Submitted Surnames Starting with S

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Silk English, Irish
English: metonymic occupational name for a silk merchant, from Middle English selk(e), silk(e) ‘silk’. ... [more]
Sill English
English: from a medieval personal name, a short form of Silvester (see Silvester) or Silvanus (see Silvano).
Silla Estonian
Silla is an Estonian surname meaning "bridges".
Sillajõe Estonian
Sillajõe is an Estonian surname meaning "river bridge".
Sillamaa Estonian
Sillamaa is an Estonian surname meaning "bridge land".
Sillamäe Estonian
Sillamäe is an Estonian surname meaning "bridge hill/mountain".
Sillaots Estonian
Sillaots is an Estonian surname meaning "bridge end".
Sillasoo Estonian
Sillasoo is an Estonian surname meaning "bridge swamp/marsh".
Sillaste Estonian
Sillaste is an Estonian surname meaning "pertaining to bridges".
Šillers Latvian
Latvian form of Schiller.
Sillitoe English
A different form of Shillito (which is 'a name of unknown derivation and meaning, probably originating in Yorkshire'), borne by British novelist, short-story writer and poet Alan Sillitoe (1928-2010).
Silm Estonian
Silm is an Estonian surname meaning with mulitple meanings: "eye", "stitch", "loop" and "lamprey".
Silvano Italian, Galician
From the given name Silvano
Silvergrass English
From English "Silver" and "Grass". Probably given from the plant called "Silvergrass", a Miscanthus type growing in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Islands, or a field shining with the sun.
Silverstone English
Obviously means "silver stone." In addition to people, this is the name of a racetrack in the village of the same name in England.
Silverthorne English (Rare)
Silverthorne, Silverthorn comes from the Old English seolfor "silver" and þorn "thorn bush" and means the family that lived by the "silver or white thorn tree".
Silvestrini Italian
Means "Little Tree" or "Little Woods." Derived from the given name SILVESTER.
Silvestro Italian
From the given name Silvestro
Silvia Portuguese (Americanized)
SILVIA is an Americanized version of the Portuguese surname Silva, which is derived from the Latin silvae and Portuguese silva words meaning “forest,” “woodland,” or “jungle.” This variation of the surname SILVA was often adopted by Portuguese immigrants upon arrival to the United States.
Silvinski Brazilian
The exact origin of Silvinski is unknown.
Silvio Italian
From the personal name Silvio (Latin Silvius, a derivative of silva "wood").
Sim Scottish, Dutch
Scottish and Dutch: from the personal name Sim, a short form of Simon.
Sim Chinese (Hokkien), Korean
Hokkien romanization of Shen as well as the Korean form.
Simancas Castilian
It indicates familial origin within either of 2 places: the municipality in the Comarca of Campiña del Pisuerga or the administrative neighborhood of the Madrid district of San Blas-Canillejas.
Simantov Hebrew (Modern)
Means "good sign", derived from Hebrew סימן (siman) means "sign" and טוב (tov) means "good".
Simasathien Thai
Alternate transcription of Simasathian.
Simasthien Thai
Meaning Unknown.
Simatupang Batak
From Batak si indicating location and tupang meaning "intersection, crossway, confluence".
Simbajon Filipino, Cebuano
From Cebuano simbahon meaning "adore".
Simbeck German
Originates from the German prefix sim meaning "of the head" and the German word becka meaning "bull". When combined in this order, the meaning was "bull-headed", meaning stubborn and obstinant.
Simbolon Batak
Derived from Batak bolon meaning "big, grand, great".
Šimenc Croatian
Derived from the forename Šime.
Simensen Norwegian
Means "son of Simen".
Simeunović Serbian
Means "son of Simeun" in Serbian.
Simha Indian, Odia, Telugu
Alternate transcription of Sinha.
Šimić Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Šimo".
Šimičić Croatian
Šimičić comes from the name Šimun, which is the Croatian form of Simeon, which means flatter and/or listener.... [more]
Simion Romanian
From the given name Simion.
Simionescu Romanian
Means "son of Simion".
Simkin English
Means "little Sim", Sim being a medieval short form of Simon (cf. Simpkin).
Simkin Jewish
Means "son of Simke", Simke being a diminutive of the Yiddish feminine name Sime (from Hebrew Simcha, literally "joy").
Simko Kurdish
From the given name Simko, a Kurdish diminutive of Ismail.
Simko Hungarian
From a pet form of the given name Simon 1.
Simm German
A shortening of the given name Simon.
Simm Estonian
Simm is an Estonian surname, a variant of the masculine given name "Simon".
Simmers English
English patronymic from Summer.
Simmo Estonian
Simmo is an Estonian surname and masculine given name; a variant of the name "Simon".
Simonetti Italian
The name Simonetti originated from the personal name Simon, itself a derivative of the Hebrew name "Sim'on," from the verb "sama" meaning "to listen." Thus, the name Simonetti means "God has listened," referring to the gratitude of the parents who, having wished for a child, had their prayers answered.... [more]
Simoni Italian
Patronymic or plural form of Simone
Simonian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Simonyan.
Simonin French
From the given name Simon. Possibly brought by the Russian migrants who came to France.
Simonov Russian
Means "son of Simon".
Simonovich Russian
Means "Son of Simon".
Símonsdóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Símon" in Icelandic.
Símonsson Icelandic
Means "son of Símon" in Icelandic.
Simonyan Armenian
Means "son of Simon 1".
Šimonytė Lithuanian
From the given name Simonas. A bearer is Ingrida Šimonytė (1974-), the current prime minister of Lithuania.
Simović Serbian, Montenegrin
Patronymic, meaning "son of Simo".
Simpleton English
A name for someone who is simple, derived from old English.
Simplice French
From the given name Simplice
Simplicio Italian, Spanish
From the given name Simplicio
Şimşek Turkish
Means "lightning, flash" in Turkish.
Šimun Croatian
Derived from the forename Šimun.
Šimundić Croatian
Means "son of Šimun".
Šimunec Croatian
Means "son of Šimun".
Šimunić Croatian
Means "son of Šimun".
Šimunković Croatian
Derived from the forename Šimun.
Sin Chinese (Hokkien)
Hokkien romanization of Xin.
Sin Korean
Variant romanization of Shin.
Sinag Filipino, Tagalog
Means "ray of light, beam" in Tagalog.
Sinahon Filipino, Cebuano
Means "envious" in Cebuano.
Sinatra Italian
Comes from a personal name in Sicily and souther Calabria. The name was apparently in origin a nickname from Latin senator member of the Roman senate, Latin senatus, a derivative of senex ‘old’... [more]
Sinclair Scottish (Anglicized)
Clan Sinclair is a Scottish clan, which held lands in the highlands; thought to have come to Scotland from France after the Norman invasion.
Sinclaire English
Alternate spelling of the surname "Sinclair", derived from a Norman French town called "Saint Clair"
Sindik Croatian
Derived from sindik, a type of lawyer or representative that existed in Dalmatia in the Middle Ages.
Sineath English, Irish
Variant of Sinnott. Not to be confused with the Irish first name Sinéad.
Sinema Haitian Creole, Swahili, Turkish
The name Ireally doesI mean "Movie Theater" ("Cinema"). Other related words: "Picture, Charades, Bilet."
Sing German, Chinese (Cantonese), Indian
German: probably a variant of Seng. ... [more]
Singer German
variant of Sänger, in the sense of ‘poet’
Singha Indian, Bengali, Assamese
Derived from Sanskrit सिंह (sinha) meaning "lion".
Singhal Indian, Hindi, Punjabi
Means "leonine, like a lion", derived from Sanskrit सिंह (sinha) meaning "lion".
Singkh Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Nepali, Indian (Sikh)
Alternate transcription of Singh.
Singkham Thai
From Thai สิงห์ (sing) meaning "lion" and คำ (kham) meaning "gold" or "word, speech".
Singleton English
Habitational name from places in Lancashire and Sussex.
Singsanong Thai (Rare, ?)
Famous bearer is Jazz Singsanong.
Sinha Indian, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, Nepali
Derived from Sanskrit सिंह (siṃhá) meaning "lion" (see Singh).
Sinijärv Estonian
Sinijärv is an Estonian surname meaning "blue lake".
Sinik Estonian
Sinik is an Estonian surname derived from "sinikas" meaning "bog bilberry".
Sinikas Estonian
Sinikas is an Estonian surname meaning "bog bilberry".
Sinimäe Estonian
Sinimäe is an Estonian surname meaning "blue hill/mountain".
Sinissaar Estonian
Sinissaar is an Estonian surname meaning "blue island".
Sinistra English
Sinistra - last name used by a Harry Potter character. She is a Hogwarts professor in Astronomy, Aurora Sinistra.
Sinivee Estonian
Sinivee is an Estonian surname meaning "blue water".
Sinnamon English
Scottish surname which is a corruption of the place name Kinnimonth, meaning "head of the hill".
Sinnott English, Irish
From the medieval personal name Sinod (from Old English Sigenōth, literally "victory-brave").... [more]
Sintas French (Landes & Pryenees)
Found in the communes of Habas and Osages
Siobhán Irish
From the given name Siobhán.
Siodina Medieval Spanish
Use by some Filipinos/Spanish
Siôn Welsh
From the given name Siôn
Sionóid Irish
Gaelicization of Sinnott.
Sioson Filipino
From Hokkien 小孫 (sió-sun) meaning "small grandchild".
Sipelgas Estonian
Sipelgas is an Estonian surname meaning "ant".
Sirar Serbian, Bosnian
Occupational name for someone who makes or sells cheese.
Sirel Estonian
Sirel is an Estonian surname meaning "lilac".
Sirelpuu Estonian
Sirelpuu is an Estonian name meaning "lilac tree".
Sirén Finnish Swedish
meaning "siren" or "lilac"
Siriboe Akan
Meaning unknown.
Sirkel Estonian
Sirkel is an Estonian surname meaning "dividers" and "compass" and "circle tool".
Sirp Estonian
Sirp is an Estonian surname meaning "sickle".
Sirtori Italian
Perhaps a habitational name from a comune (municipality) in Northern Italy.
Sis Czech
Derived from German süss "sweet".
Sisnett English (Rare)
Found in Barbados.
Sison Filipino
From Min Nan 四孫 (sì-sun) or 四孙 (sì-sun) meaning "fourth grandchild".
Sisselman Yiddish
Possibly from German meaning "sweet man"
Sisselsson Icelandic, Norwegian
Matronymic surname meaning Son of Sissel or Sheila.
Sisson English
metronymic from the medieval female personal name Siss, Ciss, short for Sisley, Cecilie, or possibly from a pet form of Sisley (with the old French diminutive suffix -on). variant of Sessions.
Sitar Indian
A type of Indian musical instrumen.
Sitdikov Bashkir, Tatar
Either derived from Arabic صَدِيق (ṣadīq) meaning "friend" or صَادِق (ṣādiq) meaning "true, truthful, veracious".
Situ Chinese
From Chinese 司徒 (sītú), which was a title for one of the highest ranking government positions in ancient China.
Sitwat Thai, Lao, Shan, Zhuang, Chashan, Biao, Cun
Meaning "Colour of Heart".
Siu Chinese
1 Chinese: see Xiao.... [more]
Sivelle French
A rare surname.
Sivertsen Dutch, Danish, Norwegian
Patronymic of Sivert.... [more]
Sivertson American
Americanized form of Sivertsen or Sivertsson.
Sivertsson Swedish
Swedish cognate of Sivertsen.
Sivi Estonian
Sivi is an Estonian surname possibly derived from the village of the same name in Lääne-Viru County.
Sizeland English
A locational surname deriving from the place called Sisland near Loddon in Norfolk.
Sjöblom Swedish
Combination of Swediah sjö "lake, sea" and blom "bloom".
Sjoerdsma Frisian, Dutch
Derived from the Frisian given name Sjoerd combined with the Frisian surname suffix -(s)ma, which is most likely derived from Old Frisian monna meaning "men".... [more]
Sjölander Swedish
Combination of Swedish sjö "lake, sea" and the common surname suffix -ander (a combination of land and the habitational suffix -er). The second element is sometimes said to be derived from Greek aner "man".
Sjølseng Norwegian
Means silver meadow
Sjöman Swedish
Means "seaman, sailor" in Swedish, although this name is more likely to be an ornamental name composed of Swedish sjö "lake, sea" and man "man". A notable bearer is film director Vilgot Sjöman (1924-2006).
Sjöö Swedish
Derived from Swedish sjö "lake, sea".
Sjöqvist Swedish
Combination of Swedish sjö "lake, sea" and qvist, an archaic spelling of kvist, "twig".
Sjöstrand Swedish
Combination of Swedish sjö "lake, sea" and strand "beach, shore".
Sjöström Swedish
Ornamental name composed of Swedish sjö "lake, sea" and ström "stream, small river".
Sjunnesson Swedish
Means "son of Sjunne".
Skaggs English
English name of unknown meaning occurring mainly in Hertfordshire. A noted bearer is American country music artist Ricky Skaggs (1954-).
Skarsgård Swedish (Rare)
Allegedly a habitational name derived from Skärlöv, a village located on the island of Öland, Kalmar County, Sweden. The name of the village is, according to very uncertain sources, said to mean Skares gård "Skare's farm"... [more]
Skarstad Norwegian
From a farm named Skarstad
Skau Norwegian, Danish
Ultimately derived from Old Norse skógr "forest".
Skawinski Polish
Habitational name for someone from Skawina in Kraków province.
Skeffington English
From a location name meaning "homestead of Sceaft's people". This is the name of a parish in Leicestershire, England.
Skeie Norwegian
From Old Norse skeið "race, horse race".
Skelly Irish
Anglicization of the Gaelic O Scolaidhe, which means student.
Skelton English, German, Norwegian (Rare)
Habitational name from places in Cumbria and Yorkshire, England, originally named with the same elements as Shelton, but with a later change of ‘s’ to ‘sk’ under Scandinavian influence.
Skëndo Albanian
Ancestors of Skënderbeu
Skerry Irish
Variant of Scarry or Scurry.
Skibniewski Polish
This indicates familial origin within either of 2 Podlachian villages: Skibniew-Kurcze or Skibniew-Podawce.
Skillern English
Habitational name from Skeleron in Rimington, Lancashire (formerly in West Yorkshire), earlier known as Skelhorn.
Skipworth Anglo-Saxon
is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is a locational name from Skipwith in the East Riding of Yorkshire. The placename was recorded as "Schipewic" in the Domesday Book of 1086; as "Scipewiz" in the 1166 Pipe Rolls of the county; and as "Skipwith" in the 1291 Pipe Rolls, and derives from the Olde English pre 7th Century "sceap, scip", sheep, and "wic", outlying settlement; hence, "settlement outside the village where sheep were kept"... [more]
Sklenář Czech
Means "glassworker".
Sklorenko Ukrainian
Glassmakers son
Sklueff Russian (Latinized, Rare, ?)
Means bird of prey. From Russia. Was changed by the government from Cellieic letters to Latin letters. Unknown if it was change in Russia or Harbin, Chun where they escaped Bolshevism.
Skočdopole Czech
Derived from Czech imperative sentence skoč do pole! meaning "jump in a field!".
Skog Norwegian, Swedish
Means "forest" in Norwegian and Swedish.
Skoglund Swedish, Norwegian
Combination of Swedish and Norwegian skog "forest" and lund "grove".
Sköld Swedish
Means "shield" in Swedish.
Skoog Swedish
Variant of Skog.
Skorupa Polish, Jewish
Derived from Polish skorupa meaning "shell", hence a nickname for a secretive individual.
Skowroński Polish
Name for someone from a place called Skowronów, Skowronna, Skowron or Skowronki, all derived from Polish skowronek meaning "lark".
Skrastiņa Latvian
Feminine form of Skrastiņš.
Škrelja Montenegrin
Montenegrin variant of Shkreli.
Škrijelj Bosnian
Derived from Shkreli, an Albanian tribe and region.
Skrzypczak Polish
One who plays a stringed instrument... [more]
Skrzyszewski Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Lesser Polish village of Skrzyszew.
Škudlárek Czech
Nickname for a stingy person, from a derivative Czech škudil meaning "stingy","tight-fisted".
Skura Polish
Polish name meaning tanner.
Skutnik Romanian
Derived from the historical term scutnic.... [more]
Skwierczyński Polish
This indicates familial origin within a cluster of 3 Podlachian villages: Skwierczyn-Dwór, Skwierczyn Lacki, & Skwierczyn-Wieś.
Sky Jewish
Shortened from last names ending in -sky.
Skye English (Anglicized, Rare)
Originates from the Isle of Skye in Scotland.
Skyring English
originated around London home counties,... [more]
Slack English, Dutch, Scottish
English and Dutch: nickname for an idle person, from Middle Dutch slac, Middle English slack, ‘lazy’, ‘careless’. ... [more]
Sladoljev Croatian
Derived from slad, meaning "malt", and the -ljev suffix referring to "pouring".
Slanius ?
Descendent of Royalty.
Slate English
Occupational name for a slater, from Middle English slate, "slate".
Slattery Irish (Anglicized, Modern)
Irish (Munster): reduced form of O’Slattery, an Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Slat(ar)ra ‘descendant of Slatra’, a byname meaning "robust", "strong", "bold".
Slavica Croatian
Derived from Slavic slava, meaning "glory".
Slawson English
Slawson is an English surname meaning "unexplained".
Sledge English
Sledge. Refers to a sledge as a sled.
Sleigh English
A sled drawn by horses or reindeer, especially one used for passengers.
Slim English
A characteristic name for someone noted for being thin.
Slimani Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Sulayman.
Slinger Danish -Viking -German
Travelled with the army's a user of Slings for war. The variant Slingo is a misspelling only appeared after the English civil war. YDNA between the two matches.
Šljivančanin Montenegrin
Habitational name for someone from Šljivansko, Montenegro.
Słodki Polish
It means "sweet" in Polish.
Słomiński Polish
This indicates familial origin within either of 2 Masovian villages named Słomin.
Słomkowski Polish
Habitational name for someone from places called Słomków, Słomkowa, or Słomkowo, all named with słomka meaning "little straw".
Slonim Jewish
Habitational name from Slonim, a city in Belarus.
Slough English
A very rare surname, possibly of German origins.
Slovensky Czech
Ethnic name for someone from Slovakia or who had connections with Slovakia.