Submitted Surnames Starting with D

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Deberry French
Habitational name for someone from Berry-au-Bac in Aisne, France.
DeBevoise French
Denoted someone from Beauvais, a city and commune in the Hauts-de-France region in northern France.
Deble English
This surname is of French derivation and was introduced to Britain by the Normans. It has two possible derivations, the first from the Roman (Latin) 'debil-is', which means literally "poorly" or "weak", and may have been a metonymic for a doctor or healer, whilst the second possible origin is a nickname derivation from the old French 'Theodore' to Tibald and Tibble or Dibble, Deble.
Deblois French
French surname meaning "From Blois", a town in Mid-Western France. The origins of the surname started back in the 1600s when a man named Grégoire Guérard traveled to Flanders (Now Belgium) and immigrated to New France (Now Canada) in 1658... [more]
Debnath Indian, Bengali, Assamese
Derived from Sanskrit देव (deva) meaning "god" and नाथ (natha) meaning "master, lord".
De Bois Arthurian Cycle
Possible form of the French surname Dubois. This is the last name of Prince Arthur's mother Ygraine de Bois in the series Merlin.
De Bono Italian
Derives from the Latin word bonus, meaning "good".
De Bonte Dutch
Bont is a word to describe something with many colours, originally used for spotted cows. So the name means: The one with many colours. Figuratively speaking this would mean: The one who acts crazy.
DeBrincat Maltese
Patronymic "Of Brincat," from the first name Pancratius, meaning "the one who holds everything."
De Brún Irish, French
Derived from Brun, meaning brown in French
De Bruyn Afrikaans
"Bruyn" is an archaic spelling of "bruin", meaning "brown"
De Bruyne Dutch, French, Flemish
Derived from Middle Dutch bruun meaning "brown", referring to hair colour or complexion. A famous bearer is Belgian soccer player Kevin De Bruyne (1991-).
Debs French
From the given name Debus, a variant of Thebs or Thebus, which was an altered short form of Mattheus. This was borne by American union leader Eugene V. Debs (1855-1926).
Debsharma Indian, Bengali
Combination of Deb and Sharma.
Debussy French
This surname dates back to the Middle Ages. Unknown meaning.
Decarisch Romansh
Derived from the preposition de "of" and the surname Carisch.
De Carlo Italian
From the prefix De and the first name Carlo.
Decasper Romansh
Derived from the preposition de "of" and the given name Casper.
De Castro Portuguese, Spanish
Denoted someone who lived in a castle.
De Caters Dutch
Nickname for someone thought to resemble a tom cat, derived from Middle Dutch cater, kater literally meaning "tom cat".
Decatur Dutch
Variant spelling of De Caters. A notable bearer was Stephen Decatur (1779-1820), an American naval officer and commodore during the War of 1812, the Barbary Wars and the Quasi-War.
Decazes French
The surname Decazes was first found in Gascony (French: Gascogne), an area of southwest France bordering Spain, that was part of the "Province of Guyenne and Gascony" prior to the French Revolution, where the family held a family seat in ancient times.... [more]
Decena Spanish (Philippines)
From the Spanish word decena meaning "a set of ten".
De Champagne French
Meaning "Of Champagne" in French.
De Clare English, Anglo-Norman
From the town of Clare in Suffolk, which was the centre-point of lands given to Richard fitz Gilbert after the Norman Conquest of England in 1066... [more]
De Clermont French
Means "of the bright hill" from the French de meaning "of" and clair, cler 'bright', 'clear' + mont 'hill'
De Costa Portuguese (Brazilian), Sinhalese
Variant of Da Costa used in Brazil and Sri Lanka.
Decrusch Romansh
Derived from the preposition de "of" and the place name Crusch.
De Cunha Portuguese (Brazilian), Sinhalese
Variant of Cunha used in Brazil and Sri Lanka.
Decurtins Romansh
Derived from the preposition de "of" and Romansh curtin "garden".
De Curtis Italian
Originally denoting someone who was short, or came from a family of short people. A famous bearer of this surname is Italian actor Antonio "Totò" De Curtis (1898–1967).
Dedaj Albanian
Means "descendant of Dedë" in Albanian.
Dede Turkish
Means "grandfather" in Turkish.
Dedeaux French
Meaning uncertain. Probably a habitual surname for someone from Deaux in Gare.
De Deus Portuguese (Brazilian)
Means "of God" in Portuguese.
De Drumon Medieval Scottish
This name appears carved on the tomb of "Jonnes de Drumon". This is said to be the earliest known written example of the Scottish surname Drummond. We believe that de Drumon could have been costal French or Belgium... [more]
Dedual Romansh
Derived from the preposition de "of" and the surname Dual.
Dedushkin Russian
From Russian Дедушка (dedushka) meaning "grandfather".
Dee English, Scottish
From the name of any of various rivers in England and Scotland named Dee, itself derived from Celtic dewos meaning "god, deity".
Deegidan Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Ó Duibhgeadáin.
Deel Low German
Variant of Diehl.
Deen English
Variant of Dean 1 or Dean 2.
Deen Arabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of Arabic دين or Urdu دین (see Din).
Deerasingha Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala ධීරසිංහ (see Dheerasinghe).
Deerasinghe Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala ධීරසිංහ (see Dheerasinghe).
Deere Irish
Reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Duibhidhir (see Dwyer).
Deery Irish (Anglicized)
Irish Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Daighre ‘descendant of Daighre’, a byname meaning ‘fiery’.
Dees Irish
The surname Dees refers to the grandson of Deaghadh (good luck); dweller near the Dee River; one with a dark or swarthy complexion. Also considered of Welsh origin.
Deetz German (Americanized), German
Either an Americanized form of German Dietz or a North German surname which is ultimately derived from the same source (from an old personal name formed with Old High German diota "people, nation")... [more]
Defeo Italian
This surname is well known in popular culture as the surname of Ronald Defeo who murdered his family in the 1970s while they lived in Amittyville, NY. The surname may mean “Of Ugly”.
Defila Romansh
Derived from the preposition de "of" and the given name Fila.
Defilippo Italian
The Italian surname De Filippo is a patronymic name created from the first name of a male ancestor. As a first name, it is derived from the Latin "Philippus,". This name is composed of the element "philos" which means "friend," and "hippos," meaning "horse.
Deflorin Romansh
Derived from the preposition de "of" and the given name Florinus.
Defoor Dutch
Given to someone who lived near a castle or citadel
Deford French
Variant of Dufort meaning "son of the strong" from French de-, "of" and fort, "strong". Notable namesake is author Frank Deford.
De Forest French
Alternative spelling of Deforest.
Deforge French
This is a surname of French origins. Introduced into England after the famous Invasion and Conquest of 1066, it is residential, but also possibly occupational. It is a surname which in its different forms is widely recorded heraldically, and particularly in the French regions of Brittany and Normandy... [more]
Defraia Italian
From an archaic Sardinian term, possibly meaning "factory", or from an alteration of frai "brother". Alternately, may mean "from Fraia", a settlement in Italy.
Defrain French
Variant of Frain combined with the French de "from".... [more]
Degamo Filipino, Cebuano
From Cebuano digamu meaning "cook, prepare a meal".
De Gaulle French
Meaning uncertain, but it is thought to be of Dutch origin, possibly a French cognate of Van Der Walle, De Walle and/or De Waal... [more]
De Geer Dutch, Swedish
The name is possibly derived from the town of Geer near Liège, Belgium. The town lies along the course of the river Jeker, which is called Geer in French.
Degelos Jewish (Rare), French
Most probable origin - Jewish adapting French sounding names... [more]
Degen German, Swiss
Means "rapier, small sword, dagger" in German, an occupational name for someone who made rapiers. Alternately, it could be derived from a given name containing Old High German degan "soldier, warrior", such as Degenhard or Herdegen.
Degener German
Derived from the given name Degenher. Alternately, a variant of Degen or Degenhardt.
Degenhardt German
Derived from the given name Degenhard.
Değer Turkish
Means "value, worth" in Turkish.
Degiorgio Maltese
Maltese form of De Giorgio.
Degitz English (American)
An Americanized form of the Dutch surname DeGitz.
De Goede Dutch
From a nickname meaning "the good" or "the kind".
De Goeij Dutch
From Dutch goei meaning "good", making this a cognate of Good. A famous bearer is the retired Dutch soccer goalkeeper Eduard de Goeij (1966-), better known as Ed de Goey.
De Goey Dutch
Variant of De Goeij. Famous bearers of this name include former Dutch soccer goalkeeper Ed de Goey (1966-) and Australian rules footballer Jordan De Goey (1996-).
De Graaff Dutch
Means "the count", derived from Dutch.
Degraffenried German, German (Swiss)
Derived from a place in Switzerland. ... [more]
De Grey English
Variant of Grey.
De Groeve Dutch (Modern)
De Groeve is a surname meaning stone.
Deguchi Japanese
From Japanese 出 (de) meaning "exit" and 口 (kuchi) meaning "mouth, entrance".
Degutis Lithuanian
Occupational name for a person who sold tar; from the Lithuanian word degutas meaning "tar".
Degutytė Lithuanian
Feminine form for an unmarried woman or widow of the surname Degutis.
De Guzmán Spanish
Means "of Guzmán" in Spanish.
De Guzman Spanish (Philippines)
Unaccented form of De Guzmán primarily used in the Philippines.
Dehghan Persian
Means "farmer, peasant" in Persian.
Dehghani Persian
Derived from Persian دهقان (dehqân) meaning "farmer, peasant".
Dehn German
the Germanic ethnic name for someone from Denmark
Deiana Italian
From Sardinian de "of, from" and jana "fairy, spirit of the woods, sorceress" (from Latin Diana).
Deibert German
Variant of Deubert and Daiber.
Deidda Sardinian
Sardinian cognate of Villani, from de "of, from" and bidda "town, hamlet".
Deiley English
Variant of Dailey.
Deiorio Italian
Italian surname meaning "Of Gold" or "From Gold"
Deitrich German
lock pick
Deitz German
Variant spelling of German Dietz.
De Jesús Spanish (Latin American)
Means "of Jesus" in Spanish.
De Jesus Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Philippines), American (Hispanic)
Means "of Jesus" in Portuguese. This is also an unaccented variant of De Jesús.
Dejesus Various
Variant of De Jesús meaning "of Jesus".
Dejima Japanese
Means "sticking out island" in Japanese.
De Kok Dutch
Literally means "the cook" in Dutch.
De La Boulaye French
This indicates familial origin within the Bourgignon commune of La Boulaye.
De Labra Spanish (Rare)
Spanish Surname With Origins From Asturias.
De La Calle Spanish
Means "of the street" in Spanish.
De La Calzada Spanish (Rare)
Means "of the causeway" in Spanish. This surname was likely given in honor of Dominic de la Calzada, a saint from Burgos.
Delacour French
Probably based off the term "de la cœur", meaning "on the court".
De La Faieta Occitan
This indicates familial origin within the Arvernian commune of Ais de la Faieta.
Delafoy French
From Old French de la foy meaning "of the faith". This is probably a name given to a cleric or a very pious person among the French Catholics.
Dela Fuente Spanish (Philippines)
Variant of De la Fuente primarily used in the Philippines.
Delagardelle French
Habitational name for someone from Lagardelle, a place in Haute Garonne.
Delage French
From the dialect word age "hedge" for someone who lived by a hedge or from the various places in France called L'Age.
Delahaye French, Walloon
Variant with fused preposition de "from" of Lahaye. This surname is also found in the Flemish part of Belgium.
De La Hoya Spanish
Means "of the hole" in Spanish.
De La Iglesia Spanish
Means “of the church” in Spanish.
De La Isla Spanish
Means "of the island" in Spanish.
Delalande French
French surname, pronounced /dølalɑ̃də/, which means "from the moor", "from the heath". Famous bearer Michel-Richard Delalande (1657-1726), French baroque composer and organist nicknamed "the Latin Lully", changed its spelling in "de Lalande" in order to give it aristocratic looks.
De La Luna Spanish, Filipino
Means "of the moon" in Spanish.
De La Luz Spanish (Mexican)
Means "of the Light" in Spanish.
De La Montagne French
Means "of the mountain" in French.
De La Mora Spanish
"De la," in several Romance languages (including Spanish and Romanian), means "from." "Mora," in Spanish, translates to "mulberry."... [more]
De La Muerte Spanish (Rare)
Means "of death" in Spanish. Name given to a person who worked as a graveyard worker.
Delancey Bahamian Creole, English
Possibly derived from a place named Lancey, France.
Delane English
Anglicized form of Dubhshlainte.
Delaney English (American)
It Oragionally Came From The Norman Surname Dulaney And The Irish... [more]
Delannoy French, Flemish, Walloon
From the various locations in northern France and Belgium called Lannoy with the element de "from".
De La O Spanish
"O" is the archaic form of "Do" - apocope of "donde" - where, the personal name of a woman in the Hispanic world, and a French name of the twelfth century.
De La Parra Spanish
Means "of the vine" in Spanish.
Dela Paz Spanish (Philippines)
Variant of De La Paz primarily used in the Philippines.
De La Peña Spanish
Means "of the Rock" in Spanish.
Dela Peña Spanish (Philippines)
Variant of De La Peña primarily used in the Philippines.
Delaplaine French
Means "of the Plain" in French
de la Pole Medieval English, Anglo-Norman, Cambro-Norman
Meaning "from the pool", from Norman de la Pole. This name was typically given to families who lived near lakes or similar bodies of water.... [more]
De La Presa Spanish
Means "of the dam" in Spanish.
De Lara English
Means "from Lara", a Spanish and French habitational name.
De La Rosa Spanish (Latin American)
Means "of the Rose" in Spanish.
Dela Rosa Spanish (Philippines)
Variant of De La Rosa primarily used in the Philippines.
Delarosa Spanish
Means "of the rose" in Spanish.
De Larrinaga Basque
Family name of owners of the old Larrinaga Shipping Company that had it's base in Liverpool. Original owner of the Palacio de Larrinaga was Ramon de Larrinaga.
De La Sierra Spanish
Means "of the mountain range" in Spanish.
De Las Nieves Spanish
Means "of the snows" in Spanish.
De La Tor D’auvèrnhe Occitan
This indicates familial origin within the Arvernian commune of La Tor d’Auvèrnhe.
De La Torre Spanish
Topographic name "from (de) the tower (la torre)", i.e. someone who lived by a watchtower, "from (de) the tower (la torre)".
Dela Torre Spanish (Philippines)
Variant of De La Torre primarily used in the Philippines.
De Laura Italian
Metronymic from the female personal name Laura (a derivative of Latin laurus "laurel").
De La Vega Spanish
Means "of the meadow" in Spanish.
Dela Vega Spanish (Philippines)
Variant of De La Vega primarily used in the Philippines.
Delbert English, Dutch
From the given name Delbert
Delbozque French
French Variant of Del Bosque
Del Campo Spanish
Means "of the camp" in Spanish.
Del Carmen Spanish
Means "of Carmen" in Spanish.
Del Castillo Spanish
Means "of the Castle" in Spanish, referring to someone who worked in one.
Deldojar Scottish (Anglicized, Rare)
Deldojar is a nickname for Bangladeshi traders who settled on the coastal port of Perth and Kinross, Scotland. This name is taken from the name of the merchant's hometown, Deldur upazila, a district of Tangail in the Division of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Deledda Italian, Sardinian
Variant of Ledda. A famous bearer of this surname is Nobel Prize for Literature recipient Grazia Deledda (1871–1936).
Deleeuw Dutch
Found in the North Brabant region of the Netherlands
De Leeuw Van Weenen Dutch
Means "Lion of Vienna" in Dutch.
De Leon Spanish (Philippines)
Unaccented form of De León primarily used in the Philippines.
Deleuran French (Huguenot), Danish
Huguenot surname of unknown origin. This family emigrated to Denmark in the 16th century, and now most members of the family are Danish
Delevingne French, English
Means "of the vine" in French. It is the surname of Poppy Delevingne and Cara Delevingne, both English actresses and models; it is also the surname of French-born photojournalist Lionel Delevingne
De Lévis French
This indicates familial origin within the Orléanais commune of Lévis-Saint-Nom.
Delfin Spanish
Meaning "dolphin" in Spanish.
Delfino Italian, Spanish
From the personal name Delfino, from Latin Delphinus, from delphis "dolphin", regarded in medieval times as a symbol of goodness and friendliness.
Del Frate Italian
Italian in origin, meaning; "of the monk"
Delgadillo Spanish
Diminutive of Delgado.
Deligiannis Greek
Greek nickname derived from the Turkish element deli meaning "mad, brave" combined with the Greek given name Giannis.
De Lima Spanish
"de Lima" is the surname given to the people who lived near the Limia River (Lima in portuguese) on the Province of Ourense, an autonomous community of Galicia, located at the northwest of Spain. The root of the name is Don Juan Fernandez de Lima, maternal grandson to the King Alfonso VI de León (1040-1109).
De Liniers French
This indicates familial origin within the Poitevin commune of Liniers.
Delisle English, French
Derived from De L'Isle meaning "of the Isle, from the Isle" in French.
Della Italian, Spanish
Likely derived from the Italian and Spanish word della, meaning "of the".
Della Chièsa Italian
It literally means "of the church".
Della Francesca Italian
Means "son of Francesca". A famous bearer was Piero della Francesca (1415-1492), an Italian fresco painter.