Submitted Surnames Starting with O

Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Ouy French
Some derive this name from the French word "gui," meaning mistletoe. Others think it comes through the Celtic name "Kei," from Caius. Others belive the name comes from the French words "guide," a leader, or "guidon," a banner... [more]
Ouyahia Berber, Northern African
Means "son of Yahia", from the Berber prefix ou- meaning "son (of)" combined with the Arabic given name Yahia (chiefly Algerian).
Ouyang Chinese
From Chinese 歐 (ōu) referring to Mount Sheng in present-day Huzhou, China, combined with 陽 (yáng) meaning "southern face (of a mountain)". The name supposedly originated with a prince of the Yue state that settled in the area surrounding the mountain... [more]
Ovadia Jewish
From the given name Ovadia.
Övall Swedish (Rare)
Combination of Swedish ö "island" and vall "wall, pasture, field of grass".
Ovalle Galician
Galician topographic name from o vale ‘the valley’ (Latin uallis, ualles).
Overbeeke Dutch
Means "over/on brook" or "over/on stream" or "over/on creek"... [more]
Overfelt English
Derived from the Old English "ofer," meaning "seashore," or "riverbank."
Overholser German (Swiss)
The Oberholtzer family originated in the Swiss village of Oberholtz, south of Zurich, before the 15th century. However, in 1661, one family left Switzerland for the Palatinate in Germany.
Overson English
Derived from the Old French name Overson, meaning "dweller by the river-banks". The name was probably brought to England in the wake of the Norman conquest of 1066.
Overson Danish, Norwegian
Altered spelling of Oveson, itself a patronymic from the personal name Ove, a Danish form of the older Aghi, with a second element possibly meaning "spear".
Oviedo Spanish, Asturian
Derived from spanish "oveja" meaning sheep.
Oviir Estonian
Oviir is an Estonian surname derived from "viir" meaning "stripe" or "streak".
Ow Chinese
Variant of Ou.
Owari Japanese
From Japanese 終 (owa) meaning “last, to finish” and 里 (ri) meaning “village, the home of one’s parents, hometown”. The latter character is also an archaic Japanese unit of area.
Owner English
From English owner meaning "a person who owns something".
Owo Nigerian
From the given name Owo.
Owsley English
Habitational name form a now lost place name in Southern England. Possibly derived from the name of the river name Ouse and Old English -leah meaning "wood".
Owusu Western African, Akan
Means "strong-willed, determined" in Akan.
Oxendine English
From an English place name meaning "valley of the oxen", which was derived from Old English oxa "ox" (genitive plural oxena) and denu "valley".
Oxenstierna Swedish (Rare)
A notable surname used by an ancient Swedish noble family from Småland dating back to the 13th century. The name means "the ox's forehead". It is a combination of Swedish oxen, a cognate to the English plural of 'ox', and stierna, which is likely derived from German Stirn "forehead", though it is often mistaken for Swedish stjärna "star"... [more]
Oy Khmer, Lao
Khmer and Lao form of Huang, based on Hokkien Oi.
Oyakawa Japanese
From the Japanese 親 (oya) "parent" and 川 (kawa) "river."
Oyama Japanese
From the Japanese 大 (o) "big" and 山 (yama) "mountain."
Oyamada Japanese
O means "Small", Yama means "Mountain", Da means "Field, Rice Paddy".
Oyaski English (American)
A surname created by Michael Oyaski (formally Michael O'Yaski). The surname is currently known to only be used by one particular branch of the O'Yaski family tree. The surname means "Dragon Rider of the West" according to members of the Oyaski family.
Ọyáwálé Yoruba, Nigerian
Means "the river goddess came home" in Yoruba.
Oyiakwan Akan
Meaning unknown.
Oyinvwi Urhobo
A name from the history of the urhobo culture. It's been noted that the name indicate strength and is the name attached to it. The important vice of the tradition. Leads trivial matters in hope for liberty.
Öz Turkish
Means "core, essence" in Turkish.
Ozaki Japanese
A variant of Osaki. O means "Big" and Zaki means "Peninsula, Cape, Promontory".
Özalp Turkish
Comes from Özalp, Van, Turkey
Ožana Czech
Ožana - ožanka (Teucrium) - Osana - OSANNA, OSANKA (german) - HOSANA (hebrew)... [more]
Ozarovskaya Russian
Feminine form of Ozarovsky (Озаровский)
Ozarovsky Russian
Variant of Azarov (Азаров)
Ozawa Japanese
From Japanese 小 (o) meaning "small" and 沢 or 澤 (sawa) meaning "marsh".
Özbekoğlu Turkish
Means "son of an Uzbek".
Ozbekov Kyrgyz
Means "son of an Uzbek".
Özcan Turkish
Means "pure soul" in Turkish.
Özçelik Turkish
From Turkish öz meaning "core, essence" and çelik meaning "steel".
Özdemir Turkish
Means "pure iron" from Turkish öz meaning "pure" and demir meaning "iron".
Ozdoev Ingush (Russified)
Russified form of an Ingush family name, which is derived the old Ingush personal name Ozda used by members of the Ozda teip (clan). The name itself is of disputed origin and meaning, though it is thought to be of non-Nakh, Perso-Arabic origin... [more]
Özer Turkish
From Turkish öz meaning "core, essence" and er meaning "man, male, warrior".
Ozerov Russian
From Russian озеро (ozero) meaning "lake".
Özil Turkish
From Turkish words Öz meaning "core", "essence", "pure" and Il meaning "city", "province".
Özkan Turkish
Means "pure blood" from Turkish öz meaning "pure" and kan meaning "blood".
Ozoliņa Latvian
Feminine counterpart of Ozoliņš.
Ōzora Japanese
From Japanese 大 (ō) meaning "big, great" and 空 (sora) meaning "sky".
Öztürk Turkish
From the given name Öztürk.
Ozu Japanese (Rare)
In this surname can mean "Small" and Zu means "Harbor". This is how Yasujiro Ozu's surname is written. He was a director of films.