Submitted Surnames from Other Sources

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Chand Indian, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Urdu
From Sanskrit चन्द्र (candrá) meaning "moon".
Chandarangsu Thai (Sanskritized, Rare)
Sanskritized transcription of Thai จันทรางศุ (see Chantharangsu).
Chandrasekera Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala චන්ද්‍රසේකර (see Chandrasekara).
Chandrasekhar Indian
A Hindu name meaning literally "holder of the moon" (an epithet of the god Shiva). A notable bearer of this surname was the Indian-born US physicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar (1910-1995); the Chandrasekhar limit, i.e. the upper limit for the mass of a white dwarf star beyond which the star collapses to a neutron star or a black hole, is named after him.
Chandrasena Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit चन्द्र (chandra) meaning "moon" and सेना (sena) meaning "army".
Chandrasiri Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit चन्द्र (chandra) meaning "moon" and श्री (shri) meaning "diffusing light, radiance, splendour, beauty".
Chandrathilaka Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit चन्द्र (chandra) meaning "moon" and तिलक (tilaka) meaning "mark, dot, ornament".
Chandrathilake Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala චන්ද්‍රතිලක (see Chandrathilaka).
Chandratilake Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala චන්ද්‍රතිලක (see Chandrathilaka).
Chandratilleke Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala චන්ද්‍රතිලක (see Chandrathilaka).
Chanliongco Filipino
From the surnames Chan, Liong, and Ko.
Chanruang Thai
Variant transcription of Chanrueang.
Chanrueang Thai
Means "bright moon", from Thai จันทร์ (chan) meaning "Moon" and เรือง (rueang) meaning "bright; glowing; brilliant".
Chanrueng Thai
Variant transcription of Chanrueang.
Chantarangsu Thai (Rare)
Variant transcription of Thai จันทรางศุ (see Chantharangsu).
Chanthalangsy Lao
From Lao ຈັນທະ (chantha) meaning "moon" and ລັງສີ (langsi) meaning "ray, beam".
Chanthapanya Lao
From Lao ຈັນທະ (chantha) meaning "moon" and ປັນຍາ (panya) meaning "wisdom, intelligence, reason".
Chantharangsu Thai (Rare)
From Thai จันทราง (chantharang), possibly from จันทร (chan) meaning "moon" and ศุ (su) of unknown meaning.
Chanthavong Lao
From Lao ຈັນທະ (chantha) meaning "moon" and ວົງ (vong) meaning "lineage, family".
Chapulin Aztec, Nahuatl
From Nahuatl meaning grasshopper.
Chardin French
Meaning uncertain, possibly of Norman origin.
Charette French
Variant of Charrette. In some cases it may also be derived from the place name.
Charisse French
Of unknown meaning. It was used as a given name in honour of American actress and dancer Cyd Charisse (1921-2008).
Charlton English, Caribbean
Location last name from any of the numerous places called Charlton, from Old English Ceorlatun meaning "settlement of the peasants"... [more]
Charnes American
History and origin unknown.
Charoenphon Thai
From Thai เจริญ (charoen) meaning "prosper, flourish, grow" and พล (phon) meaning "force, strength, power".
Charoensuk Thai
From Thai เจริญ (charoen) meaning "prosper, flourish, increase" and สุข (suk) meaning "joy, delight".
Chashin Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 茶 (cha) meaning "tea" and 新 (shin) meaning "new".
Chathuranga Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit चतुरङ्ग (chaturanga) referring to a type of ancient board game, similar to chess.
Chaturanga Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala චතුරංග (see Chathuranga).
Chauhan Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Assamese, Punjabi, Gujarati
Meaning uncertain, possibly derived from Sanskrit चतुर् (chatur) meaning "four" or from the name of a legendary hero, Chahamana.
Chauncey American
Of uncertain origin. Possibly from Norman French habitation names Chancé or an American adaptation of a German place name of Schanze located on the Upper Rhine. Could also be a short form of Chancellor.
Chauré French (Quebec)
Either derived from Old French chaurer "to warm up; to stir up" or a variant of Chauray.
Chavis Lumbee
The earliest possibly record of this is from 1728. The spelling at the time was possibly different. It was the surname of freed servant mulatto servant named Will Chaviss. In 1900 census of Robeson County, North Carolina the word was self-identified as a Lumbee last name.
Chaykov Russian, Belarusian
Derived from Russian чайка (chayka) meaning "seagull".
Chea Chinese
Variant of Xie.
Cheam Khmer
Means "bowl, plate" in Khmer.
Cheeks Popular Culture
This is the surname of Sandy a Cheeks from SpongeBob SquarePants.
Cheema Punjabi
Meaning unknown. This is the name of a Punjabi-speaking subclan of the Jat people found in India and Pakistan, with most members being either Muslim or Sikh.
Chegal Korean (Rare)
Meaning unknown. In 2015 approximately 5,735 people had this surname.
Cheim Khmer
Variant transcription of Choem.
Chekhov Russian
Possibly referred to someone from Czechia, or a derivative of the ancient Russian name Chekh or Chokh, which in turn relates to the verb chikhat "to sneeze"... [more]
Chekov Russian
This is the surname of the fictional Star Trek Character, Pavel Andreievich Chekov.
Chell French
Probably a respelling of the French habitational name Challe, from any of the various places so named from Late Latin cala ‘rock shelter’.
Chen Thai
Possibly a Name that Thai People with Chinese Descendants have. It has a Meaning of "Deserve".
Chengcuenca Filipino
From Cuenca de Cheng, "Cheng's basin" in Spanish
Cheon Korean
From Sino-Korean 天 (cheon) meaning "sky, heavens" or 千 (cheon) meaning "thousand, many".
Cheong Korean
Variant of Jeong.
Chepchumba Kalenjin
Matronymic surname meaning "daughter of Chumba".
Chernenko Ukrainian, Russian
From Ukrainian чорний (chorniy) or Russian черный (cherniy) both meaning "black".
Chernova Russian
Derived from Russian чёрный (chyorniy) meaning "black". Feminine counterpart of Chernov.
Cherry English
From Middle English chirie, cherye "cherry", hence a metonymic occupational name for a grower or seller of cherries, or possibly a nickname for someone with rosy cheeks.... [more]
Chery French
The name Chery is derived from the Anglo Norman French word, cherise, which means cherry, and was probably used to indicate a landmark, such as a cherry tree, which distinguished the location bearing the name.
Chestnut English
From Old French castan "chestnut tree" (Latin castanea), a name for someone who lived near a particular chestnut tree, or possibly a nickname for someone with chestnut-coloured hair (see Chastain).
Chestnutt English
"Chestnut." A notable bearer is Charles Waddel Chestnut, a novelist.
Chetcuti Maltese
Derived from Arabic كتكوت‎‎ (katkūt) meaning "(newborn) chick, young chicken".
Chetrit Judeo-Spanish
Alternate transcription of Shitrit.
Chevapravatdumrong Thai
Possibly from Thai ชีวประวัติ (chiwaprawat) meaning "biography" combined with ดำรง (damrong) meaning "uphold, sustain". A notable bearer is Cherry Chevapravatdumrong (1977-), an American screenwriter of Thai descent known for her work in the animated television series Family Guy.
Cheyne English
Locational or topographical surname derived from Old French chesne, chesnai "oak tree, oak grove", ultimately derived from medieval Latin casnetum.
Chhangte Mizo
Chhangte has an unknown meaning.
Chiaki Japanese (Rare)
Depending on the kanji used can mean different things. Chi means "thousand" or "wisdom" and aki means "bright", "autumn", "sparkle", "crystal ball" or "shining". This is the last name of Naomi Chiaki, a Japanese singer... [more]
Chicane Various
Unknown origins/meaning. Some sources claim it is a variation of the surname "Chick". Chicane is also a French word meaning "to cavil, to quibble".
Chichigov Chechen
Meaning unknown.
Chichigova Chechen
Feminine transcription of Chechen Чичигов (see Chichigov).
Chiere French (Rare)
Possibly derived from the Old French chiere, from chier, meaning "dear, dearest".
Chigurh Literature, Popular Culture
Meaning unknown. It is intended to be "ethnically ambiguous", but one theory suggests that it may be derived from the Spanish verb seguir meaning "to follow, to continue". This name was invented by the American author Cormac McCarthy for the villain in his novel No Country for Old Men (2005)... [more]
Chigusa Japanese
This surname is used as 千種, 千草 or 千艸 with 千 (sen, chi) meaning "thousand", 種 (shu, -gusa, tane) meaning "class, kind, seed, species, variety", 草 (sou, kusa, kusa-, -gusa) meaning "draft, grass, herbs, pasture, weeds, write" and 艸 (sou, kusa) meaning "grass, plants."... [more]
Chihara Japanese
From Japanese 茅 (chi) meaning "thatch" or 千 (chi) meaning "thousand" combined with 原 (hara) meaning "field, plain". A notable bearer of this surname is Minori Chihara (茅原 実里), a Japanese voice-actress who is best known for voicing Yuki Nagato from the Haruhi Suzumiya series and Aya Natsume from Tenjō Tenge.
Chikahisa Japanese
Chika means "near" and hisa means "long time, long time ago, longevity".
Childs English
patronymic from Child
Chilver English (British)
Means "ewe lamb" , (a young female sheep).
Chim Khmer
Variant transcription of Choem.
Chin English
Variant of Chinn.
Chindavong Lao
From Lao ຈິນດາ (chinda) meaning "imagination, meditation, reflection" and ວົງ (vong) meaning "lineage, family".
Chino Japanese (Rare)
Written with characters Chi ("Micanthus Reed") and No ("Feild").
Chiovaro Sicilian
Unknown meaning. Brought over to the United States from Sicilian immigrants, where the pronunciation changed from KEE-o-vah-row to SHIV-ahr-ow.
Chiravejsundornkul Thai (Sanskritized, Rare)
Sanskritized transcription of Thai จิรเวชสุนทรกุล (see Chirawetsunthonkun).
Chirawetsunthonkun Thai (Rare)
From Thai จิร (chira) meaning "long", เวช (wet) meaning "doctor; physician", สุนทร (sunthon) meaning "beautiful; nice; well", and กุล (kun) meaning "tribe, race, lineage".
Chirayangyuen Thai (Rare)
Means "to endure long", From Thai จิร (chira-) meaning "long; extended" and ยั่งยืน (yangyuen) meaning "to endure; to last".
Chirico Italian
Surname of Italian surrealist artist, Giorgio de Chirico
Chiroto Shona
Meaning unknown.
Chitsawangdee Thai (Rare)
Variant transcription of Thai จิตต์สว่างดี (see Chitsawangdi).
Chitsawangdi Thai (Rare)
From Thai จิตต์ (chit) meaning "mind; heart; soul; spirit; mentality", สว่าง (sawang) meaning "bright; shining", and ดี (di) meaning "good".
Chittsawangdee Thai (Rare)
Variant transcription of Thai จิตต์สว่างดี (see Chitsawangdi).
Chiura Japanese (Rare)
This surname is used as 千浦, 地浦 or 知浦 with 千 (sen, chi) meaning "thousand," 地 (ji, chi) meaning "earth, ground", 知 (chi, shi.raseru, meaning "know, wisdom" and 浦 (ho, ura) meaning "bay, beach, creek, gulf, inlet, seacoast."... [more]
Chivaaree Thai
From Thai ชีวะ (chiwa) meaning "life" and อารี (ari) meaning "tolerant, liberal, generous; magnanimous"
Chivton English (American)
Portmanteau of Chiovaro and Cranston. First known use in 2023.
Chiweshe Shona
Meaning unknown.
Chiya Japanese (Rare)
Means "bloody arrow; arrow of blood" in Japanese.
Chock English
From English Shock or German Schöck
Chohan Urdu, Indian, Hindi, Punjabi
Alternate transcription of Chauhan.
Chokshi Indian
From Gujarati čoksi ‘jeweler’, ‘assayer of gold and silver’, from čokəs ‘precise’, ‘circumspect’, a compound of čo- ‘four’, ‘four-way’, ‘all-round’ (Sanskrit čatus- ‘four’) + kəs ‘assaying’ (Sanskrit kạsa ‘rubbing’, ‘touchstone’).
Cholevas Greek
Feminine form is Choleva
Chomchuen Thai
Means "congratulations" from Thai ชม (chom) meaning "see, watch, praise, admire" and ชื่น (chuen) meaning "happy, joyful, delighted".
Choo Korean
Variant romanization of Chu.
Chopra Indian, Punjabi
Of unknown meaning.
Choriev Tajik, Uzbek
Masculine form of Chorieva.
Chorieva Tajik, Uzbek
Feminine form of Choriev.
Chosokabe Japanese
Variant transcription of Chousokabe.
Chouhan Indian, Assamese, Bengali, Hindi
Alternate transcription of Chauhan.
Chourey Hindi
chourey surname basically belongs to kurmi caste
Chousokabe Japanese
From Japanese 長 (chou) meaning "chief, head, leader", 宗 (so) meaning "religion", 我 (ka) meaning "ego" and 部 (be) meaning "section".
Christen German (Swiss)
Derived from the given name Christian.
Christmas English
Either an occupational name for someone who was responsible for arrangement of festivities for Christmas day, or it might a nickname for someone who was born on Christmas.
Christodoulopoulos Greek
Means "descendant of Christ's servant" in Greek.
Christoyannopoulos Greek
Means "descendant of John and Christ" in Greek. A notable bearer of this surname is Alexandre Christoyannopoulos.
Chriswell English
Likely originated in England. Creswell seems to be the oldest spelling then gradually giving way to Criswell and Chriswell.
Chu Japanese
Variant transcription of Japanese Kanji 中 or 仲 (see Chū).
Chū Japanese
Variant reading of Japanese Kanji 中 or 仲 (see Naka).
Chulanont Thai
From Thai จุลา (chula) of unknown meaning and นนท์ (non) meaning "fun; joy".
Chuo Thai
Thai for Cai.
Chūtō Japanese (Rare)
Variant reading of Nukutō.
Chuto Japanese (Rare)
Variant transcription of Chūtō.
Chuu Japanese
Variant transcription of Japanese Kanji 中 or 仲 (see Chū).