Submitted Surnames Starting with S

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Smart English
From Old English (smeart) meaning "quick". This surname was used to refer to person who worked as a handyman.
Smeaton English
From Old English Smiðatun meaning "settlement of the smiths".
Smed Danish, Swedish, Norwegian (Rare)
Scandinavian cognate of Smith.
Smee English
Variant of Smead, derived from either Middle English smethe "smooth" or Old English smiððe "smithy".
Smet Flemish
One who is a blacksmith
Smetana Czech
Means "cream".
Smidt Dutch
A Dutch corruption of the German Schmidt which means smith.
Šmigiæ Serbian
It is old Serbian surname.It's origins are probably from Kosovo.
Śmigielski Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Greater Polish town of Śmigiel.
Smiley Scots, English
From elements small and lea meaning "a small clearing" or as a nickname may refer to a person of happy disposition known for smiling.
Smirnoff Russian
Variant transcription of Smirnov.
Smirnova Russian
Feminine equivalent of Smirnov.
Smithe English (Rare)
Rare spelling of Smith.
Smither English
Occupational surname Smith with the suffix -er.
Smitherman English
Somebody who assisted the blacksmith.
Smithers English
Patronymic from Smither.
Smithson English
Means "a son who was born by a blacksmith worker".
Smock English
From Middle English smoc, smok meaning "smock", "shift", hence a metonymic occupational name for someone who made or sold such garments, or a nickname for someone who habitually wore a smock (the usual everyday working garment of a peasant).
Smoke English, German, German (Austrian)
Possibly a variant of English Smock or an altered form of German Schmuck.
Smoker English
Derived from the Old English word "smoc," meaning "smock" or, literally, "woman's undergarment." The name was most likely originally borne by someone who made or sold smocks.
Smokvina Croatian
Derived from smokva meaning ''fig''.
Smolders Belgian (Modern)
A Flemish occupational name equivalent to "Miller", meaning a person who operated a wind or water mill for grinding grain.
Smolenskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Smolensky.
Smolensky Russian
Refers to a region in Western Russia named "Smolensk".
Smolin Russian
From smola, meaning "tar".
Smollett English, Scottish
From a nickname for someone who had a small head.
Smolov Russian
From Russian Смола (smola) meaning "resin".
Smullen Irish
Irish: reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Smolláin, according to Patrick Woulfe, a variant of Ó Spealáin (see Spillane).
Smy English
Variation of a name given to a blacksmith
Smyth English
Creative spelling of the surname Smith.
Snäll Swedish
Possibly taken from English Snell or its German cognate Schnell, meaning "quick, fast", and having its spelling influenced by Swedish snäll "nice, kind"... [more]
Snape English (British), Scottish
An old, now rare surname, with various origins in Suffolk and Yorkshire in England and Lanarkshire in Scotland. This is also the name of Severus Snape, a character from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series.
Snark English
History largely unknown. The word's original meaning, in the mid-nineteenth century, was to snort / snore, or to find fault. ... [more]
Snelson English
Means "son of Snell", Snell being a nickname for a brisk or active person, from Middle English snell "quick, lively" (cf... [more]
Snicket English
A narrow alleyway
Snipe English
Derived from a given name; from Old English snip or Old Norse snípr. It is habitational surname from a place so called in the historic county of Northumberland, North East England.
Snipes English
Variant spelling of or a patronymic from Snipe.
Snow English, Jewish (Anglicized)
Nickname denoting someone with very white hair or an exceptionally pale complexion, from Old English snaw "snow".... [more]
Snowden English
Habitational name from Snowden, a place in West Yorkshire named from Old English snāw ‘snow’ + dūn ‘hill’, i.e. a hill where snow lies long.
Snowdon English
Variant spelling of Snowden, a surname initially used by the Border Reivers. Comes from the mountain in Wales.
Snowe English
Variation of Snow.
Snyder Dutch, English, German, Yiddish, Jewish
Means "tailor" in Dutch, an occupational name for a person who stitched coats and clothing.... [more]
Snygg Swedish
Means "handsome, good looking" in Swedish.
Snyman Afrikaans
Afrikaans version of the German surname Schneider, which is German for tailor.
So Korean
Although there are two Chinese characters for the So surname, one of these is extremely rare and can be discounted (there are only about two hundred people in Korea who use this rare character). Some records indicate that the more common character for So has as many as 165 clans, but only eleven of them can be documented... [more]
So Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese romanization of Su.
Metonymic occupational name for a salt seller or producer, from ‘salt’.
Soa Estonian
Soa is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "söakas" meaning "bold" and "courageous".
Soames English
Denoted a person hailing from a village called Soham in Cambridgeshire, England. The place name itself means "homestead by the lake" from Old English "lake" and ham "farm, homestead"... [more]
Soap American
a guy in call of duty modern warfare
Sobaĺ Belarusian, Jewish
Belarusian form of Sobol.
Sobanski Polish
Habitational name for someone from a place called Sobanice, in Ciechanów voivodeship.
Sõber Estonian
Sõber is an Estonian surname meaning "friend".
Sobirov Uzbek, Tajik
Means "son of Sobir".
Sobolev Russian
Variant of Sobol.
Sobolewska Polish
Feminine form of Sobolewski.
Sobolewski Polish
Locational surname that means a person from places in Poland called Sobolew or Sobolewo, both derived from the Polish sobol, meaning "sable".
Sobranie Macedonian (Rare)
Sobranie means "Parliament" in Macedonian.
Soddu Sardinian
Possibly from a nickname meaning "money, coin" or from the given name Soddì.
Söder Swedish
Swedish surname meaning "south".
Soderberg English (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of Swedish Söderberg
Söderblom Swedish
Combination of Swedish söder "south" and blom "bloom, flower".
Söderholm Swedish, Finnish
Combination of Swedish söder "south" and holm "islet, small island".
Söderlund Swedish
Combination of Swedish söder "south" and lund "grove".
Söderman Swedish
From Swedish söder "south" and man "man".
Söderström Swedish
Combination of Swedish Söder "south" and ström "stream".
Sodiqov Uzbek
Uzbek form of Sadykov.
Soe Estonian
Soe is an Estonian surname meaning "warm" and "fond".
Sõelsepp Estonian
Sõelsepp is an Estonian surname meaning "sieve smith".
Soete Low German
Derived from Low German söt /seut "sweet".
Soetoro Indonesian
Soetoro is the surname of the Indonesian stepfather of 44th president Barack Hussein Obama ll named Lolo Soetoro.
Sofia Spanish
From the given name Sofia.
Sofian Arabic
It is an old and rare Arabic name and its rapid meaning is to walk, fly or float. Among the famous people who were called by this name is the companion Abu Sufyan bin Harb, the father of Muawiyah bin Abi Sufyan
Šofranac Montenegrin
Derived from šafran (шафран), meaning "saffron".
Søgård Danish
Means "sea farm" indicating a farmstead near the sea or open water.
Sohinki Jewish
Unknown meaning. A notable bearer is YouTube Personality Matt Sohinki, better known simply as Sohinki, who is a member of Smosh Games.
Sohrabi Persian
From the given name Sohrab.
Soikham Thai
From Thai สร้อย (soi) meaning "necklace" and คำ (kham) meaning "gold".
Sointu Finnish, Karelian
"chord (music)"
Šojka Croatian
Derived from šojka meaning ''jay'' (the bird).
Sok Khmer
Means "healthy, peaceful, happy, pleasant" in Khmer, ultimately from Sanskrit सुख (sukha).
Sokić Croatian
Derived from Turksh sokak, meaning "street". The word is still used in Croatian meaning "little street, alley". Most people with this surname live in Cernik, Croatia.
Sokk Estonian
Sokk is an Estonian surname that means both "sock" and "billy-goat".
Sokolova Bulgarian, Russian
Means "daughter of Sokol".
Sokolović Bosnian
From sokol meaning "falcon", a nickname or an occupational name for a falconer.
Solak Polish
Surname; meaning seller of salt or salt
Solanki Indian, Gujarati, Marathi
From a vernacular name for the Chaulukya, a dynasty that ruled parts of northwestern India (in what is now Gujarat and Rajasthan) between the 10th and 13th centuries, of uncertain meaning.
Solano Spanish, Aragonese
From various Spanish place names, which are derived from Spanish solano meaning "place exposed to the sun" (from Late Latin solanus "pertaining to the sun", a derivative of sol "sun")... [more]
Solar Spanish (Rare), Catalan, Aragonese, Asturian
Spanish, Catalan, Aragonese, and Asturian-Leonese: topographic name from Latin solarius ‘ancestral home’ (a derivative of solum ‘ground’, ‘floor’), perhaps denoting someone who lived near or at the house of an important family.
Solari Italian
Habitational name from any of various places called "Solaro" or "Solara", from solaro 'site', 'plot', 'meadow', literally "land exposed to the sun".
Soldat Russian, Ukrainian, French, German
Means "soldier" in various languages.
Soldner German
German surname meaning mercenary. German spelling has umlaut over the O, but American spelling is Soldner or Soeldner.
Solebello Italian
Means, "beautiful sun". Derived from "bello", meaning beautiful, and "sole", meaning sun.
Solecki Polish
Habitational surname for someone from any of a number of places called Solec, named with sól ‘salt’.
Soleimani Persian
From the given name Soleiman.
Solemark Swedish (Modern, Rare)
Combination of Swedish sol "sun" and mark "ground, earth".
Soler Maltese
Not to be confused with the Catalan and Occitan surname of the same spelling.
Solheim Norwegian
Means "home of the sun" in Norwegian. A combination of sol "sun" and heim "home".... [more]
Soliday American
Reportedly German and Dutch background? Never have really known. The history that has been told my siblings and I is that three brothers came from Germany to the US in late 1800 and went into business in Phila - they eventually argued and split up and two of them changed the spelling of their last name and scattered throughout PA - When I left home in 1963 - mY Father James Edward Soliday, son of John Soliday and Martha Freidline Soliday and us children were the only ones in our area... [more]
Solih Dhivehi
From the given name Salih. A notable bearer is Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (1962-), the current president of the Maldives.
Soliman Arabic (Egyptian)
Egyptian transcription of Sulayman.
Solís Spanish, Asturian
Derived from the word sol meaning "sun" in Spanish.
Sollano Basque
It indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the municipality of Zalla.
Sologar Sanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Fijian
Sanskrit name of unknown origin, common in Fiji. May be related to Solgar.
Solokov Russian
Derived from the Russian word 'Sokol', meaning 'falcon'. It is one of the most common Russian surnames, appearing in the top ten.
Solokova Russian
Feminine form of Solokov.
Solomón Jewish, Spanish
From the given name Solomón.
Solorio Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the vicinity of the Sierra de Solorio mountain range that straddles Aragon, La Mancha, & Old Castile.
Solórzano Spanish
Habitational name for someone originally from the municipality of Solórzano in Cantabria, Spain.
Solovyov Russian
Derived from Russian соловей (solovey) meaning "nightingale".
Soltanov Bashkir, Tatar
Bashkir and Tatar form of Sultanov.
Solxayev Azerbaijani
Means "son of a left-hander" in Azerbaijani.
Solzhenitsyn Russian
Derived from Russian соложеница (solozhenitsa) meaning "maltman".
Soman Indian
Indian (Kerala, Tamil Nadu): Hindu name from Sanskrit soma ‘moon’ + the Tamil-Malayalam third-person masculine singular suffix -n. This is only a given name in India, but has come to be used as a family name in the U.S.
Sõmer Estonian
Sõmer is an Estonian surname meaning "grainy" or "mealy".
Somerset English
Regional name from the county of this name, so called from Old English sumer(tun)saete meaning "dwellers at the summer settlement".
Somerville Scottish, Irish (Anglicized, Rare)
Scottish (of Norman origin) habitational name, probably from Graveron Sémerville in Nord, named with the Germanic personal name Sigimar (see Siemer) + Old French ville ‘settlement’... [more]
Somov Russian
Derived from Russian сом (som) meaning "catfish".
Somova Russian
Feminine form of Somov. This is borne by Russian ballerina Alina Somova (1985-).
Somsri Thai
From Thai สม (sǒm) meaning "suitable, right" combined with ศรี (sǐi) meaning "honour, glory, splendour".
Son Korean
Korean form of Sun, from Sino-Korean 孫 (son) meaning "grandchild".
Sõnajalg Estonian
Sõnajalg is an Estonian surname meaning "fern" (Dryopteris).
Søndergaard Danish
Habitational name from sønder "southern" and gård "enclosure", "farm".
Søndergård Danish
Means "southern farm."
Sone Japanese
From Japanese 曽 (so) meaning "great" as in great-grandmother, and 根 (ne) meaning "root" as in tree root or plant root.... [more]
Sonesson Swedish
Means "son of Sone".
Soni Hindi
A Suryavanshi Khatri family, the surname originating from the Punjab region of India. In India the term caste creates a crucial distinction between Varna and Jāti, even though jati does not fit into any of the four varnas and is more often referred to as Sudras.
Sonley English
Possibly derived from the Old Norse name Sunnulfr.
Sönmez Turkish
Means "eternal, inextinguishable, unquenchable" in Turkish.
Sonnenblume German
Means "sunflower" in German.
Sonnenschein German
Surname meaning "sunshine".
Sonoda Japanese
From Japanese 園 or 薗 (sono) meaning "park, garden, orchard" and 田 (ta) meaning "field, rice paddy".
Sonora Spanish
From Spanish sonoro meaning "sonorous", perhaps a nickname for a loud person.
Sonozaki Japanese
From Japanese 園 (sono) meaning "garden" combined with 崎 (zaki) meaning "cape, peninsula". A notable bearer of this surname is Mie Sonozaki, a Japanese voice-actress who is best known for being the Japanese dubbing voice of Hayley Atwell, Anne Hathaway, Kirsten Dunst, and Elisha Cuthbert.
Sontag German, Jewish
"sunday;" usually given to a person who was born on a sunday.
Sontheimer German
Derived from any of the places named Sontheim in Germany.
Soo Estonian
Soo is an Estonian surname meaning "swamp".
Sooäär Estonian
Sooäär is an Estonian surname, meaning "swamp side".
Soodla Estonian
Soodla is an Estonian surname meaning "favorable/beneficial area".
Sookask Estonian
Sookask is an Estonian surname meaning "dwarf birch" (literally, "swamp/marsh birch").
Sool Estonian
Sool is an Estonian surname meaning "salt".
Sooläte Estonian
Sooläte is an Estonian surname meaning "swamp/bog spring".
Soome Estonian
Soome is an Estonian surname meaning "Finland".
Soomets Estonian
Soomets is an Estonian surname meaning "swamp forest".
Soomro Pakistani, Sindhi
From the name of the city of سامراء (Sāmarrāʾ) in present-day Iraq. This is the name of a Sindhi tribe in southeastern Pakistan, along with a historical regional dynasty in India (the Soomra).
Soon Estonian
Soon is an Estonian surname meaning "vessel" and "vein".
Soopart Estonian
Soopart is an Estonian surname meaning "pintail duck (Anas acuta)".
Soopere Estonian
Soopere is an Estonian surname meaning "swamp folks".
Sõõrd Estonian
Sõõrd is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "sõõr" meaning "circle".
Soorm Estonian
Soorm is an Estonian surname, a derivation of "sõrm" meaning "finger" and "digit".
Sõõrumaa Estonian
Sõõrumaa is an Estonian surname, possibly derived from "sõõr" ("circle") and "maa" (land").
Soosaar Estonian
Soosaar is an Estonian surname meaning "swamp island".
Soosõrv Estonian
Soosõrv is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "soo" meaning "swamp" and "sõrv", possibly a corruption of "serv" meaning "border" or "edge"; "swamp/marsh border".
Sooster Estonian
Sooster is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "soosik", meaning "favorite" and "heir".
Sööt Estonian
Sööt is an Estonian surname meaning to "bait" or to "lure".
Sootamm Estonian
Sootamm is an Estonian surname meaning "pin oak" (Quercus palustris). Literally, "swamp oak".
Sooväli Estonian
Sooväli is an Estonian surname meaning "marsh/swamp field".
Soovere Estonian
Soovere is an Estonian surname meaning "swamp blood".
Sopa Albanian
Meaning unknown.
Sophomore English (American, Rare)
Meaning unknown. Could be a nickname for the 2nd son.
Sopp Estonian
Sopp is an Estonian surname meaning "mud", "creek" and "bottom".
Soprano Italian
For soprano "higher, situated above", a topographic name for someone who lived at the top end of a place on a hillside.
Sora English (Canadian)
Sora is a Kingdom Hearts character developed by Square Enix and Disney
Sordino Literature
The surname of Melinda "Mel" Sordino, the main character of Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak (1999). Her surname was apparently derived from Italian sordino meaning "mute" or "deaf".
Sørensdatter Danish, Norwegian
Strictly feminine patronymic of Søren.
Sorenson Jewish
Means "son of the son of Sore", a Yiddish female personal name (from Hebrew Sara, literally "princess"), with the addition of the Slavic possessive suffix -in and German Sohn "son".
Sorhapuru Basque (Rare)
From south west France Basque Country. Name of a small village
Soria Spanish (Rare)
The Spanish last name, Soria, comes from a city in Spain called Soria
Sorin Romanian
From the given name Sorin.
Sorlie Norwegian
Habitational name from a common farm name, Sørli, composed of the elements sør ‘south’ + li ‘slope’, ‘hillside’.
Sorlie Scottish
Reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Somhairle.
Sormunen Finnish
from the word sormi "finger" or sormus "ring"
Sõrmus Estonian
Sõrmus is an Estonian surname meaning "ring" or "annulet".
Soroka Ukrainian, Jewish
From the nickname Soroka meaning "magpie", which indicates a thievish person or a person with a white streak of hair among black hair.
Sorokin Russian
From Russian сорока (soroka) meaning "magpie", referring to the Eurasian magpie.
Sorokina Russian
Feminine form of Sorokin.
Sorrell English
From a medieval nickname meaning literally "little red-haired one", from a derivative of Anglo-Norman sorel "chestnut".
Sorsa Finnish
Means "duck" in Finnish
Sosunov Russian
Derived from Russian сосун (sosun) meaning "sucker". Alternatively this may be a patronymic surname derived from the Jewish name Sasson meaning "happiness".
Sotak Slovak
Habitational name from Soták, an eastern Slovak region near Humenné.
Sotelo Spanish
From any of various places in Galicia named Soutelo, derived from Galician souto meaning "grove, plantation".
Sotero Galician, Spanish (?)
From the given name Sotero
Sotomayor Spanish
Castilianized form of Soutomaior.
Sottile Italian
Southern Italian: nickname from sottile ‘delicate’, ‘refined’, also ‘lean’, ‘thin’ (from Latin subtilis ‘small’, ‘slender’).
Soudagar Urdu
soudagar is the word related to one who do the business
Soudani Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "Sudanese (referring to a person from Sudan)", derived from Arabic سُودَانِيّ (sūdāniyy).
Soueidi Western African
Mainly found in Mauritania.
Soueilem Western African
Meaning unknown—this surname is mainly found in Mauritania.
Soule English, French, Medieval English
English: of uncertain origin; perhaps derived from the vocabulary word soul as a term of affection.... [more]
Soulier French
Metonymic occupational name for a shoemaker, from Old French soulier ‘shoe’, ‘sandal’.... [more]
Soulik Micronesian
Named after the traditional title of chiefs on Pohnpei.
Souma Japanese (Rare)
Sou (相) means "appearance, nature", ma (馬) means "horse". Souma is also a city name in Fukishima prefecture. Mitsuko Souma (相馬光子) from Battle Royale bears this surname
Souris French
Means "mouse" in French.
Souter English, Scottish
Occupational name for a cobbler or shoemaker, derived from Middle English soutere, from Old Norse sutare, ultimately derived from Latin sutor meaning "to sew".
South English
From Middle English south, hence a topographic name for someone who lived to the south of a settlement or a regional name for someone who had migrated from the south.
Southard English, Dutch
Possibly derived from the English surname Southworth.
Southern English
Topographic name, from an adjectival derivative of South.
Southwell English
English surname meaning "From the south well"
Southwick English
An English/Scottish locational name from a variety of places, including, Southwick in Northamptonshire, England, and Southwick in Gloucestershire, Sussex, Durham, Hampshire. ... [more]
Southworth English
Means "southern enclosure".
Soutomaior Galician
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous council in the Province of Pontevedra.