Submitted Surnames from Other Sources

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Beckson English (British)
The name comes from having lived in an enclosed place, means dweller at the old enclosure or dwelling. The surname Aldeman was first found in Essex, Suffolk and Yorkshire at Aldham. In all cases, the place name meant "the old homestead," or "homestead of a man called Ealda," from the Old English personal name + "ham."
Becquerel French
A notable bearer was French scientist Henri Becquerel (1852-1908) who discovered radioactivity. A becquerel (Bq), the SI unit for radioactivity, is named after him.
Bedi Indian
Based on the name of a clan in the Khatri community. The name is derived from Sanskrit vedī ‘one who knows the Vedas’. Guru Nanak (1469–1539), the founder of the Sikh religion, was from the Bedi clan... [more]
Bedir Turkish
Means "full moon" in Turkish.
Bedwani Arabic (Egyptian, Rare)
Possibly derived from the English word bedouin, that comes from the Arabic badawī, which means "desert dweller". ... [more]
Bedwell English
Derived from the town of Bidwell, Hertfordshire, England, from Old English words "Byde", which meant tub, and "Well", meaning fountain or spring. The surname is classified as a habitational name. The name Bedwell is most common in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, England, and the state of Indiana in the USA.
Beeli Romansh, German (Swiss)
Adoption of French Belfort.
Beer English, German, Dutch, German (Swiss)
Habitational name from any of the forty or so places in southwestern England called Beer(e) or Bear(e). Most of these derive their names from the West Saxon dative case, beara, of Old English bearu ‘grove’, ‘wood’ (the standard Old English dative bearwe being preserved in Barrow)... [more]
Beery Irish
Anglicized form of Ó Béara. This name was borne by brothers Noah (1882-1946) and Wallace Beery (1885-1949), and Noah's son Noah Beery Jr... [more]
Beery English (American)
Americanized form of Swiss German Bieri.
Beever English
Yorkshire variant of Beaver.
Bega Spanish
Variant of Vega.
Begay Navajo
Derived from the Navajo word biyeʼ meaning "his son". This was frequently adopted as a surname among the Navajo when Native Americans were required by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to formally adopt surnames for the purpose of official records.
Beifong Popular Culture
Surname of Toph from the American TV show "Avatar: The Last Airbender". Could be derived from the Chinese word "北方 (Běifāng)" meaning "north".
Beijering Dutch
The name Beijering Probably comes from the other but wider spread Dutch surname, Meijering. There is'nt much info I was able to find about both surnames except that there are many diferent forms of the surname like: Beije, Beijerink, Beijeringh, Beijer, Meijer, Meijerink, Meijeringh, etc... [more]
Beisel German
German:... [more]
Belen Jewish
Variant of Belenky.
Belfiore Italian
Means "beautiful (as a) flower", derived from Italian bel "beautiful" combined with Italian fiore "flower". Two Italian sources claim that this surname was derived from the medieval masculine given name Belfiore (which has of course the same meaning), but I can find no evidence that this was an actual given name in medieval Italy... [more]
Belić Serbian, Croatian
Derived from the word belo meaning "white".
Belimace Romanian
From the Aromanian language.
Belin Serbian
Variant of Belan.
Belkalem Arabic (Maghrebi)
This is the surname of Essaïd Belkalem (1989-), an Algerian footballer.
Belle English
Possibly a variant of Bell 1 or Bell 2.
Belleza Spanish (Philippines)
Derived from Spanish belleza "beauty".
Bellizzi Maltese
A name of Maltese origin meaning "beautiful".
Bellon French (Swiss)
Derived from the given name Apollonius.
Bellumus Late Roman
Means "beautiful man" derived from the elements bellus "beautiful" and homo "man"
Bellut French
Variant of Ballut.
Belmont English
English surname of Norman origin, a variant of the surname Beaumont, which was derived from place names meaning "lovely hill" in Old French (from beu, bel "fair, lovely" and mont "hill").
Belonger French (Quebec)
variant of French Belanger or Boulanger
Belovuk Serbian
Means "white wolf" in Serbian.
Belyakov Russian
Derived from the Russian word belyak meaning "white rabbit".... [more]
Belyakova Russian
Derived from the Russian word belyak meaning "white rabbit".... [more]
Béna Hungarian
Nickname from béna ‘lame’, or from a pet form of Benedek.
Ben-ami Hebrew
בֶּן עַמִּי means "son of my people".
Benatallah Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "son of Atallah" in Arabic, chiefly used in Algeria.
Benatar Jewish
Possibly from Hebrew בֵּן (ben) meaning "son" and עתר ('atar) meaning "petitioner".
Ben Dayan Hebrew
Means "son of Dayan (a judge)" in Hebrew.
Bendy American
A notable example of this surname is Anthony Bendy
Benhassi Arabic (Maghrebi)
A notable bearer is Hasna Benhassi (1978-), a retired Moroccan middle-distance runner.
Ben Jeddou Arabic (Maghrebi)
Meaning uncertain; primarily used in Tunisian Arabic.
Benjelloun Arabic (Maghrebi)
Of uncertain meaning, possibly of Sephardic origin.
Benkowski Polish
Polish Origin
Ben Naim Hebrew
Means "son of Naim" or "pleasant son" in Hebrew.
Ben Nun Hebrew
Joshua or Yehoshua Ben Nun functioned as Moses' assistant in the books of Exodus and Numbers, and later succeeded Moses as leader of the Israelite tribes in the Hebrew Bible's Book of Joshua
Ben Or Hebrew
Means "son of the light" in Hebrew. (see Or)
Ben Tal Hebrew
Means "son of the dew" in Hebrew. (see Tal)
Benzema Arabic (Maghrebi)
This is the surname of French professional footballer Karim Benzema who is of Algerian descent.
Beqiraj Albanian
Meaning unknown.... [more]
Bera Indian, Bengali
Meaning uncertain.
Berethnet Literature
Used by Samantha Shannon in her book The Priory Of The Orange Tree as the surname of the queens of Inys, a fictional queendom in the book.... [more]
Beretta Italian
Northern Italian variant spelling of Berretta.
Bergsma Dutch
The surname Bergsma had orinally been German. It was then taken over to Holland possibly in the sixteenth century.... [more]
Berlin Swedish
Of uncertain origin. The name could be a shortened form of Berglin. It could also be a habitational name from the city in Germany or from a place in Sweden named with ber or berg "mountain"... [more]
Berman Yiddish
It literally means "bearman".
Bernett Scottish, English
Altered spelling of Scottish and English Burnett or French Bernet.
Bernstein Jewish
“Amber” in German
Berrada Moroccan
Meaning unknown. A famous bearer is novelist/literary critic/translator Mohammed Berrada.
Berri German (Swiss), Romansh
Derived from Old High German bero "bear".
Berrick English
Variation of Barwick.
Berry Romansh
Variant of Berri.
Berthiaume French
French: from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements berht ‘bright’, ‘famous’ + helm ‘helmet’.
Bertholm Swedish (Rare)
Possibly a combination of the name Bert and holm (see Holm).
Bertogg Romansh
Variant of Bertsch in combination with the diminutive suffix -ogg.
Bertuzzi Italian
variant of Bertucci.
Beruška Czech
Allegedly derived from Czech beruška "ladybird; ladybug".
Beshay Arabic (Egyptian)
Unknown origin. Mostly borne by Christians.
Beske German
Likely derived from Peschke and Peske, vernacular forms of the given name Petrus.
Bess English
Popularly grown surname from the diminuative form of "Elizabeth" during any time of a Queen Elizabeth
Bessel German
Of uncertain origin; possibly from the name of a place or river.
Besselman German
Derived from the German surname Bessel + suffix man "man".
Bessho Japanese
From 別 (be, betsu) meaning "separate, another different" and 所 (sho) meaning "place, plant, institute, station".
Bethune Scottish
Scottish form of Béthune.
Beton English
Variant of Beeton.
Betschla Romansh (Archaic)
Derived from the Germanic name element beraht "bright". The name was replaced by the Italianized form Bezzola in the 18th century.
Bettany English
Variant of Betteley in the West Midlands and variant of Beatley in East England with /n/ substituted for /l/.
Bezzola Romansh
Italianization of Betschla.
Bhalla Indian
This surname is derived from Sanskrit bhalla meaning (among other things) ‘auspicious’, ‘missile’, and ‘bear’.
Bhalli Punjabi
Meaning uncertain. This is the name of a clan found in Punjab, Pakistan.
Bhanuvadh Thai (Sanskritized, Rare)
Sanskritized transcription of Thai ภาณุวัฒน์ (see Phanuwat).
Bhardwaj Indian
From Sanskrit bhāradvāja ‘descendant of bharadvāja’, bharadvāja meaning ‘one who has strength or vigor’ (a compound of bharat ‘bearing’ + vāja ‘vigor’). According to legend, Bharadvaja (bharadvāja) was the name of one of the great sages.
Bhargava Indian
From Sanskrit bhārgava ‘(descendant) of Bhrigu’. Bhrigu is the name of one of the great sages of Hindu legend.
Bhasin Indian, Hindi, Punjabi
Believed to be derived from Sanskrit भानु (bhānu) meaning "ray of light" or "sun".
Bhattacharyya Bengali
A variant spelling of Bhattacharya
Bhavaraju Sanskrit
It is a patronymic name, meaning it is from the father’s or ancestor’s name. It is derived from the Sanskrit words “bha,” which means “knowledge,” and “raja,” which means “king.” So, it means “king of knowledge” or “one who is knowledgeable.”
Bhavasar Indian, Gujarati
Meaning uncertain.
Bhavsar Indian, Marathi, Gujarati
Marathi form of Bhavasar as well as an alternate transcription of Gujarati ભાવસાર.
Bhole German
1 North German: nickname for a male relative, colleague in a guild or fraternity, or lover, Middle Low German bōle.... [more]
Bhuiya Bengali
Bangladeshi: from Bengali bhuyyan ‘landlord’, ‘chieftain’. Bearers of this surname claim descent from one of the twelve chieftains (nine Muslims and three Hindus), who ruled the Sultanate of Bengal (1336–1576)... [more]
Bhutto Sindhi
Meaning uncertain. This is the name of a prominent Pakistani political family of Sindhi origin. Two of its members, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (1928-1979) and Benazir Bhutto (1953-2007) served as prime ministers of Pakistan.
Bi Chinese
Probably from the name of a people living to the west of China in ancient times, who integrated with the Han Chinese during the Han dynasty (206 bc–220 ad). The character also means ‘finish’, ‘conclude’.
Bia Navajo
The U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs ("BIA") required all Indians to choose a family name. The Navajo family name Bia is derived from BIA ("Bureau of Indian Affairs")
Bian Chinese
Romanization of a Chinese surname, which in Pinyin may be respectively Biàn, Biān or Biǎn. The former, written with the character means "to be impatient", "to be in a hurry" or "excitable" and is by far the most common... [more]
Biarujia Taneraic
This is the only existing surname derived from Javant Biarujia’s constructed personal language, Taneraic, which he created over several decades. The meaning is unknown.
Bích Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 碧 (bích) meaning "bluish-green".
Biện Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 边 (biān) meaning "edge".
Bierkle German (Anglicized), Polish (Anglicized)
The surname Bierkle is most likely an anglicized form of the Polish Bierkowski, or the German Bierkandt.... [more]