Submitted Surnames from Other Sources

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Alza Spanish
Means "to rise" or simply "rise"
Alzalg Arabic
Means "the sharp sword that can slid smoothly from its sheath" in Arabic.
Amachi Japanese
This surname is used as 天知, 天地, 天池, 天内, 雨知 or 雨地 with 天 (ten, ama-, amatsu, ame) meaning "heavens, imperial, sky", 雨 (u, ama-, ame, -same) meaning "rain", 知 (chi, shi.raseru, meaning "know, wisdom", 地 (ji, chi) meaning "earth, ground", 池 (chi, ike) meaning "cistern, pond, pool, reservoir" and 内 (dai, nai, uchi, chi) meaning "among, between, home, house, inside, within."... [more]
Amagai Japanese
This is a variation of Japanese surname Amaya. Ama means "Heaven(ly)" and Gai means "Valley".
Amai Japanese
This surname is used as 天井 or 甘井 with 天 (ten, ama-, amatsu, ame) meaning "heavens, imperial, sky", 甘 (kan, ama.i, ama.eru, ama.yakasu, uma.i) meaning "be content, coax, pamper, sugary, sweet" and 井 (shou, sei, i) meaning "community, town, well, well crib."
Amajiki Japanese
From Japanese 天 (ama) meaning "heaven" and 喰 (jiki) meaning "eating"
Amaliyeva Russian
Feminine form of Amaliyev (Амалиев)
Amami Japanese
amami is a surname which can mean heavenly beauty, heavenly truth, or heavenly ocean. the first meaning is made up of the kanji 天 (ama) meaning heaven and 美 (mi) meaning beauty. the second meaning consists of 天 (ama) and 実 (mi) meaning truth... [more]
Amankona Akan
Meaning unknown.
Amao Japanese
Aka can mean "sweet" or "heaven" and o means "tail".
Amara Italian
Meaning bitter, unhappy or unfortunate.
Amarasingha Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala අමරසිංහ (see Amarasinghe).
Amarasiri Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit अमर (amara) meaning "immortal, undying" and श्री (shri) meaning "diffusing light, radiance, splendour, beauty".
Amarasooriya Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala අමරසූරිය (see Amarasuriya).
Amarasuriya Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit अमर (amara) meaning "immortal, undying" and सूर्य (surya) meaning "sun".
Amarathunga Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit अमर (amara) meaning "immortal, undying" and तुङ्ग (tunga) meaning "high, lofty, tall".
Amarathunge Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala අමරතුංග (see Amarathunga).
Amaratunga Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala අමරතුංග (see Amarathunga).
Amaratunge Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala අමරතුංග (see Amarathunga).
Amari Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 甘 (ama) meaning "sweet" combined with 利 (ri) meaning "profit, benefit".
Amasiri Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit अमर (amara) meaning "immortal, undying" and श्री (shri) meaning "diffusing light, radiance, splendour, beauty".
Amboloto Filipino, Maranao
Means "rainbow" in Maranao.
Ambor Filipino, Maranao
Means "bullets" or "cannon ball" in Maranao.
Ambrosov m Russian
It comes from the Greek name Ambrose, meaning "god-like" or "immortal". The feminine form is Ambrosova.
Ambrosova f Russian
It comes from the Greek name Ambrose, meaning "god-like" or "immortal". The masculine form is Ambrosov
Ambrozaityte Lithuanian, Latvian
this name comes from far far history of lithuanian people
Ameglio Italian
There are two hypotheses: the first is it derived from the Latin name Amelius which came from Amius, name of Etruscan origin; the other is it derived from Amali, name of a mighty Ostrogothic family, which means "virgin of the forest".
Amelin Russian, French
Russian feminine counterpart is Amelina (Амелинa)
Amelina Russian, Ukrainian
Feminine form of Amelin. This was borne by Ukrainian novelist Victoria Amelina (1986-2023), who died at age 37 from injuries sustained during the Russian attack on Kramatorsk.
Amelio English
from the name Amelio.
Amendola Italian
Southern Italian: habitational name from any of several places in southern Italy named Amendola or Mendola, named with the dialect word amendola 'almond', 'almond tree' (from Greek amygdalea), or a topographic name for someone who lived by an almond tree or trees.
Amezcua Basque (Hispanicized)
Castilianized form of Amezkua.
Amidane Arabic (Maghrebi)
Meaning uncertain.
Amido Japanese
Variant reading of Amito.
Amihan Filipino, Cebuano, Hiligaynon
Means "north wind" in Cebuano and Hiligaynon.
Amiss English
Variant of Ames.
Amissah Akan
Meaning unknown.
Amistadi Italian
From the Renaissance term amistade ("friendship").
Amiti Albanian
Meaning unknown.
Amito Japanese
Means "doorway with an insect net" in Japanese.
Ammas Estonian
Ammas is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "hammas" meaning "tooth", "cog" and "spike".
Ammer German, English (Rare)
This surname may be derived from Middle High German amer which means "bunting (as in the bird)." As such, it is used as a nickname for someone with a fine voice or someone who is a flamboyant dresser.... [more]
Amoran Filipino, Maranao
Means "foundation, framework" in Maranao.
Amore Spanish
meaning love
Ampao Filipino, Maranao
From Maranao ampaw meaning "detour" or "popped rice".
Ampo Japanese
From Japanese 安 (an) meaning "calm, peaceful" and 保 (ho) meaning "protect, maintain".
Amrad Filipino
Unknown origin.
Amsdon English (Modern)
Unknown. Possibly a spelling variant of Amsden. suggests probably a habitational name, from a reduced form of the Oxfordshire place name Ambrosden, which is composed of an Old English personal name Ambre + Old English dun ‘hill’... [more]
Amunategi Basque
It literally means a "place of apple trees", denoting someone who lived and/or worked there.
Amuro Japanese
Possibly means "funeral home" in Japanese.
Amy Jèrriais
Derived from French ami "friend".
An Chinese, Korean
From Chinese 安 (ān) meaning "peace, quiet".
Anan Various
Anan (Hebrew: עָנַן ‘ānan) is used as both a Hebrew or Arabic name meaning "cloud, vapour" or descriptive "visible water vapour floating above the earth". The Arabic form is from Classical Arabic, possibly adopted from the Hebrew, but with the spelling (Arabic: عَنَان ‘anān) since the proper term of "cloud" in Arabic is saḥāb (سَحَاب).
Ananthanarayanan Tamil
Means “descendant of devotee of Lord Vishnu”.
Anarbaev Kyrgyz
Derived from Persian انار (anâr) meaning "pomegranate" combined with Turkic bay meaning "rich, wealthy".
Anastassakis Greek
Crete born John Anthony Aniston, (birth name Yiannis Anitios Anastassakis) is an American actor and the father of actress Jennifer Aniston.
Ander English
Short form of Anderson.
Andes German
Variant spelling of Anthes.
Andia Basque
Derived from Basque (h)andi "great" and the definite article -a.
Andov Macedonian
Means "son of Ande".
Andreola Italian
Meaning of name is unknown
Andreoli Romansh
Derived from the given name Andrea 1 combined with a diminutive suffix.
Andreossi Romansh
Derived from a diminutive form of the given name Andrea 1.
Andreson English (Rare)
Means “son of Andrew”.
Ang Chinese (Hokkien)
Hokkien romanization of Hong.
Angadi Indian, Kannada
From Kannada ಅಂಗಡಿ (aṃgaḍi) meaning "store, shop".
Angeloni Italian
Means "great angels" in Italian. It derives from Biblical Latin angelus meaning "angel", ultimately from Ancient Greek angelos, originally meaning "messenger", changing meaning in the Bible.
Angelos Greek
Reduced form of any of various Greek surnames derived from the forename Angelos (from #angelos ‘messenger’, ‘angel’), as for example Angelopoulos.
Angius Italian
Meaning uncertain, possibly linked to Sardinian angioni "lamb", Ancient Greek άγγος (àngos) "vessel, jug" or άγχω (ankho) "to strangle; anguish, stress", or from a modification of Latin balneum (see Bagni) "bath", indicating a place with hot springs.
Angott Italian (Anglicized)
The origin of this surname is unknown but is most likely an anglicized version of the Italian surname 'Angotti'.... [more]
Anguissola Italian
Sofonisba Aguissola was a celebrated artist of the Italian Renaissance.
Anheuser German
Last name of Eberhard Anheuser, founder of the Anheuser-Busch company.
Anib Filipino, Cebuano
Means "chapter, volume" in Cebuano.
Anilao Filipino, Tagalog
From Tagalog anilaw referring to a type of plant (genus Colona).
Aniol Catalan, German
Possibly derived from the Catalan given name Aniol. Alternatively it has a German origin.
Aniston English
"Town of Agnes, Agnes town"... [more]
Anjum Urdu, Bengali
Means "stars", the plural of Arabic نَجْم‎ (najm) meaning "star".
Annam Telugu
The surname is derived from the Telugu word అన్నం (annam) which means rice.
Annamaa Estonian
Annamaa is an Estonian surname meaning "give land".
Annavarapu Telugu
Means “one who has received the blessings or gifts of an elder brother or respected person”.
Anne Indian
Indian (Andhra Pradesh); pronounced as two syllables: Hindu name of unknown meaning.
Anni Estonian
Anni is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "anne" meaning "aptitude for" and "talent"; or "hani" meaning "goose".
Anniste Estonian
Anniste is an Estonian surname possibly related or derived from "anne" meaning "gift" or "talent".
Anno Japanese
Means "of hermitage" in Japanese. A famous bearer is famous Japanese illustrator and children's educational book author Mitsumasa Anno (1926-present).
Annson English
Variant of Anson.
Annus Estonian
Annus is an Estonian surname meaning "dose".
Añonuevo Spanish (Philippines)
Means "New Year" in Spanish.
Anpo Japanese
From Japanese 安 (an) meaning "calm, peaceful" and 保 (ho) meaning "protect, maintain".
Anrep Russian
Derived from surname von Anrep
Anshitsu Japanese
Variant reading of Amuro.
Anticristo Spanish (Philippines, Rare)
Means "antichrist" in Spanish.
Antipin Russian, Kazakh
Derived from given name Antip (Антип). Also a variation of Antipov (Антипов)
Antolijao Filipino, Cebuano
From Cebuano antulihaw meaning "Philippine oriole" (a type of bird).
Antolin Spanish
1 Spanish (Antolín): from the personal name, a vernacular form of Antoninus, a name borne by thirteen saints.... [more]
Antolini Italian
The family originated from Sarnano (Macerata) and at the end of the century XVII transplanted to Montealbodo today Ostra (Ancona) where it was aggregated to that nobility.
Anunoby Nigerian (?)
A famous bearer is the British basketball player O.G. Anunoby (1997-).
Anyayahan Filipino, Tagalog
Means "banquet, bid, invitation" in Tagalog.
Anzai Japanese
From Japanese 安 (an) meaning "peace" and 西 (sai) meaning "west", 斎 (sai) meaning "purification, worship", or 済 (sai) meaning "settle, finish".
Anzalone Italian
The surname Anzalone was first found in Bolgna (Latin: Bononia).
Ao Estonian
Ao is an Estonian surname, possibly a corruption of "lao", meaning "warehouse".
Aoi Japanese
From Japanese 葵 "hollyhock, althea" or 碧 "blue". This name is a given name as well as a surname.
Áolāshì Mongolian
A Daur surname.
Aomine Japanese
Written 青嶺 (青 ao, meaning "blue") (嶺 mine, meaning "peak"). It is the surname of a character in the anime/manga Kuroko no Basket.
Aotsuki Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 青 (ao) or 蒼 (ao) both meaning "blue" combined with 月 (tsuki) meaning "moon".
Aozaki Japanese (Rare)
Ao means "blue,somewhat green" & zaki means "blossom". So, Nobutaka "Blue Blossom",is an artist who was born in Japan,but now lives in New York as an artist who has been featured in magazines.
Aozora Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 青 (ao) meaning "blue" and 空 (sora) meaning "sky".
Aparicio Spanish
Derived from the Latin word “aparitio” meaning “appearance” or “arrival”. It may also be a habitational name, indicating a person who lived near or at a place with the same name.
Apaydin Turkish
Means "very bright".
Apeltia English (Rare)
Comes from the word "appellation" referring to the Appellation Mountains.
Apfel German
Means "apple" in German.
Apisamaimongkol Thai
From Thai อภิ (aphi) meaning "superhuman, magic knowledge", สมัย (samai) meaning "time, era", and มงคล (mongkhon) meaning "prosperity".
Aponte Spanish
A misdivision of Daponte. It originates from Majorca, Spain.
Apostoł Polish
Polish cognate of Apostol.
Apostolopoulos Greek
Means "apostle."
Appelkvist Swedish
Combination of Swedish apel or äpple both meaning "apple" and kvist "branch, twig".
Aps Estonian
Aps is an Estonian surname meaning both "howler" and "slip".