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Redden English
Location name meaning "clearing or cleared woodland." Communities called Redden include one in Roxburghshire, Scotland and another in Somerset, England. A notable bearer is actor Billy Redden who played the dueling banjoist Lonnie in the 1972 film 'Deliverance.'
Reddi Indian, Telugu
Alternate transcription of Reddy.
Reddick Scottish, Northern Irish
Habitational name from Rerrick or Rerwick in Kirkcudbrightshire, named with an unknown first element and wīc "outlying settlement". It is also possible that the first element was originally Old Norse rauðr "red".
Reddick English
Habitational name from Redwick in Gloucestershire, named in Old English with hrēod "reeds" and wīc "outlying settlement".
Redding English, German, Dutch
English variant spelling of Reading. In 1841 Redding was the most commonly used surname in all of Buckinghamshire. A famous bearer is Otis Redding.... [more]
Reddish English
This surname is derived from a geographical locality. 'of Reddish,' a village near Stockport, Cheshire.
Reddy Indian, Telugu
Derived from Telugu రెడ్డి (reddi) meaning "village headman".
Reddy Irish
Anglicized form of Ó Rodaigh.
Redenbach German
Toponymic name possibly derived from Middle High German reden "to speak, to talk" and bach "stream". It could also be a variant of Wittenbach.
Redenbacher English (American)
The name "Redenbacher" appears to be a combination of two parts: "Reden" and "Bacher". Here's what I found about the meanings of these parts:... [more]
Rédey Hungarian
Indicated a person from Kisréde or Nagyréde, a village in Hungary.
Redfield Scottish
Anglicized form of the Scottish habitational name Reidfuyrd, meaning "reedy ford".
Redford English
Variant of Radford. A famous bearer is American actor Robert Redford (1936-).
Redgrave English
From the name of a village and civil parish in Suffolk, England, derived from Old English hrēod meaning "reed" or rēad "red", and græf meaning "pit, ditch" or grāf "grove"... [more]
Redhage English
This surname originated in Germany
Redig Dutch, Upper German
Dutch and North German variant of Redding.
Redlinger German, Jewish
Habitational name for someone from Redling in Bavaria, Germany.
Redman English, Irish
Variant of Raymond. Also a nickname for a person with red hair or a ruddy complexion, from Middle English rudde "red" and man "man".
Redmayne English, Irish
Derived from Redmain, a small hamlet in Cumbria, England. It is named with Old English rēad meaning "red" and Welsh main meaning "rock, stone". The name could also be derived from the given name Réamonn, which is an Irish form of Raymond... [more]
Redmer Frisian
North German: from the Frisian personal name, composed of the Germanic elements rad ‘advice’, ‘counsel’ + mari, meri ‘fame’.
Redmond Irish
From the given name Redmond.
Redner German
German: possibly a variant of Redmer, or an occupational name for a spokesman, Middle High German rednære.
Redpath Scottish, English
Habitational name from a place in Berwickshire, probably so called from Old English read ‘red’ + pæð ‘path’. This name is also common in northeastern England.
Redvers English (British)
Variant of Revere originating in Devon.
Redwood English
Name possibly derived from the colour of the bark of trees or the name of the town Reedworth between Durham and Devon
Redžepagić Bosnian
Derived from Redžeb, meaning "Rajab", the seventh month of the Islamic calendar.
Redzhebov m Bulgarian
Means "son of Redzheb".
Redzhebova f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Redzhebov.
Ree Estonian
Ree is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "rehi" meaning "barn".
Reeder Medieval English
This surname was given to people in Medieval England who thatched houses using reed
Reedi Estonian
Reedi is an Estonian surname, possibly derived from "reeder", meaning "ship owner".
Reedus English, Scottish
An English and Scottish name of uncertain origin. Possibly a reduced form of English Redhouse, a habitational name from any of the numerous places named Redhouse, including over ninety farms.
Reek Estonian
Reek is an Estonian surname, possibly a corruption of "kreek", meaning "damson".
Reekie Scottish
Perhaps "person from Reikie", Aberdeenshire, or from a different form of the Scottish male personal name Rikie, literally "little Richard".
Reemets Estonian
Reemets is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "rehi" meaning "barn" and "mets" meaning "forest".
Reepalu Estonian
Reepalu is an Estonian surname, possibly derived from "ere" ("bright" or "vivd") and "palu" ("sandy heath" and "heathy woodland".)
Reese Low German, Dutch, German
Nickname for a very big man, from Middle Low German, Middle Dutch rese ‘giant’.... [more]
Reeson English
English (Lincolnshire):: patronymic meaning ‘son of the reeve’ from Middle English reve + son.
Reever German
Possibly an altered form of German Riefer, a patronymic from the personal name Rüef, a reduced form of Rudolf.
Refatov Crimean Tatar
Means "son of Rifat".
Regalado Spanish, Spanish (Philippines), American (Hispanic)
Means "gifted", "pleasant", or "capable".
Regar Batak
Variant of Siregar.
Regencia Spanish (Philippines)
Derived from the Latin adjective regens meaning "ruling, governing."
Regev Hebrew
Means "clod of earth" in Hebrew.
Reginatto Italian
nato means "born" in italian... [more]
Régis French
Occupational name for a local dignitary, from a derivative of Old French régir "to rule or manage".
Register English
Corruption of Rochester.
Rego Portuguese
Primarily Iberian, particularly Portuguese in origin. A topographic name for someone who lived by a channel.
Regragui Arabic (Maghrebi)
Of unknown meaning; predominantly found in Morocco.
Regueiro Galician, Portuguese
The name originated in Ourense (Galicia) in the 14th Century. It´s literal meaning in Portuguese is river. It is a surname referring to a person who lived near a river or water source.
Reha Estonian
Reha is an Estonian surname meaning "rake".
Rehder German
Occupational name, which was derived from the kind of work done by the original bearer. It is a name for a wheelmaker or wheelwright.
Rehemaa Estonian
Rehemaa is an Estonian surname meaning "threshing land".
Rehi Estonian
Rehi is an Estonian surname meaning "threshing barn".
Rehman Urdu
From the given name Rehman.
Rehn Swedish
Derived from Swedish ren "reindeer".
Rei Estonian
Rei is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "reis", meaning "travel" and "journey" and "reid" meaning "road".
Rei Japanese
Variant reading of Suzu.
Reial Estonian
Reial is an Estonian surname derived from "treial" meaning "lathe turner".
Reichel German
Derived from the Germanic root ric meaning "power".
Reichenberg German, Jewish
Habitational name from various places named Reichenberg in several different areas of Germany. As an ornamental name, it is composed of German reich(en) meaning "rich" and berg meaning "mountain, hill".
Reicher German, German (Austrian), Jewish
Derived from various placenames called Reich, Reichau, Reichen.
Reichstein German
Habitational name from places named Reichstein (in Saxony) or Reichenstein (in Rhineland, Schleswig-Holstein, and Württemberg).
Reidhead English
The origins of the Reidhead surname are uncertain. In some instances, it was no doubt derived from the Old English word "read," meaning "red," and was a nickname that came to be a surname. Either way, we may conclude that it meant "red-haired" or "ruddy complexioned."
Reifinger German
1 German: perhaps a habitational name for someone from any of several places called Reiting in Bavaria and Austria, or from a Germanic personal name, a variant of Rediger .... [more]
Reigle German
Variant of Reigel or Riegel
Reille French, Occitan
Topographic name derived from Old Occitan relha meaning "plowshare", or a habitational name from any of several places named Reille or La Reille in southern France. A notable bearer was Honoré Charles Reille (1775-1860), a Marshal of France during the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars.
Reimann German
From a pet form of a Germanic personal name formed with a first element from ragin 'advice', 'counsel' or ric 'power(ful)', 'rich'.
Reimer German
From a Germanic personal name, a reduced form of Reinmar, composed of the elements ragin "counsel" + mari, meri "fame".
Reimers German
North German variant of Reimer.
Reimets Estonian
Reimets is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "raie" ("cutting" and "felling trees") and "mets", meaning forest. Possibly a corruption of "reid" ("road" and "roadstead") and ""mets" ("forest").
Reimschüssel German
Meaning Unknown.
Reina Spanish, Portuguese
Either a habitational name from any of the places called Reina. Or most likely from the female personal name Reina 1 (from Latin Regina) otherwise a nickname from reina "queen".
Reinaus Estonian
Reinaus is an Estonian surname derived from the masculine given name "Rein" and "aus" meaning "honest".
Reinbold German
From a Germanic personal name composed of the elements ragin "counsel" + bald "bold", "brave."
Reine French
From the given name Reine or Rainier
Reiner German
From the given name Reiner
Reinert German
North German: from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements ragin ‘counsel’ + hard ‘hardy’, ‘brave’, ‘strong’, for example Reinhard ( see Reinhardt ).
Reinhard German
From the given name Reinhard.
Reinhardt German
Comes from a personal name Raginhard, composed of the elements ragin, meaning counsel, with hard, hardy, brave, strong.
Reinhold German
From the given name Reinhold.
Reinholdt German
From the German given name Reinhold.
Reinholt German
From the given name Reinhold.
Reinik Estonian
Reinik is an Estonian surname derived from the masculine given name "Rein".
Reinking German
Reinking is a German-derived surname meaning "one who is neat and tidy"
Reinlund Norwegian (Rare)
The last name didn't show up until the early 1900s. Only a few people in Norway and Finnland have this last name
Reinmaa Estonian
Reinmaa is an Estonian surname meaning "Rein's land". From the masculine give name "Rein" and "maa" ("land").
Reino Estonian
Reino is an Estonian surname, a variant of the masculine given name "Rein".
Reinoso Spanish
Meaning "place of fields".
Reinsalu Estonian
Reinsalu is an Estonian surname derived from "Rein" (a masculine given name) and "salu", meaning grove; "Rein's grove".
Reintalu Estonian
Reintalu is an Estonian surname derived from "Rein" (a masculine given name) and "talu", meaning "farm"; "Rein's farm".
Reintamm Estonian
Reintamm is an Estonian surname meaning "Rein's (masculine given name) oak".
Reis Portuguese
Means "kings" in Portuguese.
Reise German, Jewish
German (Westphalia) topographic name, from Middle Low German ris, res ‘swamp’. ... [more]
Reisenauer German
Probably denoted a person from a minor place called Reisenau, or a topographic name for someone living by an overgrown water meadow, derived from Middle High German ris meaning "undergrowth" and owe meaning "water meadow".
Reiser German, Upper German
Habitational name for someone from Reis or Reissen in Bavaria (see Reis). An occupational name from Middle High German reisære ‘warrior’, ‘traveler’... [more]
Reisner Jewish
Jewish (Ashkenazic) nickname for a traveler, from an agent derivative of German reisen ‘to travel’ (see Reise). Also a variant of Reis.
Reisner German
A habitational name for someone from a place called Reisen (for example in Bavaria), Reissen in Thuringia, or Reussen on the Saale river. A variant of Reiser Also from an agent derivative of Middle High German, Middle Low German rise ‘veil’; perhaps an occupational name for someone who made veils.
Reiss German, Jewish, French (Huguenot)
German: variant of Reis or from any of several Germanic personal names composed with ric ‘power(ful)’. Also from the French Huguenot forename Ris, rendered as Reis and Reiss.... [more]
Reisser Upper German
An occupational name for a woodcutter, Middle High German risser.
Reisz Dutch
Patronymic from a pet form of one of the Germanic compound names formed with ragin "counsel" as the first element.
Reitalu Estonian
Reitalu is an Estonian surname derived from "reid" meaning "road" and "talu" meaning "farm/farmstead".
Reith Scottish (Anglicized), Irish
A Scottish surname of uncertain origin.... [more]
Reiväli Estonian
Reiväli is an Estonian surname meaning "road/roadstead field".
Reixach Catalan
Habitational name for someone from any of the various places called Reixac in Catalonia, Spain, for example the municipality of Montcada i Reixac in the province of Barcelona.
Rejepow m Turkmen
Means "son of Rejep".
Rejepowa f Turkmen
Feminine form of Rejepow.
Rekdal Norwegian
The name of people from the small town Rekdal in West-Norway. Former footballer Kjetil Rekdal (1968- ) is the most known person from there.
Rekov Russian
From Russian река (reka) meaning "river".
Relacion Spanish (Philippines)
Derived from Spanish relación meaning "relation."
Reller German (Swiss)
Occupational name for a miller, derived from the Swiss German dialect term relle meaning "grist mill".
Relph English
From the Old French male personal name Riulf, of Germanic origin and meaning literally "power-wolf" (cf. Riculf).
Relyea German, French (Anglicized)
Altered spelling of southern German and French Rellier, or probably a regional variant of Swiss German Reller, especially in the western provinces of Austria... [more]
Remacle French, French (Belgian)
From the given name Remacle.
Remedios Spanish (Philippines)
Means "remedies" in Spanish.
Remenar Croatian
Means ''saddler''.
Remig German (Rare)
Derived from the given name Remigius.
Remigio Italian, Spanish
From the given name Remigio
Remini Italian
Famous bearer: Actress and Scientology critic Leah Remini.
Remis Greek, Dutch, German, Asturian
Greek from a medieval Greek personal name, Remis, a vernacular form of the personal name Remigius (see French Remy)... [more]
Remmel Estonian
Remmel is an Estonian surname meaning "willow".
Remmelgas Estonian
Remmelgas is an Estonian surname; a colloquial name meaning "willow".
Remmelkoor Estonian
Remmelkoor is an Estonian surname meaning "willow bark".
Rempe German (Americanized, Modern)
The roots of the German surname Rempe lie in the former duchy of Silesia, now part of Poland. The name means, simply, "son of Rempel," and was a popular first name in Silesia during the Middle Ages.
Remtulla Indian, Arabic
Unknown meaning.
Rémy French
From the given name Rémy.
Renan Breton, French (Rare)
From the given Breton name Renan.
Renardo Italian
Italian variant of Reynold
Renaudin French
From the given name Renaud.
Renberg Swedish
Combination of Swedish ren "reindeer" and berg "mountain". The first element might also be derived from a place name.
Rench English
1. English: nickname from Middle English wrench 'trick, wile, deceit' (Old English wrenc), perhaps used for a deceitful person. ... [more]
Renda Italian
Possibly a derivative of Lorenzo.
Rendall Scottish, English
Variant of Randall. Habitational name from Rendall in Orkney. Possibly also an Americanization of Swedish Rendahl.
Rendelmann German
A habitational name for someone from Rendel near Frankfurt (Hesse).
René French
From the given name René.
Renehan Irish
Derived from Irish Gaelic, meaning "sharp- or star-pointed."
Renfrew Scottish
Anglicized form of the Gaelic Rinn Friù, meaning "cradle of the Royal Stewards." It is derived from either the historical county of Renfrewshire in the west central lowlands of Scotland, or the town of Renfrew within both the historical and present-day boundaries of the county.
Rengel German (Swiss)
From a pet form of a Germanic personal name formed with rang "curved", "bending"; "slender".
Rengel Spanish
Habitational name from a place called Rengel in Málaga province.
Rengel Medieval Croatian
Used by several houses of Croatia few centuries ago, now, those of this name are but a shadows of once proud and prestigious house
Renley Jewish (Rare), English (Rare)
Possibly derived from the Old English rinc "man, warrior" or rim 'edge, circular edge' or possibly wraenna 'wren', and leah "field, clearing".
Renn English (British)
The surname Renn was first found in Durham where they held a family seat from early times, and were originally descended from Ralph de Raines who was granted lands by William, Duke of Albany in that shire... [more]
Renna Italian
Variant of Renda.
Rennison English
Patronymic surname meaning "son of Renard". Derived as a shortened form of Reynoldson from the Old French personal name Renart with the -son suffix... [more]
Rens Dutch
From a reduced form of the personal name Laurens.
Renshaw English, Scottish
A habitational surname from any of the so-called or like-sounding places in the United Kingdom. These include Renishaw in Derbyshire, Ramshaw in Durham, the lost Renshaw in Cheshire and Radshaw in Yorkshire... [more]
Rentería Spanish
Spanish Castilianized variant of Basque Errenteria, habitational name from either of the two Basque towns called Errenteria in Gipuzkoa and Biscay provinces, Basque Country.
Renwick Scottish (Rare)
A habitational name from a place in Cumbria, so called from the Old English byname Hræfn meaning "raven" + wic "outlying settlement".
Reo English
Meaning unknown.
Rep Slovene, Croatian
Means "tail".
Repac Serbian, Croatian
means little tail
Repass German (Swiss)
An Americanization of the Swiss Rippas. The first recorded person with this surname was from Ziefen, Switzerland.
Repin Russian
From repa, meaning "turnip".
Requa German
Variant of Ricward, from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements ric ‘power(ful)’ + ward ‘guardian’.
Requena Spanish, Catalan
habitational name from Requena in Valencia or Requena de Campos in Palencia apparently so called from a short form of the various Visigothic compound personal names with the first element rīc "powerful" with the addition of the locative suffix -ena.
Requesens Catalan
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the municipality of La Jonquera.
Requião Portuguese
Derived from the name of a village in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal, ultimately from the name of Rechila, a 5th-century Suevic king of Gallaecia.
Requiroso Filipino
Denoted a person from one of the various places of this name in Spain. Quirós, the place name, may derive from Galician queiroa meaning "heather".
Reschke German
Derived from the Middle High German word "rasch" meaning "quick," or "hot-headed". As such, it may have originated as a nickname for a quick or rash person.
Resen German
Unknown source.
Reséndez Spanish
Means "son of Resendo"
Reshef Hebrew
From the given name Resheph.
Reshetnikov Russian
Occupational name for a maker of sieves or gratings, derived from Russian решетник (reshetnik) meaning "sheathing, grate, sieve".
Rest Romansh
Derived from the given name Rest.
Restivo Italian
From an Italian nickname derived from the dialectal word restivu meaning "uncommunicative, reserved".
Reston English
Location name from northern England meaning "brush wood settlement" or place where brush wood, also known as rispe, grew.
Restorick Cornish
Means "person from Restowrack", farm in Cornwall ("watery hill-spur").
Resurrección Spanish
A nickname for someone who had resurrected from the dead.
Resurreccion Spanish (Philippines)
Unaccented form of Resurrección primarily used in the Philippines.
Reta Spanish
Castilianized variant of Basque Erreta, a habitational name from a town called Erreta in Navarre, Basque Country
Retief Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Rétif.
Rétif French
Derived from French rétif "restive; rebellious".
Reuben English, Jewish
From the given name Reuben.
Reubens Jewish, English
Derived from the given name Reuben. This surname is borne by American comedian and actor Paul Reubens (1952-), who created and played the comic fictional character Pee-wee Herman.
Reus Dutch, German, Catalan
Dutch: nickname for a big man, from Middle Dutch reuse(n) 'giant'. German: topographic name from Middle High German riuse 'fish trap' (Middle Low German ruse) or from a regional term reuse 'small stream', 'channel'... [more]
Reusser Swiss, German, Upper German
In Switzerland, an occupational name for a fisherman or maker of fish traps, from an agent derivative of Middle High German riuse ‘fish trap’, ‘weir basket’. A nickname from an agent noun based on Middle High German riusen ‘to moan or complain’... [more]
Revazishvili Georgian
Means "son of Revaz".
Reveille French
Derived from Old French reveille "lively, vivid; alert".
Revell English
From a medieval nickname for someone who is full of noisy enthusiasm and energy (from Middle English revel "festivity, tumult").
Revelle French
Variant of Revell, derived from the Old French word revel meaning pride, rebellion, etc.
Revels American
from the surname Revel, a variant of Revell, a Middle English and Old French name referring to festivity
Revere English, French, Judeo-Italian
French: variant of Rivière, Rivoire, or Rivier, topographic name for someone living on the banks of a river, French rivier ‘bank’, or habitational name from any of the many places in France named with this word.... [more]
Revord French (Quebec)
Comes from the French surname of Rivard, a geographical name for someone who lived on a river bank. The -ard ending is changed to -ord in Canadian and American French.
Rex English, German (Latinized)
English: variant of Ricks. ... [more]
Rexford American
American form of German 'Rexforth' thought to mean "kings crossing".
Rexha Albanian
Meaning uncertain.
Rexha Albanian
Derived from the given name Rexhep.
Rexhepi Albanian
From the given name Rexhep.
Rey Welsh, Scottish, Irish
Either a variant of McRae, or else directly derived from Irish , Scottish Rìgh, or Welsh ri, rhi, or rhiau, all meaning "king"... [more]
Reyna Spanish
This could be transferred use of the first name Reyna, a variant of Reina, which means "queen".
Reynals Spanish (Rare)
Variant from Spanish word Rey "king". Most likely referred to the royalty. Variant of Reynolds.
Reynard English
From the given name Reynard.