Submitted Surnames Starting with G

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Geoffrey English, French
From the given name Geoffrey
Geoffroy French
From the given name Geoffroy
Geohegan Irish
a patronymic from the personal name Eochagán
Georgakopoulos Greek
Means "son of Georgakis" in Greek.
Georgelos Greek
"Son of George."
Georgescu Romanian
Means "son of George".
Georgia English
From the given name Georgia.
Georgiades Greek (Cypriot)
Alternate transcription of Georgiadis chiefly used in Cyprus.
Georgiadis Greek
From the given name Georgios.
Georgiev Russian
Means "son of Georgiy".
Georgieva Bulgarian
Feminine form of Georgiev.
Georgiyev Russian
Means "son of Georgiy".
Georgopoulos Greek
Patronymic form of Georgios.
Gerahty Irish
Anglicised form of the Gaelic Mag Oireachtaigh, meaning "son of Oireachtach", which in turn means "member of the assembly".
Gérald French
Derived from the given name Gérald.
Gerald English
Derived from the given name Gerald.
Geraldo Spanish, Portuguese
From the given name Geraldo.
Geraldson English
Means "son of Gerald".
Gerardo Italian, Spanish
From the given name Gerardo
Gerasimenko Ukrainian
Alternate transcription of Herasymenko.
Gerasimov Russian
Means "son of Gerasim".
Gerdes German
Patronymic name, coming from "son of Gerhard.
Gere English
Variant of Geer, Gehr or Geary, all related to the Old High German element gēr (Old English gār, Old Norse geirr) meaning "spear, arrow". A famous bearer is American actor Richard Gere (b... [more]
Gereña Basque
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of Gasteiz.
Gerena Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous Andalusian municipality.
Gergely Hungarian
From the given name Gergely.
Gerhart German
From the given name Gerhard
Gerlach Dutch
From the given name Gerlach.
Gerland German
Derived from the given name Gerland.
Gerling German
German patronymic from a short form of a Germanic personal name beginning with the element gar, ger ‘spear’, ‘lance’.
Germaine French
Germaine was first found in Savoy in the Rhône-Alpes region of the French Alps, where the family held a family seat from ancient times.
German English, Norman, German, Jewish, Greek
From Old French germain meaning "German". This sometimes denoted an actual immigrant from Germany, but was also used to refer to a person who had trade or other connections with German-speaking lands... [more]
Germanotta Italian
Possibly derived from Germano by adding a diminutive suffix. Most common in the Messina area in Sicily. A famous bearer of the surname is singer Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta).
Germanov Russian
Means "son of German".
Germanova Russian
Feminine form of Germanov.
Gernika Basque
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous section of the municipality of Gernika-Lumo.
Gerogiannis Greek
Α composite surname from the words γέρος (geros), meaning old and the name Giannis.
Gerónimo Spanish
From the given name Gerónimo.
Gerosa Italian
Denoted someone from the town of Gerosa in Lombardy, or perhaps a nickname from geros (modern ghiaioso) "gravelly".
Gerrard English
From the given name Gerrard.
Gerrits Dutch, Frisian
"Son of Gerrit".
Gerrity Irish
the son of Oireachtach (member of an assembly).
Gerry English
Diminutive of names containing ger, meaning "spear".
Gersch German, Jewish
Variant of Giersch. ... [more]
Gershon English, Hebrew
Hebrew One of the tribes of Israel ... [more]
Gerson German, Jewish
Variant of Jewish Gershon, or derived from a short form of the German given name Gerhard.
Gerstenmájer Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian
Magyarised and Cyrillic version of Gerstenmayer.
Gerth German (Swiss)
From a reduced form of Gerhardt. Habitational name for someone from Gerthe near Bochum.
Gertsch German (Swiss)
From a short form of any of the Germanic personal names formed with gēr meaning ‘spear’, ‘lance’.
Gertz German
Patronymic from a Germanic personal name meaning "hardy", "brave", "strong."
Gervais English, French
From the French given name Gervais.
Gervasio Italian
Derived from the given name Gervasio.
Gerwig German, French
Derived from the Germanic given name Gerwig, ultimately from the elements gēr meaning "spear" and wīg meaning "battle, fight". This surname is also found in France (mainly in the region of Alsace)... [more]
Gerwin German
From the given name Gerwin.
Gerwulf German
This is an old Germanic name meaning "spear wolf" (ger "spear" and wulf "wolf.")
Gerz German
Variant of Gertz.
Gessa Italian
Possibly a variant of Chessa. Alternately, may be from a Sardinian term for "mulberry".
Getty Irish
Meaning: Hill, valley.... [more]
Gevaudan Old Irish (Rare)
Gévaudan is a historical area of France in Lozère département. It took its name from the Gabali, a Gallic tribe subordinate to the Arverni.
Gevorkian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Armenian Գեւորգյան (see Gevorgyan)
Gevorkyan Armenian
Alternate transcription of Armenian Գեւորգյան (see Gevorgyan)
Geyer German
Variant of Geier.
Gezer Turkish
Means "itinerant, traveller" in Turkish.
Gfeller German
Topographical name for someone who lived by a gorge, Middle High German gevelle, or a habitational name for someone from any of various places in Bavaria and Austria named from this word.
Ghaderi Persian
From the given name Ghader.
Ghaffar Arabic, Urdu
From the given name Ghaffar.
Ghaffari Persian
From the given name Ghaffar.
Ghafoor Arabic, Urdu
From the given name Ghafur.
Ghafouri Persian
From the given name Ghafour.
Ghahramani Persian
Derived from Persian قهرمان (qahraman) meaning "hero, champion".
Ghaith Arabic
From the given name Ghayth
Ghaleb Arabic
From the given name Ghalib.
Ghanem Arabic
Derived from the given name Ghanim.
Ghanim Arabic
Derived from the given name Ghanim.
Ghannouchi Arabic (Maghrebi)
Meaning unknown. A notable bearer is Mohamed Ghannouchi (1941–), the former Prime Minister of Tunisia.
Gharagozlou Persian
Meaning "black eye".
Gharbi Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "westerner, one from the west" from Arabic غرب (gharb) meaning "west, occident". In Tunisia it is typically used as a name for someone originally from Algeria or Morocco (being the two westernmost countries in North Africa).
Gharibi Persian
Derived from Persian غریب (gharib) meaning "strange, rare, foreign".
Ghasemi Persian
From the given name Ghasem.
Ghasemzadeh Persian
Means "offspring of Ghasem" in Persian.
Ghassan Arabic (Modern)
The Ghassan surname originated in the village of Furzol in eastern Lebanon. It is believed that the name came from Shefa-'Amr in Israel, and was brought by Ghassans that were fleeing the unjust rule of Ahmed al-Jazzar, the Wali of Sidon and Damascus in the late 18th century... [more]
Ghassemi Persian
Alternate transcription of Ghasemi.
Ghatak Indian, Bengali
Derived from Sanskrit घटक (ghataka) meaning "striving for, bringing about, accomplishing".
Ghauri Urdu
Meaning uncertain, most likely from the name of the province of Ghor in Afghanistan.
Ghazarian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Ghazaryan.
Ghazaryan Armenian
Means "son of Lazar".
Gheata Romanian
Means "ice."
Gheen Irish
Anglicised form of Geoghegan.
Ghengat Urdu, Persian
Ghengat is clan of mewati muslim rajpoot Pakistan ... [more]
Ghermezian Iranian, Jewish, Persian
The surname’s most notable bearers are the Ghermezian Family, Iranian Canadians of Jewish descent.
Ghezzi Italian
Patronymic or plural form of a nickname from Old Italian ghezzo ‘dark’
Ghimire Nepali
From the name of the village of Ghamir (or Dhamir) in western Nepal.
Ghio Italian
From the given name Guido
Ghiocel Romanian
From Romanian ghiocel meaning "snowdrop" (flower).... [more]
Ghioni Italian
Possibly from the given name Guido.
Ghirardelli Italian (Tuscan)
The surname of the legendary chocolate-maker comes from the given name Gerard
Ghirsci Maltese
The spelling of the original surname indicates that it probably didn't originate from Malta, but the surname is almost only found there anyway. The surname means "cross-eyed".
Ghislanzoni Italian
Possibly from the Germanic name Guislan.
Ghoandaloy Ingush
Original Ingush form of Gandaloev.
Gholam Persian, Arabic
Derived from the given name Gholam.
Gholami Persian
From the given name Gholam.
Ghorbani Persian
Derived from Arabic قُرْبَان (qurbān) meaning "sacrifice", referring to the Islamic practise Qurbani of slaughtering a livestock animal for Eid al-Adha.
Ghosh Indian, Bengali, Assamese, Odia
Derived from Sanskrit घोष (ghosha) meaning "milkman" or "cowherd", ultimately from गो (go) meaning "cow".
Ghoshal Indian, Bengali
Possibly derived from the surname Ghosh.
Ghulam Arabic, Pashto, Urdu
From the given name Ghulam.
Giacchino Italian
Meaning unknown. A famous bearer of this name is an American music composer films known as Michael Giacchino (1967-).
Giaccone Italian
Probably a modification of the given name Giacomo.
Giacinto Italian
From the given name Giacinto.
Giacomo Italian
From the given name Giacomo.
Giamatti Italian (Anglicized)
Americanized form of Giammattei. Famous bearers include brothers Paul Giamatti (1967-) and Marcus Giamatti (1961-), both American actors.
Giambattista Italian
From the given name Giambattista.
Giammattei Italian
Patronymic form of Giammatteo.
Giammatteo Italian
Derived from the given name Giammatteo.
Giampaolo Italian
From the given name Giampaolo.
Giancarlo Italian
From the given name Giancarlo.
Gianfrancesco Italian
From a compound personal name composed of Gianni + Francesco.
Giang Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Jiang 1, from Sino-Vietnamese 江 (giang).
Gianiel Romansh
Derived from a diminutive of the given name Gian.
Giannone Italian
From a diminutive meaning "big Gianni" formed by combining the personal name Gianni with -one, a suffix used to form augmentatives.
Giano Italian
From the given name Giano.
Giardiniere Italian
Italian form of Gardener.
Giarratana Italian
Sicilian habitational name from a place so named in Ragusa.
Giarrizzo Italian
From the given name Giovanni and riccio "curly".
Giarrusso Italian
From the given name Giovanni and rosso "red", a nickname for someone with red hair.
Gibbon English
English from the medieval personal name Gibbon, a pet form of Gibb.
Gibbons English
Patronymic formed from a diminutive of Gib.
Gibney Irish
Anglicized form of the Irish Gaelic surname Ó Gibne.
Gibs English
Variant of Gibbs
Gibsey Irish
A variant of the surname Gibson.
Gibson Irish
Anglicized form of Irish-Gaelic Ó Gibealláin.
Gidlow English
The first recorded use of the name is from 1291; Robert de Gidlow was a freeholder in Aspull, Lancanshire, United Kingdom and the name occurs frequently down to the 17th century. The Gidlow family moved to the United States in the mid-18th century where the spelling was changed to Goodlow and eventually to Goodloe.
Giedraitis Lithuanian
This indicates familial origin within the town of Giedraičiai.
Giel Medieval English
From a medieval personal name of which the original form was Latin Aegidius, from Greek aigidion ‘kid’, ‘young goat’. Compare English Giles.... [more]
Gierc English, Polish
Pronounciation: Rhymes with "pierce." Hard "g" (as in "goat"). ... [more]
Gieriet Romansh
Derived from the given name Gieri in combination with the diminutive suffix -et.
Gierke German
A derivative of the personal names Gerard or Gerald. ... [more]
Gierlachowski Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Lesser Polish village of Gierlachów.
Giersch German
German from the female personal name Gerusch or Gerisch, pet forms of Gertrud (see Trude), with the Slavic suffix -usch or -isch.
Giesbrecht Dutch
A variant of the given name Giselbert, which in turn is related to Gilbert... [more]
Gieselman German
Variant spelling of Geiselman.
Gieselmann German
Variant spelling of Geiselman.
Giesinger German
Denoted a person from the town of Giesing in Germany. Or perhaps a variant spelling of Geisinger. A famous bearer of this surname is the German singer-songwriter Max Giesinger.
Gifford English
Gifford is an English name for someone who comes from Giffords Hall in Suffolk. In Old English, it was Gyddingford, or "ford associated with Gydda." Alternatively, it could come from the Middle English nickname, "Giffard," from Old French meaning "chubby-cheeked."
Gigante Italian
Means "giant" in Italian.
Giglio Italian
From the personal name Giglio, from giglio "lily" (from Latin lilium), a plant considered to symbolize the qualities of candor and purity.
Gihon Irish
Anglicized form of Irish-Gaelic Ó Gaoithín
Gil Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Gil 3, means "joy, happiness" in Hebrew.
Gilani Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Pashto
Originally indicated a person from the Gilan province in Iran, or the Gelani tribe mentioned in ancient records.
Gilardi Italian
Means "son of Gilardo", a rare Italian form of the Germanic given name Gerard.
Gilbertson English
Means "son of Gilbert".
Gilby English
Means either (i) "person from Gilby", Lincolnshire ("Gilli's farm"); or (ii) "little Gilbert".
Gilca Romanian, Italian
Meaning unknown.
Gildner Jewish
Occupational name for a worker in gold, from Yiddish gildner 'golden'.
Gildo Italian
From the given name Gildo.
Gilgen German (Swiss)
Derived from a short form of the given name Aegidius.
Gilgen German, German (Swiss)
Derived from Middle High German gilge "lily", this was a habitational name from the inflected form of a house name meaning "at the lily".
Gilio Italian
Tuscany. One variation of the surname Giglio meaning ""lily"". ... [more]
Gilkeson English, Scottish
From the Scottish Gilchristson(son of Gilchrist) meaning "son of the servant/devotee of Christ"
Gill Indian, Punjabi
Derived from Punjabi ਗਿੱਲਾ (gila) meaning "wet, damp, moist".
Gillan Irish
The Gillan surname is a reduced Anglicized form of the Irish Gaelic Mac Gille Fhaoláin, which means "son of the servant of St Faolán." While the name may have originated in Ireland, this line was extant by the beginning of the 17th century, only to find many of the family to return to Ireland about 100 years later with the Plantation of Ulster.... [more]
Gillani Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Pashto
Alternate transcription of Arabic جيلاني or Persian, Urdu گیلانی (see Gilani).
Gillard English
English from a pejorative derivative of the personal name Giles.
Gillard English, French, Swiss
English and French from an assimilated form of the personal name Gislehard, a compound of Old High German gisel ‘hostage’, ‘pledge’, ‘noble youth’ (see Giesel) + hard ‘hardy’... [more]
Gillespie Scottish, Irish
Gillespie can be of Scottish and Irish origin. The literal meaning is "servant of bishop", but it is a forename rather than a status name. The Irish Gillespies, originally MacGiollaEaspuig, are said to to be called after one Easpog Eoghan, or Bishop Owen, of Ardstraw, County Tyrone... [more]
Gillette English, French
English: from a feminine form of Gillett.... [more]
Gilli Romansh
Derived from the given name Gilli.
Gilli Italian
Patronymic form of the personal name Gillio, a vernacular derivative of Aegilius, which itself is a later form of the given name Aegidius.
Gillian English
From the first name Gillian.
Gilliard English, Northern Irish
English and northern Irish (county Down) variant of Gillard.
Gilliard French, Swiss
French and Swiss French from a derivative of Gillier, from the Germanic personal name Giselher, composed of gisil ‘hostage’, ‘pledge’, ‘noble offspring’ (see Giesel) + heri ‘army’.
Gillibrand English
From the Norman personal name Gillebrand, of Germanic origin and meaning literally "hostage-sword".
Gillicuddy Irish
Angliczed from the Irish surname Mac Giolla Chudha means 'descendant of sea warrior'.
Gillies Scottish
Scottish variant of Gillis or Mcgillis.
Gilligan Irish
English translation of Gaelic name Mac Giollagain, derived from the word, giolla, meaning: lad.
Gillingham English
Habitational name from places in Dorset, Norfolk, and Kent, named Gillingham, 'homestead
Gillis Scottish
Scottish reduced form of Gaelic Mac Gille Iosa ‘son of the servant of Jesus’... [more]
Gillis Dutch
Dutch form of Giles.
Gilly English
Variant of Gilley.
Gilly French
Southern French variant of Gilles.
Gilly Romansh
Variant of Gilli.
Gilmor Hebrew (Modern)
Combination of the surnames Gil and Mor, means "happy myrrh" in Hebrew, also a modern Hebrew version of the surname Gilmore.
Gilmore English, Irish
Gilmore is a surname with several origins and meanings:... [more]
Gilpin English, Irish, Northern Irish
English: in the northeast, from the Gilpin river in Cumbria; in southern counties, probably a variant of Galpin. ... [more]
Gilroy Scottish Gaelic, Irish, Scottish
"Red servant" in Gaelic.
Gilsenan Irish
From a follower of Saint Senán mac Geirrcinn
Gilson English, French (Belgian)
Means "son of Gill" or "son of Giles".
Gilstrap English (British, Anglicized, Rare)
This is a place name acquired from once having lived at a place spelled Gill(s)thorp(e), Gilsthorp(e), Gill(s)throp(e) or Gil(s)throp(e) located in the Old Danelaw area of England.... [more]