Submitted Surnames from Other Sources

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Garfunkel Jewish, Yiddish
From גאָרפֿינקל‎ (gorfinkl), "carbuncle" in Yiddish, which in turns derives from German Karfunkel. A notable bearer of this surname is Art Garfunkel.... [more]
Gartmann German (Swiss)
Derived from Middle High German garte "garden; yard" and German Mann "man", this was occupational name for a gardener. In some cases it may have been a status name referring to the owner of a small (enclosed or fenced) farm or an occupational name for a worker at a deer preserve.
Gašparini Istriot
Croatian (Istria) cognate of the Italian surname Gasparini.
Gasparrino Italian (Tuscan)
Gasparinus de Bergamo was a Italian Teacher who tutored The Future Popes of Italy and was a Secertary for Pope Martin V in the late 1400.
Gassie Scottish
A pet form of Cass.
Gataki Greek (?)
Meaning "kitten" in Greek.
Gatdula Filipino, Tagalog
This surname honors Lakan Dula, the last ruler of the Kingdom of Tondo, via his alternative name Gat Dula. In it, the word or prefix Gat is a shortened version of the Tagalog honorific Pamagat, which at the time meant "nobleman," while Dula possibly means "palace." Altogether, it means "Nobleman of the Palace."
Gäthje German
Variant of Gathje.
Gathje German
Meaning unknown.
Gatling English, German (Anglicized)
English variant of Gatlin. Possibly a respelling of German Gättling (see also Gatlin).
Gato Spanish
Gato is a Spanish, Portuguese and Galician word for cat.
Gatus Filipino, Tagalog
From Old Tagalog gatos meaning "million" or Cebuano gatos meaning "hundred".
Gätzi German (Swiss)
Derived from a short form of the given name Pancratius.
Gavilán Spanish
It literally means "Eurasian sparrowhawk".
Gavitt English
Perhaps an altered spelling of the middle English Gabbett, which is from a pet form of the personal name Gabriel.
Gavran Croatian, Serbian
Means "raven".
Gawrych Polish
Variant of the given name "Gabriel".
Gaya African
African spelling, surname form, and variant spelling of Gaia. It is the 18,784th most frequently used surname in the world. It is borne by approximately 1 in 246,879 people... [more]
Gazdiev Ingush (Russified), Ossetian (Russified)
Russified form of an Ingush and Ossetian surname derived from the name of an Ingush teip (clan) of unknown meaning, possibly of Turkic origin. The name is mainly found in present-day Ingushetia and North Ossetia-Alania.
Gedik Turkish
Means "breach, gap, notch" in Turkish.
Gegge English
Medieval English variant of Gegg.
Geller Yiddish, German, Russian
The name may derive from the German word "gellen" (to yell) and mean "one who yells." It may derive from the Yiddish word "gel" (yellow) and mean the "yellow man" or from the Yiddish word "geler," an expression for a redheaded man... [more]
Gelsomino Italian
Means "jasmine" in Italian, possibly also used as a topographic name.
Genain English (American, ?)
This pseudonym was used to protect the identities of the Morlok sisters, identical quadruplets born in 1930. All four developed schizophrenia, suggesting a large genetic component to the cause of the disease.
Genelin Romansh
Derived from a diminutive form of the given name Johannes.
Gennimatas Greek
Possibly from the Greek verb γεννιέμαι (genniemai) meaning "to be born".
Gentry French
From the English word, which is in turn from French gentrie, referring to that which is "noble," or the "nobility." From earlier gentillece, which was originally from gentil, "refinement."
Gere English
Variant of Geer, Gehr or Geary, all related to the Old High German element gēr (Old English gār, Old Norse geirr) meaning "spear, arrow". A famous bearer is American actor Richard Gere (b... [more]
Gerstenmájer Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian
Magyarised and Cyrillic version of Gerstenmayer.
Gertz German
Patronymic from a Germanic personal name meaning "hardy", "brave", "strong."
Getty Irish
Meaning: Hill, valley.... [more]
Ghannouchi Arabic (Maghrebi)
Meaning unknown. A notable bearer is Mohamed Ghannouchi (1941–), the former Prime Minister of Tunisia.
Ghassan Arabic (Modern)
The Ghassan surname originated in the village of Furzol in eastern Lebanon. It is believed that the name came from Shefa-'Amr in Israel, and was brought by Ghassans that were fleeing the unjust rule of Ahmed al-Jazzar, the Wali of Sidon and Damascus in the late 18th century... [more]
Gheata Romanian
Means "ice."
Ghermezian Iranian, Jewish, Persian
The surname’s most notable bearers are the Ghermezian Family, Iranian Canadians of Jewish descent.
Ghirardelli Italian (Tuscan)
The surname of the legendary chocolate-maker comes from the given name Gerard
Ghirsci Maltese
The spelling of the original surname indicates that it probably didn't originate from Malta, but the surname is almost only found there anyway. The surname means "cross-eyed".
Ghorbani Persian
Derived from Arabic قُرْبَان (qurbān) meaning "sacrifice", referring to the Islamic practise Qurbani of slaughtering a livestock animal for Eid al-Adha.
Giacchino Italian
Meaning unknown. A famous bearer of this name is an American music composer films known as Michael Giacchino (1967-).
Gibney Irish
Anglicized form of the Irish Gaelic surname Ó Gibne.
Gidlow English
The first recorded use of the name is from 1291; Robert de Gidlow was a freeholder in Aspull, Lancanshire, United Kingdom and the name occurs frequently down to the 17th century. The Gidlow family moved to the United States in the mid-18th century where the spelling was changed to Goodlow and eventually to Goodloe.
Gienal Romansh
Variant of Jenal.
Gierc English, Polish
Pronounciation: Rhymes with "pierce." Hard "g" (as in "goat"). ... [more]
Gierke German
A derivative of the personal names Gerard or Gerald. ... [more]
Gieselman German
Variant spelling of Geiselman.
Gieselmann German
Variant spelling of Geiselman.
Gilca Romanian, Italian
Meaning unknown.
Gilio Italian
Tuscany. One variation of the surname Giglio meaning ""lily"". ... [more]
Gillan Irish
The Gillan surname is a reduced Anglicized form of the Irish Gaelic Mac Gille Fhaoláin, which means "son of the servant of St Faolán." While the name may have originated in Ireland, this line was extant by the beginning of the 17th century, only to find many of the family to return to Ireland about 100 years later with the Plantation of Ulster.... [more]
Gillette English, French
English: from a feminine form of Gillett.... [more]
Gilli Romansh
Derived from the given name Gilli.
Gilliard English, Northern Irish
English and northern Irish (county Down) variant of Gillard.
Gillicuddy Irish
Angliczed from the Irish surname Mac Giolla Chudha means 'descendant of sea warrior'.
Gillies Scottish
Scottish variant of Gillis or McGillis.
Gillis Dutch
Dutch form of Giles.
Gilly English
Variant of Gilley.
Gilly French
Southern French variant of Gilles.
Gilly Romansh
Variant of Gilli.
Gilmor Hebrew (Modern)
Combination of the surnames Gil and Mor, means "happy myrrh" in Hebrew, also a modern Hebrew version of the surname Gilmore.
Gilsenan Irish
From a follower of Saint Senán mac Geirrcinn
Gilton English
from Mcgilton
Gingold Jewish
An invented Jewish name, from Yiddish, literally "fine gold". Hermione Gingold (1897-1987) was a British actress.
Ginnane Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Ó Cuinneáin or Ó Cuineáin.
Giovanoli Romansh, Italian (Swiss)
Derived from a diminutive form of the given name Giovannes.
Giove Italian
From Giove ("Jupiter") the name of the chief Roman deity perhaps a nickname for someone who habitually swore per Giove "by Jove". From Sicilian ggiòve iòvi "Thursday" applied as a personal name for someone born or baptized on that day of the week... [more]
Girau Romansh
Derived from Romansh girau "juryman".
Giresse French
Alain Giresse is a French footballer and manager... [more]
Gironda Italian
Possibly from a variant of Italian ghironda ‘barrel-organ’.
Gitsba Abkhaz
Abkhaz name of unknown meaning.
Giuntoli Italian
Comes from a derivative of Giunta.
Gjessing Norwegian, Danish (Rare)
Used in Norway and Denmark since the 1600s. Probably of German origin.
Glæpur Popular Culture
Means "crime" in Icelandic. Glanni Glæpur, or Robbie Rotten as he is called in English, is a fictional character in the Icelandic children's TV-show 'LazyTown' played by Stefán Karl Stefánsson... [more]
Gliott Romansh
Derived from a diminutive of the given name Gagl.
Glissen English, Irish
Possible British version of the Irish surname Glasson from the the Gaelic word O’Glasain. Meaning green from the counties of Tipperary.
Gloff German
German and Swiss German: from the Germanic personal name Egilolf, composed of the elements agi(l) ‘edge’, ‘point’ (of a sword) + wolf ‘wolf’, cognate with Old English Ecgwulf. This was the name of several Lombard kings (ancestors of the Bavarian ducal line of the Agilolfinger), who introduced the name to Italy.
Gloop Literature, Popular Culture
Augustus Gloop is an obese and gluttonous character in Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, published in 1964.
Glowczenski American
This is my surname. My cousin Steve Glowzenski, had the C dropped along the way somewhere, probably the military.
Gmelin German
German nickname for an unhurried person from Middle High German gmēle, based on the adjective gemach meaning "comfortable calm".
Goan Northern Irish
Northern Irish form of Gowan.
Gobara Arabic (Egyptian, Anglicized), Arabic
In Egypt and Sudan the surname Jabbar is pronounced with a ‘G’ sound in English. It is also feminine form hence the additional ‘A’ at the end of the name.
Gober English, French
The surname Gober was first found in Warwickshire where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor. The Norman influence of English history dominated after the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The language of the courts was French for the next three centuries and the Norman ambience prevailed.