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Rascon Spanish
Possibly a nickname for Rascón, meaning “sharp”, “sour”, or “rail (the bird)”
Rasel Bengali
From the given name Rasul.
Rashad Arabic, Dhivehi
From the given name Rashad.
Rashed Arabic, Bengali
From the given name Rashid.
Rasheed Arabic, Urdu, Dhivehi
From the given name Rashid.
Rashid Arabic, Bengali, Urdu, Persian
From the given name Rashid.
Rashidi Persian, Arabic
From the given name Rashid.
Rashidin Malaysian, Kazakh (Rare)
From the given name Rashid.
Rashidov Uzbek, Kazakh
Means "son of Rashid".
Rashleigh English
From a location in Devon, derived from Old English "roe buck" + léah "clearing".
Rasila Finnish
A variant of the finnish word (rasi) for a forest that has been cleared for slash and burn but has not yet been burnt for agricultural means. The suffix "-la" is usually added to the stem of the word to indicate a location... [more]
Rask Estonian
Rask is an Estonian surname meaning "puttee (a cloth or leather legging)".
Raskolnikov Literature
The surname of Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, protagonist of Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. It derives from the Russian word raskolnik, meaning "schismatic" or a member of the Old Believer sect.
Rasmusson Swedish
Means "son of Rasmus".
Rason English
Variant of Reason.
Rasool Arabic, Urdu
From the given name Rasul.
Rasooli Persian
From the given name Rasool.
Rasor English
Probably from Old French rasor, meaning "razor".
Rasoul Persian
From the given name Rasoul.
Rasouli Persian
From the given name Rasoul.
Raspberry English
Variant spelling of Rasberry.
Raspberry English
Variant of Rasberry influenced by the name of the fruit but has no connection to it.
Rassam Arabic
Means "artist, painter" in Arabic.
Rassi Italian
Comes from the Italian rosso, meaning "red".
Rasskazov Russian
From rasskaz, meaning "story".
Rassmussen English (American, Rare)
Americanized spelling of Danish and Norwegian Rasmussen.
Rästas Estonian
Rästas is an Estonian surname meaning "ouzel (bird)" and "thrush (bird)".
Rastegar Persian
Means "free, liberated, saved" in Persian.
Rastoder Bosnian
Possibly derived from hrast, meaning "oak", and derati, meaning "tearing, to tear".
Rastogi Indian, Hindi
Possibly derived from Rohtas, the name of a district in Bihar, India, itself from the name of a Hindu deity.
Rasul Arabic, Bengali, Urdu, Persian
From the given name Rasul.
Rasulev Bashkir, Uzbek, Tatar
Means "son of Rasul".
Rəsulov Azerbaijani
Means "son of Rəsul".
Rasva Estonian
Rasva is an Estonian surname meaning "tallow", "fat" and "grease".
Rasvak Latvian
A officer in the Latvian Waffen SS
Ratas Estonian
Ratas is an Estonian surname meaning "wheel".
Ratassepp Estonian
Ratassepp is an Estonian surname meaning "wheel smith".
Ratchford English
habitational name from Rochford (Worcestershire) from Old English ræcc ‘hunting dog’ (genitive ræcces) and ford "ford"... [more]
Ratcliff English
Habitational name from any of the places, in various parts of England, called Ratcliff(e), Radcliffe, Redcliff, or Radclive, all of which derive their names from Old English rēad meaning "red" + clif meaning "cliff", "slope", "riverbank".
Rath German
1 German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): descriptive epithet for a wise person or counselor, from Middle High German rāt ‘counsel’, ‘advice’, German Rat ‘counsel’, ‘advice’, also ‘stock’, ‘supply’.... [more]
Rathbone English
Of unknown origin, but might denote a person with short legs. From Olde English rhath, meaning "short, and bon, "legs".
Rather German, Jewish
1. Occupational name for a counsellor or nickname for a wise person, from Middle High German rater ‘adviser’. ... [more]
Rathgeber German
From Middle High German ratgebe or Middle Low German ratgever "giver of advice, counselor", an occupational name for an adviser or wise man.
Rathnayake Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Ratnayake.
Ráðúlfsdóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Ráðúlfr" in Icelandic.
Ráðúlfsson Icelandic
Means "son of Ráðúlfr" in Icelandic.
Ratigan Irish (Anglicized, Rare)
Anglicized form of Ó Reachtagán, meaning "descendant of Reachtagán", a personal name from a diminutive of reachtaire ("steward", "administrator") or reacht ("law")... [more]
Ratnayake Sinhalese
From Sanskrit रत्न (ratna) meaning "jewel, treasure" and नायक (nayaka) meaning "hero, leader".
Rätsep Estonian
Rätsep means ''tailor'' in Estonian.
Rattana Khmer, Thai
Derived from Thai รัตน์ (rạtn) meaning "gem jewel"
Rattanabej Thai (Sanskritized, Rare)
Sanskritized transcription of Thai รัตนเพชร์ (see Rattanaphet).
Rattanapetch Thai (Rare)
Variant transcription of Thai รัตนเพชร์ (see Rattanaphet).
Rattanaphet Thai (Rare)
From Thai รัตน (rattana-) meaning "gem; jewel" and เพชร์ (phet), a variant form of เพชร (phet) meaning "diamond".
Rattanasack Lao
From Lao ລັດຕະນະ (rattana) meaning "precious stone, jewel, gem" and ສັກ (sack) meaning "power, authority".
Rattanavong Lao
From Lao ລັດຕະນະ (rattana) meaning "precious stone, jewel, gem" and ວົງ (vong) meaning "lineage, family".
Rätte Estonian
Rätte is an Estonian surname meaning "shawl".
Rattigan Irish (Anglicized)
Variant of Ó Reachtagáin "descendant of Reachtagán".
Ratzinger German
Ratzinger means that someone has origins in the town of Ratzing. There are several German towns with this name. RATZ means ‘Serb’. Serbs were indigenous people in Germany, and many German cities originally had Serbian names (Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Brandenburg)... [more]
Ratzon Hebrew (Modern)
Means "will, wish, desire" in Hebrew.
Rau German
Nickname for a ruffian, earlier for a hairy person, from Middle High German ruch, ruhe, rouch "hairy", "shaggy", "rough".
Rau English
From a medieval personal name, a variant of Ralph.
Rau Italian
From a local variant of the personal name Rao, an old form of Ralph.
Rau Indian
Variant of RAO.
Räuber German, German (Swiss)
German, Swiss German: derogatory nickname, from Middle High German roubære ‘robber’, ‘bandit’, ‘highwayman’ (from roub, roup ‘booty’, ‘spoils’).
Rauch German
Perhaps an occupational nickname for a blacksmith or charcoal burner, from Middle High German rouch, German Rauch ‘smoke’, or, in the case of the German name, a status name or nickname relating to a hearth tax (i.e. a tax that was calculated according to the number of fireplaces in each individual home).
Raud Estonian
Raud is an Estonian surname meaning "iron".
Raudabaugh German (Americanized)
Raudabaugh is a German-Americanized surname of Reidenbach. People include Dan Raudabaugh (American Football coach) and Dave Raudabaugh (Outlaw who was an acquaintance to Billy the kid).
Raudkell Estonian
Raudkell is an Estonian surname meaning "iron clock".
Raudsepp Estonian
Raudsepp is an Estonian name meaning "blacksmith" (the combination of "raud", meaning "iron" and "sepp", meaning "smith").
Rauf Arabic, Urdu, Dhivehi
Derived from the given name Rauf.
Rauhanen Finnish
Finnish rauha "peace" combined with the common surname suffix -nen. ... [more]
Raum German
From German meaning "room, space".
Raun Estonian
Raun is an Estonian surname derived from "raunjalg" meaning "bird's nest fern" (Asplenium).
Rausch German
Nickname for a noisy person, derived from ruschen, meaning "to make a noise" in Middle High German. ... [more]
Rausing Swedish (Rare)
Combination of Raus, the name of a parish in southern Sweden, and the common surname suffix -ing "belonging to, coming from".
Raut Indian, Marathi, Hindi, Odia, Bengali
Derived from Sanskrit राजपुत्र (rajaputra) meaning "prince".
Rautiainen Finnish
Derived from Finnish rautio "smith".
Raval Gujarati
"Bramhin King"
Raval Indian, Gujarati
From Gujarati રાવ (rava) meaning "king", ultimately from Sanskrit राजन् (rajan).
Ravel French, French (African)
Derived from either a place called Ravel in the district of Drome or Provence, or from the word 'rave' meaning a root vegetable, and hence a grower or seller of such items.
Raveling German
nickname or patronymic from Middle Low German rave(n) ‘raven’
Ravelino Old Celtic (Latinized, Archaic)
It means manufacturing of fine and expensive fabrics. Also means the tailor or weaver. It comes from Asti and Piedmont (noth of Italy).
Ravellino Celtic
It means weaver or taylor. In the Gaelic languaje is wehydd or gwehydd.
Ravencroft English (Rare)
Probably a variant of Ravenscroft.
Ravenel English, French
Habitational name from Ravenel in Oise or a metonymic occupational name for a grower or seller of horseradish, from a diminutive of Old French ravene ‘horseradish’ (Latin raphanus)... [more]
Ravenhill English
From Rauenilde or Ravenild, medieval English forms of the Old Norse given name Hrafnhildr.
Ravenscar English (British)
From a coastal village with the same name, located in the Scarborough district of North Yorkshire, England.
Ravenscroft English, English (British)
Habitational name from a minor place in Cheshire, England. The place name means "Hræfn's croft", from an Old English personal name Hræfn (itself from Old English hræfn meaning "raven", possibly a byname) and Old English croft meaning "enclosed field".
Ravenswood English (American)
Ravenswood is a gothic surname.
Raver English (American)
Americanization of Röver.
Ravi Indian
From the given name Ravi
Ravid Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Ravid, means "ornament, necklace" in Hebrew.
Ravier Occitan
Means "horseradish" in French, denoting someone who selled them.
Raviv Hebrew
From Hebrew רָבִיב (raviv) meaning "droplet, rain, drizzle".
Ravshanov Uzbek, Tajik
Means "son of Ravshan".
Rawlings English
Patronymic formed from the given name Roul.
Rawls English
From the Olde German and Anglo-Saxon personal name Rolf. Originally derived from the Norse-Viking pre 7th Century 'Hrolfr' meaning "Fame-Wolf".
Raya Galician, Spanish
Possibly a habitational name from Raya in Galicia or in Albacete and Murcia provinces. Possibly a topographic name from Spanish raya meaning "line", denoting the boundary between two countries or provinces.
Rayamajhi Nepali
Probably a portmanteau of the Nepali words meaning 'Royal Fishmongers'. A member of the Rajput-Chhetri subcaste of Nepali family names.
Rayan Arabic, Urdu, Bengali
From the given name Rayyan.
Rayanov Bashkir, Tatar
Means "son of Rayan."
Rayford American
From a Germanic personal name with the elements ric- meaning "powerful" and -frid meaning "peace".
Rayl German
Variant of Rehl, which it's meaning is probably a habitational name from Rehl in Rhineland or Rehlen in East Prussia.
Raymond English, French
From the Norman personal name Raimund, composed of the Germanic elements ragin "advice, counsel" and mund "protection".
Raymundo Spanish
From the given name Raymundo.
Raynard English
Derived from the baptismal name Rainer.
Rayner English
From the given name Rayner
Raynes English (American)
Patronymic version of many Germanic names with the first element starting with "ragin"
Rayyan Arabic
Derived from the given name Rayyan.
Raz Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Raz, means "secret" in Hebrew.
Raza Urdu, Bengali
From the given name Ridha.
Razaq Arabic, Urdu
Derived from the given name Razzaq.
Razavi Persian
From the given name Reza.
Razbornik Slovene
Derived from razborit, meaning "prudent".
Razo Galician
A habitational name from Razo in A Coruña province, Galicia.
Razzak Bengali
From the given name Razzaq.
Razzaq Arabic, Urdu
Derived from the given name Razzaq.
Variant of Rey 1 used in Sri Lanka.
Reach Scottish, English
Scottish: Nickname For Someone With Streaks Of Gray Or White Hair From Gaelic Riabhach ‘Brindled Grayish’. English And Scottish: Habitational Name From Either Of Two Places Called Reach In Bedfordshire And Cambridgeshire Recorded As Reche In Medieval Documents From Old English Rǣc ‘Raised Strip Of Land Or Other Linear Feature’ (In The Case Of The Cambridgeshire Name Specifically Referring To Devil's Dyke A Post-Roman Earthwork)... [more]
Reade English
English variant spelling of Read.
Reading English
Habitational name from the county seat of Berkshire, which gets its name from Old English Readingas ‘people of Read(a)’, a byname meaning ‘red’. Topographic name for someone who lived in a clearing, an unattested Old English ryding.
Réal French
This can derive from several different sources: southern French réal "royal", a word which was applied to someone either as a nickname (presumably given to people perceived as being regal) or as an occupational name (given to a person in the service of the king); or the French place name Réal, in which case this is a habitational name taken from any of various places which were named for having been part of a royal domain (also compare Reau, Reaux).
Real Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Galician
Either a habitational name from any of numerous places called Real; those in Galicia (Spain) and Portugal being named from real "royal" or as variant of Rial while those in southern Spain and Catalonia are named in part from real meaning "encampment rural property" (Arabic raḥāl "farmhouse cabin")... [more]
Reale Italian
From reale "royal", either an occupational name for someone in the service of a king or a nickname for someone who behaved in a regal manner.
Reali Italian
Variant of the surname Reale, which stems from reale "royal", either a name for someone in the service of a royal or a nickname for someone who behaved in a regal, aristocratic manner.
Reams Polish
The last name Reams comes from Normandy, France.
Reaser German (Anglicized)
Americanized form of Rieser. A famous bearer is American actress Elizabeth Reaser (1975-).
Reason English
A different form of Raison.
Reaves English
Variant of Reeves.
Reb Alsatian
Of debated origin and meaning. Theories include a derivation from the given name Raban and a variant of the surname Reber.
Rebassoo Estonian
Rebassoo is an Estonian surname meaning "vulpine (fox) swamp".
Rebolledo Spanish
Habitational name from any of various places called Rebolledo for example Rebolledo de la Torre in Burgos from rebollo denoting a species of oak.
Rebong Chinese (Filipinized)
Filipinized form of Ong.
Rebuffo Italian
Possibly from the medieval given names Rebuffo or Robufus. Alternately, may derive from a nickname based on rabuffo "rebuke, scold".
Recchia Italian
Nickname from a reduced form of orecchia "ear".
Recchio Italian
Probably a shortened form of orecchio "ear".
Recepoğlu Turkish
Means "son of Recep".
Rechner German
Occupational name from Middle High German rechenære "reckoner keeper of accounts".
Recht German
Probably a habitational name from a place so named in the Rhineland.
Recht German, Jewish
Nickname for an upright person, from Middle High German reht, German recht "straight". As a Jewish name it is mainly of ornamental origin.
Reck German
Nickname from Middle High German recke ‘outlaw’ or ‘fighter’. North German and Westphalian: from Middle Low German recke ‘marsh’, ‘waterlogged ground’, hence a topographic name, or a habitational name from a place named with this term.
Recktenwald German
habitational name from Recktenwald, near Saarbrücken.
Rector English
Status name for the director of an institution, in particular the head of a religious house or a college. Also an anglicized form of Richter.
Red English
Variant of Read 1.
Reda Arabic
From the given name Ridha.
Redden English
Location name meaning "clearing or cleared woodland." Communities called Redden include one in Roxburghshire, Scotland and another in Somerset, England. A notable bearer is actor Billy Redden who played the dueling banjoist Lonnie in the 1972 film 'Deliverance.'
Reddi Indian, Telugu
Alternate transcription of Reddy.
Reddick Scottish, Northern Irish
Habitational name from Rerrick or Rerwick in Kirkcudbrightshire, named with an unknown first element and wīc "outlying settlement". It is also possible that the first element was originally Old Norse rauðr "red".
Reddick English
Habitational name from Redwick in Gloucestershire, named in Old English with hrēod "reeds" and wīc "outlying settlement".
Redding English, German, Dutch
English variant spelling of Reading. In 1841 Redding was the most commonly used surname in all of Buckinghamshire. A famous bearer is Otis Redding.... [more]
Reddish English
This surname is derived from a geographical locality. 'of Reddish,' a village near Stockport, Cheshire.
Reddy Indian, Telugu
Derived from Telugu రెడ్డి (reddi) meaning "village headman".
Reddy Irish
Anglicized form of Ó Rodaigh.
Redenbacher English (American)
The name "Redenbacher" appears to be a combination of two parts: "Reden" and "Bacher". Here's what I found about the meanings of these parts:... [more]
Rédey Hungarian
Indicated a person from Kisréde or Nagyréde, a village in Hungary.
Redfield Scottish
Anglicized form of the Scottish habitational name Reidfuyrd, meaning "reedy ford".
Redford English
Variant of Radford. A famous bearer is American actor Robert Redford (1936-).
Redgrave English
From the name of a village and civil parish in Suffolk, England, derived from Old English hrēod meaning "reed" or rēad "red", and græf meaning "pit, ditch" or grāf "grove"... [more]
Redhage English
This surname originated in Germany
Redig Dutch, Upper German
Dutch and North German variant of Redding.
Redlinger German, Jewish
Habitational name for someone from Redling in Bavaria, Germany.
Redman English, Irish
Variant of Raymond. Also a nickname for a person with red hair or a ruddy complexion, from Middle English rudde "red" and man "man".
Redmayne English, Irish
Derived from Redmain, a small hamlet in Cumbria, England. It is named with Old English rēad meaning "red" and Welsh main meaning "rock, stone". The name could also be derived from the given name Réamonn, which is an Irish form of Raymond... [more]
Redmer Frisian
North German: from the Frisian personal name, composed of the Germanic elements rad ‘advice’, ‘counsel’ + mari, meri ‘fame’.
Redmond Irish
From the given name Redmond.
Redner German
German: possibly a variant of Redmer, or an occupational name for a spokesman, Middle High German rednære.
Redpath Scottish, English
Habitational name from a place in Berwickshire, probably so called from Old English read ‘red’ + pæð ‘path’. This name is also common in northeastern England.
Redvers English (British)
Variant of Revere originating in Devon.
Redwood English
Name possibly derived from the colour of the bark of trees or the name of the town Reedworth between Durham and Devon
Redžepagić Bosnian
Derived from Redžeb, meaning "Rajab", the seventh month of the Islamic calendar.
Ree Estonian
Ree is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "rehi" meaning "barn".
Reeder Medieval English
This surname was given to people in Medieval England who thatched houses using reed
Reedi Estonian
Reedi is an Estonian surname, possibly derived from "reeder", meaning "ship owner".
Reedus English, Scottish
An English and Scottish name of uncertain origin. Possibly a reduced form of English Redhouse, a habitational name from any of the numerous places named Redhouse, including over ninety farms.
Reek Estonian
Reek is an Estonian surname, possibly a corruption of "kreek", meaning "damson".
Reekie Scottish
Perhaps "person from Reikie", Aberdeenshire, or from a different form of the Scottish male personal name Rikie, literally "little Richard".
Reemets Estonian
Reemets is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "rehi" meaning "barn" and "mets" meaning "forest".
Reepalu Estonian
Reepalu is an Estonian surname, possibly derived from "ere" ("bright" or "vivd") and "palu" ("sandy heath" and "heathy woodland".)
Reese Low German, Dutch, German
Nickname for a very big man, from Middle Low German, Middle Dutch rese ‘giant’.... [more]
Reever German
Possibly an altered form of German Riefer, a patronymic from the personal name Rüef, a reduced form of Rudolf.
Refatov Crimean Tatar
Means "son of Rifat".
Regalado Spanish, Spanish (Philippines), American (Hispanic)
Means "gifted", "pleasant", or "capable".
Regar Batak
Variant of Siregar.
Regencia Spanish (Philippines)
Derived from the Latin adjective regens meaning "ruling, governing."
Regev Hebrew
Means "clod of earth" in Hebrew.
Reginatto Italian
nato means "born" in italian... [more]
Régis French
Occupational name for a local dignitary, from a derivative of Old French régir "to rule or manage".