Submitted Surnames Starting with D

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Dobbe English
From the medieval personal name Dobbe, one of several pet forms of Robert in which the initial letter was altered. Compare Hobbs.
Dobberstein German
Metonymic occupational name for a dice maker or a nickname for a dice player, from Middle High German topel ‘die’ + stein ‘stone’, ‘cube’.
Dobbins English
Means "son of Dobbin," which is a medieval diminutive of the name Dob, a medieval short form of the personal name Robert.
Dobeleit German (East Prussian)
East Prussian German form of Dobilaitis.
Dobell English (Australian)
Sir William. 1899–1970, Australian portrait and landscape painter. Awarded the Archibald prize (1943) for his famous painting of Joshua Smith which resulted in a heated clash between the conservatives and the moderns and led to a lawsuit.
Dobesh Czech (Americanized)
Americanized spelling of Czech Dobeš, from the Czech personal name Tobiáš, or of German Döbesch, from the same Czech personal name or some other Slavic form of Tobias .
Dobie Scottish
Variant of Doby.
Dobrik Slovak
From youtuber David Dobrik (1996-)
Dobrovolný Czech
Means "voluntary", "free".
Dobrynin Russian
Means "son of Dobrynya".
Dobrzankowski Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Masovian village of Dobrzankowo.
Doby English
From a diminutive of the given name Dob or Dobbe, itself a medieval diminutive of Robert (one of several rhyming nicknames of Robert in which the initial letter was altered; compare Hobbs).
Docherty Scottish
Scottish spelling of the Irish surname Doherty.
Docilus Ancient Roman
Don't know the source, which is why I put other.
Dock English, Scottish
Possibly a variant of Duke or Duck. Alternatively, could be derived from a place name such as Doxey.
Dock Norwegian
Habitational name from a farm called Dokk, from Old Norse dǫkk "pit, hollow, depression", itself from Proto-Germanic *dankwaz "dark".
Dock German
An occupational name for someone who worked with textiles, related to the German word Tuch "cloth, piece of fabric".
Docker English
Docker is a locational surname from Docker, Westmoreland and Docker, Lancashire. May also refer to the occupation of dockers.
Dodaj Albanian
Means "descendant of Dodë" in Albanian.
Dodd English
"Son of Dod." Variant of Dodds.
Dodds English
From dod, meaning "something rounded" in German.
Dodge English
Possibly a nickname from Middle English dogge "dog" (Old English docga, dogga).
Dodgen English
From a pet form of Dogge (see Dodge).
Dodgson English
Patronymic form of Dodge.
Dodie Scottish (Modern)
Dodie is a Scottish shortening of the name "Dorothy" it is quite rare and one of the only famous people with this name is the singer/songwrite Dodie Clark.
Dodo Japanese (Rare)
Variant reading of Japanese Kanji 闐闐 (see Dondo).
Dodson English (British)
Means "son of Dodd" (see Dudda).
Doe English
An English nickname for a gentle person from the word for a female deer. Originally a female first name transferred to use as a surname. Well known in American law as a hypothetical surname for a person unnamed in legal proceedings, as in Jane Doe or John Doe.
Doepner German
Derived from Middle Low German top and dop "pot". This is an occupational surname originally given to a potter.
Doerflinger German
Habitational name for someone from any of several places in Bavaria named Dörfling.
Doerner German
Occupational name for a miller or mill worker.
Doğan Turkish
Means "hawk, falcon" in Turkish.
Dogg English
From the word dog this is the stage surname of American rapper Snoop Dogg born Calvin Broadus Jr. (b. 1971)
Doğru Turkish
Means "true, right, correct" in Turkish.
Doğu Turkish
Means "east" in Turkish.
Dohmen Medieval Dutch
Derived from dutch surname Damen
Dohrmann Low German
North German topographic name for someone who lived by the gates of a town or city (see Thor).
Dohune Japanese (Rare)
Variant transcription of Japanese Kanji 堂畝 (see Dōune).
Dohyu Japanese (Rare)
Variant transcription of Japanese Kanji 堂湯 (see Dōyu).
Doi Japanese
Do ("Earth") + I ("Habitation") or ("Well, Mineshaft") in a different region. "Earth Well" is used mainly in the west and in Shikoku, the "Earth Habitation" kanji is used in eastern Japan. This name isn't rare and considered out of the ordinary, but it's uncommon to the ears.
Doi Japanese
From Japanese 土 (do) meaning "earth, soil" and 井 (i) meaning "well, mine shaft, pit".
Doi Japanese
From Japanese 土 (do) meaning "earth, soil" and 居 (i) meaning "being, sitting".
Doi Japanese
From Japanese 土 (do) meaning "earth, soil" and 肥 (i) meaning "manure, fertilizer".
Dojčinovski Macedonian
Possibly means "son of Dojčin".
Dōjima Japanese
From Japanese 堂 (dou) meaning "temple, shrine" and 島 (shima) meaning "island".
Dokala m Telugu
from Eluru, Rajahmundry and Vizag
Dokbua Thai
Means "lotus, water lily" in Thai.
Dokgo Korean
Korean form of Dugu, from Sino-Korean 獨孤.
Đokić Serbian
Patronymic, meaning "son of Đoka".
Đoković Serbian
Patronymic, meaning "son of Đoka".
Dolberg Danish, German
A name for a village in North Rine-Westphalia Germany.
Dolce Italian, Sicilian
From the medieval name Dolce meaning "sweet, pleasant" derived from Latin dulcis.
Dole English, Irish (Anglicized)
English: from Middle English dole ‘portion of land’ (Old English dal ‘share’, ‘portion’). The term could denote land within the common field, a boundary mark, or a unit of area; so the name may be of topographic origin or a status name... [more]
Doleschal German
German cognate of Doležal.
Dolf African
Dolfi Italian
From the given name Dolfo a diminutive or short form of Germanic names that end with dolfo Adolfo, Gandolfo, and Rodolfo making it a cognitive of Dolph.
Doll Upper German, German, English
South German: nickname from Middle High German tol, dol ‘foolish’, ‘mad’; also ‘strong’, ‘handsome’.... [more]
Dollahan Irish
Variant of Hallahan, meaning "Descendent of Áilleacháin"
Dollanganger English
The name of the family in the Dollanganger series by V.C. Andrews.
Dollar Scottish, English (American)
Scottish: habitational name from Dollar in Clackmannanshire.... [more]
Dolphin English, Irish
Derived from the Old Norse personal name Dólgfinnr.
Doman Czech, Slovak, Polish
Derivative of the personal name Tomas, or Slavic, Polish name formed with 'doma' meaning home or domestic such as Domasław or Domarad, also shortened from the surname Domański.
Domański Polish
Habitational name for someone from any of various locations called Domanice or Domaniew, or places named with Doman.
Domato Filipino, Maranao
From Maranao domatoʼ meaning "follower, vassal, serf".
Dome English
Occupational name from the Old English root doma, dema ‘judge’, ‘arbiter’. Compare Dempster.
Domènech Catalan
From the given name Domènec.
Domenico Italian
From the given name Domenico
Dominczyk Polish
From the Polish from "Little Lord." The suffix, -czyk generally denotes the diminutiveness of the root word.
Domingos Portuguese
From the given name Domingos
Domingues Portuguese
Portuguese cognate of Domínguez.
Dominguez Spanish (Americanized), Filipino
Unaccented form of Domínguez primarily used in America and the Philippines.
Dominiak Polish
Derived from the given name Dominik.
Dominic English
From the given name Dominic
Dominie Scottish
Occupational name for a church schoolmaster, from Latin domine, a vocative form of dominus, "lord" "master".
Dominiković Croatian
Means "son of Dominik" in Croatian.
Dominique French
From the given name Dominique
Domizio Italian
From the given name Domizio
Domonkos Hungarian
From the given name Domonkos.
Dömötör Hungarian
From the given name Dömötör.
Domrane Kabyle, Berber
Not available.
Don Scottish
Don derives from the Old Gaelic "donn", brown, or the Old English pre 7th Century "dunn", brown, or the Old English pre 7th Century "dunn", dull brown or dark, and was originally given as a distinguishing nickname to someone with dark hair or a swarthy complexion.
Donabedian Armenian
Patronymic from classical Armenian tōnapet meaning ‘head of a festival’.
Donadieu French
Meaning “given to God”, surname given to a child because they were given to a priest or monastery or either an orpan.
Donaghy Irish
Irish: variant of Donahue.
Donaire Spanish, Filipino
From Spanish el donaire meaning "grace,charm". It could be a nickname for a graceful or charming person.
Do Nascimento Portuguese (Brazilian)
Variant of Nascimento. This surname was borne by several Brazilian soccer players, including Pelé (1940-2022), Ramires (1987-) and Thiago Alcântara (1991-).
Donatelli Italian
Patronymic from a pet form of Donato.
Donatello Italian
From the given name Donatello.
Donatien French
From the given name Donatien.
Donato Italian
From the medieval personal name Donato (Latin Donatus, past participle of donare, frequentative of dare "to give"). It was the name of a 4th-century Italian bishop martyred in c. 350 under Julian the Apostate, as well as various other early saints, and a 4th-century grammarian and commentator on Virgil, widely respected in the Middle Ages as a figure of great learning.
Donatsch Romansh
Derived from the given name Donatus.
Donatucci Italian
From a pet form of the given name Donato.
Donau Romansh
Derived from the given name Donatus.
Donavan Irish
Meaning unknown. Possibly transferred use or Irish word for Don or Donald.
Donceanu Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Dondo Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 闐々 (dondo), from ドンド (dondo), an onomatopoeic word for sounds of thuds and bangs, referring to a water gate; to a person working at one.... [more]
Dondon Japanese (Rare)
Variant reading of Japanese Kanji 闐々 (see Dondo).
Doneddu Italian
From Sardinian doneddu "little gift".
Donegan Irish
Anglicized form of the Gaelic surname Ó Donnagáin. Diminutive of "donn" which means "brown," referring to hair color.
Donel Irish
Variant of Donnel
Donell Irish
Variant of Donnell
Döner Turkish
Means "rotating, turning" in Turkish.
Dongfang Chinese (Rare)
From Chinese 東方 (dōngfāng) meaning "east".
Donham Scottish
A surname meaning "House on the Hill" .
Dönmez Turkish
Means "steadfast, steady, firm" in Turkish.
Donn Scottish, Irish
Variant of Donne.
Donna Italian
Probably a matronymic, from the given name Donna meaning "lady, mistress" in classical Italian and "woman" in modern Italian. May alternately derive from a place name.
Donnaloia Italian
A matronymic from Italian donna "lady, mistress" and Aloia.
Donnel Irish
Variant of Donnell
Donnellan Irish
From the Gaelic Domhnallain, a diminutive of Donnell/Domhnall meaning "world mighty" (Irish form of the Scottish Donald).
Donnrin Irish
Irish origin derived from Donn. ... [more]
Donough Irish
From the Gaelic Ó Donnchadha meaning "the descendent of Donnchadh" (cf. Donoghue).
Donskikh Russian
Derived from the name of the Don river, derived from an Aryan root meaning "river".
Donson English
Means "son of Don
Donth Low German (Rare)
Donth is a very rare surname that comes from Germany. No real information about this surname.
Dönz Romansh
Variant of Tönz.
Doolittle English
From a medieval nickname applied to a lazy man (from Middle English do "do" + little "little"). It was borne by the American poet Hilda Doolittle (1886-1961). A fictional bearer is Eliza Doolittle, the flower seller in Bernard Shaw's 'Pygmalion' (1913); and a variant spelling was borne by Dr Dolittle, the physician who had the ability to talk to animals, in the series of books written by Hugh Lofting from 1920.
Doornbos Dutch
Denoted a person who lived near thorn bushes, derived from Dutch doornbos literally meaning "thorn bush".
Dopereiro Galician
This is a surname that alludes to the locality of Pereiro de Aguiar (northern Spain). Also, this is an apple tree and its fruit is the pero (apple fruit).
Do Pereyro Galician
Do Pereyro is an apple tree. It is very old surname, dating from the Middle Ages. Do Pereyro comes from Galicia (northern Spain).
Dopson English
Means "son of Dobbe".
Dor Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Dor, means "generation" in Hebrew.
Dora Romansh
Derived from the given name Dorothea.
Dorado Spanish
From dorado "golden" (from Late Latin deaurare "to gild", from aurum "gold"), probably applied as a nickname to someone with golden hair.
Dorchester English
Derived from either the village in Oxfordshire, or the county town of Dorset, England (both of which have the same name). Both are named with a Celtic name, respectively Dorcic and Durnovaria combined with Old English ceaster meaning "Roman fort, walled city".
D'Oreste Italian
From the given name Oreste
D'orevalle French (Archaic)
Variant form of D'aurevalle. A known bearer of this surname was the medieval bishop Hugh d'Orevalle (d. 1084 or 1085).
Dorin Romanian
From the given name Dorin.
D'orival French
Variant form of D'oreval. This is also one of the very few forms (of what is ultimately the D'aurevalle surname) that is still in use nowadays.
Dorizzi Romansh
Derived from the given name Duri.
Dorjee Tibetan
From the given name Dorji.
Dorji Bhutanese
Means "diamond"; derived from Tibetan. The Dorji are a prominent and powerful family in Bhutan, with some members having been monarchs or holders of government positions. In 2014, this was the most common surname in Bhutan.
Dorkenoo Akan
Meaning unknown.
Dorland English
A variant of Darling. It was a name for a person who was greatly loved by his friends and family. The surname was originally derived from the word deorling, which meant "darling".
Dorman English
From the Old English personal name Deormann, composed of Old English deor (see Dear) + mann 'man'. This surname became established in Ireland in the 17th century; sometimes it is found as a variant of Dornan.
Dorn German, German (Austrian), Dutch, Flemish, English
Means "thorn" in German.
Dorn German, English
German cognate and English variant of Thorn from Middle High German dorn "thorn" (from ancient Germanic þurnaz).
Dornan Irish
Anglicized form of the Irish Gaelic surname Ó Dornáin
Dorney Irish (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of O'Doirinne.
Dorofeev Russian
Variant transcription of Dorofeyev.
Dorofeyev Russian
Means "son of Dorofey".
Doron Hebrew
From the given name Doron.
Dorozhkin Russian
Derived from Russian дорожка (dorozhka) meaning "strip" or "small road, path".
Dörr German
Variant of Dürr.
Dorsainvil Haitian Creole
Ornamental name derived from French d'or meaning "of gold" combined with saint "holy" and vil "settlement" (the Haitian Creole spelling of French ville).
Dorsay French
French form of Dorsey.
Dortmund German
Regional name for someone from Dortmund.
Dortmundt Dutch
Dutch form of Dortmund.
d'Orves French
Denoted someone from Orve, a commune in the Doubs department in eastern France.
Dorzhiev Buryat
From the given name Dorzho.
Dosch German
Topographic name for someone living near bushes or brush, from Middle High German doste, toste ‘leafy branch’, or a habitational name from a house with a sign depicting a bush. Also an altered spelling of Dasch.
Dosch Romansh
Variant of Dusch.
Doseolji Korean
Originated from the Gaya Confederacy
Doshi Indian, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali
Means "cloth seller" derived from Persian دوش (duš) meaning "shoulder".
Døskeland Norwegian
A surname originating from south-western Norway. The Døskeland farm in Sande, Gaular is the most notable place name. An older pronunciation, Dysjeland, has also been suggested by the Norwegian archaeologist Oluf Rygh... [more]
Doss German, German (Austrian), German (Swiss)
German: Habitational name for someone from Dosse in Altmark. Variant of Dose ... [more]
Dos Santos Portuguese, Galician
Means "of the saints" in Portuguese and Galician, originally given to a person born or baptized on All Saints' Day.
Dossat English, Scottish
Possibly from French origins (used predominantly in Louisiana in the United States).
Dossett English
Recorded in several forms including Dowsett, Dosset, and Dossit, this is an English surname. ... [more]
Doster German, Belgian
A German surname, which is from an agent derivative of the Middle High German words 'doste' and 'toste' (meaning ‘wild thyme’, ‘shrub’, ‘bouquet’). It is a topographic surname which was given to someone whose land abutted an uncultivated piece of land, or possibly an occupational name for someone who dealt herbs.... [more]
Dostoyevsky Belarusian, Russian
Habitational name from Dostoev in Belarus.
Dotani Japanese (Rare)
戸 (Do) means "door" or 藤 (do) means "wisteria". 谷 (Tani) means "valley".
Dotson English
Patronymic of the Middle English name Dodde. Originally derived from the Germanic root dodd meaning "something rounded", used to denote a short, rotund man.
Dötter German
From a Germanic personal name formed with theud ‘people’, ‘race’ + hard ‘hardy’, ‘strong’ or hari, heri ‘army’
Dou Chinese
From Chinese 窦 (dòu) meaning "hole, burrow".
Douangdara Lao
From Lao ດວງ (douang) meaning "ball, sphere, circle" and ດາລາ (dara) meaning "star".
Douangmala Lao
From Lao ດວງ (douang) meaning "circle" and ມາລາ (mala) meaning "bunch of flowers, garland".
Douangphachanh Lao
From the Lao classifier ດວງ (douang) for spherical objects and ພະຈັນ (phachanh) meaning "moon".
Douangphrachanh Lao
Alternate transcription of Lao ດວງພະຈັນ (see Douangphachanh).
Douangsavanh Lao
From Lao ດວງ (douang) meaning "circle, sphere" and ສະຫວັນ (savanh) meaning "heaven".
Doubleday English
Possibly from the nickname or byname do(u)bel meaning "the twin", or a combination of the given name Dobbel (a pet form of Robert) and Middle English day(e) meaning "servant".
Doubrava Czech
It means "forest".
Doucet French
Nickname for a gentle minded person from French doux "sweet" (from Latin dulcis).