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ROUSE English
nickname for a person with red hair, from Middle English, Old French rous ‘red(-haired)’
Meaning "of Russian descent".
Originally a nickname for a red-haired or blond person, derived from Greek ρούσος (roúsos) "red".
RÖVER German
This surname was originally used as a derogative nickname for an unscrupulous individual, from Middle Low German rover meaning "pirate, robber."
ROVER English, German (Anglicized)
This surname is derived from Middle English roof (from Old English hrof) combined with the agent suffix (i)er, which denotes someone who does/works with something. Thus, the surname was originally used for a constructor or repairer of roofs.... [more]
ROVIARO Italian (Modern)
From northern Italy
ROVIRA Catalan
Topographic name for someone who lived by an oak wood, from Catalan rovira meaning "oak wood, oak grove".
Habitational name from places named Rovné and/or Rovný.
ROWE Jewish
A shortened form of the surname Horowitz, a variant of the surname Horovic, from the town of Horovice, Czech Republic.
ROWELL English
From a diminutive of ROWLAND or ROLF or a location name meaning "rough hill".
ROWETT English
English from a medieval personal name composed of the Germanic elements hrod ‘renown’ + wald ‘rule’, which was introduced into England by Scandinavian settlers in the form Róaldr, and again later by the Normans in the form Rohald or ROALD... [more]
ROWLEY English
Anglo Saxon Name- locational, comes from several places in England such as in Devonshire, Yorkshire, County Durham and Staffordshire. It means ' rough wood or clearing', from the Old English 'run' meaning rough and 'leah', meaning clearing in a wood.
From diminutives for the given names ROLLO or ROLF. Famous bearer is the author of the HARRY POTTER series, J. K. Rowling whose initials stand for JOANNE KATHLEEN.
ROWSON English (British, Anglicized)
The ancestors of the Rowson family first reached the shores of England in the wave of migration after the Norman Conquest of 1066. Their name is derived from the Norman given name Ralph. This name, which also occurs as Ralf, Rolf, and Raoul, is adapted from the Old French given name Raol.... [more]
Derived from Roxburgh, a village near Kelso, Scottish Borders, Scotland, so named from the genitive case of the Old English byname Hroc, meaning "rook", and Old English burh meaning "fort, manor".
ROY Indian, Bengali, Assamese
Bengali and Assamese form of RAJ.
ROYAL English
From the given name ROYAL.
ROYAMA Japanese
means wax. means mountain.
ROYBAL Galician (Hispanicized)
Castellanized form of RUIBAL.
Yiddish form of ROSENBERG.
Beautiful flower from France brought over by an immigrant named Page Rozelle. People said when she said something nice or touched you, good luck would come to you.
ROZEMA Frisian
Possibly a contraction of Roelfsema meaning "son of ROELF". Also spelled Rosema, Roosma, Rozeman.
The origin of this surname is unknown, but is Polish.... [more]
Habitational name for someone from Rozwady or Rozwadów in Biała Podlaska voivodeship.
RUA Jewish (Rare)
Israel, Spain
Meaning, ‘son of RUADHAGÁN.’
Habitational name for someone originally from the town of Rubalcaba in Cantabria, Spain. The name itself is derived from Arabic الربع الخالي (ar-rubʿ al-ḵālī) meaning "the Empty Quarter", referring to the Rub' al Khali desert in the Arabian Peninsula.
RUBIN Jewish
From the given name REUBEN.
RUBINOV Russian, Jewish
Means "son of RUBIN" in Russian, though it could also be derived from Russian рубин (rubin) "ruby".
RUBINSTEIN German, Jewish, Polish
Means "ruby stone", from rubin and stein. Rubin means "ruby" in German and stein means "stone" in German.
RUCCI Italian
Patronymic from the personal name Ruccio, from a short form of various pet names formed with this suffix, as for example Gasparuccio (from Gaspari) or Baldassaruccio (from Baldasare).
RUCH German (Swiss)
It was originally a nickname for a greedy person, from Middle High German ruoch ‘eager,’ ‘intent.’... [more]
Habitational name for someone from a place called Ruciany in Siedlce.
Middle High German: nickname rucken "to move or draw". North German: nickname from Middle Low German rucker "thief", "greedy or acquisitive person". German: from a reduced form of the Germanic personal name RUDIGER... [more]
From a Germanic personal name based on hrok "intent", "eager" (Old High German ruoh).
RUDAT German (East Prussian)
East Prussian German (and thus heavily Lithuanian influenced) name meaning "russet; auburn; reddish brown", derived from Old Prussian ruds and Lithuanian rudas.
RUDD English
The surname Rudd is derived from the Old English root "rud-," a component in the words "rudig," which means "ruddy," and "ruddoc," which means "red-breast." The surname was originally a nickname for a ruddy complexioned or red-haired person, or perhaps for someone who habitually wore the color red.
RUDE Norwegian, German
German: From a pet form of a personal name formed with Old High German hrōd "fame", for example RUDOLF or RÜDIGER... [more]
RUDEEN Swedish (Archaic)
Variant or possibly an anglicized form of RUDÉN. Rudeen is currently not used in Sweden. One known bearer, bishop Torsten Rudeen (1661-1729), got his name from his father's surname Rudenius (also related to Rudén).
RUDÉN Swedish (Rare)
Swedish rud "clearing" (compare RUUD) combined with the common surname suffix -én.
From ruda, meaning "ochre-colored".
Derived from the given name Rüidger
German: unexplained. Perhaps a variant of REDNER.
From a personal name composed of Old High German hrōd "renown" and wolf "wolf", equivalent to English RALPH. This name is also found in Slovenia.
Combination of rud "deforested land, clearing" and ström "stream".
Derived from the word rudzi meaning "rye".
RUDZUTAKA Latvian (Rare)
Rudzutaka is compound from two words first rudzu meaning "rye" and second taka meaning "path". Rudzutaka is femenine form of surname, the masculine form of surname is Rudzutaks. Most famous person with this surname is Jānis Rudzutaks:ānis_Rudzutaks... [more]
RUEDA Spanish
Derived from the Spanish word "rueda" meaning "wheel."
Variation of Rudig.
The name was likely first bestowed on someone thought to have the characteristics of a heron as a nickname, eventually becoming a hereditary surname.
A last name common in Mexico which is believed to have derived from the French word ruelle (or Portuguese word ruela) meaning lane or alley.
RUESCH German (Swiss), Jewish
Swiss/German variant of RUSCH. Meaning "shaggy," "bristly," "unkempt," or "quick."
RUF German
From a reduced form of the personal name RUDOLF.
It is a form of the Shona name MUFARO.
RUFF English
Variant of ROLF.
RUFF German
Variant of RUF.
RUFFIN English
From the medieval French male personal name Ruffin, from Latin Rūfīnus, a derivative of Rūfus (literally "red-haired one")... [more]
RÜGA Estonian
Rüga is an Estonian surname derived from "rügama" meaning to "toil" and "rügaja" meaning "toiler".
RUGBY English
From Rugby, Warwickshire. Originally named *Rocheberie, from Old English *Hrocaburg, 'Hroca's fort', the name was altered due to influence fort Danish settlers, with the second element being replaced with Old Norse byr, 'farm'.... [more]
RUGE German
Nickname from Middle High German ruowe, ruge ‘quiet’, ‘calm’ or Low German rug ‘rough’, ‘crude’.... [more]
RUGELEY Anglo-Saxon
A locational surname whose literal meaning is "woodland clearing on or near a ridge", derived from the Old English hrycg meaning "ridge" and leah, meaning "clearing". First recorded as a surname in Staffordshire, England, but refers to a village in Normandy called Rugles.
RUGG English
Nickname for a person associated with the color red, whether through hair color, clothing, or complexion. Accordingly, the name is derived from the Old French word ruge, meaning red.
RUGH German
A variant of the Alsacian German (and probably Swiss before that) Ruch. Also a variant of the Danish Rügh (not related as far as is known)
RUHE German
Variant of RUGE. (Rühe) is also a nickname from Rüde ‘hound.’ Habitational name from places named Rühen, Rüden, Rhüden in northern Germany.
Variation of Rüland.
RUHR German
Name given to a person who lived near the Ruhr River in Germany.
RUIBAL Galician
It indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the council of Moraña.
RUISARD French (Rare, ?)
Originated as a result of trade between France and the Persian Empires before the Iranian Revolution, probably during the Safavid Dynasty. The surname has its roots in the Persian RIAHI surname and the Arabic word رِيح (rīḥ) meaning "wind" and the Persian word “sered” before it was altered to fit French spelling rules.... [more]
Derived from the Dutch noun ruiter meaning "rider, horseman".
RUKKI Estonian
Rukki is an Estonian surname derived from "rukis", meaning "rye"
Medieval form of ROLAND.
RULE Scottish, English
Scottish name from the lands of Rule in the parish of Hobkirk, Roxburghshire. The derivation is from the River Rule which flows through the area, and is so called from the ancient Welsh word "rhull" meaning "hasty or rushing".... [more]
RULINSKAS Lithuanian (Latinized, Rare)
Meaning and origin still unknown.
Means "person from Rumbelow", the name of various locations in England ("three mounds").
RUMBLE English
Descended from the personal name Rumbald/Rombold, which is composed of the Germanic elements hrom "fame, glory" and bald "bold, brave".
RUMMEL German, Dutch
North German and Dutch: variant of ROMMEL.... [more]
RUMMO Estonian
Rummo is an Estonian surname, derived from "rumm" ("rum").
RUMNEY English
Variant of ROMNEY.
RUMP Estonian
Rump is an Estonian surname meaning "dugout" and "punt".
It is derived from Rumbald, an Old German personal name.
A different form of Rumbold (from the Norman personal name Rumbald, of Germanic origin and probably meaning literally "fame-bold"). A fictional bearer of the surname is Horace Rumpole, the eccentric QC created by John Mortimer (originally for a 1975 television play).
This name is possibly a derivative of the German word for "envelope" which is spelled 'Umschlag'.
RUNCIE English, Scottish
Derived from Latin runcinus, and related to the Old French "roncin", for a horse of little value. Middle English, Rouncy, as in Chaucer's Cantebury Tales.... [more]
Name means "Round branch". Given to a person who lived near a round branch.
this is a french word for little wine barrels.
Combination of Swedish rund "round" and qvist, an archaic spelling of kvist, "twig".
RUNDS Ancient Germanic (Rare)
The Runds surname most likely originated near the Rhine river. It comes from the Proto-Celtic word, rūnā, meaning mystery/mystic. The coat of arms dates back to the middle ages and consists of a black shield with three gold crescent moons... [more]
RÜNGAS Estonian
Rüngas is an Estonian surname meaning "rock" and "cliff".
RUNGE German
From the old word "runga", meaning stick or whip
RÜNK Estonian
Rünk is an Estonian surname meaning "crag" and "rock".
RÜNNE Estonian
Rünne is an Estonian surname meaning both "attack" and "to make inroads into something".
Means "wheel" in Italian. This meant that a bearer of this surname was a wheel maker.
RUSBY Scottish, English
Alternative spelling of Busby, a parish in Renfrewshire. A name well represented in the Penistone, and Cawthorne districts of the West Riding of Yorkshire.
RUSCH German
Meaning "shaggy," "bristly," "unkempt," or "quick."
Variant of RUSCH
RUSH Irish
Reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Ruis "descendant of Ros", a personal name perhaps derived from ros "wood". In Connacht it has also been used as a translation of Ó Luachra (see LOUGHREY).
RUSHDIE Kashmiri (Rare)
Derived from Arabic رَشَدَ (rašada) meaning "to go the right way, to follow the right course" or "to be well guided" (related to the given names RASHAD and RASHID)... [more]
RUSHEN English
Originally denoted a person who lived near a marsh, noted for its rushes (see RUSH). A famous bearer of this surname is the American singer Patrice Rushen (b. 1954).
RUSHER German (Americanized)
Americanized version of the German surname Rüscher or Roshcer. Either a topographic name for someone who lived among rushes or an occupational name for someone who created things out of rushes.
RUSS Popular Culture
Derived from Kievan Rus, an ancient state that existed in modern-day Russia. It is born by Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves from Warhammer 40,000.
RUST English, Scottish
A nickname to someone with reddish hair or a ruddy complexion.
Means "son of RUSTEM".
Means "son of RUSTEM".
RUSU Romanian, Moldovan
From Romanian rus meaning "Russian".
RUTH English, German (Swiss)
English: from Middle English reuthe ‘pity’ (a derivative of rewen to pity, Old English hreowan) nickname for a charitable person or for a pitiable one. Not related to the given name in this case.... [more]
From the name of a town located in Bari Province of Apulia, Italy.
RUTLEDGE English, Scottish
Origin unknown
RUTMAN Jewish, German
1. Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): origin uncertain; perhaps a variant of ROTHMAN. ... [more]
German: see RUTMAN.
RUTT English, German
English: variant of ROOT.... [more]
RUTTER English
Either (i) "player of the rote (a medieval stringed instrument played by plucking)"; or (ii) from a medieval nickname for a dishonest or untrustworthy person (from Old French routier "robber, mugger")... [more]
RUUGE Estonian
Ruuge is an Estonian surname meaning "pale brown" or "dark blonde" or "sorrel" colored.
RUUS Estonian
Ruus is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "kruus" meaning "mug", "shingle" and "ballast". Possibly derived from "rüüs" meaning "frilled".
RÜÜT Estonian
Rüüt is an Estonian surname meaning "golden plover" (Pluvialis apricaria).
RUUT Estonian
Ruut is an Estonian surname meaning "square".
RÜÜTEL Estonian
From the Estonian word rüütel, meaning "knight".
A rare Finnish surname combining the word for gunpowder, "ruuti", and the common surname ending -nen. The 2017 Finnish population register indicates there are 106 Ruutikainens alive in Finland, and some sites estimate there are another ten abroad... [more]
RÜÜTLI Estonian
Rüütli is an Estonian surname, meaning "chivalric".
Ruutopõld is an Estonian surname derived from "ruut (square)" and "põld" ("field").
RUUTSOO Estonian
Ruutsoo is an Estonian surname meaning "square swamp".
RUUTU Estonian
Ruutu is an Estonian surname meaning "diamond".
It means "rose". Derived from name Ružena.
RUŽIĆ Croatian, Serbian
Derived from ruža meaning ''rose''.
Ruzicki was first found in Polesie, inhabited by Ruthenians, called Polesians, of Ukrainian descent. One of the principal names of the area was the royal Clan of Poraj, of which the family name Ruzycki is a branch.
RYALL English
From any of several places in England named from Old English ryge "rye" + hyll "hill".
RYALS English
English occupational surname.
Habitational name for someone from any of various places called Rybaki, derived from Polish ryba meaning "fish".
RYBAK Polish, Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Jewish
Means "fisherman" in some Slavic languages. Derived from the word ryba "fish". A famous bearer is Byelarusian-Norwegian artist Alexander Rybak (b. 1986) who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009.
Means "son of the fisher" from Russian рыбак (rybak) meaning "fisherman".
RYBALKA Ukrainian
Ukrainian surname meaning "fisherman". Derived from ryba "fish".
Habitational name for someone from any of several places called 'Rybno'.
Russian occupational surname of "Fisher"
Derived from Rycroft, in the parish of Birstall, Yorkshire
Combination of Swedish ryd "woodland clearing" and berg "mountain". Notable bearers are author and poet Viktor Rydberg (1828-1895) and physicist Johannes Rydberg (1854-1919).
RYDELL Swedish
Combination of Swedish ryd "woodland clearing" and the common surname suffix -ell.
RYDELL English (Rare)
Possibly a variant of RIDDELL.
RYDÉN German, Swedish
Can come from the island Rügen in Germany. Bengt Rydén was the cheif editor at a Swedish magazine called Veckans Affärer.
RYERSON English (American)
Americanized spelling of Swedish Reierson or of any of its cognates, for example Dutch Ryerse, Ryersen or Norwegian and Danish Reiersen.
RYHAROVIČ Belarusian
Means "son of RYHOR".
RYLE English
Habitational name from Royle in Lancashire (see ROYLE).
RYNE German (Swiss)
Respelling of Swiss German Rhyn, a topographic name for someone living on the Rhine river, Middle High German RIN.
RYNEARSON German, German (Swiss)
Derived from the Rhine River.
RYŠAVÝ Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak last name meaning "red-haired".
RYSER English
Variant of REISER based on the English word riser.
RYSLINK Czech (Rare)
Czech spelling or interpretation of an Irish (I think) name. First introduced in 1620 at the beginning of the 30 Years War at White Mountain near Prague, CZ when an Irish (I think) soldier fathered a Czech son... [more]
RYUEN Japanese (Rare), Popular Culture
龍 (Ryuu) means "Dragon" and 円 (En) means "Circle, Round". EN also can also mean "Garden" in this surname. ... [more]
RYŪJIN Japanese
It means "Dragon God" or "Dragon King". Using the kanjis 龍 (ryuu, ryou, tatsu) meaning "dragon", and 神 (kami, jin or shin) meaning "god". It can be read as Tatsugami as well.
RYUKO Japanese
See the Ryuko first name.
RYUMINE Japanese
竜/龍 (Ryu) means "Dragon, Imperial" and 嶺,峰,峯 (Mine) means "Peak, Summit, Mountaintop".
RYUUEN Japanese
Most common transcription of RYUEN, actually.
RYŪZAKI Japanese
This surname is used as 竜崎, 龍崎, 竜嵜 or 劉崎 with 竜 (ryuu, ryou, rou, ise, tatsu) or 龍 (ryuu, ryou, rou, tatsu), both meaning "dragon, imperial," 劉 (ryuu, ru, meaning "faded, kill en masse, logging axe, peeling (paint off a wall, etc), sparse, weapon of war," 崎 and 嵜 (ki, sai, saki, misaki), the first meaning "cape, promontory, spit" and the second meaning "promontory, steep."... [more]
RZASA Polish
Topographic name for someone who lived near a pond where duckweed grew, from Polish rzasa ‘duckweed’.
from rzepka, diminutive of rzepa ‘turnip’, either a nickname or a metonymic occupational name for a peasant who grew root vegetables.
It indicates familial origin within the Podlachian village of Rzewuszki.
Nickname from Polish dialect rzonca, standard Polish rzodca ‘land steward’.
Nickname for an eager or ebullient person from a derivative of rzucic ‘to throw’, ‘to throw oneself at someone’.