Submitted Surnames from Other Sources

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Brigance English (American)
Americanized form of Alsatian Bergantz: unexplained.
Brinkley English
"From Brinca's Field" or "Field in the forest"
Brinson English
Habitational name from Briençun in northern France.
Britaev Ossetian (Russified)
Russified form of an Ossetian surname of unknown meaning.
Br Maharaja f Batak
Feminine form of Maharaja. The Br (short form of boru, pronounced BOH-roo) part is a nickname for women in Bataknese (except Karo tribe).
Brnčić Croatian
Meaning unknown.
Broadhead English
Likely originated from someone with a broad or wide head.
Brockett English
From the Old French words broque and brocke.
Brockhaus German
Occupational hereditary surname for a person who was physically powerful, derived from Old German brock which may refer to persons with a stocky or strong build. Or derived from Old German "Brook" or "Brauk," for people near a marshy landscape, common in northern regions.
Brod Jewish
Either derived from German Brot "bread" or taken from one of the various towns named Brod in Bosnia, Croatia and Macedonia or from one of the towns named Brody in Ukraine and Poland.
Broflovski Popular Culture
Kyle Broflovski (sometimes spelled Kyle Broflovski, Broslovski, Broslofski, Brovlofski or Broflofski) is a main character in the animated television series South Park.
Broin Italian
Italian and French form of or comes from Brown.
Brolin English (Anglicized, Rare)
In the case of American actors James and Josh Brolin, it seems to be derived form Burderlin, an anglicized form of Brüderlin.
Broomby English
A surname well represented in Cheshire, and Nottinghamshire.
Broynshteyn Yiddish
It literally means "brownstone".
Brozović Croatian
Derived from Broz.
Br Sinaga f Batak
Feminine form of Sinaga. The Br (short form of boru, pronounced BOH-roo) part is a nickname for women in Bataknese.
Br Siregar f Batak
Feminine form of Siregar. The Br (short form of boru, pronounced BOH-roo or BUH-roo) part is a nickname for women in Bataknese.
Br Tarigan f Batak
Feminine form of Tarigan. The Br (short form of beru, pronounced BOH-roo or BUH-roo) part is a nickname for women in Bataknese, specifically in the Karo tribe.
Bruch German
Topographic name for someone who lived by a marsh or a stream that frequently flooded, from Middle High German bruoch "water meadow" or "marsh" (cognate to old English broc "brook", "stream" cf... [more]
Bruder German
From a byname meaning "brother", occasionally used for a younger son, i.e. the brother of someone important, or for a guild member.
Brueggeman German
Variant of German Brueggemann.
Bruen German
This is my 2nd great uncle's wife's Surname of German ancestry.
Brunette French (Quebec)
Variant of Brunet, reflecting the French Canadian pattern of pronouncing the final -t, which is not pronounced in metropolitan French.
Bryley English
Variant of Briley.
Brzoza Polish
Topographic name from brzoza meaning ‘birch tree’.
Buan Filipino, Tagalog
From Tagalog buwan meaning "moon, month".
Buathong Thai
From Thai บัว (bua) meaning "lotus" and ทอง (thong) meaning "gold".
Buatong Thai
Alternate transcription of Thai บัวทอง (see Buathong).
Buayaem Thai
From Thai บัว (bua) meaning "lotus" and แย้ม (yaem) meaning "bloom, blossom".
Buayam Thai
Alternate transcription of Thai บัวแย้ม (see Buayaem).
Bubien Polish
The name came originally from France. An officer of Napoleon Bonaparte during the French Russian war, in 1812 stayed in Poland and married. One of his sons, became a regional Judge and large land owner in the Belarus area of Poland... [more]
Bucad Filipino, Tagalog
From Tagalog bukad meaning "opening, unfolding (of flowers)".
Bucag Filipino, Cebuano
From Cebuano bukag meaning "basket".
Buchwalder German, German (Swiss)
Buchwalder is a German Surname.
Buckwalter English (American)
Americanized spelling of German Buchwalder.
Bucog Filipino, Cebuano
From Cebuano bukog meaning "bone".
Bucsis English (Canadian)
Perhaps of Hungarian origin, but the original surname is not known.
Bucur Romanian
A ancient Romanian name of Dacian origin. It means "happy". A legendary Romanian shepherd named Bucur it is said to have founded Bucharest, the present capital or Romania, giving his name to it (The Romanian city name is Bucureşti).
Budak Turkish
Means "branch, shoot, knot" in Turkish.
Budd English
Originated from the Old English personal name Budda, from the word budda, which means "beetle" or "to swell." Specifically of Celtic Welsh origin.
Buddhinan Thai
From Thai พุทธิ (putthi), a transcription of Sanskrit बुद्धि (búddhi) meaning "intelligence" and นันทน์ (nan) of unknown meaning.
Budoh Japanese
Variant transcription of Budou.
Buelna Asturian
Asturian-Leonese and Spanish: habitational name from any of the places called Buelna in Asturies and Cantabria.
Buenafe Spanish (Philippines)
Means "good faith" in Spanish, from buena meaning "good" and fe meaning "faith".
Buenaflor Spanish (Philippines)
Means "good flower" in Spanish.
Buendia Spanish (Philippines)
Unaccented form of Buendía primarily used in the Philippines.
Buenrostro Spanish (Mexican)
Means "good visage" in Spanish.
Buensuceso Spanish (Philippines)
From a Spanish title of the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso, meaning "Our Lady of the Good Event," referring to the Purification of Mary and the Presentation of Jesus.
Bufford English
Meaning unknown.
Buford English, French (Anglicized)
English: most probably a variant of Beaufort.... [more]
Bugas Filipino, Cebuano
Means "milled rice, grain" in Cebuano.
Buggly English
Variant of Bugg.
Buhat Filipino, Cebuano
Means "work, job, deed" or "make, create" in Cebuano.
Bukater Irish, English (British)
From Fictional Titanic character: Rose DeWitt Bukater.
Bulac Filipino, Cebuano
From Cebuano bulak meaning "flower, bloom, blossom".
Bulalacao Filipino, Tagalog
From Tagalog bulalakaw meaning "meteor, shooting star".
Bulan Filipino, Cebuano
Means "moon" in Cebuano.
Bulanon Filipino, Cebuano
Means "moonlit, moonstruck" in Cebuano.
Bulawan Filipino, Tagalog, Cebuano
Means "gold" in Tagalog and Cebuano.
Bulić Croatian
Derived from Ottoman Turkish bula meaning "a married woman or a Muslim woman in harem pants or covered with a headscarf" or from the forename Bule a hypocoristic of Budislav, Budimir, Budivoj, Budimil.
Buljubašić Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Slovene
Buljubašić is a Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian surname derived from the Ottoman military rank Boluk-bashi.... [more]
Bulut Turkish
Means "cloud" in Turkish.
Bumb Indian
From Marathi bəmb ‘stout’.
Bumrap Bosnian (Rare)
Of Slavic origin, possibly originating near the city of Tuzla.
Bundi Romansh
Derived from Romansh bun "good" and di "day" (compare Bongiorno and Bonasera). Another theory, however, derives this name from the given name Abundius.
Bundy English
Variant of Bond and Bandy.
Bunma Thai
From Thai บุญ (bun) meaning "merit" and มา (ma) meaning "come, arrive".
Bunmee Thai
Alternate transcription of Thai บุญมี (see Bunmi).
Bunmi Thai
From Thai บุญ (bun) meaning "merit" and มี (mi) meaning "have, own, possess".
Bunraksa Thai
From Thai บุญ (bun) meaning "merit" and รักษา (raksa) meaning "keep, maintain, preserve".
Bunruang Thai
Alternate transcription of Thai บุญเรือง (see Bunrueang).
Bunrueang Thai
From Thai บุญ (bun) meaning "merit" and เรือง (rueang) meaning "bright, brilliant".
Bunrueng Thai
Alternate transcription of Thai บุญเรือง (see Bunrueang).
Bunsi Thai
From Thai บุญ (bun) meaning "merit" and ศรี (si) meaning "glory, honour, splendour".
Bunsri Thai
Alternate transcription of Thai บุญศรี (see Bunsi).
Bunsuk Thai
From Thai บุญ (bun) meaning "merit" and สุข (suk) meaning "joy, happiness".
Bur Swiss, Low German, Czech, French
Swiss and North German variant of Bauer. ... [more]
Burciaga Spanish
Hispanic (Mexico): Probably A Topographic Name Of Basque Origin But Unexplained Etymology.
Burdock English
Meaning unknown.
Burdonsky m Russian
Burdonsky is Aleksandr Burdonsky's, Iosif Stalin's grandson (son of Vasiliy Stalin), last name. He took his wife's name to avoid negative connotation.
Burken English
English variant of Birkin (see Burkins).
Burkhalter German
Topographic name composed of the Middle High German elements burc "castle" "protection" and halter from halde "slope".
Burkhardt German
Burk is German for "Strong", and hardt is the "heart of a castle".
Burks English
English variant spelling of Birks.
Burlacu Romanian
Probably means "bachelor" in Romanian, this is one of the most common surnames in Romania.
Burwitz Polabian
From Polabian bur "farmer" and the Germanized Slavic ending -witz.
Buschbaum German
Means "bush tree" in German.
Bushe English
Variant of Bush.
Busque French (Quebec)
Québécois variant of Busquet.
Bussard English (Australian)
Variant of Bosshart
Busujima Japanese
Sacrifice, Innovative, Powerful
Butera Italian
Means “vineyard” or “grapevine” in Italian.
Butte Indian
Variant of Bute.
Butterfly English
From the insect Butterfly this Surname is borne by Star Butterfly from Star Vs. the forces of evil.
Buttgereit German (East Prussian)
Variant of Butgereit. This name is borne by German film director and screenwriter Jörg Buttgereit (1963-).
Buttram English (American, Rare), English (British, Rare)
Possibly derived from the German cognate Bertram, from the Germanic elements beraht (meaning "bright"), and hrabn (meaning "raven")... [more]
Buttura Thai
From Thai บุตร (but) meaning "son, child" and ธุระ (thura) meaning "business; affairs; errands".
Buu Vietnamese
A royal Vietnamese surname created by the Nguyen Dynasty.
Bux Urdu, Sindhi
Derived from Persian بخش (bakhsh) meaning "fortune" or "section, portion, part".
Buyeo Korean
Archaic surname of the ancient Buyeo Kingdom
Buzelli Italian
Chris Buzelli is an illustrator.