Submitted Surnames from Other Sources

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Elm English
This is a kind of tree
Elo Finnish
Means "life" in Finnish.
Elordi Romanian (?)
used by actor, Jacob Elordi
Elshout Dutch
Means "alder wood" in Dutch.
Elsinger German (Swiss)
Probably a derivative of Elsing.
Emboaba Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Variant of Emboava. A famous bearer of this surname is Brazilian footballer Oscar.
Emi Japanese
Means bay. In other characters, Emi is also a feminine given name.
Emly English
Variant of Elmley.
Emmus Estonian
Emmus is an Estonian surname likely derived from the root "-emus", meaning "superiority" and "advantage".
Emsley English
A name that came from a family that lived in Yorkshire, where they derived the family name from Helmsley. Probably of Old English origin Helm and ley or leah, which means "a clearing in the woods."
Encarnación Spanish
Means "incarnation" in Spanish. This is given in reference to the Incarnation of Jesus in the womb of the Virgin Mary (see Encarnación).
Ende Estonian
Ende is an Estonian surname derived from "enda" meaning "own" and self".
Engelbrecht Afrikaans
The name Engelbrecht has multiple translations, including "Angle Glorious" and "Bright Angel".
Engelmann German
1 German: variant of Engel 1, with the addition of the personal suffix -mann ‘man’, sometimes denoting a pet form.... [more]
Enggaard Danish
Combination of Danish eng "meadow" and gård "farm, estate".
Engin Scottish
Scottish: habitational name from Elgin, a place in Moray.
Enhörning Swedish (Rare)
Perhaps created in a similar manner as the German surname Einhorn.
Enjolras Literature
From a surname which was from Occitan enjeura meaning "to terrify". This was the name of a charismatic activist in Victor Hugo's novel 'Les Misérables' (1862).
Ennemuist Estonian
Ennemuist is an Estonian surname derived from "ennemuiste" meaning "days of yore", and "ennemuistne" meaning "ancient".
Ennor English
Of debated origin and meaning. Theories include a derivation from the Welsh given name Ynyr and a derivation from Jenner.
Enokida Japanese
榎 (Enoki) means "Hackle/Chinese Nettle Berry Tree", and 田 (Da) means "Rice Paddy, Field". A notable bearer with this family name is Daiki Enokida, who is a professional baseball player.
Enraejakavarapantiyacuppiramaniyakattepammutuair Obscure
This surname is a created surname made by compressing multiple surnames into one. The only person with this surname lives in India.
Enshōgan Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 焔 (en) meaning "blaze" and 硝岩 (shōgan), derived from 硝石 (shōseki) meaning "saltpeter" by replacing the character 石 (seki) meaning "stone" with 岩 (gan) meaning "rock".
Enshogan Japanese (Rare)
Variant transcription of Japanese Kanji 焔硝岩 (see Enshōgan).
Enshōiwa Japanese (Rare)
Variant reading of Japanese Kanji 焔硝岩 (see Enshōgan).
Enshoiwa Japanese (Rare)
Variant transcription of Japanese Kanji 焔硝岩 (see Enshōiwa).
Ensign English
From the military rank.
Eplboym Yiddish
It means "apple tree", denoting either someone who planted them or lived near them.
Epureanu Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Erber Jewish, German
Meaning uncertain. Either a habitational name for someone living in a place named Erb or Erp, a name for a owner of a farm named Erbhof (derived from MIddle High German erbære "honorable, noble"), or derived from the given name Erpo.
Erdenberger German
Originated in Germany.
Ergle English
Of debated origin and meaning; theories include an Anglicization of Ergele.
Erkan Turkish
From Turkish er "brave man" and kan "blood".
Erm Estonian
Erm is an Estonian surname possibly derived from the masculine given name "Ermel", or "hermeliin" meaning "ermine" and "stoat".
Errill Scottish
The family originated from Errol (Arroll) in Perthshire, Scotland
Escalante Spanish (Latin American)
From the Spanish verb escalar meaning "to climb".
Escatel Spanish
Derived from the Latin word “scatellum,” which means “small coin”. It is likely that the surname originally referred to someone who was involved in the production or circulation of small coins, or who had a reputation for being particularly frugal or economical... [more]
Escuella Popular Culture
Based on Spanish escuela meaning "school". This was used for a character in the video games 'Red Dead Redemption' (2010) and 'Red Dead Redemption 2' (2018).
Eshkol Hebrew
Means "cluster, bunch" in Hebrew.
Espírito Santo Portuguese
Means “Holy Spirit” in Portuguese.... [more]
Espíritu Spanish
From a short form of Spanish del Espíritu Santo meaning "of the Holy Spirit, of the Holy Ghost" (Latin Spiritus Sanctus), which was the second part of religious compound names formed from the bearer's given name and del Espíritu Santo... [more]
Espiritu Spanish (Filipinized)
Unaccented form of Espíritu primarily used in the Philippines.
Ess Low German, German (Swiss)
North German: topographic name for someone living on or owning land that was waterlogged or partly surrounded by water, from Middle Low German es ‘swamp’, ‘water’. ... [more]
Estimé Haitian Creole, French
Means "valued, esteemed" in French.
Estremera Spanish
Spanish: habitational name from a place in Madrid province called Estremera.
Estremera Spanish
Derived from the word "estrecho," which means "narrow" or "tight."
Ethe Greek
Plural form of ethos. Ethos forms the root of ethikos (ἠθικός), meaning "moral, showing moral character". Used as a noun in the neuter plural form ta ethika (τὰ ἠθικά), used for the study of morals, it is the origin of the modern English word ethics.
Etō Japanese
From Japanese 衛 (e) meaning "guard, protect" and 藤 (tō) meaning "wisteria".
Eun Korean (Rare)
From Sino-Korean 殷 (eun) meaning "great, many, magnificent; flourishing".
Eun Korean (Rare)
From Sino-Korean 銀 (eun) meaning "silver".
Eun Korean (Rare)
From Sino-Korean 恩 (eun) meaning "favor, grace, mercy".
Eun Korean (Rare)
From Sino-Korean 慇 (eun) meaning "to be kind, to be wealthy".
Evermore English
From ever + more, meaning "at all times; all the time; forever, eternally;" Replacing evermo from Old English æfre ma.
Evloev Ingush (Russified)
Russified form of an Ingush name, which is derived from Yovloy, the name of an Ingush teip (clan), which is of unknown meaning. It may be from the name of the Alans, a medieval Iranian nomadic group (the word itself derived from Sanskrit आर्य (ā́rya) meaning "noble, honourable") or from Adyghe елъы (ełăə) meaning "to sharpen" combined with елъэ (ełă) meaning "to jump over".
Eyigün Turkish
The name means "good day". "Eyi" from Turkish "iyi" meaning "good". "Gün" meaning "day" in Turkish.
Eyre English
Truelove the "Eyr" or "Heyr" was granted land in Derby as a reward for his services at the 1066 Battle of Hastings, together with a coat of arms featuring "a human leg in armour couped at the thigh quarterly argent and sable spurred", in reference to the sacrifice of his limb... [more]
Ezell American
Of uncertain origin. The name is found primarily in the southeastern United States, possibly as a variation of Israel or a form of Ezekiel.
Ezer Hebrew
Means "helping" or "to help" in Hebrew.
Ezeriņš Latvian
Derived from the word ezers meaning "lake".
Faaj Hmong
Hmong clan surname, also commonly anglicized as Fang. It may be a form or cognate of the Chinese surname Fang.
Fabergé French (Huguenot, Russified, ?), Popular Culture
From Russian Фаберже (Faberzhe), which is ultimately of Huguenot French origin, having evolved (since c. 17th century) from Favri; compare Favre... [more]
Facui Etruscan
Feminine form *Facu (𐌚𐌀𐌂𐌖), and equivialent to Latin Pacuia
Fagan Irish
'The name Fagan in Ireland is usually of Norman origin, especially in Counties Dublin and Meath. In the County Louth area the name is derived from the native Gaelic O'Faodhagain Sept of which there are a number of variants including Feighan, Fegan and Feehan.' (from
Fagin Jewish
Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): variant spelling of Feigin.
Fahrenheit German
Derived from German fahren, meaning, "to ride", and Heit, which is the equivalent to the suffix "-ness". A famous bearer was Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (1686- 1736), a Polish physicist who invented the Fahrenheit temperature measuring system.
Fain French, English, Welsh
Deriving from the Latin fanum meaning "temple."
Fair English, Irish
English: nickname meaning ‘handsome’, ‘beautiful’, ‘fair’, from Middle English fair, fayr, Old English fæger. The word was also occasionally used as a personal name in Middle English, applied to both men and women.... [more]
Faizulin Tatar
Variant transcription of Fayzulin.
Falaas English (American, Rare)
Maybe an americanized form of Falås.
Falba Occitan (Archaic), French (Rare)
Possibly from French fauve "wildcat".
Falcão Portuguese
Portuguese surname meaning "falcon".
Falcon Jewish
Possibly derived from the German Falke, meaning "falcon."
Faliszek Polish
A notable bearer of this name is Chet Faliszek, an American videogame writer who has worked for companies like Valve and Bossa Studios, having been involved in the story writing for series such as Half-Life, Portal, and Left 4 Dead.
Fall Western African, Fula, Wolof, Manding
Meaning uncertain.
Fallen Scottish, Northern Irish
Variant spelling of Irish Fallon.
Fallow English, Jewish
English: topographic name for someone who lived by a patch of fallow land, Middle English falwe (Old English f(e)alg). This word was used to denote both land left uncultivated for a time to recover its fertility and land recently brought into cultivation.... [more]
Fallows English
Patronymic form of Fallow.
Falotico Italian
From southern Italian falotico ‘eccentric’, ‘strange’, Greek kephalōtikos, a derivative of Greek kephalē ‘head’.
Fambro English
Variant of English Fambrough.
Famos Romansh
Corruption of Vonmoos.
Fantasia Italian
From Italian fantasia meaning "imagination", possibly a nickname for a person who had a vivid imagination, or from the personal name Fantasia, the feminine form of Fantasio. Known bearers include American sociologist Rick Fantasia and Australian footballer Orazio Fantasia (1995-).
Fantin Italian, Venetian, Emilian-Romagnol
Likely Derived from a northern, Emilian-Romagnol variant of fantino, meaning 'baby, boy', ‘foot soldier’, or 'young (unmarried) man'.
Fantozzi Italian
From a derivative of Fante.
Fantuzzi Emilian-Romagnol, Italian
A surname derived from the medieval name "Fantino", which is a diminutive of "Fante", usually meaning "infant" or "child", but it was also used to refer to a "foot soldier".
Faraon Filipino (Modern)
The Tagalog word for "Pharaoh".
Farewell English (Rare)
Means "goodbye,departing" in English.
Farge French
Reduced or Americanized form of La Farge/Lafarge.
Farinha Portuguese
Means "wheat flour" in Portuguese.
Farissol Judeo-Provençal
Abraham ben Mordecai Farissol was a Jewish-Italian geographer, cosmographer, scribe, and polemicist. He was the first Hebrew writer to deal in detail with the newly-discovered Americas, born in Avignon in 1451.
Farkash Hebrew
Hebrew transcription of Farkas, famous bearer is Israeli singer and actress Amit Farkash (or Farkas)
Farley Irish
anglicized form of the Gaelic surname O'Faircheallaigh.
Farmer Irish
Anglicized (part translated) form of Gaelic Mac an Scolóige "son of the husbandman", a rare surname of northern and western Ireland.
Farmiga Ukrainian
The surname of a certainly recent Hollywood dynasty.
Farnworth English
Farnworth is a combination of two words: old-English fearn meaning "fern" and worth, making the full meaning of Farnworth "settlers from a place where ferns are abundant." The oldest known record of the surname was in Farnworth with Kearsley (modern-day Farnworth), Lancashire in 1185... [more]
Farooqi Muslim
Muslim: Arabic family name (Fārūqī), denoting someone descended from or associated with someone called Farooq , in particular a descendant of the khalif ῾Umar.
Farquaad Popular Culture
Meaning unknown, as a surname it is born by Lord Maximus Farquaad, main antagonist of the 2001 animated fantasy comedy film Shrek.
Farragut Breton, French, Catalan, American
A Breton-French surname of unknown origin. A notable bearer was American naval flag officer David Farragut (1801-1870), who is known for serving during the American Civil War. His father was of Catalan ancestry... [more]
Farrakhan Muslim
Surname of Activist Louis Farrakhan
Farrer English
Variant of Farrar.