Submitted Surnames Starting with R

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Riesen German
It is a name for a wood carver.
Riesenberg German
Topographic name for someone who lived by a big mountain, from Middle High German rise meaning "giant" and berg meaning "mountain".
Riesenberg German
Topographic name for someone who lived by a big mountain, derived from Middle High German rise meaning "giant" and berg meaning "mountain".
Riesenburg German
Variant spelling of Riesenberg.
Rieser Swiss, German
Alemannic form of Reiser. A habitational name for someone from Ries near Passau. Alemannic variant of Rüsser and Rüser, a variant of Reusser... [more]
Rieth German
"reed" -- a tall, slender-leaved plant of the grass family that grows in water or on marshy ground.
Rietums Latvian
Derived from the word rietumi meaning "west".
Rifai Arabic
Elevation of all, honor and Glory... [more]
Rifat Arabic, Bengali
From the given name Rifat.
Rifi Moroccan
Habitational name from the region of Rif.
Rifi Moroccan
Derived from the Rifian word for Rifian.
Rifkin Jewish
Metronymic from the Yiddish female given name Rifke from the Hebrew given name Rivka (see Rebecca), with the addition of the Slavic suffix -in.
Rifkind Jewish
Variant of Rifkin. The final element was changed due to the influence of the Yiddish noun kind "child" (German: "Kinder").
Rigas Greek
From the Latin word for king, 'rex'.
Rigaud French, Haitian Creole
from the ancient Germanic personal name Ricwald composed of ric "powerful" and wald "power authority".
Righetti Italian
Means "son of Righetto" a pet form of the personal name Rigo.
Right English
Variant spelling of Wright.
Rigo Italian, Catalan
From the given name Rigo a short of any of the given names Rigoberto, Arrigo, and Federigo.
Rigolet French
Means "creek" in French. From (American) French rigole (“rivulet”), from Old French regol.
Riiel Estonian
Riiel is an Estonian surname meaning "cloth" or fabric".
Riiet Estonian
Riiet is an Estonian surname derived from "riietur" meaning "clothier".
Riihimäki Finnish
Derived from Riihimäki, a town and municipality in southern Finland, meaning "drying barn hill" in Finnish.
Riina Sicilian
Derived from Sicilian rijina meaning "queen".
Riis Scandinavian
Nickname from ris 'twigs', 'scrub', or a habitational name from any of several places so named in Denmark. Norwegian: habitational name from any of five farmsteads named Ris, from Old Norse hrís 'brushwood'.
Riivik Estonian
Riivik is an Estonian surname derived from "rivik", meaning "setting stick", "galley", and "assembler".
Rijkaard Dutch, Dutch (Surinamese)
Dutch variant of Richard. A famous bearer of this surname is the retired Dutch soccer player Frank Rijkaard (1962-).
Rikardsson Swedish
Means "son of Rikard".
Rikimaru Japanese
This surname is used as 力丸 with 力 (rii, riki, ryoku, chikara) meaning "bear up, exert, power, strain, strength, strong" and 丸 (gan, maru, maru.i, maru.meru) meaning "curl up, explain away, full, make round, month, perfection, pills, roll up, round, seduce."... [more]
Rilo English
Transferred use of the surname derived from the Old English elements ryge (rye) and lēah (wood, clearing, meadow). See also Riley.
Rimes English
Originally denoted one who came from the city of Reims in the Grand Est region of France, or a topographic name for someone who lived in a thickly wooded area, derived from Old French ramel (a diminutive of raim) meaning "branch", ultimately from Latin ramus... [more]
Rin Japanese
From Japanese 林 (rin) meaning "forest".
Rinard English (American)
An Americanized version of the German Surname Reinhardt.
Rinato Italian
means "reborn" in italian
Rinbayashi Japanese (Rare)
It's written like this: 林林. Both rin and hayashi mean "forest". This is because rin is the Chinese reading called onyomi, and hayashi is the Japanese reading called kunyomi.
Rind German
Probably a metonymic occupational name for a cattle dealer or butcher, from Middle High German rint meaning "cow".
Rindfleisch German
Means "beef" in German (lit. cow flesh). Compare Kalbfleisch.
Rindt German
Variant of Rind.
Ringelberg German
From the mountain on which sat Castle Ringel.
Ringer English
From the Norman name Reinger or Rainger derived from the Germanic elements ragin meaning "advice, counsel" and ger meaning "spear"... [more]
Ringgold German
Comes from Germanic ring "ring" or "assembly" and wald "rule"
Rinne Estonian
Rinne is an Estonian surname meaning "front" or "battlefront".
Rino Italian
From the given name Rino.
Rintoul Scottish
Derived from a farm with the same name, near the town of Milnathort in Kinross-shire, Scotland.
Riola Italian
Regional variant of Riolo.
Ripamonti Italian
From ripa "bank, shore" and monte "mountain".
Rippas German (Swiss)
The first recorded person with this surname was from Ziefen, Switzerland.
Ripper English
Means "maker, seller or carrier of baskets" (from a derivative of Middle English rip "basket").
Ripple English
From the word ripple. Could mean that they live near a river, lake, brook, stream, or ocean.
Riquelme Spanish
Spanish: from a personal name composed of the ancient Germanic elements rīc 'power(ful)' + helm 'helmet protection'.
Riquier French
From the given name Riquier and a variant of Richer.
Riroroko Rapanui
Riroroko is a surname that comes from the Miru Rapa Nui clan. This was concerning the Riro portion the name of a ariki "king" on Easter Island who succeeded Atamu Tekena. Riro was part of the Miru clan... [more]
Rīs Sinhalese
Variant of Reyes or Reis (see user-submitted name) used in Sri Lanka.
Ris French (Huguenot)
Surname of unknown meaning.
Risch Romansh
Truncated form of Durisch.
Riseborough English
Denoted a person hailing from any of the various places called Risborough, Riseborough or Risbury in England, derived from Old English hrīs meaning "brushwood" and beorg meaning "hill, mound", or from hrīs and burh meaning "fortification"... [more]
Risley English
It means "brushwood clearing".
Rispoli Italian
A patronymic from a derivative of the given name Rispo, which is probably of Germanic origin. Alternatively, it could be a variant of Ruspoli, which is of unknown origin.
Rist Estonian
Rist is an Estonian surname meaning "cross".
Risteski Macedonian
Son of Riste
Ristevski Macedonian
Means "son of Risto".
Ristikivi Estonian
Ristikivi is an Estonian surname meaning "abeam" or "athwart stone".
Ristoja Estonian
Ristoja is an Estonian surname meaning "across (abeam) creek".
Ristsoo Estonian
Ristsoo is an Estonian surname meaning "across (perpendicular/transverse) swamp".
Rita Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan
From the female personal name Rita, a reduced form of MargharitaMargaret’, chosen in particular in honor of a 15th-century Italian saint who bore the name in this form.
Ritacco Italian
Probably a derivative of Rito, a masculinized form of the female personal name Rita.
Ritch English, German, German (Swiss)
1. English: variant spelling of Rich. ... [more]
Ritchard English
Variant spelling of Richard that was altered by the diminutive Ritchie. Or possibly from a surname derived from Richard... [more]
Ritchings French, German, English
This surname has at least three distinct separate origins. ... [more]
Ritonga Batak
From Batak ri meaning "reed, grass" and tonga meaning "middle, centre".
Ritschel German, History
Derived from Old High German hruod "fame". This was the maiden name of Magda Goebbels who was the wife of Paul Joseph Goebbels. Her husband was Nazi Germany's propaganda minister between the years 1933 and 1945... [more]
Ritsos Greek
The Greek version of the Italian surname Rizzo.
Ritt German
Either a topographic name from Old High German ritta meaning "reeds" or a habitational name from a place near Kassel, Germany. Alternately it may also be a variant of Ried.
Ritta-apinan Thai
From Thai ฤทธิ์ (rit) meaning "power", ธา (tha), a transcription of Sanskrit धा (dhā) meaning "bearer, maintainer", อภิ (api) of unknown meaning, and นันท์ (nan) of unknown meaning.
Ritterman German
From Middle High German riter meaning "rider, knight" and man literally meaning "man".
Rittinghaus German
Name for someone who lives in a farmhouse.
Rittman German, English
From Middle High German "riet" and "mann", riet meaning reed.
Ritz German
From a short form of the personal name Rizo, itself derived in part from Richard and in part from Heinrich (see Henry).
Rivabella Italian
Derived from the Italian word riva meaning "bank (shore, riverbank, lakebank)" (from Latin ripa) and bella meaning "beautiful"... [more]
Rivadeneira Spanish
habitational name from a parish named Riba de Neira in Lugo province meaning 'bank of the river Neira' Neira being a tributary of the Miño.
Rivard French
Geographical name for someone who lived on a river bank.
Rivareua Ligurian
It indicates familial origin within the eponymous frazione of the commune of Carasco.
Rives French, Jewish
Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): from the Yiddish female personal name Rive a back-formation from Rivke (see Rifkin).... [more]
Rivet French, English
French: from a diminutive of Old French rive ‘(river) bank’, ‘shore’ (see Rives).... [more]
Rivett English, French
English (East Anglia): metonymic occupational name for a metalworker, from Middle English, Old French rivet ‘small nail or bolt’ (from Old French river ‘to fix or secure’, of unknown origin).... [more]
Rivette French, English (American, Rare), English (Canadian, Rare)
Topographic name derived from a diminutive of Old French rive, meaning "(river) bank, shore"; see also Rivet.
Riviere French, French (Quebec), French (Acadian)
Possibly from the French word meaning "river"
Rīwai Maori
This name is a translation of the name Levi. The name also means potato as a general word for potatoes when its spelled without the letter "ī". This was the surname of founding mother Kiti Karaka Rīwai (1870-1927)... [more]
Rix German
given to a person who resided near a hill, stream, church, or tree
Riyad Arabic, Bengali
From the given name Riad.
Riza Arabic
From the given name Ridha.
Rizal Filipino, Tagalog, Cebuano
From Spanish ricial meaning "green field" or "rice field". A notable bearer was José Rizal (1861-1896), a Filipino nationalist and national hero.
Rizvanović Bosnian
Means "son of Rizvan".
Rizvi Urdu, Bengali
From the given name Ridha.
Rizwan Urdu, Arabic
From the given name Ridwan.
Rizza Italian
Variant of Rizzo.
Rizzotti Italian
Variant of 'Rizzo', which means 'curly haired'
Rizzuto Italian
From Sicilian rizzutu "curly-haired".
Rkhi Korean (Russified)
Russified form of Rhee used by ethnic Koreans living in parts of the former Soviet Union.
Ro English
Possibly a variant of Rowe.
Roa Spanish
Habitational name from the town of Roa (de Duero) in Burgos province, Spain.
Roan Irish
variant of Roane
Roane Irish
Variant spelling of Rowan or possibly a variant of Ruane.
Roascio Italian (Rare)
Derived from Roascio, the name of a municipality in the province of Cuneo in the Piedmont region of Italy. The meaning of the municipality's name is uncertain, but since it is located in Piedmont and known as Roass in the Piedmontese language, the etymological origin of the name is most likely Piedmontese... [more]
Roasio Italian
This surname originates from the Piedmont region of Italy. It is most likely derived from Roasio, which is the name of a municipality in that same region. The meaning of the municipality's name is uncertain, but since it is located in Piedmont and known as Roaso in the Piedmontese language, the etymological origin of the name is most likely Piedmontese... [more]
Rob Slovene
It probrably originates from the surname Robb, but we don't know for sure.
Robards English
Altered form of Roberts. A famous bearer was American actor Jason Robards (1922-2000), as well as his father Jason Robards Sr. (1892-1963) and son Sam Robards (1961-), also noted actors.
Robben French, Dutch
It is a French surname that was originally derived from the Germanic name Robert, which is composed of the elements hrod, meaning famous, and berht, meaning bright.
Robbs English
This possibly means "Son of Rob(ert)".
Rober German
Variant of Röber (see Roeber).
Róbert Hungarian, Slovak
From the given name Róbert.
Roberta English
One of the n middle name
Robertin French (Rare)
Derived from the medieval French masculine given name Robertin, which was a diminutive of the given name Robert.
Róbertsdóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Róbert" in Icelandic.
Robertshaw English
habitational name from a lost place Robertshaw in Heptonstall (Yorkshire) from the Middle English Old French personal name Robert and Middle English shaue shaghe "wood grove thicket" (Old English sceaga) meaning "Robert's wood".
Robertssen English
English variant of Robertsson.
Robeson English
This is possibly a variant of Robson.
Robey English
From a medieval diminutive form of the given name Robert.
Robichaux French
An altered spelling of Robichon or Roubichou, pet forms of Robert.
Robicheau French (Acadian)
Patronymic name derives from Robert or Robin. Origin, Poitou province of France. Emigrated to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Canada.
Robideaux French
From the medieval given name Robardeau, a pet form of Robert.
Robineau French
derived from the Old French word "robine", which was the word that was used for the communication channel of a salted fountain or barrel pond... [more]
Robinet French
Derived from the medieval French masculine given name Robinet, which was a diminutive (as the -et suffix indicates) of the given name Robin.... [more]
Robins English
Southern English patronymic from the personal name Robin.
Robinsen Norwegian, Danish
Means "son of Robin".
Robitaille French
Of uncertain meaning.
Robleda Spanish
From Spanish meaning "oak grove".
Roblès French
French form of Robles.
Robotnik Slovak
The masculine form of "labourer" or "worker". Most famously used for Dr. Ivo Robotnik, the antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
Robuchon French
Robuchon is derived from the Old French personal name Robert.
Roby English
From a medieval diminutive form of the given name Robert.
Roca Catalan
Habitational name from any of the numerous places so named, from Catalan roca "rock". This name is also Occitan.
Rochally Hungarian
from hungarian de Rozsalyi
Rochallyi Hungarian
Probably from Italian Roccalli.
Rochefort French
From various places called Rochefort meaning strong castle.
Rocher French
From French roche, meaning "rock'. It indicates a person who worked at a quarry.
Rochester English
Means "person from Rochester", Kent (probably "Roman town or fort called Rovi"). A fictional bearer of the surname is Mr Rochester, the Byronic hero of Charlotte Brontë's 'Jane Eyre' (1847).
Rochman Jewish
Metronymic from the Yiddish given name Ruchel + suffix man "man".
Rochussen Dutch
Means "son of Rochus". Famous bearers of this name are the Dutch prime minister Jan Jacob Rochussen (1797-1871) and the 19th-century painter Charles Rochussen (1814-1894).
Rock English
Topographic name for someone who lived near a notable crag or outcrop, from Middle English rokke "rock" (see Roach), or a habitational name from a place named with this word, as for example Rock in Northumberland.
Rockefeller German
Means "from Rockenfeld." Some famous bearers include founder of the Standard Oil Company and philanthropist John Davison Rockefeller (1839-1937), and 41st Vice President of the U.S.A. Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (1908-1979).
Rockett French
From the French "la roche," or "of the rock." Some family histories trace this back to French Hugenots (sp) who immigrated to England in the 1500's from the Normandy region of France.
Rockford English
An altered spelling of English Rochford; alternatively it may be an Americanized form of French Rochefort or Italian Roccaforte.
Rockhold Anglo-Saxon
Came from when the family lived in the village of Rock found in the various locations that existed in Worcestershire, Devon and also in Northumberland.The surname also has topographic origins in that it describes the area where the original bearers lived.
Rockman German
Possibly a habitational name for someone from Rockau in Thuringia.
Rockman German, Jewish
Possibly an altered spelling of Rochman.
Rockmann German
From German Rock (skirt) + mann (man)
Rockwell English
Means "person from Rockwell", Buckinghamshire and Somerset (respectively "wood frequented by rooks" and "well frequented by rooks"). Famous bearers include American illustrator Norman Rockwell (1894-1978) and Utah pioneer Porter Rockwell (1813-1878).
Rođak Croatian
Derived from rođak, meaning "family relative".
Rodd English
Locational name for someone "at the rod" of land, from Middle English rodde. Also could come from the given name Rod, or the parish of Rodd in Herefordshire, England.
Roddy Irish, Welsh
Derived from the Gaelic name Ó Rodaigh and linked to the given name Roddy meaning spirited or fierce
Rodé Ancient Greek
A man said it was a location.
Rodela Galician
Possibly habitational name from a place called Rodel (in A Coruña province, Galicia), derived from a diminutive of roda "wheel".