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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
AMEGLIO     Italian
There are two hypotheses: the first is it derived from the Latin name Amelius which came from Amius, name of Etruscan origin; the other is it derived from Amali, name of a mighty Ostrogothic family, which means "virgin of the forest".
AMEMORI     Japanese
"Ame" - rain. "mori" - forest.
AMER     Arabic
Variant of Amir.
AMES     English, German
English: from the Old French and Middle English personal name Amys, Amice, which is either directly from Latin amicus ‘friend’, used as a personal name, or via a Late Latin derivative of this, Amicius.... [more]
AMETOV     Crimean Tatar
Means "son of Amet" in Crimean Tatar.
AMETSUCHI     Japanese
Means "Heaven & Earth" in Japanese
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the municipality of Gordexola.
AMETZAGA     Basque
This indicates familial origin within any of 3 eponymous neighborhoods: the one in the municipality of Asparrena, the one in the municipality of Meñaka, or the one in the municipality of Zuia.
AMÉZAGA     Basque (Hispanicized)
Castilianized form of Ametzaga.
AMEZCUA     Basque (Castilianized)
Castilianized form of Amezkua.
AMEZIANE     Berber, Northern African
Variant transcription of Meziane.
AMICO     Italian
Means "friend".
AMIDALA     Popular Culture
Queen Amidala is a character from the Star Wars universe. Amidala is her regnal name, having been born Padmé Naberrie.
AMIDANE     Northern African, Arabic (Maghrebi)
Meaning unknown; used by the native Sahrawi people of the disputed region of Western Sahara. Two known bearers are El Wali Amidane (1986-) and Elkouria Amidane (1985-), both Sahrawi human rights activists.
AMINE     Arabic (Maghrebi)
Maghrebi variant of Amin (see Amin).
AMINI     Persian
From the given name Amin.
AMIR     Arabic
From the personal name Amir.
AMIRI     Persian, Arabic
From the given name Amir.
ƏMIROV     Azerbaijani
Means “son of Əmir”.
AMIROV     Bashkir, Azerbaijani, Uzbek, Kazakh, Tajik
Means "son of Amir".
AMISSAH     Akan
Meaning unknown.
AMISTADI     Italian
From the Renaissance term amistade ("friendship").
AMIT     Hebrew (Modern)
From a first name which means "friend", "companion", "colleague", or from a nickname given to a friendly person or a colleague.
AMITI     Albanian
Meaning unknown.
AM MAGH FADA     Scottish Gaelic
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous former burgh.
AMMANN     German
A contraction of Ambetmann, for a court official. If there is a double "M", the origin might be Swiss.
AMMARI     Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Ammar (chiefly Algerian).
From the profession of bear hunter, meaning literally "slaughter the bear".
AMMER     German, English (Rare)
This surname may be derived from Middle High German amer which means "bunting (as in the bird)." As such, it is used as a nickname for someone with a fine voice or someone who is a flamboyant dresser.... [more]
AMORE     Spanish
meaning love
AMORY     English, Norman
English from a Germanic personal name, Aimeri, composed of the elements haim ‘home’ + ric ‘power’. (The same elements constitute the etymology of Henry.) The name was introduced into England from France by the Normans... [more]
ÅMOT     Norwegian (Rare)
Variant of AAMODT.
AMRAM     Hebrew, Jewish
From the given name Amram.
AMRANI     Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Imran (chiefly Moroccan and Algerian).
AMREIN     German (Swiss)
Topographic name from am ‘at’ + Rain ‘edge of plowed land’.
AMSDON     English (Modern)
Unknown. Possibly a spelling variant of Amsden. suggests probably a habitational name, from a reduced form of the Oxfordshire place name Ambrosden, which is composed of an Old English personal name Ambre + Old English dun ‘hill’... [more]
AMSLER     American, German (Swiss)
As a Swiss German surname it is from the Swiss place name Amslen.
AMSPACHER     German
Habitational name for someone from a place called Amsbach
AMSTUTZ     German (Swiss), German (Austrian)
Topographic name for someone living near or at the foot of a steep mountainside, German am Stutz ‘at the escarpment’.
AMUNATEGI     Basque
It literally means a "place of apple trees", denoting someone who lived and/or worked there.
AMUNDSON     Norwegian
Variant of Amundsen.
AMURO     Japanese
Written with kanji meaning "Relax, Cheap, Inexpensive, Low, Rested, peaceful" and "Room".
AMUSAN     Japanese (Rare)
The Amusan Clan (秋道一族, Amusan Ichizoku) is a prominent clan in Kanazawa. Since its disbandment, most of its known members reside in Neuilly-sur-Seine ,Britain and Washington D.C.
AMUSKIBAR     Basque
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the municipality of Bergara.
AMUZQUÍVAR     Basque (Castilianized)
Castilianized form of Amuskibar.
AN     Chinese
Means from "peace" or "tranquility" from the character . In China 安 (An) also serves as an abbreviation for 安息 (Anxi), refering to the Arsacid Empire... [more]
ANABUKI     Japanese
It is written like this : 穴 (Ana) "Whole, pit" and 吹 (Buki) "Blow into".
ANACKER     German
Nickname for a day laborer, as opposed to someone who owned fields, from Middle High German āne meaning "without" + acker meaning "field".
ANALUKA     African American
The Analuka Family was founded... [more]
ANARBAEV     Kyrgyz
Derived from Persian انار (anâr) meaning "pomegranate" combined with Turkic bay meaning "rich, wealthy".
ANATOLIYEV     Russian
Means "son of ANATOLIY".
ANAYA     Basque
Originated in Spain. It derives from medieval basque name Anaia meaning "friar or brother". As a surname it means "Son of Anaia".
ANAY-OOL     Tuvan
Derived from Tuvan анай (anay) meaning "goat, kid" combined with оол (ool) meaning "son, boy".
ANBAR     Arabic
Means "amber" in Arabic (see English name Amber). Notable actress Nihal Anbar was born in 1960.
ANCHORENA     Basque (Castilianized)
Castilianized form of Antsorena.
ANĐELKOVIĆ     Serbian
Means "son of Anđelko".
ANDERS     German, Scottish, Czech
Derived from the given name Anders.
Strictly feminine patronymic of Anders.
ANDERSON     Scottish, Irish
Anglicized form of the Gaelic Mac Ghille Andrais meaning 'Son of the devotee of St. Andrew'. ... [more]
ANDES     German
Variant spelling of Anthes.
ANDICOECHEA     Basque (Castilianized)
Castilianized form of Andikoetxea.
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the municipality of Kortezubi.
ANDINO     Greek
This surname was originally derived from the Greek Andreas, a name meaning manly. It was the name of the first of Jesus Christ's disciples, which is known in various local forms throughout Christendom... [more]
ANDISHMAND     Ancient Persian
ANDISHMAND (pronounced: AEN-DEESH-MAND, in the West D is silent), Origin Middle-Persian, means one who thinks (i.e. an intellectual). Given to people of Persian and non-Persian descent of diverse Persian or Central Asian ethnic and religious backgrounds (including Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians) based on a person's profession that requires thinking (technocrat, writer, poet, intellectual).
ANDJELKOVIĆ     Serbian (Anglicized)
Anglicized version of Anđelković.
ANDO     Japanese
From the Japanese 安 (an or yasu) "relax," "inexpensive," "low," and 藤 (to or fuji) "wisteria." The second character may indicate historical or familial links to the formerly powerful Fujiwara (藤原) clan.
ANDONIAN     Armenian
Patronymic from the personal name Anton.
ANDOV     Macedonian
Means "son of Ande".
ANDRÁSSY     Hungarian
man, warrior... a surname that derives from the personal name "Andreas", meaning manly, and was held by the first of Christ's disciples.
ANDREASDOTTER     Swedish (Rare)
Means "daughter of Andreas", this surname is only used by females.
ANDREEN     Swedish
Variant of Andren
ANDREI     Romanian
From the given name Andrei.
ANDRELLY     Russian, Ukrainian
The first occurrence that I found was of Mikhaila Orosvigovskago ANDRELLY, or ANDRELLA (author of religious literature, in the century XVI) .
ANDRÉN     Swedish
Latinized patronymic from the name Andreas.
ANDREOU     Greek
Derived from the given name Andreas.
ANDREOZZI     Italian, Sicilian
From a pet form of the personal name Andrea.
ANDRESEN     Norwegian
Means "son of ANDRE".
ANDREYEV     Russian
Means "son of ANDREY".
Derived from the Ancient Greek name Andronikos. This was the surname of an important family in Georgia that contributed to politics and military, before the seizure of the country by Russia.
ANDROS     English
Variant of Andrews.
ANDROS     German (Swiss), Hungarian
Derivative of the personal name Andreas. Perhaps a reduced form of Greek Andronikos, Andronidis, or some other similar surname, all patronymics from Andreas.
ANDRULEWICZ     Lithuanian (Modern, Rare), Polish (Modern, Rare), Jewish (Modern, Rare), Latvian
Originally Andrulevičus or Andrulevičius, it means "ben-Adam" or "ben-ish" ("ben" being "son" in Hebrew; Adam meaning "man"). The Andrulevičiuses were originally Sephardic kohanim whom immigrated to Lithuania, and then Poland, Latvia, and other countries.
habitational name for someone from a place called Andrzejewo, a derivative of the personal name Andrzej
ANDÚJAR     Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous Andalusian municipality.
ANEY     English
Possibly a respelling of French Ané, from a personal name derived from Latin Asinarius.
ANG     Chinese
Meaning "To hold High". Hokkien and Teochew romanization of the Chinese surnames Wang (汪, Wāng) meaning "King", Wang is also prounounced "Heng" in Teochew.
ANGADI     Indian, Kannada
From Kannada ಅಂಗಡಿ (aṃgaḍi) meaning "store, shop".
ANGELEVSKI     Macedonian
Son of Angele
ANGELIS     Greek
Variant of Angelos.
ANGELLOTTI     Italian
Comes from a pet form of Angelo, variant of Angelotti.
ANGELO     Italian
From a popular medieval personal name, Angelo, Latin Angelus, from Greek angelos "messenger, angel" (considered as a messenger sent from God).
From the personal name Angelos or a shortened form of the personal name Evangelos + the patronymic ending -poulos.
ANGELOS     Greek
Reduced form of any of various Greek surnames derived from the forename Angelos (from #angelos ‘messenger’, ‘angel’), as for example Angelopoulos.
ANGELOTTI     Italian
Comes from a pet form of Angelo.
ANGELSON     English
Means son of Angel.
ANGELUCCI     Italian
From a pet form of the personal name Angelo.
Habitational name for someone from Angerhof in Bavaria.
ANGOTT     Italian (Anglicized)
The origin of this surname is unknown but is most likely an anglicized version of the Italian surname 'Angotti'.... [more]
ANGRISANI     Italian
From Angrisano, a habitational name for someone from Angri in Salerno province.
ÅNGSTRÖM     Swedish
Swedish surname meaning "steam river" from the elements ånga, meaning "steam" and ström, meaning "stream, current, river".
ANGUIANO     Spanish (Latinized, Modern)
Anguiano is a small town in the province of La Rioja, Spain.
ANGUINO     American, Spanish (Mexican)
Mexican-American last name
ANIĆ     Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Ana" in Serbo-Croatian.
ANISTON     English
"Town of Agnes, Agnes town"... [more]
ANJUM     Indian (Muslim), Bengali (Muslim), Urdu
From Arabic نَجْم (najm) meaning "celestial body, star, planet".
ANN     English
Habitational name from Abbots Ann in Hampshire, named for the stream that runs through it, which is most probably named with an ancient Welsh word meaning ‘water’.
ANNA     English, Irish, Italian, Hungarian
Probably derived from the female first name ANNA.
ANNE     Indian
Indian (Andhra Pradesh); pronounced as two syllables: Hindu name of unknown meaning.
ANNO     Japanese
Means "of hermitage" in Japanese. A famous bearer is famous Japanese illustrator and children's educational book author Mitsumasa Anno (1926-present).
ANNUS     Estonian
Annus is an Estonian surname meaning "dose".
Anotidaishe means "the Lord loves us".
ANOUILH     French
From Catalan anull, meaning "slow worm". It is originally a nickname given to a spineless and slow person. The French author Jean Anouilh is a famous bearer of this surname.
ANSARI     Arabic
Derived from Arabic الأنصار al-Anṣār, meaning "The Helpers", an Islamic term for the local inhabitants of Medina who took the Islamic Prophet Muhammad and his followers (the Muhajirun) into their homes when they emigrated from Mecca (hijra).
ANSCHÜTZ     German
Occupational name for someone whose job was to keep a dam or pool filled with water. (Anschützen "to fill up")
ANSELMO     Italian, Spanish
Comes from the personal name Anselmo, which is of Germanic origin (see Anselm). This was a distinctively Langobardic name, and was especially common in Lombardy in the Middle Ages.
ÀNSRUTHAIR     Scottish Gaelic
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous town.
ANSTEY     English
Means "person from Anstey or Ansty", the name of numerous places in England (either "single track" or "steep track"). F. Anstey was the pen-name of British barrister and author Thomas Anstey Guthrie (1856-1934).
ANTHONY     English
From the personal name ANTHONY.
ANTILLA     Finnish, Finnish (Anglicized), English (American)
Variant and/or Anglicized form of Anttila
ANTILLÓN     Aragonese
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous municipality.
ANTKOWIAK     Polish
This Polish surname is patronymic from a pet form Antoni.... [more]
combination of ANTONIO and GIORGIO
combination of ANTONIO and GIOVANNI
Patronymic from the personal name Antoni.
ANTONIUS     Ancient Celtic
It means invaluable. In the Gaelic languaje is amhrisiadwy.
ANTONSSON     Swedish
Means "son of ANTON".
ANTTILA     Finnish
Derived from the given name Antti
ANTUNES     Ancient Celtic (Latinized, Archaic)
It comes from the Greek anthos whose meaning is flower. Alludes to St. Anthony of Padua. It's a surname of the Christian inspiration. Variants and derivatives: Antonius, Antonios, Antunes, Antuñez, Antuña, Antuño, Toni, Tony, Tonino, Tonini, Tonio, Toño, Toñín.
ANTUNIEZ     Spanish, Galician, Asturian
Meaning "son of Antonius." It is a last name that appears in northern Spain.
ANTUNOVIĆ     Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Antun".
ANTUNYES     Medieval Portuguese (Latinized, Modern)
Meaning Son of Anthony or Anton. There is a very old form of the latin which is Antonios or Antonius.
ANTURY     Greek, Hebrew
Haifa, Israel.... [more]
ANWARI     Persian, Afghani
Variant of Anwar.
ANWARZAI     Pashto
Means "son of Anwar" in Pashto, from the given name Anwar combined with Pashto زوی (zoy) meaning "son (of)".
ANZAI     Japanese
From Japanese 安 (an) meaning "calm, peaceful" combined with 西 (sai) meaning "west", 斎 (sai) meaning "worship, religious meals", or 済 (sai) meaning "settle, finish".
ANZOROV     Chechen
Means "son of Anzor".
AO     Chinese (?)
Chinese from the name of Da Ao, a teacher of the legendary emperor Zhuan Xu (26th century bc).
AOBA     Japanese
Ao means "Green,blue" and Ba means "Leaf". This surname refers to a fresh leaf. Aoba is also a Japanese first name on top of that. A notable bearer is Yukihiro Aoba, who is a professional football player... [more]
AOI     Japanese
From Japanese 葵 "hollyhock, althea" or 碧 "blue". This name is a given name as well as a surname.
AOIKE     Japanese
Ao means "Blue,Green", in this case "Blue", and Ike "Pond,Pool".
AOKI     Japanese
Means "green tree" in Japanese. From the Japanese words 青 (green) and 木 (tree).... [more]
AOMINE     Japanese
Written 青嶺 (青 ao, meaning "blue") (嶺 mine, meaning "peak"). It is the surname of a character in the anime/manga Kuroko no Basket.
AONUMA     Japanese
From Japanese 青 (ao) meaning "blue" and 沼 (numa) meaning "swamp".
AOTA     Japanese
Ao (青) means 'Blue, and Ta (田) means 'paddy, field'.
AOYAMA     Japanese
Means "blue mountain" or "green mountain" in Japanese. From the Japanese words 青 (blue, green) and 山 (mountain).
AOZAKI     Japanese (Rare)
Ao means "blue,somewhat green" & zaki means "blossom". So, Nobutaka "Blue Blossom",is an artist who was born in Japan,but now lives in New York as an artist who has been featured in magazines.
AOZORA     Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 青 (ao) meaning "blue" and 空 (sora) meaning "sky".
APAYDIN     Turkish
Means "very bright".
APELQVIST     Swedish
Variant of Appelkvist.
APELTIA     English (Rare)
Comes from the word "appellation" referring to the Appellation Mountains.
APICELLA     Italian
Southern Italian: from a diminutive of apa ‘bee’, probably applied as a nickname for an industrious person, or possibly as a metonymic occupational name for a beekeeper.
APOLLO     Italian, Spanish
From the Greek personal name Apollo. There are several saints Apollo in the Christian Church, including an Egyptian hermit and monastic leader who died in 395 ad. The personal name derives from the name in classical mythology of the sun god, Apollo, an ancient Indo-European name, found for example in Hittite as Apulana "god of the gate" (from pula "gate", cognate with Greek pylē), therefore "protector, patron".
APOLLONI     Italian
From the given name Apollonia, which is the Latin feminine form of Apollonios, which in turn was derived from the name of the Greek god Apollo.
APONTE     Spanish
A misdivision of Daponte. It originates from Majorca, Spain.
APPEL     German, Dutch, Jewish, Low German, Medieval Dutch, Yiddish
1. German: from the personal name Appel, a pet form of Apprecht (common especially in Thuringia and Franconia), itself a variant of Albrecht. ... [more]
APPELKVIST     Swedish
Combination of Swedish apel or äpple both meaning "apple" and kvist "branch, twig".
APPELMAN     Dutch
Occupational name from Middle Dutch apelmanger "apple seller".
APPELQUIST     Swedish
Variant of Appelkvist.
APPLE     English
From Middle English appel meaning "apple" (Old English æppel). An occupational name for a grower or seller of apples.
APPLEBEE     English
Variant spelling of Appleby.
APPLEGARTH     English, Scottish
Topographic name from northern Middle English applegarth meaning "apple orchard" (Old Norse apaldr meaning "apple tree" + gar{dh}r meaning "enclosure"), or a habitational name from a place so named, of which there are examples in Cumbria and North and East Yorkshire, as well as in the county of Dumfries.
APPLEGATE     English
Extremely common variant of Applegarth, in which the less familiar final element has been assimilated to the northern Middle English word gate meaning "road" or to modern English gate.
APPLER     German
Variant of Eppler.
APPLEWHITE     English
Habitational name from a place named Applethwaite, from Old Norse apaldr ‘apple tree’ and þveit ‘meadow’. There are two or three such places in Cumbria; Applethwaite is also recorded as a surname from the 13th century in Suffolk, England, pointing to a possible lost place name there... [more]
APSĪTIS     Latvian
Derived from the word apse meaning "asp".
APT     German, Yiddish
German: variant of Abt.... [more]
AQUILA     Italian
Habitational name from L'Aquila in Abruzzo or from any of various smaller places called Aquila.
AR     ?
ARA     Japanese
From the Japanese 荒 (ara) "primitive," "rude," "crude."
ARÀBIA     Italian, Spanish
Ethnic name for someone from Arabia or some other Arabic-speaking country or a nickname for someone who had visited or traded with one of these countries.
ARABIA     English (American)
Americanized form of French Arabie.
ARABIAN     Armenian
Patronymic from the ethnic term arab ‘Arab’.
ARABIE     French
Ethnic name denoting someone from Arabia or an Arabic-speaking person.
ARADHYA     Indian, Sanskrit
Means "one who worships god". Commonly seen in India, Karnataka and other parts of India like kashi. They wear holy thread (yagnopaveetha).
ARAFA     Arabic (Egyptian)
Possibly from Arabic عَرَفَ (ʿarafa) meaning “to know”.
ARAGAKI     Japanese
This is the same as Arakaki.
ARAGON     Spanish, Catalan, French
A surname and an autonomous community of Spain.
ARAI     Japanese
From Japanese 新 (ara) meaning "new" or 荒 (ara) meaning "rough, wild" combined with 井 (i) meaning "well".
ARĀJS     Latvian
Means "the ploughman".
ARAKAKI     Japanese
It means "Wild Enclosure" Ara (Wild) + Kaki (Enclosure), ... [more]
ARAKAWA     Japanese
Ara means "Wild" while Kawa means "River". There are multiple rivers in Japan with this name,but one river leads to Tokyo Bay. This is where the name comes from (so it's topographic),and it's mostly used in the east of this country.
ARAKELYAN     Armenian
Means "son of Arakel".
ARAKI     Japanese (Rare)
Ara means "Wild" or "New" in surnames while Ki means "Tree",but the "Wild Tree" kanji/definition is more common. This name was listed in the Shinsen shojiroku.
ARAMBURÚ     Basque
Famous bearers of this surname is Fernando Aramburu, a Spanish writer and Pedro Eugenio Aramburu, he was an Argentine Army general.
ARANAMI     Japanese
Ara (荒) means rough, wild. Nami (波) means wave(s).
ARANBURU     Basque
Proper, non-Castilianized form of Aramburú, literally meaning the peak of a valley.
ARANCIBIA     Basque (Castilianized)
Castilianized form of Arantzibia.
ARANDS     English, Spanish
Anglicized version of a name given to residents of Aranda de Duero, a small town in the north of Spain.
ARANGIZ     Basque
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of Gasteiz.
ARÁNGUIZ     Basque (Castilianized)
Castilianized form of Arangiz.
It literally means "ford of buckthorns".
ARAQUISTAIN     Basque, Spanish
''Place of the ferns'' in Basque. It first appeared when a family arrived for the first time to a part of the Pyrenees where they where a lot of ferns. Then, that family, changed their last name to ''Araquistain'' which means ''place of the ferns'' in basque.
ARASHI     Japanese
This surname is used as 嵐 (ran, arashi) meaning "storm, tempest."... [more]
ARASHIRO     Japanese (Rare)
A Japanese surname. A bearer of this surname is Yukiya Arashiro (Born 1984-) He is a Japanese cyclist.
ARATA     Japanese (Rare)
Arata is a rare masculine given name and surname. Ara: "Wild" or "New" and Ta: "Rice Patty". The general reading is from the Ryukyu Islands ,but in Proper Japanese it is pronounced "Shinden" or "Nitta" often.
ARATANI     Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 荒 (ara) meaning "rough, wild" combined with 谷 (tani) meaning "valley".
ARAVENA     Corsican
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the commune of Fuzzà.
ARAYA     Japanese (Rare)
"Wild{ara}" or "New{ara}" and "Ya{valley}". It is pronounced this way in Eastern Japan,in the west it's "Aratani".
ARBEITER     German
Occupational name from Middle High German arbeiter ‘laborer’.
ARBORNE     English (British)
A surname found in England as well as in America. This surname has been attached to Americans of English ancestry.
ARBOUR     French (Quebec)
Variant of Harbour or possibly a variant of Harbaud or Herbert.
ARCANGELI     Italian
Meaning "archangel" in Italian.
Descendent of Builders.
ARCENIEGA     Basque (Castilianized)
Castilianized form of Artziniega.
ARCHAKI     Polish, Ukrainian
Possibly means "lord" or "ruler" from Greek derivative archos.
The name Archambeau is derived from the Latin personal name 'Arcambaldus'. In turn the name 'Arcambaldus', is derived from the Germanic word 'Ercan', which means precious in Germanic, and 'bald', meaning bold and daring.... [more]
ARCHIBALD     English
From the personal name ARCHIBALD.
ARCHULETA     Spanish, English
Castilianized form of Basque Aretxuloeta, a topographic name meaning "oak hollow".
ARD     Scottish
Habitational name from any of several places called Aird, including one near Hurlford in Ayrshire, another near Stranraer in Galloway, and the Aird, the higher part of the Vale of Beauly, near Inverness... [more]
ARDEHI     Persian, Ancient Persian, Persian Mythology
House Ardehis of Zagors or Ardahvans (Persian: اردهیان) were one of the Persian Sassanid royal families, who occupied the Mounts of Zagros before the Islamic conquest of Persia in 650 CE. Ardahvans in Shahnameh and Persian mythology are mentioned to be the first settlers of Zagros mountains, and the constructors of Forts Of Zagros... [more]
ARDEN     English
From various English place names, which were derived from a Celtic word meaning "high".... [more]
ARDIES     Irish
Irish Isle Of Ards
ARDIS     Scottish
Reduced form of Allardice.
ARDZINBA     Abkhaz
Means "son of silver" from Abkhaz араʒны (ārāʒnə) "silver" and аҧа (āpā) "son".
ARECHEDERRA     Basque (Castilianized)
Castilianized form of Aretxederra.
ARELLANO     Basque, Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous Navarrese municipality.
ARENCIBIA     Spanish
Castilianized combination of the basque words of aranz meaning "thorn"; "hawthorn" + ibi meaning "ford" + a (basque article suffix); meaning someone living by a thorny ford. A "ford" is a body of water shallow enough to walk through; In this context topographically referring to a some places in Spain
AREND     American
From the given name AREND.
ARENDALE     English
Variant of Arundel.
ARENSBERG     German
From Old High German arn 'eagle' and berg, 'mountain'.
Proper, non-Castilianized form of Arechavaleta.
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the municipality of Gordexola.
ARFAOUI     Arabic (Maghrebi)
Possibly from Arabic عَرَفَ (ʿarafa) meaning "to know" or أَرْفَع (ʾarfaʿ) meaning "high, lofty, elevated" (chiefly Tunisian).
ARFORD     German
Derived from town of Erfurt, Germany
ARGANDA     Spanish (Latin American), Spanish
town in spain / arganda del rey
ARGANDOÑA     Basque
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the municipality of Gasteiz.
ARGENTI     Italian
Patronymic or plural form of Argento.
ARGENTO     Italian
From argento "silver", perhaps sometimes applied as a nickname for someone with silvery gray hair, but more often a metonymic occupational name for a silversmith.
ARGINDEGI     Basque
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the municipality of Legazpi.
ARGUINDEGUI     Basque (Castilianized)
Castilianized form of Argindegi.
ARGYLE     Scottish
Means "person from Argyll", a region of south-western Scotland ("coastland of the Gaels").
ARIEL     Hebrew
From the given name Ariel.
ARIF     Urdu, Bengali, Indian (Muslim), Malay, Arabic
From the given name Arif.
ARIFOVIĆ     Bosnian
Means "son of Arif".
ARIGE     Telugu
This name is famous surname in telugu states of South India.
ARIMA     Japanese (Rare)
This is a surname and first name that means "Owns A Horse". In the west and in the Ryukyu Islands is where this name is mostly possessed. This is taken from the Aroma hot spring near the city of Kobe.
ARISAWA     Japanese
Ari means "Exist" and Sawa means "Swamp, Marsh". Mamizu Arisawa is a light novel author, it is likely that this isn't her real last name though, since Mamizu isn't her first name.
ARISEN     English (Modern)
From a Dutch surname that means "son of Aris". In The Netherlands, this name is never used as a first name, since Dutch law strictly prohibits the use of surnames as first names. Therefore, if this name is indeed sometimes used as a first name in the United States (where it *is* allowed to use surnames as first names), one should classify Arisen as an (American-)English first name.
ARISTAVA     Abkhaz
Mingrelian form of the Abkhaz name Арстаа (Arstaa) ultimately derived from the Ancient Greek personal name Aristarchus.
ARISTIDE     Haitian Creole, French (African)
From the given name Aristide. A notable bearer is Jean-Bertrand Aristide (1953-), the 37th and 39th President of Haiti.
ARITA     Japanese (Rare)
Ari means "Has" or "Owns" and Ta means "Rice Patty". This is most is most common in west-central Japan.
ARITI     Greek
Friendly, Approachable, Generous
ARITZALA     Basque
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous Navarrese municipality.
ARIYOSHI     Japanese
Ari means "Exist" and Yoshi means "Fortunate". This surname means "Fortune Exists".
ARIZA     Catalan
Castilianized form of Basque Aritza, a topographic name from Basque (h)aritz ‘oak’ + the article suffix -a.
ARIZA     Spanish
Spanish: habitational name from a place so named in Zaragoza province in Aragón.
ARIZALA     Basque (Castilianized)
Castilianized form of Aritzala.
ARJONA     Spanish
Habitational name from Arjona in Jaén province.
ARJWANA     Eastern African
Eastern African
ARKADIYEV     Russian
Variant transcription of ARKADYEV.
ARKADYEV     Russian
Means "son of ARKADIY".
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