Submitted Surnames Starting with A

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Aubinet French (Rare)
Derived from the medieval French masculine given name Aubinet, which was a diminutive (as the -et suffix indicates) of the given name Aubin.... [more]
Aubuchon French (Modern, ?)
The Aubuchon name is French, but of uncertain origin. It is probably from the patronymic prefix au + buchon, a dialect term for a woodcutter (Standard French bûcheron).
Aubut French
The surname "Aubut" is Old French and was first found in the Burgundy region of France. It is derived from the Germanic name "Alberic" which is from the Latin name "Albericus."
Auchinleck Scottish (Rare)
Scottish Gaelic: Achadh nan Leac... [more]
Auclair French
Patronymic from the personal name Clair or the nickname Leclair (‘the cheerful one’): (fils) à Leclair ‘(son) of Leclair’. It has also absorbed cases of Auclerc (from LeClerc).
Aucoin French (Cajun)
From French *au coin* meaning “at the corner”, referring to someone who lived at the corner of a block or town.
Audelin French
Variant of Odelin, which is not to be confused with Odelín as it is Spanish while the other one is French, though they could have similar origins in name.
Auden English
This surname is derived from the Germanic given name Aldwin, of which the Old English equivalent is Ealdwine... [more]
Audet French
Southern French nickname from Gascon dialect audet "bird", variant of standard Occitan ausèl (modern French oiseau).
Audi Arabic (Mashriqi)
Lebanese and Palestinian surname. Believed to have originated from the Arabic word "al-'awdi," which means "the one who returns."
Audino Italian
Derived from first name 'Alda' which means 'wise and experienced.'
Audish English (British)
Audish was first found in the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire in the south of England, people who had the surname 'Audish' were wealthy landowners, thus held in high esteem.
Audrin French
Derived from the Breton given name Aodren.
Audy French
Occitan form of Audin.
Auerbach German, Jewish
Topographical name for someone who lived by a stream (Middle High German bach) that was near a swamp or marsh (auer).
Auestad Norwegian
A surname most commonly found in the Rogaland region of Norway. The most common theory for the meaning is that it originated from øde sted (or in older spellings, øde stad) meaning "abandoned/barren/solitary place"... [more]
Aufdemberge American (Rare)
The surname Aufdemberge originated in America, but in German it means "on the mountains".... [more]
Aufderheide German
Topographic name for someone who lived on a heath, derived from German auf der heide literally meaning "on the heath".
Aug Estonian
Aug is an Estonian surname derived from "auga" meaning "honorably".
Augello Italian
Italian (Campania) dialect variant of Uccello ‘bird’, hence either a nickname for a diminutive, birdlike person or an occupational name for a fowler. Compare Auciello.
Auger French
From the given name Auger.
August English
From the given name August.
Auguste French
From the first name Auguste 1.
Augustus English
Means "great" or "venerable", derived from Latin augere "to increase".
Augustyn Polish
From the given name Augustyn.
Augustyniak Polish
Derived from the given name Augustyn.
Auk Estonian
Auk is an Estonian surname meaning "pit" or "hole".
Aukerman Dutch
Americanized form of Dutch Ackerman. This was a frequent name in New Netherland in the 17th century.
Aukio Finnish
"square", "plaza", "clearing", or "concourse"
Auksi Estonian
Auksi is an Estonian surname derived from "auks" meaning "in honor of".
Aul Estonian
Aul is an Estonian surname meaning "long-tailed duck" (Clangula hyemalis).
Aulakh Indian, Punjabi
From the name of a village in Punjab, India, meaning uncertain.
Aulcy English
English surname, of unknown meaning.
Ault English
Variant of Old.
Auman Filipino, Cebuano
Derived from Cebuano awom meaning "mole".
Aumees Estonian
Aumees is an Estonian surname meaning "gentleman".
Aumere Estonian
Aumere is an Estonian surname derived from "aumees" meaning "gentleman".
Aun Estonian
Aun is an Estonian surname derived from the word "aun" meaning "peatstack".
Aune Norwegian
Derived from Old Norse auðn "wasteland, desolate place".
Aung Burmese
Means "successful, victorious" in Burmese.
Auñón Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous Manchego municipality.
Aurakzai Pashto
Alternate transcription of Orakzai.
Aurangzeb Urdu
From the given name Aurangzeb.
Aurélio Portuguese
From the given name Aurélio
Aurelio Italian, Spanish
From the given name Aurelio
Auric French
Meaning unknown. Georges Auric (15 February 1899 – 23 July 1983) was a French composer, considered one of Les Six, a group of artists informally associated with Jean Cocteau and Erik Satie.
Auricchio Italian
"A nickname from a dialect variant of orecchio ‘ear’ (from Latin auricula)."
Aurifaber German (Latinized)
Latinised form of Goldschmidt, meaning "gold smith".
Aurigemma Italian
From a Neapolitan given name, composed of auri "gold" and gemma "gem".
Aurinko Finnish
Aurinko means "sun" in Finnish.
Auriol Occitan, French
Possibly derived from Occitan oriol, meaning "oriole". Alternatively, it may be derived from the given name Aurelius.
Aurora Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Occitan, Portuguese
Means "dawn" in Latin (see the given name Aurora).
Aus English
Variant spelling of Scandinavian Aas.
Aus Estonian
Aus is an Estonian surname meaning "honest".
Ausage Samoan, English (Australian), American
Possibly from the given name Ausage.
Ausborne English
Possibly a variant spelling of Osborne.
Aushev Ingush (Russified)
Russified form of an Ingush surname derived from Nakh ауш (aush) or аус (aus) literally meaning "rock, slope", figuratively meaning "strong, solid, confident".
Ausheva f Ingush (Russified)
Feminine form of Aushev.
Ausländer German
Nickname given to a foreigner.
Ausley English (Modern)
Rare surname which was from an English place name in which the second element is Old English leah "wood, clearing". The first element may be hors "horse" (in which case the name likely referred to a place where horses were put out to pasture) or the river name Ouse (ultimately from the ancient British root ud- "water").
Ausmaa Estonian
Ausmaa is an Estonian surname meaning "honorable land".
Ausmeel Estonian
Ausmeel is an Estonian surname meaning "honest mind".
Ausmees Estonian
Ausmees is an Estonian surname meaning "honest man".
Austen English
A variant of the surname Austin.
Austerlitz German (Austrian), Jewish
Derived from Slavkov u Brna (historically known as Austerlitz in German), a town located in Vyškov District, in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. This was real surname of the American actor and dancer Fred Astaire (1899-1987), as well as his sister Adele Astaire (1896-1981), an actress, singer and dancer.
Austinson English
Means "son of Austin".
Austria Spanish (Philippines)
From the name of the European country, either as an ethnic name or a reference to the Austrian Habsburg dynasty, which ruled Spain in the 16th and 17th centuries.
Autry English, French
A habitational name from any of the places in France named Autrey or Autry. French: from the Old French personal name Audry, from Germanic Aldric ‘ancient power’.
Auväärt Estonian
Auväärt is an Estonian surname meaning "honor worthy".
Au Yeung Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese romanization of Ouyang.
Au-Yeung Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese romanization of Ouyang.
Auyeung Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese romanization of Ouyang.
Auyong Chinese (Hokkien)
Hokkien romanization of Ouyang.
Auziņš Latvian
Derived from the word auzas meaning "oats".
Avakumov Russian
variant of Abakumov
Avakumova Russian
feminine form of Avakumov
Avakyan Armenian
Alternate transcription of Armenian Ավագյան (see Avagyan)
Avallone Italian
Topographic name for someone who lived in a deep valley.
Avalon English
Means "island of apples".
Ávalos Spanish
Etymologists note the name signifies a "native of Abalos" and the progenitor was someone who hailed from that location.
Avalyan Armenian
Means "son of Aval".
Avamilano Spanish, Italian
Of Spanish origin, but probably has its roots in Italy due to the word "milano" which means Milan in Italian.
Avanceña Filipino
Hispanicised form of Arabic اِبْن سِينَا‎ (ibn sīnā) meaning "son of Sina". This was the Arabic name for Avicenna (980-1037), a Persian polymath.
Avanesian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Armenian Ավանեսյան (see Avanesyan)
Avara Italian
Italian feminine form of Avaro.
Avdalyan Armenian
Derived from the given name Avdal.
Avdeyev Russian
derived from male given name Avdey
Avdeyeva Russian
feminine form of Avdeyev
Avdokhin Russian
variant of Avdonin
Avdokhina Russian
feminine form of Avdokhin
Avdonin Russian
derived from male given name Avdey
Avdonina Russian
feminine form of Avdonin
Avdoshin Russian
variant of Avdonin
Avdoshina Russian
feminine form of Avdoshina
Avdyunin Russian
variant of Avdonin
Avdyunina Russian
feminine form of Avdyunin
Avdyushin Russian
variant of Avdonin
Avdyushina Russian
feminine form of Avdyushin
Aveiro Portuguese, Spanish
Demonymic surname refering to Aveiro a city in middle north-eastern Portugal. A famous bearer of this surname is Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.
Avelar Portuguese
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous parish of the municipality of Ansião.
Aveley English
From the Flemish, Evely; from the Dutch, Evelein; in the Domesday Book, Avelin; a personal name.
Aveline French
Derived from the medieval given name Aveline or Avelin.
Avelino Spanish, Polynesian, Filipino
Spanish form of Avellino, the surname of the 17th-century Italian saint Andrew Avellino.
Avellaneda Spanish
It literally means "hazelnut grove", denoting someone who either lived near one or worked in one.
Aven Scandinavian, English, German, Dutch, French (Anglicized)
Scandinavian: unexplained.... [more]
Avena Spanish, Italian
A traditionally Spanish and Italian occupational surname for a "grain grower or merchant", or the Italian habitation surname for Avena, Calabria. Means "oats". From the Latin avēna meaning 'oats, wild oats, straw'.
Avenida Spanish (Latin American)
The name translates to English, meaning "avenue."
Averin Russian
variant of Averkiyev
Averina Russian
feminine form of Averin
Averkiyev Russian
derived from male name Averkiy
Averkiyeva Russian
feminine form of Averkiyev
Averne Anglo-Saxon
Possibly deriving from the Olde English "fearn", meaning fern.
Aversano Italian
A nickname for a wealthy person.
Averyanov Russian
derived from male given name Averyan.... [more]
Averyanova Russian
feminine form of Averyanov
Aves English
Derived from the given name Avice.
Avetisyan Armenian
Means "son of Avetis".
Avgoustidis Greek
Means "son of Avgoustos".
Avguštin Slovene
Derived from the given name Avguštin.
Avgustov Russian
Means "son of Avgust".
Avicenna Arabic (Latinized)
Latin form of Ibn Sina, an Arabic surname meaning "son of Sina". Ibn Sina was a famous Persian polymath most known for his canon on disease and medicine.
Avidan Hebrew
From the given name Avidan
Avidzba Abkhaz
Derived from Georgian ავი (avi) meaning "currish, severe, sullen" combined with ძე (dze) "son" and Abkhaz аԥа (āpā) "son". The name was most likely borne by Georgians under the spelling Avidze, which was modified with the Abkhaz suffix -ba after migration to Abkhazia.
Avigdori Jewish (Rare)
Surname variation of Avigdor, used to distinguish from said first name Avigdor.
Aviles Catalan
From Catalan avile "bird".
Avilov Russian
derives from old Russian male given name Vavila or Vavilo
Avilova Russian
feminine form of Avilov
Aviña Galician
Galician surname referring to someone who "lives by a vineyard", from d’Aviña, a variant of da viña.
Avital Jewish
From the given name Avital.
Avitov Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "my father is good", from Hebrew ’av meaning "father" and tov meaning "good".
Aviv Jewish
From the given name Aviv.
Avivi Hebrew
Means "springlike" or "of the spring" in Hebrew. (see Aviv)
Avksentyev Russian
Variant of Aksyonov (Аксёнов)
Avksentyeva Russian
Feminine form of Avksentyev (Авксентьев)
Avner Hebrew
From the given name Avner.
Avni Hebrew (Modern)
Means "my stone" in Hebrew, a variant of the surname Even or a diminutive of Avner.
Avogadro Italian
An occupational name for a lawyer or public official with administrative duties. Ultimately from Latin advocator, "advocate".
Avots Latvian
Means "fount, spring" or "source".
Avrahami Hebrew (Americanized)
Americanized version of Abrahami.
Avram Romanian
From the given name Avram.
Avramenko Ukrainian, Jewish
From the Ukrainian form of Abraham, Avraam.
Avramidis Greek
Means "son of Avram".
Avramopoulos Greek
Means "son of Avram".
Avramov Bulgarian
Means "son of Avram".
Avril French
Derived from French avril meaning "April", perhaps indicating a person who was baptized in that month.
Avrorin Russian
Matronymic surname derived from the Russian given name Avrora.
Avvakumov Russian
derived from male given name Avvakum, variant of Abakumov
Avvakumova Russian
feminine form of Avvakumov
Awa Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 阿波 (Awa), a clipping of 上阿波 (Kamiawa) or 下阿波 (Shimoawa), both areas in the city of Iga in the prefecture of Mie in Japan.
Awa Japanese
From Japanese 阿波 (Awa) meaning "Awa", a former Japanese province in present-day Tokushima, Japan.
Awad Arabic
Refers to a person who makes "Oud", an oriental musical instrument.
Awad Arabic
Occupational name for a player or maker of lutes, ultimately derived from Arabic عود ('ud) meaning "oud, lute".
Awad Arabic
Derived from the given name Awad.
Awai Japanese
Awa means "millet" and i means "well, mineshaft, pit".
Awais Urdu
Derived from the given name Awais.
Awamura Japanese
Awa means "millet" and mura means "hamlet, village".
Awan Punjabi, Urdu
From the name of a Punjabi tribe which is most likely derived from Arabic عون ('awn) meaning "help, aid" or "helper".
Awano Japanese
Awa means "millet" and no means "field, wilderness, plain".
Awaoka Japanese
Awa means "millet" and oka means "mound, hill".
Awara Japanese
A variant of Ahara.
Awatani Japanese
Awa means "millet" and tani means "valley".
Awaya Japanese
From Japanese 粟 (Awa) meaning "Mllet" and 谷 (Tani) meaning "valley".
Awayaɣer Berber
Moroccan (Rifian): tribal name from the Rifian tribe of Ait Wayagher.
Awayama Japanese
Away means "millet" and yama means "mountain".
Awsumb Norwegian
Norwegian habitation surname. Åsum/Aasum/Aasumb is a common place name in Scandinavia, generally referring to an ancient farm or homestead. Derived from Old Norse aas ‘hill’ + um ‘around’. Norwegian emigrants from the Åsum farm in the traditional district of Vinger (Hedmark, Norway) adopted the Anglicized spelling ‘Awsumb’ after arriving in North America in the 19th and 20th Centuries.
Awwad Arabic
Alternate transcription of Arabic عواد (see Awad).
Ax Dutch
originally French, used to be de Ax, meaning "from Ax", several possible places called Ax or Aix or variants.
Axe English
Locational surname which describes one who lived by the Axe Rivers in Somerset or Dorset.
Axel Dutch, Flemish
Habitational name for someone from either of two places, Aksel in East Flanders or Axel in Zeeland.
Axell Swedish
Possibly a habitational name with the combination of ax, a Swedish word for the fruiting body of a grain plant, and the common surname suffix -ell.
Axelman Swedish (Rare)
From the Scandinavian given name Axel and man "man".
Axelrod Jewish (Americanized)
Derived from the Yiddish given name Akslrod.
Axels English
Derived from the given name Axel.
Axelson English
Means "son of Axel".
Axén Swedish
Combination of ax, a Swedish word for the fruiting body of a grain plant, and the common surname suffix -én.
Axford English
Derived from Axford, which is the name of two villages in England (one is located in the county of Hampshire, the other in Wiltshire). Both villages derive their name from Old English æsc(e) "ash tree(s)" and Old English ford "ford", which gives their name the meaning of "ford by the ash trees" or "a ford with ash trees"... [more]
Axinte Romanian
From the given name Axinte.
Axiotis Greek
Axiotis refers to a family that originated in Naxos Greece. The feminine form is Axioti.
Axmed Somali
Somali form of Ahmed.
Axt German
From a Middle High German ackes or axt, meaning "axe". Name for a woodcutter, carpenter, or axe maker.
Ay Turkish
Means "moon" in Turkish.
Ayan Turkish
Means "evident, clear, manifest" in Turkish.
Ayanami Japanese
Aya (綾) means "twill", nami (波) means "wave"
Ayano Japanese
綾 (Aya) means "design" and 野 (no) means "field".... [more]
Ayanokoji Japanese
A variant transcription of Ayanokouji meaning "design small road".
Ayanokouji Japanese
綾 (Aya) means "design", no is a possessive particle, 小 (kou) means "small, little", and 路 (ji) means "road."
Ayanov Kazakh
Means "son of Ayan".
Ayari Arabic (Maghrebi), Persian
Derived from Arabic عَيَّار (ʿayyār) or Persian عیار (ayyâr) meaning "vagabond, loafer, idler" (chiefly Tunisian).
Ayaz Turkish
Derived from the given name Ayaz.
Ayaz Turkish, Urdu
Derived from the given name Ayaz.
Aybar Basque (Hispanicized, Rare)
Aybar Name Meaning. Spanish (of Basque origin): habitational name, in most cases probably from Aibar in Navarre, but in some cases perhaps a variant of Eibar, the name of a place in Gipuzkoa. The place names are from Basque ai 'side', 'slope' + ibar 'flood plain', 'valley'.
Aybekov Kazakh
Variant transcription of Aibekov.
Aycock Anglo-Saxon
It was used for people who lived in Heycock in Berkshire.
Aycox English
Variant of Aycock.
Aydemir Turkish
From the given name Aydemir.
Ayden English, Scottish
From a Scottish surname which was derived from Gaelic caol meaning "narrows, channel, strait".
Ayden Turkish
Possibly a variant of Aydın.
Aydın Turkish
From the given name Aydın.
Aydınlar Turkish
Derived from the Turkish word “aydın” meaning “enlightened”.
Aydinlisoy Turkish
Means "enlightened family" in Turkish.
Aydoğan Turkish
From the given name Aydoğan.
Aydoğdu Turkish
From Turkish ay meaning "moon" and doğdu meaning "born".
Aygün Turkish
From Turkish ay meaning "moon" and gün meaning "sun".
Ayhan Turkish
Derived from the given name Ayhan.
Aykroyd English
Variant of Ackroyd. A famous bearer is Canadian actor and comedian Dan Aykroyd (1952-).
Aylen English
Either derived from the given name Alan or from the Old English word ætheling which were princes eligible to be king. The word ætheling was sometimes used as a given name
Ayler English
occupational name from Old French aillier ‘garlic seller’, from ail ‘garlic’ (from Latin allium).... [more]
Aylesworth English
It was first found in Warwickshire where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor of Kineton.... [more]
Ayliff English
From the medieval female personal name Ayleve (from Old English Æthelgifu, literally "noble gift"), or from the Old Norse nickname Eilífr, literally "ever-life".
Ayllón Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous Castilian municipality.
Ayman Arabic (Egyptian)
Derived from the given name Ayman.