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NUMA Japanese
Numa means "Swamp".
NUNN English
Means someone who is a nun
NUPP Estonian
Nupp is an Estonian surname meaning "knob", "button" and "bud".
NUR Arabic, Bengali, Turkish
From the given name NUR.
NURALIEV Tajik, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Kazakh
Derived from Arabic نُور (nūr) meaning "light, illumination, brightness" combined with the name ALI (1).
NUREYEVA Russian, Tatar, Bashkir
Feminine variant of Nureyev.
From a given name derived from Arabic نُور (nūr) "light" (see NUR) and ALI (1).
NURIEV Tatar, Bashkir
Means "son of NUR".
Means "son of NURISLAM".
Derived from the name of Nuristan (meaning "land of light"), a province in northern Afghanistan.
NURK Estonian
Nurk is an Estonian surname meaning "corner".
NURM Estonian
Nurm is an Estonian surname meaning "lea" and "meadow" and "pasture".
NURME Estonian
Nurme is an Estonian surname, derived from "nurm", meaning "lea" (an open area of grassy land.)
NURMIK Estonian
Nurmik is an Estonian surname meaning "lea/meadow stand".
Nurmiste is an Estonian surname derived from "nurm" meaning "lea/meadow".
Nurmsalu is an Estonian surname meaning "pasture/meadow grove".
NÜRNBERGER German, Jewish
Habitational name for someone from the city of Nürnberg in Bavaria.
From the given name NURULLAH.
Means "son of NURZHAN".
NUSS German
from Middle High German nuz ‘nut’, hence a metonymic occupational name for a gatherer and seller of nuts, or a nickname for a man thought to resemble a nut in some way
NUTT Estonian
Nutt is an Estonian surname meaning "nut" and also "crying" or "weeping".
English: habitational name from some place named with Old English hnutu ‘nut’ + h(e)alh ‘nook’, ‘recess’. In some cases this may be Nuthall in Nottinghamshire, but the surname is common mainly in Lancashire, and a Lancashire origin is therefore more likely... [more]
NUTTER English
Means either (i) "scribe, clerk" (from Middle English notere, ultimately from Latin notārius); or (ii) "person who keeps or tends oxen" (from a derivative of Middle English nowt "ox")... [more]
NÜÜD Estonian
Nüüd is an Estonian surname meaning "now" or "at present".
NUUT Estonian
Nuut is an an Estonian surname meaning "whip". Also, a masculine given name derived form the Scandinavian name "Knut".
NYBLOM Swedish
Combination of Swedish ny "new" and blom "bloom".
NYGÅRD Norwegian, Swedish
Means "new farm". A combination of ny "new" and gård "farm, yard".
NYHOLM Swedish, Danish
Derived from Swedish and Danish ny "new" and holme "islet".
NYLAND Norwegian
Combination of Norwegian ny "new" and land "land, yard".
Combination of Swedish ny "new" (possibly a habitational name from a place named with this element) and the common surname suffix -ander (a combination of land "land" and the habitational suffix -er).
NYMAN Swedish
A combination of Swedish ny "new" and man "man".
NYOO Indonesian
Indonesian variant of YANG via Dutch
Variant of NYKVIST. A famous bearer was Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist (1960-2017).
NYS Belgian
common surname in belgium and wisonsin
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