeper of cattle and pigs.