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Valkeapää Finnish
From the Finnish valkea meaning "white", and pää meaning "head" or "tip".
Vall Estonian
Vall is an Estonian surname meaning "wall" or "berm".
Vallance English
Means "person from Valence", southeastern France (probably "place of the brave").
Valle Spanish, Filipino, Italian
Habitational name from any of the many places named with valle "valley", or topographic name for someone who lived in a valley (Latin vallis).
Vallejo Spanish
Denoted someone who lived in a small valley.
Vallera French
French: habitational name from Vallery in Yonne, once a Romano-Gallic estate, recorded in 1218 as Valerianus. The surname is also found in the British Isles and may be of Norman origin, from the same place.
Valley English
Topographic name for someone who lived in a valley, Middle English valeye.
Vallie German
Probably an altered spelling of German Valee, a fairly common surname of French origin denoting someone who lived in a valley. The name in Germany is also spelled Wallee.
Vallikivi Estonian
Vallikivi is an Estonian surname meaning "wall stone".
Vallin Swedish
Combination of either Latin vallis "valley" or Swedish vall "wall, pasture, field of grass" and the commons surname suffix -in.
Valliveere Estonian
Valliveere is an Estonian surname meaning "bank/embankment rolling".
Vällo Estonian
Vällo is an Estonian surname, possibly a corruption of "väli" meaning "field" and "plain".
Valmer Estonian (?)
Surname which is believed to have originated in Estonia, although its meaning is unknown.
Valmont English, French
Means "Hill of the vale"
Valmorida Filipino, Cebuano
Means "valley of the forest field" derived from Spanish val, a contraction of valle meaning "valley", combined with Japanese 森 (mori) meaning "forest, woods" and 田 (ta) "paddy, field" (see Morita).
Valo Finnish
means "light" in finnish
Valodźka Belarusian
Derived from a diminutive form Valodźka of the Belarusian given name Uladzimir.
Valore Italian
Meaning - Value
Valtierra Basque (Hispanicized)
From the name of the city of Valtierra in Navarre, Spain.
Valverde Spanish
Refers to a place name which suggests a landscape, agreeable with herbs, flowers and water.
Vammus Estonian
Vammus is an Estonian surname meaning "jacket" and "doublet".
Vampyr English (American)
A gothic surname.
Van Chinese (Russified)
Russified form of Wang 1 used by ethnic Chinese living in parts of the former Soviet Union.
Vanaaseme Estonian
Vanaaseme is an Estonian surname meaning "old place".
Vanags Latvian
Means "hawk".
Vanajuur Estonian
Vanajuur is an Estonian surname meaning "old roots/origins".
Van Ark Dutch
Habitational name from a place called Ark in Gelderland.
Vanatoa Estonian
Vanatoa is an Estonian surname meaning "old room".
Vanaveski Estonian
Vanaveski is an Estonian surname meaning "old mill".
Van Beek Dutch
Like Verbeek and Van de(r) Beek, the family name Van Beek can indicate a place of residence on a certain stream, the name for a narrow and shallow (clear and sometimes erratic) water stream, or in a village or hamlet that leads to a stream... [more]
Van Beethoven Flemish
Means "from the beet fields". A famous bearer of this name was German Clasical composer Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827).
Van Blankenberg Dutch, Belgian
Habitational name from any of various places so called, in particular in Hennef and Gelderland, or from Blankenberge in West Flanders, Belgium.
Van Boxtel Dutch
The family name Van Boxtel indicates origin from the North Brabant place Boxtel, written around 1110 Buchestelle, and later in the Middle Ages, among others, Bucstelle and Boextel.... [more]
Van Burgen Dutch
Comes from the Middle Dutch word "burch," or "burg," meaning a fortified town. The prefixes "Van" and "den" mean "from" and "the" respectively. Thus this surname means "from the hill". As such, it may have been topographic name for someone who lived by a citadel or walled city; or, it may have been a habitational name
Van Buskirk Dutch
The name is made up of two Dutch words: "bos," meaning "woods," and "kerk," meaning "church." The characteristic Dutch prefix "van" literally means "from," and thus the surname indicates "one from the church in the woods."
Vancouver Dutch
Dutch name meaning "someone from Coevorden", a city in the Netherlands.
Vandal English (Rare)
A English word meaning "someone who willfully destroys or defaces property",and a member of ancient Germanic tribes.
Van Dam Dutch
Van - meaning "from the" or "of the"... [more]
Van Damme Dutch, Belgian
Means "from Damme", the name of towns in Belgium and Germany. A famous bearer is Belgian actor and former martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme (1960-).
Van De Leest Dutch
Possibly an allusion to the shoemaker's profession, whether or not through a house name 'De Leest', which may have been the name of a shoemaker's building. A last is a (wooden) shape over which shoes are formed.
Van De Mark Dutch
Topographic name for someone who lived by a border or boundary, from Middle Dutch marke, merke meaning "boundary", "borderland".
Van Den Bosch Dutch
from the bush or woods
Van Den Broek Dutch
The family name Van den Broek is derived from a toponym with the component Broek, for example a farm name that owes its name to its location near a Broek, a name for a swampy terrain.
Van Den Geer Dutch
Topographical name from geer 'headland'.
Vandeputte Flemish
From the pit/From the well.
Van Der Dutch
van "from"... [more]
Van Der Bilt Dutch (Rare)
Topographic name for someone living by a low hill, from Middle Low German bulte "mound", "low hill"
Vanderbilt Dutch, German
Topographic name for someone living by a low hill, from Middle Low German bulte "mound", "low hill".
Van Der Graaf Dutch
Dutch toponymic surname. Although graaf is a Dutch noble title similar to "count", here it refers to an old term for a canal with the same origin in the verb graven ("to dig") as gracht and grave.
Van Der Heijden Dutch
The family name Van der Heijden indicates that the original name bearers inhabited a settlement or a farm located near an area or a heathland that was known as 'de Heide'.
Van Der Klok Dutch
Toponymic surname, meaning "from/of the kolk".
Van Der Kolk Dutch
'van der' means "of the" ... [more]
Van Der Kooi Dutch
name for someone from either of two places, De Kooi in South Holland or De Kooy in North Holland.
Vanderlei Brazilian
It derives from the Dutch surname Van der Leij/Ley. The surname arrived in Brazil by Kaspar Nieuwhoff Van Der Leij by 1630, a cavalry captain from the Dutch army.
Van Der Leij Dutch
Derived from Dutch lei meaning "slate" (effectively meaning "from the slate"), indicating that the original bearer of this name may have come from a place where slate was produced.
Van Der Linde Dutch, American
The surname "van der LINDE" comes from the DUTCH language, Of The LINT.
Van Der Loop Dutch
Topographical name for someone who lived by a waterway, Middle Dutch lo(e)pe, in particular a waterway called De Loop in North Brabant.
Vandermast Dutch
Topographic name for someone from a place rich in animal fodder, for example acorns.
Van Der Meer Dutch
Meaning "From the lake"
Van Der Merwe Dutch, South African
While the name is currently very common in South Africa, it originates in Holland, literally meaning "From the Merwe". The first van der Merwes hail from the Merwede river. The name went to South Africa with the Dutch settlers in 1652.
van der Most Dutch
Topographic name for someone who lived in a place where moss grew.
Vanderpan Dutch
Means "of the bannner" meaning most likely indicates ancestry of high-ranking occupation.
Vanderpool Dutch
Means, from the pool. It was a topographic name for someone who lived by a pool or pond, derived from the Dutch word POL. The name is also spelt POHL, POL, POLL, POLS, Van den POLL and POLMAN.
Van Der Steen Dutch, Belgian
Habitational name for someone from any of various minor places called Steen or Ten Stene (from steen meaning "stone"), for example in the Belgian provinces of East Flanders and Brabant.
Van Der Velde Dutch
Meaning "of the field" from Dutch van -"Of"- der - "The"- and veld - "field".
Van Der Waal Dutch
Toponymic surname of Dutch origin. The original bearer of the name may have lived or worked at or near a "wal": a river embankment, quay, or rampage.
Van Der Zanden Dutch
Literally means 'From the sand', most likely given to someone who lived near sand grounds. It originated in the southeastern part of the Netherlands.
Van Deusen Dutch
Habitational name for someone from the German town of Deusen, north of Dortmund, in North Rhine-Westphalia near the Dutch border.
Van de Velde Dutch
A toponymic name meaning "from the field" in Dutch.
Van Deventer Dutch
Van Devender Devender Hallow Van Deventer is a surname that translates to "From Devender"
Vanduren Dutch
Dutch: variant of Van Doren .
Vandyke Dutch
Topographic name for someone living near a dyke or levee. Dykes are common structures for keeping lands dry in the low lying Netherlands. ... [more]
Van Dyne Dutch
Habitational name for someone from Duinen in Gelderland.
Vane English
Possible variant of Fane.
van Essen Dutch
Means "from Essen".
Van Etter Dutch
A habitational name for someone from Etten in North Brabant
Vang Vietnamese
It means golden.
Vang Hmong
Hmong clan name.
Van Gameren Dutch
Meaning "from Gameren".
Vangarde French
"(A soldier) in the leading edge of an army formation"
Van Gelder Dutch
Dutch toponymic surname meaning "from/of Guelders", a county and later duchy in the Low Countries.
Van Haitsma Dutch
Habitational name for someone from Haitsma, a place in Friesland.
Van Heusen Dutch
Heusen is derived from the town Husum in Holland. The town was on the Zuyder Zee, Holstein, Holland.
Van Heutsz Dutch
A bearer of this name is J.B. van Heutsz, also known as the Pacificator of Aceh, former governor general of the Dutch East Indies.
Van Honsté Flemish
Meaning "From Honsté". "Honsté", possibly a Village in Belgium.
Vanik Estonian
Vanik is an Estonian surname meaning "wreath" and "garland".
Van Kelt Popular Culture
Used for a character from the 1992 film, School Ties, Rip Van Kelt.
Vanker Estonian
Vanker is an Estonian surname meaning "carriage".
Van Kleef Dutch
Van meaning 'of' Kleef is a variant spelling of Kleve: a town in the Lower Rhine region of northwestern Germany near the Dutch border and the River Rhine.
Vankova Czech
Feminine form of Vanek.
Van Krieken Dutch (Rare)
Means "cherry" in Dutch.
Van Leeuwen Dutch
Derived from Leeuwen, a former municipality consisting two villages named Beneden-Leeuwen and Boven-Leeuwen (now in the municipality of West Maas en Waal), in the Dutch province of Gelderland... [more]
Van Look Dutch
Topographic name from look ‘enclosure’ or habitational name from a place named with this word.
Vanlow English (Rare)
Possibly an Anglicized form of Van Look.
van Maarschalkerweerd Dutch
Habitational name denoting someone from Maarschalkerweerd, a place near Utrecht in the Netherlands.
Van Maurik Dutch
Means "from Maurik" in Dutch, which is a town in the east of the Netherlands.
Vann Estonian
Vann is an Estonian surname meaning "bath" and "tub".
Vanna Khmer
Means "golden" in Khmer, ultimately from Sanskrit.
Vannas Estonian
Vannas is an Estonian surname derived from "vana", meaning "old".
Vannebo Norwegian
Taken from the farm Vanebu, spelled Vannebo in pre-1950 records. From the Norwegian words vann, meaning water, and bo, meaning to live or reside.
van Niekerk Afrikaans
Topographic name for any of the various locations named Nieuwerkerk in The Netherlands or Nieuwerkerken in Belgium. The name itself means "of the new church" from Dutch van meaning "of" combined with nieuw meaning "new" and kerk meaning "church".
Vanniyan Indian
It denotes those belonging to the Palli caste.
Van Oss Dutch
Van Oss is a Dutch toponymic surname meaning "from Oss", a town in North Brabant. Variant spellings are Van Osch and Van Os.
Van Persie Dutch
Means someone from "Persie".
Van Praag Dutch
Means "from Prague" name given to someone from Prague.
Van Reenan Dutch
Toponymic surname meaning "from/of Rhenen", a city in the province of Utrecht.
Van Rensselaer Dutch
From Soleur, one of the areas or regions of Switzerland.
Van Rooyen Afrikaans
van Rooyen related to van Rooijen, is an Afrikaans and Dutch toponymic surname. May be rooted from the Rhine area of the Netherlands, possibly having meant "from Rhine" originally... [more]
Vansant Dutch
Derivative of Van Zant.
Van Slingerland Dutch
Habitational name from a place so called in Overijssel.
Van Smoot Dutch
Americanized spelling of Dutch Smout, a metonymic occupational name for someone who sold fat or lard, Dutch smout, or a nickname for someone who had a taste for, and could afford, rich foods.
Van Staalduinen Dutch
Meaning "Of the Steal Dunes " in Dutch
Van Steen Flemish (Dutchified, Modern)
Van Steen is a Dutch toponymic surname meaning "from the stone".
Van't Dodepersoon Dutch
Means "of dead person"
Van Tristaan Dutch
From Julian Van Tristaan(1995-) professional footballer for Tottenham Hontspurs and Holland.
Vântu Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Van Wert Dutch (Americanized, Modern)
From Dutch and Belgian: habitational name for someone from places in Belgium and the Netherlands called Weert, (De) Weerd, Weerde, or Waarde.
Van Wormer Dutch
Meaning someone from the city or area of Wormer, Holland
Van Zandt Dutch, Belgian
Habitational name for someone from any of the places called Zandt, in Gelderland, Friesland, South Holland, and Zeeland; or Zande in Belgium.
Varadarajan Indian, Hindi
Derived from Hindi वरदराजन (varadaraajan).
Varaev Chechen
Chechen surname of unknown meaning.
Varandi Estonian
Varandi is an Estonian surname derived from "varandus", meaning "property" and "belongings".
Värav Estonian
Värav is an Estonian surname meaning "gate/door".
Varb Estonian
Varb is an Estonian surname meaning "rod".
Varblane Estonian
Varblane is an Estonian surname meaning "sparrow".
Värbu Estonian
Värbu is an Estonian surname; a diminutive of "värb" meaning "sparrow".
Vardanian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Vardanyan.
Vardi Hebrew
From the given names Vered or Varda which means "rose" in Hebrew.
Vardjas Estonian
Vardjas is an Estonian surname meaning "keeper".
Vardy English
Variant of Verity. A name given to actors who played the part in the medieval travelling theatres.
Vares Estonian
Vares is Estonian surname meaning "crow".
Varfolomeyeva Russian
Feminine counterpart of Varfolomeyev.
Vargeid Norwegian
Invented by Sverre Kristian (then) Olsen and his brother Willy Anfinn (also then) Olsen. They thought Olsen was boring, and invented the new Vargeid.
Varghese Indian (Christian), Malayalam
From the given name Varghese, used by Malayalam-speaking Saint Thomas Christians.
Vargo Hungarian
Comes from the surname Varga.
Vario Italian, Spanish
From the given name Vario. Also means "various" in Italian.
Värk Estonian
Värk is an Estonian surname meaning both "celebration" and "hootenanny", as well as "thing", "stuff", or a "job".
Varma Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Nepali
Derived from Sanskrit वर्मन् (varman) meaning "armour, protection".
Varnell English
Variant of Farnell. This form originated in southwestern England, where the change from F to V arose from the voicing of F that was characteristic of this area in Middle English.
Varner German
Habitational name for someone from Farn near Oberkirch, or Fahrnau near Schopfheim.
Varrak Estonian
Varrak is an Estonian surname meaning "rich/wealthy".
Varsonofyev Russian (Rare)
Means "son of Varsonofy"; rarely used as a surname.
Vartanyan Armenian
Variant transcription of Vardanyan.
Varughese Indian (Christian), Malayalam
From the given name Varughese, used by Malayalam-speaking Saint Thomas Christians.
Värv Estonian
Värv is an Estonian surname meaning "color" and "paint".
Vasa Old Swedish, Swedish (Archaic)
Swedish noble and former royal family. Possibly from vase meaning "bundle" or "withy". The name is believed to be a reference to the family's coat of arms. The most notable member of the family was Gustav Eriksson Vasa (1496-1560), later known as Gustav I of Sweden (in modern times known exclusively as Gustav Vasa)... [more]
Vasaio Italian
Italian for "potter."
Vasar Estonian
Vasar is an Estonian surname meaning "hammer".
Vasershteyn Yiddish
It literally means "water stone".
Vasey English
Derived from the Norman french word enveisie "playful, merry"
Vašićek Croatian
Variant and often a misspelling of Vašiček.
Vasilakis Greek
Patronymic meaning "son of Vasilis".
Vasilenko Ukrainian
Alternate transcription of Vasylenko.
Vasiliev Russian
Variant transcription of Vasilyev.
Vasiliou Greek (Cypriot)
Alternate transcription of Vassiliou.
Vasiljević Serbian
Patronymic, meaning "son of Vasilije".
Vasilov Bulgarian, Russian
Meaning "son of Vasil" in Russian and "from Bulgaria" in Bulgarian.
Vasin Russian
Derived from the given name Vasya.
Vask Estonian
Vask is an Estonian surname meaning "copper".
Vaško Czech, Slovak
Vaško is Moravian and Slovak pet form of name Václav.
Vass English
Status name denoting a serf, Middle English, Old French vass(e), from Late Latin vassus, of Celtic origin. Compare Welsh gwas "boy", Gaelic foss "servant".
Vassallo Maltese
Rich people who formed part of the night of saint john "vassals"
Vassar French, English
Name indicating the status of "a vassal or serf" in feudal society.
Vasseur French
From Old French vavasour meaning "subvassal", a historical term used to refer to a tenant of a baron or lord who also had tenants under him.
Vassie French, English
Meaning "playful or merry" for a cheerful person.
Vasta Italian
Vasta is derived from the Italian word Vast. Vasta means wide in Italian. It is a common name in Italy preferably in Milan, Italy.
Västrik Estonian
Västrik is an Estonian surname meaning "wagtail (bird genus: Motacilla)".
Vasylenko Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Vasyl.
Vasylyshyna Ukrainian
Feminine transcription of Vasylyshyn.
Vászoly Hungarian
From the given name Vászoly, the Hungarian form of Basil.
Vatanabe Japanese (Russified)
Alternate transcription of Watanabe more commonly used by ethnic Japanese living in parts of the former Soviet Union and Sakhalin Japanese residing on Sakhalin Island in Russia.
Vaughen Welsh
Variant of Vaughan.
Vaŭkovič Belarusian
Patronymic surname derived from Belarusian воўк (voŭk) meaning "wolf".
Vaux French
French, English, and Scottish habitational name from any of various places in northern France called Vaux, from the Old French plural of val ‘valley’.
Vayner Yiddish
Weiner is a surname or, in fact, the spelling of two different surnames originating in German and the closely related Yiddish language. In German, the name is pronounced vaɪnɐ(ʁ),of which the rare English pronunciation vaɪnər is a close approximation... [more]
Vayntrub Jewish
Russified form of Weintraub.
Vays Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian
Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian form of Weiss.
Vayseblum Yiddish
It literally means "white flower"
Vəzirov Azerbaijani
Means "son of the vizier", from the Arabic title وَزِير (wazīr) denoting a minister or high-ranking official in an Islamic government.
Vazquez Spanish (Americanized), Filipino
Unaccented form of Vázquez primarily used in America and the Philippines.
Vea Spanish, Galician
Habitational name, principally from Vea in Soria province, but in some cases from any of four places with the same name in Pontevedra province, Galicia.
Vea Norwegian
Habitational name from any of four farmsteads so named, from the plural of Old Norse viðr meaning "wood", "tree".
Veach Scottish
Variant of Veitch.
Veca Italian
Southern Italian: possibly from vece ‘change’, ‘mutation’, ‘alternation’ (from Latin vix, vicis, plural vices), or from a pet form of a personal name formed with this element.
Vecchi Italian
Italian: patronymic or plural form of Vecchio, meaning "old".
Vecchio Italian
Means "old, aged" in Italian, originally used as a nickname for an older or oldest son or for someone who was prematurely grey or wrinkled.
Večeřa Czech
Means "supper". Pronounced "veh-cze-zha".
Vecino Spanish
Spanish form of Voisin.
Védő Hungarian
Menas prtector in Hungarian.
Vedriš Croatian
Derived from vedro, meaning "bright".
Vee Norwegian
Habitational name from farmsteads named Ve, for example in Hordaland and Sogn, from Old Norse "sacred place".
Veeber Estonian
Veeber is an Estonian surname, an Estonianization of the German surname "Weber".
Veedla Estonian
Veedla is an Estonian surname meaning "watery/waters area".