Submitted Surnames Starting with D

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Dantschler Jewish Legend
Swiss Austrian Jewish name for acrobats, dancers, and minstrels
Dantzscher Jewish
Swiss Austrian Jewish origin ... [more]
Danuser Romansh
Derived from the place name Danusa, an old hill-top settlement on the Calanda mountain... [more]
Danvers Irish, English
For someone from Anvers, which is the French name of a port called Antwerp, located in what is now Belgium.
Danyal Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Bengali, Turkish
From the given name Danyal.
Danz German
Derived from a given name, a short form of the name Tandulf, the origins of which are uncertain. (In some cases, however, this surname may have originated as a nickname denoting a person who liked to dance, from the Middle High German word tanz, danz "dance".)
Danza Italian
The shortened stage-surname, from Iadanza, of American actor Tony Danza.... [more]
Dänzer German
Occupational name for a professional acrobat or entertainer; variant of Tanzer.
Danzig German
Denoted a person who was from the city of Gdańsk, Poland (called Danzig in German).
Đào Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Tao, from Sino-Vietnamese 陶 (đào).
Dao Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Đào.
Daou Arabic
Daoud Arabic
From the given name Dawud.
Daoudi Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Dawud (chiefly Algerian and Moroccan).
D'aoust French
D'Aoust, denotes someone from Aoust(e) in France. Aouste is situated in the Ardennes department (Champagne-Ardenne region) in the north-east of France at 29 km from Charleville-Mézières, the department capital... [more]
Da Paz Portuguese (Brazilian)
Means "of Peace" in Portuguese.
Da Ponte Italian, Portuguese, Galician
A topographic name, which means "from the bridge".
Da Pra Italian
A topographic name for someone from a meadow, from the northern variant of "prato" (meadow).
Dar Kashmiri, Pakistani, Indian
Variant of Dhar used by Kashmiris in Pakistan.
Dara Khmer
It means star.
Darabont Hungarian, Romanian
Occupational name meaning "guardsman" in Hungarian, ultimately derived from French brabançon. The American movie director Frank Darabont (1959-) is a famous bearer of this name.
Daramad Persian
Daramad is a surname Iranian... [more]
Darázs Hungarian
Means "wasp".
Darchinyan Armenian
Derived from the word դարչին (darchin) meaning "cinnamon" in Armenian.
Darchynian Armenian (Ukrainianized), Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of the Armenian surname Darchinyan.
D'arcy English, French, Norman
Originally a Norman French surname, meaning "from Arcy"... [more]
Darden English
A habitation name in Northumberland of uncertain origin.
Dare English
This interesting surname has two possible derivations. Firstly, it may derive from the Olde English pre-7th Century personal name "Deora", Middle English "Dere", which is in part a short form of various compound names with the first element "deor", dear, and in part a byname meaning "Beloved"... [more]
Darego Nigerian (Rare)
Meaning unknown.
D'aries Italian
Comes from Italian word "aria" (plural arie) meaning "air"; also a form of opera
Dark English
Nickname for someone with dark hair or a dark complexion, from Middle English darke, Old English deorc "dark". In England, the surname is most frequent in the West Country.
Darley English
Means "person from Darley", Derbyshire ("glade frequented by deer").
Darling Literature, English, Scottish
English and Scottish: from Middle English derling, Old English deorling ‘darling’, ‘beloved one’, a derivative of deor ‘dear’, ‘beloved’ (see Dear)... [more]
Darlington English
From Old English Dearthington believed to be the settlement of Deornoth's people (unclear root + ing a family group + ton an enclosed farm or homestead).
Darmadasa Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala ධර්මදාස (see Dharmadasa).
Darmapala Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala ධර්මපාල (see Dharmapala).
Darmapriya Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala ධර්මප්‍රිය (see Dharmapriya).
Darmasena Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala ධර්මසේන (see Dharmasena).
Darmasiri Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala ධර්මසිරි (see Dharmasiri).
Darms Romansh
Derived from the preposition de "of" and the surname Arms.
Da Rocha Portuguese, Galician
A common topographic name which means ‘from the rock' (rocha).
Da Rosa Portuguese
Literally means "of the rose" in Portuguese. It is generally a component of personal names; among women, it is a Marian name; among men, it is of uncertain application.
Darouich Arabic (Maghrebi)
Maghrebi transcription of Darvish (chiefly Moroccan).
Darragh Irish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Dhubhdarach, a personal name meaning "black one of the oak tree".
Darrah Irish
Variant of Darragh.
Darski Polish
Last name of Adam "Nergal" Darski of the blackened death metal band Behemoth.
D'artagnan French, Literature
Surname given to a person from Artagnan, France. It is also used by Charles de Batz-Castelmore d'Artagnan, the captain of the Musketeers from the novel, "The Three Musketeers".
Darter English (American)
variant of Daughter
Darton English
Derived from the location name of Darton, a village on the River Dearne near Barnsley in South Yorkshire, UK.
Da Rúa Galician
This indicates familial origin within the municipality of A Rúa.
Daruwala Indian (Parsi)
Means "wine maker" or "wine seller" from Hindi दारू (dārū) meaning "liquor, wine, alcohol" and the suffix -वाला (-vālā) denoting an occupation.
Daruwalla Indian (Parsi)
Alternate transcription of Daruwala.
Darvish Persian
From a title denoting a Sufi ascetic, derived from the Persian word درویش (darviš) meaning "poor, needy".
Darwich Arabic
Variant transcription of Darwish.
Darwiche Arabic
Lebanese spelling of Darwish.
Darwish Arabic
Arabic form of Darvish.
Dārziņš Latvian
Derived from the word dārzs meaning "garden".
Dasalan Filipino, Tagalog
Means "place of prayer" from Tagalog dasal "prayer".
Dasari Indian, Telugu
Means "mendicant, servant (of Vishnu)" in Telugu, ultimately from Sanskrit दास (dasa) meaning "servant, slave".
Dascălu Romanian
Drtived from Romanian dascăl "teacher".
Daschke German (East Prussian), German (Rare)
Derived from a diminutive form of various Slavic names beginning with the element Da-, such as Dalimir or Dalibor.
Dasey English
Variant of Dacey.
Dasgupta Bengali
Combination of Das and Gupta.
Dashiev Buryat
Derived from Tibetan བཀྲ་ཤིས (bkra shis) meaning "good fortune, good luck".
Dasig Filipino, Cebuano
Means "fast, quick" or "vivacious" in Cebuano.
Daskalakis Greek
Comes from the Greek root word of "Daskalalos" (Δάσκαλος) that means "teacher", with the adittion of the ending "akis" (ακης) that usually shows a connection with the island of Crete
Dass Indian, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Das.
Dassanaike Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala දසනායක (see Dassanayake).
Dassanayaka Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala දසනායක (see Dassanayake).
Data Polish
Derived from German dato "date" or "day".
Date Japanese
From Japanese 伊 (da) meaning "this" and 達 (te) meaning "achieve, arrive at, intelligent".
Datsyuk Ukrainian, Russian
Believed to mean “to give or provide with a service.” The prefix -uk is a diminutive.
Datta Indian, Bengali, Odia
Derived from Sanskrit दत्त (datta) meaning "given, granted".
Datu Filipino, Tagalog
Means "chief" in Tagalog.
Datuimam Filipino, Maranao
From Maranao datoʼ meaning "chieftain, leader" combined with Arabic إِمَام (ʾimām) meaning "leader". It is used as a title for religious leaders.
Datumanong Filipino, Maranao
From Datomanong, the name of a character in the Maranao epic Darangen. The name itself means "two-headed lizard" in Maranao.
Datumolok Filipino, Maranao
From Maranao datoʼ meaning "chieftain, leader" and molok meaning "own, possess", used as a title of nobility.
Dauda Hausa
From the given name Dauda.
Daudet French
Not available.
Daugaard Danish
Danish name element gård "farmstead, yard" combined with prefix dau of unknown origin. ... [more]
Daughtry English, Norman
English (of Norman origin) habitational name, with fused French preposition d(e), for someone from Hauterive in Orne, France, named from Old French haute rive ‘high bank’ (Latin alta ripa).
Dauletov Kazakh
Means "son of Daulet".
Daum German, Jewish
Nickname for a short person, from Middle High German doum "tap", "plug", or dume, German Daumen "thumb".
Dauphin French, Haitian Creole
From the given name Dauphin a medieval form of Delphinus.
Dauphiné French
habitational name from the Dauphiné region of southeastern France.
D'aurevalle French (Archaic)
This medieval surname literally means "from Aurevalle". Aurevalle can refer to any of the three French communes that are nowadays known by the more modern spelling Orival. All of them ultimately derive their name from Latin aurea vallis meaning "golden vale" or "golden valley".
D'auréville French
Variant spelling of D'aureville.
D'aureville French
This surname literally means "from Aureville". Aureville is a commune in southwestern France, which was established in late medieval times. It derives its name from Latin aurea villa or villa aurea which literally means "golden country-house, golden farm" but of course later came to mean "golden village".
D'aurevilly French
Variant form of D'aureville. A known bearer of this name was the French novelist Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly (1808-1889).
Daus German
From Middle Low German dūs denoting the "two on a die or , the ace in cards" hence a nickname for a passionate card or dice player.
Dauterive French
Originally denoted a person hailing from any of the various places in France called Hauterive. This surname is no longer found in France. A famous fictional bearer is the character Bill Dauterive from the American animated series King of the Hill, starting 1997.
Davari Persian
Derived from Persian داور (davar) meaning "judge, arbiter".
Davaz Romansh
Derived from Romansh da "of; from" and Vaz.
Dave Indian, Gujarati
Gujarati form of Dwivedi.
Davenport English
Habitational name from a place in Cheshire named Davenport, from the Dane river (apparently named with a Celtic cognate of Middle Welsh dafnu "to drop, to trickle") and Old English port "market town".
Daves English
Variant of Davis.
Davet French
Possibly derived from the given gave David.
Davey English, Welsh
Derived from the given name David. Alternately, it may be a variant spelling of Welsh Davies or Davis, which could be patronymic forms of David, or corrupted forms of Dyfed, an older Welsh surname and the name of a county in Wales.
Davide Italian
From the given name Davide.
Davidian Armenian, Jewish
Alternate transcription of Davtyan.
Davidov Russian
Means "son of David".
Davidova Russian
Feminine form of Davidov.
Davidovski Macedonian
Means "son of David".
Davidsson Swedish
Means "son of David".
Davidzon Russian
Davidzon means son of David.
D'avigdor Jewish
Means "son of Avigdor" (a Jewish personal name, from Hebrew avi-Gedor "father of Gedor").
Da Vila Portuguese, Galician
A topographic name for someone from a village (vila).
Davila Spanish
Habitational name for someone from Ávila.
Da Vinci Italian
Means, "son of Vinci". A famous bearer was Italian inventor and artist Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519).
Davine Irish
Variant of Devin 1.
Davitadze Georgian
Means "son of Davit".
Davitashvili Georgian
Means "son of Davit".
Davitian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Armenian Դավթյան (see Davtyan)
Davoodi Persian
From the given name Davood.
Davoran Irish
Anglicized form of Ó Dabhoireann
Davoudi Persian
From the given name Davoud.
Davranov Uzbek, Kyrgyz
Means "son of Davran".
Davronov Uzbek, Tajik
Means "son of Davron".
Davtian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Armenian Դավթյան (see Davtyan)
Davud Persian, Azerbaijani, Bosnian
From the given name Davud.
Davudov m Azerbaijani
Means "son of Davud".
Davudova f Azerbaijani
Feminine form of Davudov.
Davutoğlu Turkish
Means "son of Davut".
Davydenko Ukrainian
From the given name Davyd + the suffix enko.
Davydov Russian
Means "son of David".
Daw English, Scottish
English and Scottish from a pet form of David. ... [more]
Daw Irish (Anglicized)
Irish anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Deaghaidh, ‘descendant of Deaghadh’, a personal name of uncertain origin... [more]
Daw Burmese
This surname is derived from an occupation. 'the deye' or 'day,' a maid, a dairy-maid, whence 'dairy'
Dawes Irish
The surname Dawes means ‘Irish Guard’
Dawiczyk Polish (?)
Last name of father,polish.
Dawid Polish
From the given name Dawid.
Dawidowicz Polish
Means "son of Dawid".
Dawit Ge'ez, Amharic
From the given name Dawit.
Dawkin English
From the given name Dawkin
Dawkins English, Popular Culture
English patronymic from a pet form of Daw. ... [more]
Dawkins English, Welsh
A derivitive of the Hebrew name David which translates to “beloved”. (see Daw)
Dawlatzai Pashto
Means "son of Dawlat" in Pashto.
Dawley English, French, Irish
"From the hedged glade" Originally, D'Awley (probably from D'Awleigh).... [more]
Dawood Arabic, Urdu
From the given name Dawud.
Dawoud Arabic
From the given name Dawud.
Daws English
"Son of David"
Dawud Arabic, Urdu
From the given name Dawud.
Dax English
Either derived from the town of Dax in France or from the Old English given name Dæcca (of unknown meaning).
Dayal Indian, Hindi, Punjabi
From Sanskrit दयालु (dayālu) meaning "kind, compassionate, merciful".
Dayan Hebrew
Means "judge" in Hebrew.
Dayanghirang Filipino, Tagalog
Means "chosen lady", derived from Tagalog dayang meaning "lady, princess, girl" and hirang "choice, selection".
Dayarathna Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala දයාරත්න (see Dayaratne).
Dayarathne Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala දයාරත්න (see Dayaratne).
Dayaratna Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala දයාරත්න (see Dayaratne).
Dayaratne Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit दया (daya) meaning "compassion, pity" and रत्न (ratna) meaning "jewel, treasure".
Dayasena Sinhalese
Derived from Sinhala दया (daya) meaning "compassion, pity" and सेना (sena) meaning "army".
Dayasiri Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit दया (daya) meaning "compassion, pity" and श्री (shri) meaning "diffusing light, radiance, splendour, beauty".
Dayawansa Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit दया (daya) meaning "compassion, pity" and वंश (vansa) meaning "lineage, clan, family".
Dayawansha Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala දයාවංශ (see Dayawansa).
Daye Irish, Scottish
Comes from Irish Ó Déa (m) or Ní Dhéa (f) ... [more]
Daye English
Variant of Day.
Dayley English
English surname of Norman origin derived from the Norman preposition de for someone from any of numerous places in Northern France called Ouilly.
Dayne English
Variant of Dane.
Dayrit Filipino, Pampangan
Meaning uncertain.
Days Welsh
Patronymic from the personal name Dai, a pet form of Dafydd, with the redundant addition of the English patronymic suffix -s.
Daza Spanish
Derived from the Basque word "dazio", meaning "tax". It is a surname that is typically associated with the region of Navarre in Spain.
Dazai Japanese
太宰 is translated as (plump; thick; big around | superintend; manager; rule) it could be roughly translated as meaning "a plump superintend"... [more]
D’bailleu Picard
This indicates familial origin within the commune of Bailleu.
D'coolette French
Not known. A Character from Sonic The Hedgehog, Has This name.
D'Costa Indian (Christian)
Variant of Costa more common among Christians from India.
D'Cunha Indian (Christian)
Variant of Cunha more commonly used by Indian Christians.
De Chinese
From the Chinese element de, meaning "ethics, moral, virtue".
De Indian, Bengali
Alternate transcription of Dey.
Dea Irish
Irish: reduced form of O'Dea.
De Abrew Sinhalese
Sinhala form of De Abreu.
De Acutis Medieval Italian
acute, sharp, keen
Deady Irish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Déadaigh ‘descendant of Déadach’, a personal name apparently meaning ‘toothy’.
Dealava Spanish
Uruguay name
Deale English
Originated in Kent
De Alwis Sinhalese
Sinhalese form of Alves.
Deane English
Variant of Dean 1 or Dean 2.
Dear English (Anglicized, Rare)
Possibly from a nickname meaning "dear".
Dearborn English
The surname Dearborn was first found in Surrey where the family trace their lineage back to Abernon listed in the Domesday Book having sprung from the fief of that name in Normandy. ... [more]
Dearden English
Meant "person from Dearden", Lancashire ("valley frequented by wild animals"). It was borne by British film director Basil Dearden (original name Basil Dear; 1911-1971).
Dearth English
From a medieval nickname apparently based on Middle English derth "famine".
Deary English
Nickname for a noisy or troublesome person, from Anglo-French de(s)rei ‘noise’, ‘trouble’, ‘turbulence’ (from Old French desroi). topographic for someone who lived by a deer enclosure, from Old English deor ‘deer’ + (ge)hæg ‘enclosure’.
Deas Scottish
From Old French dez meaning “dice.”... [more]
De Asis Spanish (Philippines)
Means "of Assisi" in Spanish.
De Assis Portuguese
Referred to a person who was originally from the town of Assisi (called Assis in Portuguese) in Umbria, Italy. This surname is borne by several Brazilian soccer players, including Ronaldinho (1980-; birth name Ronaldo de Assis Moreira) and João Alves de Assis Silva (1987-), who is usually called simply Jô... [more]
De Ath English
Probably a deliberate respelling of Death (i), intended to distance the name from its original signification.
Deathridge English
Name given to someone who lived near a cemetery on a ridge.
Deaton English
Means "farmstead surrounded by a ditch", from the Old English dic + tun.
Deb Indian, Bengali, Assamese
East Indian form of Dev.
De Bailleul Picard
Parisianized form of D’bailleu.
Debain Spanish
Spanish surname.
Debarros Portuguese
Portuguese: habitational name for someone ‘from (de) Barros’, of which there are numerous examples, all named from the plural of barro ‘clay’.
Debbarma Indian, Tripuri
Combination of Dev and Varma.
Debbie English
It comes from Dibden meaning "deep valley".
Debby English
"Deep valley" from Old English Dipden.
De Beer Afrikaans
De Beer is a Dutch and Afrikaans surname, meaning "the bear"
De Belen Spanish (Philippines)
Means "of Bethlehem" in Spanish.
Debelen Spanish
Likely from the Spanish word Belén, which refers to the nativity scene.
De Bellis Italian (Rare)
De Bellis (De+Abl. Lat.)... [more]