Submitted Surnames Starting with R

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Roderick Welsh (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of the personal name Rhydderch, originally a byname meaning "reddish brown".
Rodericks English
From the given name Roderick.
Rodewald German, English (American)
From the Old German elements hruod "fame" and walt "power, authority".
Rodger English
From the given name Rodger.
Rodham English
From Roddam in Northumberland. The name is thought to have derived from Germanic *rodum, meaning 'forest clearing'.
Rodia Italian
Habitational name from Rodia, a locality in Messina, Sicily.
Rodić Serbian, Croatian
Possibly derived from roda (рода), meaning "stork".
Rodin Jewish
Metronymic from the Yiddish personal name Rode, and related to the Old Czech root rád "merry", "joyful".
Rodino Italian
Possibly from the medieval Latin name Rodinus, or Germanic Hrodhari, from hroþi "fame, glory" and Hari "battle".
Rodionov Russian
Means "son of Rodion".
Rodionova Russian
Feminine form of Rodionov.
Rodman English
The surname Rodman is an ancient English surname, derived from a trade name, "men who were by the tenure or customs of their lands to ride with or for the lord of the manor about his business". The most famous bearer of this name is the basketball player Dennis Rodman.
Rodrick English
Derived from the given name Roderick.
Rodrigue French
From the given name Rodrigue.
Rodriksen Norwegian (Rare)
Means 'Son of Rodrik'. Rodrik is the Swedish and Norwegian form of Roderick.
Rodwell English
Rodwell, a name of Anglo-Saxon origin, is a locational surname deriving from any one of various places in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and Kent, England. In English, the meaning of the name Rodwell is "Lives by the spring near the road".
Roe English
Nickname for a timid person, derived from the Middle English ro meaning "roe"; also a midland and southern form of Ray.
Roe Norwegian
Habitational surname for any of the several farmsteads named Roe or Røe, derived from the Old Norse ruð meaning "clearing".
Roe Irish
Derived from/Anglicised form of 'Ruagh', an Irish word meaning redhead, or red haired
Roeber Low German
Habitational name from a place named Roben, for example in Thuringia or Schleswig. From a Germanic personal name based on hrod ‘renown’, ‘victory’. Low German variant of Räuber and Rauber.
Roel English, Spanish, Dutch, German
From the name Roeland, meaning "famous country".
Roelfs Dutch
Means "son of Roelf".
Roelofs Dutch
Variant of Roelfs, meaning "son of Roelof".
Roelofsema Frisian
Possibly meaning "son of Roelof". Variant of Roelofsma.
Roelofsma Frisian
Possibly means "son of Roelof".
Roemer German
Refers to a pilgrim or merchant visiting Rome.
Roeschlaub German (Rare, Archaic)
Comes from the Bavarian meaning 'Rustling Leaves'
Roffey English
There are two small villages named "Roffey". One in England, near Horsham, and one in France, Burgundy. The name is of Norman orgin. First mentioned in (surviving English documents) in 1307 when a George Roffey buys a house... [more]
Rogaczewski Medieval Polish
Meaning (Polish): "son of he with antlers" Meaning (Serbian): "son of the Devil"
Rogan Irish
Irish: reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Ruadhagáin ‘son of Ruadhagán’, a personal name from a diminutive of ruadh ‘red’.
Rogelio Spanish
From the given name Rogelio.
Rogier French
From the Old French given name Rogier a variant of Roger. Variant of Roger
Rogin Jewish
Habitational name from any of various villages named Rogi or from Rogin, all in Belarus.
Rogiński Polish
Habitational name for someone from any of various places called Rogi, named with meaning róg "horn".
Rogosin Russian
An alternate Anglicization of Russian Rogozin.
Rogstad Norwegian
Norwegian Last Name
Roh Korean
Alternate transcription of No.
Rohe Low German
The surname ROHE is from a short form of a Germanic formed with Middle High German Rouen 'to roar' or old High German ruin 'Care' , 'intent' (See roch).
Rohemaa Estonian
Rohemaa is an Estonian surname meaning "green land".
Rohi Estonian
Rohi is an Estonian surname meaning "grass" or "pasturage".
Rohme German
From the Germanic personal name Ruom (Old High German hruom ‘fame’), a short form of Ruombald and similar personal names containing this element.
Rohr German, Jewish
Topographic name for someone who lived in an area thickly grown with reeds, from Middle High German ror. Also a habitational name from one of the several places named with this word.
Rohrbach German, German (Swiss)
German and Swiss German: habitational name from any of numerous places called Rohrbach (‘reed brook’ or ‘channel brook’) in many parts of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. It is a common surname in Pennsylvania.
Rohrlach German (Rare), American
Form a place name, e.g., Rohrlach (Kreis Hirschberg) in Silesia (now Trzcińsko, Poland)
Rohrsen German
Unknown source.
Roht Estonian
Roht is an Estonian surname meaning "veld".
Rohtla Estonian
Rohtla is an Estonian surname meaning "veld", "prairie" and "steppe".
Rohulaid Estonian
Estonian surname meaning "grassland islet".
Rohumaa Estonian
Rohumaa is an Estonian surname meaning "grassland" and "meadow".
Rõigas Estonian
Rõigas is an Estonian surname menaing "radish".
Roisum Norwegian
Habitational name from the farmstead in Sogn named Røysum, from the dative plural of Old Norse reysi ‘heap of stones’.
Roith Old Irish
Roith, Ruith = "Wheel" / Mug Ruith/Mogh Roith = "Servant of the wheel"... [more]
Rõivas Estonian
Rõivas is an Estonian surname meaning "garment".
Rojan Spanish
Variant of Rojas.
Roka Japanese
Japanese name meaning "White crest of the wave".
Rokuno Japanese
Roku means "six" and no means "field, wilderness".
Rokuro Japanese (Rare)
Means "potter's wheel" or "pulley" in Japanese.
Rokutambo Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 六 (roku) meaning "6" and 反穂 (tambo), from 田圃 (tambo) meaning "rice paddy field", referring to a rice paddy field with an area of 6 tans (around 5950 m²) in Japanese measurement.
Rokutampo Japanese (Rare)
Variant reading of Japanese Kanji 六反穂 (see Rokutambo).
Rokuyama Japanese (Rare)
Means "6 mountains" in Japanese.
Roland French, German, Scottish
French, German, English, and Scottish: from a Germanic personal name composed hrod ‘renown’ + -nand ‘bold’, assimilated to -lant ‘land’. (Compare Rowland).... [more]
Rólandsdóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Róland" in Icelandic.
Rólandsson Icelandic
Means "son of Róland" in Icelandic.
Rolf English, German
Derived from the given name Rolf.
Rolfe English
Variant of Rolf.
Rolfs German
This surname means "son of Rolf," a patronymic surname from northern Germany.
Rolfsen Norwegian
Means "son of Rolf".
Roll Upper German, German, English
German: from Middle High German rolle, rulle ‘roll’, ‘list’, possibly applied as a metonymic occupational name for a scribe.... [more]
Rolle English
Variant of Roll.
Rollin English, German
English: variant of Rolling.... [more]
Rollo Scottish
From a Latinized form, common in early medieval documents, of the personal name Rou(l), the usual Norman form of Rolf.
Rolloos Dutch
Possibly derived from the given name Rollo.
Rolls English
Possibly derived from the Latin word rotus, meaning "wheel". It would indicate one who built wheels as a living. A famous bearer was American inventor and entrepreneur Charles Rolls (1877-1910), founder of the Rolls-Royce Ltd along with Henry Royce (1863-1933).
Rolston English
English habitational name from any of various places, such as Rowlston in Lincolnshire, Rolleston in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, and Staffordshire, or Rowlstone in Herefordshire, near the Welsh border... [more]
Romain French
From the given name Romain.
Romaine French
From the given name Romaine.
Romaña Spanish
Habitational name from the Italian city of Romagna.
Romana Catalan, French, Italian, Polish, English (Rare), German, Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Belarusian
From the feminine form of the Latin personal name Romanus, which originally meant "Roman".
Romanenko Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Roman.
Romanescu Romanian
Patronymic from the given name Roman.
Romani Italian
Patronymic or plural form of the personal name Romano.
Romanova f Russian
Feminine form of Romanov.
Romanovsky Russian
Habitational surname from a place called Romanovo or Romanovka... [more]
Romanow Polish
Polish spelling of Russian Romanoff.
Romanowski Polish
Habitational surname from a settlement named Romanowo, Romanów, Romanówka, etc.
Romansen Danish, Norwegian
Means 'Son of Roman'.
Romansky Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian
In Czech and Slovak usage, it is a habitational name from Romanov, a village in central Bohemia. In Polish usage, it is a habitational name for someone from any of several places in Poland called Romany, named with the personal name Roman... [more]
Romany Arabic (Egyptian)
Egyptian cognate of Romani.
Romas Greek
Meaning the Roman, held by a family originating from the Greek community of Sicily.
Romashkin Russian
Derived from a diminutive form Romashka of the Russian given name Roman.
Romeka Lithuanian (Latinized)
From the Latin for "of Rome"
Romeo Italian
From the given name Romeo.
Romeo Medieval Latin
(English prn: 'Rome-may-oh'... [more]
Romeu Portuguese
From the given name Romeu.
Romie Italian
From a diminutive of Roman or its derivative names.
Romine English, Dutch
From Rome
Rommel Upper German, Dutch
Nickname for an obstreperous person, from Middle Low German, Middle Dutch rummeln, rumpeln to make a noise, create a disturbance (of imitative origin). Variant of Rummel.
Romney English
English: habitational name from a place in Kent, so called from an obscure first element, rumen, + Old English ea ‘river’ (see Rye).
Romo Spanish
Derived from latin (rhombus) meaning obtuse, blunt.
Romp English, German
Likely a variant of Rump.
Romualdez Filipino
Means "son of Romualdo." This is the name of a prominent political family in the Philippines.
Romwe English
likes to dress up
Ron Spanish, Galician
Habitational name from a town called Ron in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain.
Ronald English
Derived from the given name Ronald.
Ronalds English
This surname is derived from the given name Ronald.
Ronaldson English
This surname means “son of Ronald”.
Roncesvalles Spanish
The name of a village in Navarre (Spain) where there was a Priory of Saint Mary of which the Hospital of Our Lady of Rouncevale at Charing Cross London was a cell.
Ronchetto Italian
Italian: diminutive from a variant of Ronco .
Ronde Dutch
Means "round" in Dutch, originally a nickname for a plump person, ultimately from Latin rotundus.
Rondelli Italian, English, French
From the medieval name "Rondello" derived from French "rondel" meaning "go around, round" or "rondel", a French old nickname for a round, plump man.
Roney Irish, Manx
Irish variant and Manx form of Rooney.
Rong Chinese
From Chinese 荣 (róng) referring to the ancient fief of Rong, which existed during the Zhou dynasty in what is now Henan province.
Rong Chinese
From Chinese 容 (róng) referring to a Zhou dynasty title used by officials who were in charge of managing rituals, music, and ceremonies. Alternately it may be derived from the name of the ancient state of Rong (location and time period unknown).
Rõngas Estonian
Rõngas is an Estonian surname meaning "ring", "annulet", "wreath" and "coil" (circular).
Ronk Estonian
Ronk is an Estonian surname meaning "raven".
Rönn Swedish
Means "rowan" in Swedish.
Ronnenberg German (Germanized, Rare)
Ronnenberg is a German town in the region of Hannover in Niedersachsen. It consists of 7 areas: Benthe, Empelde, Ihme-Roloven, Linderte, Ronnenberg, Vörie and Weetzen. The town is known for the Church named Michaelis from the 12th century.... [more]
Rønning Norwegian
From any of the many farmsteads named Rønning, ultimately derived from Old Norse ruðja "woodland clearing".
Rönnlund Swedish
Combination of Swedish rönn "rowan" and lund "grove".
Roño Spanish
masculine form of roña which means dirt
Ronson English
Means "son of Ron"
Röntgen German
Meaning uncertain. This was the name of German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1845-1923) who discovered and studied x-rays. Röntgen called the radiation "X" because it was an unknown type of radiation.
Roo Estonian
Roo is an Estonian surname derived from "roog" ("reed" or "cane") or "roos" ("rose").
Rooba Estonian
Rooba is an Estonian surname, derived from "roobas", meaning "ditch" or "rut".
Rood English
Designating someone who lived near a cross, rood in Middle English
Roog Estonian
Roog is an Estonian surname meaning "reed".
Rook English
From a medieval nickname for someone thought to resemble a rook (e.g. in having black hair or a harsh voice).
Rool Estonian
Rool is an Estonian surname meaning "wheel" and "helm".
Roolaid Estonian
Roolaid is an Estonian surname meaning "reedy islet".
Rõõm Estonian
Rõõm is an Estonian surname meaning "gladness".
Roome English
Variant of Rome.
Roomet Estonian
Roomet is an Estonian surname (and masculine given name) derived from the masculine given name "Roomet".
Rõõmus Estonian
Rõõmus is an Estonian surname meaning "glad" or "joyful".
Rooney Irish
Reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Ruanaidh "descendant of Ruanadh", a byname meaning "champion".
Rööp Estonian
Rööp is an Estonian surname meaning "parallel" and "beside".
Roop Dutch
Dutch: from a short form of the Germanic personal name Robrecht.
Roos Estonian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, German (Swiss), Low German
Means "rose" in Estonian and Dutch. Swedish and Danish variant of Ros, also meaning "rose". This could be a locational name for someone living near roses, an occupational name for someone who grew roses, or a nickname for someone with reddish skin.
Roose English, Dutch, German
Variant spelling of Rose 1, Rose 2, Roos or Ross.
Roosileht Estonian
Roosileht is an Estonian surname meaning "rose leaf".
Roosimägi Estonian
Roosimägi is an Estonian surname meaning "rose mountain".
Roosipuu Estonian
Roosipuu is an Estonian surname meaning "rose wood".
Roosnupp Estonian
Roosnupp is an Estonian surname meaning "rosebud".
Roossaar Estonian
Roossaar is an Estonian surname meaning "rose island".
Roost Estonian
Roost is an Estonian surname meaning "reedy".
Root English, Dutch
English: nickname for a cheerful person, from Middle English rote ‘glad’ (Old English rot). ... [more]
Rootare Estonian
Rootare is an Estonian surname meaning "reed hut/house".
Roots Estonian
Roots is an Estonian surname meaning "leaf stalk" or "stem". May also derive from "rootslane", meaning "Swede".
Rootslane Estonian
Rootslane is an Estonian surname meaning "Swede".
Rootsmaa Estonian
Rootsmaa is an Estonian surname meaning "leaf stalk/stem land".
Rootsmäe Estonian
Rootsmäe is an Estonian surname meaning "leaf stalk/stem hill/mountain".
Rooväli Estonian
Rooväli is an Estonian surname meaning "cane/reed field".
Roper English
English: occupational name for a maker or seller of rope, from an agent derivative of Old English rāp ‘rope’. See also Roop.
Roppolo Italian
Perhaps a derivative of Roppo, a given name of Germanic origin.
Roppongi Japanese
From 六 (ro) meaning "seven", 本 (pon) meaning "origin", and 木 (gi) meaning "wood, tree".
Rorke Irish
The name comes from the Gaelic O Ruairc, which means descendant of Ruairc.
Ros Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the Castilian municipality of Valle de Santibáñez.
Ros Swedish
Means "rose" in Swedish.
Ros Khmer
Means "alive" in Khmer.
Rosado Spanish
Derived from the Spanish word rosa, meaning "rose".
Rosamel French
A French surname turned Spanish masculine given name, Rosamel likely derives from the combination of rose + Greek mel “honey”. As a surname, it was borne by a 19th century French naval officer with the wonderful name of Claude Charles Marie du Campe de Rosamel.
Rosano Italian
rosa meaning pink. Could also be indicative of a location known for or possessing roses.
Rosas Spanish, Catalan
Variants of Rosa or Rosales.
Rosati Italian
Variant of Rosato.
Rosberg German
Meaning "rose" "mountain"
Rosco English
Variant of Roscoe.
Roseland English
Americanized form of Norwegian Røys(e)land; a habitational name from about 30 farmsteads, many in Agder, named from Old Norse reysi ‘heap of stones’ + land ‘land’, ‘farmstead’.
Rosell Swedish
Combination of ros "rose" and the common surname suffix -ell.
Rosema Frisian
Variant spelling of Rozema.
Roseman English
From the Norman feminine name Rosamund.
Rosemary English
From the plant, meaning "dew of the sea".
Rosemeyer German
Derived from the Middle High German rose meaning "rose" and meier meaning "(tenant) farmer steward". This is a German nickname and distinguishing name for a farmer who grew or liked roses.
Rosemont English
From rose "rose" + mont "mount". Also the name of a town in central California, near Sacramento. In 1880, there were 6 Rosemont families in Indiana.
Rosén Swedish
Combination of Swedish ros "rose" and the common Swedish surname suffix -én.
Rosen German, Jewish
Means "Roses" in German
Rosenbaum German, Czech
Habitational name for someone who lived at a house distinguished by the sign of a rosebush, Middle High German rōsenboum.
Rosenbaum Jewish
Ornamental adoption of modern German Rosenbaum "rose bush".
Rosenbluth Jewish
Means "rose bloom" in Middle High German.
Rosenboom Dutch
Comes from Dutch "rosenboom" meaning "rose tree"
Rosenborg Norwegian
Norwegian form of Rosenberg.
Rosencrantz German
Means "rose wreath" in German.
Rosendahl Swedish, Danish, German
Swedish and Danish ornamental name meaning "rose valley" and German variant of Rosenthal, also meaning "rose valley".
Rosenheim German (Rare)
Derived from "home of roses".