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Borák Czech
Habitational name for someone from one of many places named with bor meaning "pine forest"; alternatively from a short form of the personal names Dalibor or Bořivoj, containing the element -bor meaning "battle".
Boran Turkish
From the given name Boran
Boranbaev m Kazakh
Means "son of Boranbay".
Boranbaeva f Kazakh
Feminine form of Boranbaev.
Borbak-ool Tuvan
Derived from Tuvan борбак (borbak) meaning "round, rounded, spherical" combined with оол (ool) "son, boy".
Borberg Danish
Borberg is derived from the location Borbjerg in Western Jutland in Denmark.
Borcha Aragonese
Proper, non-Castilianized form of Borja; it indicates familial origin within the eponymous municipality.
Borchert German, English
Variant of Borchardt (see Burkhard).
Bordeaux French
City in France.
Borders English
Americanization of surname Bader. Forefathers who were Hessian soldiers during the American revolution.
Bordner German
A variant spelling of Bartner, a job name for a battle axe maker.
Borecki English
Habitational name for someone from a place called Borek or Borki, from bór "pine forest".
Boreman Dutch
Dutch: variant of Borneman. ... [more]
Borén Swedish
Combination of an unknown first element and the common surname suffix -én (originally from Latin -enius "descendant of"). Also possible habitational name derived from places named with Bor-, such as Borås, Borensberg, and Borlänge... [more]
Boren German
Of unclear origin, most likely a variant of the German surname Born.
Borg Maltese
Derived from Arabic برج (burj) meaning "castle, citadel".
Borgedalen Norwegian (Rare)
Combination of Norwegian borg "fortification, castle" and dal "valley".
Borges Portuguese, Spanish
Possibly from Old French burgeis meaning "town-dweller" (see Burgess). Alternately, it may have denoted someone originally from the city of Bourges in France.
Borgnine Italian (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of Borgnino. A notable bearer was the American actor Ernest Borgnine (1917-2012).
Borgo Italian
Borgo is an Italian surname, which means 'village' or 'borough'.
Borichevskaya Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Боричевский (see Borichevsky).
Boringhieri Romansh
Italianized form of Büergna.
Borisow Ukrainian
The origin of this name comes from Ukraine, the original name being Borisov.
Borisyuk Russian
Russian transcription of Ukrainian Борисюк (see Borysyuk), meaning of "son of Boris".
Börjesson Swedish
Means "son of Börje".
Borjigin Mongolian
This is the name of a Mongol sub-clan, of which Genghis Khan was part of. A suggested origin is a Turkic-language term borčïqïn meaning "man with dark blue eyes", though this is somewhat dubious... [more]
Borkowski Polish
Habitational name for someone from any of various locations called Borki, Borkowice or Borek, all derived from Polish bór meaning "conifer forest, pine forest".
Borlaug Norwegian
From a farm Borlaug in Sogn.... [more]
Borman Dutch, Low German, English
Dutch and North German: variant of Bormann. ... [more]
Bormann German
This surname is presumed to be a variant of Bornemann, which is made up of Middle Low German born meaning "spring" and man meaning "man," denoting someone who lived by a spring or a well.
Born German, English
A topographical name indicating someone who lived near a stream, from the Old English "burna, burne". Alternatively, it could be contemporarily derived from the modern English word "born". Possible variants include Bourne, Burns 1 and Boren.
Born Maltese
Not to be confused with the German surname Born.
Borne English, French, Dutch
1. English: variant spelling of Bourne. ... [more]
Borneman Dutch
1. Respelling of German Bornemann. ... [more]
Bornemann Low German
North German: topographic name denoting someone who lived by a well or spring, from Middle Low German born ‘spring’, ‘well’ + man ‘man’.
Boro Indian, Bodo
From the name of the Boro (or Bodo) people, itself either meaning "great people" or derived from the name of the Hindu god Varaha.
Boroi Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Boronda American (Hispanic), Basque
Boronda is a Californio surname that is also of Basque origin. Boronda is the name of a place in Salinas California named after Jose Eusebio Boronda where he made his house out of Adobe. Today, It is a California national Historic landmark in Boronda road in Salinas.
Boroumand Persian
Means "exuberant, fertile, fruitful" in Persian.
Borowicz Polish
Patronymic from a pet form of Borowy, or from Borzyslaw, Bolebor, or some other personal name formed with the element bor ‘to fight’.
Borquez Spanish
Likely shortened from Bohórquez.
Borrelli Italian
There are three possible origins of this surname. It could derive from some place names located in Catania and Campania -two Italian southern regions. Another hypothesis is that it derives from the Celtic word borro, meaning "proud" or maybe "ditch"... [more]
Borrero Spanish
Occupational name from borrero 'executioner'.
Borresen Danish
The Danish surname Borresen has two origins. Boerresen is composed of -sen 'son' + the given name Boerre, the modern equivalent of Old Norse Byrgir 'the helper' (from proto-Indo-European root BHER- 'to carry, bear')... [more]
Borromée Italian (Gallicized)
Gallicized form of Borromeo, used in reference to Saint Charles Borromeo, a 16th-century Italian cardinal.
Borromeo Spanish (Philippines)
Nickname derived from Italian buon romeo meaning "good pilgrim", from buono meaning "good" and Romeo meaning "pilgrim (to Rome)".
Borsheim Norwegian (Rare)
Habitational name from either of two farmsteads in Norway: Borsheim in Rogaland and Børsheim in Hordaland. Borsheim is a combination of an unknown first element and Norwegian heim "home", while Børsheim is a combination of Old Norse byrgi "fence, enclosure" and heim.
Borsok Russian, Jewish, German (Austrian)
Pronouced "Boar-sook"... [more]
Borstein German, Norwegian
Means "boron stone" in German and Norwegian.
Borsten Swedish, Danish
Swedish and Danish form of Borstein.
Borthwick English (British), Scottish
Denoted someone who came from the hamlet of Borthwick in Scotland.
Bortnick Ukrainian, Jewish
Occupational name for a beekeeper, Ukrainian bortnik.
Bortnik Russian
Means "beekeeper" in Russian, used as an occupational name.
Bortnyk Ukrainian
Ukrainian cognate of Bortnik.
Borysyuk Ukrainian
Means "son of Borys".
Borzykh Russian
Derived from Russian борзый (borzy) meaning "swift, brisk".
Bosak Croatian
Derived from bos, meaning "barefoot".
Bosch American
The surname Bosch originates from the Old Norse word "buski," meaning "bush," or "woods” thus it is classed at a toponymic surname and was most likely used by a man who lived near a prominent bush... [more]
Boscolo Italian
Habitational name for someone who lived by a forest, derived from Italian bosco meaning "woods, forest".
Bose Indian, Bengali
Variant of Basu.
Boshnjaku Albanian
Meaning unknown.
Bosinney Cornish
Denotes the original bearer came from Bossiney, Cornwall. Bossiney comes from Cornish Bod and Cini, meaning "Cini's dwelling," with Cini being a Cornish name of unknown meaning.... [more]
Bosisio Italian
Probably from the municipality Bosisio in Lombardy.
Boškoska f Macedonian
Feminine form of Boškoski.
Boškoski m Macedonian
Means "son of Boško".
Bošković Serbian
Patronymic, meaning "son of Boško".
Boškovska f Macedonian
Feminine form of Boškovski.
Boškovski m Macedonian
Means "son of Boško".
Bosley English
English habitation surname derived from the Old English personal name Bosa and the Old English leah "clearing, field". It's also possibly a variant of the French surname Beausoleil meaning "beautiful sun" from the French beau 'beautiful, fair' and soleil 'sun'... [more]
Boşnak Turkish
Means "Bosniak" in Turkish. One of the only major ethnic groups that adopted Islam during the Ottoman Empire. A huge diaspora of Bosniaks live in Turkey and many Turks have Bosniak heritage.
Bošňáková f Czech, Slovak
Possibly denoting to "Bosniak" or "Bosnian"
Bosneag Romanian
means "Bosnian" or a descendant of Bosnia in Romanian
Bosneanu Romanian
Meaning “Bosnian” or person from Bosnia in Romanian
Bosnić Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian
Means ''from Bosnia''.
Bošnjak Croatian, Serbian
Derived from "Bošnjak", for someone who has their roots in Bosnia. This surname is rare in Bosnian Muslims.
Boso Italian
From the medieval personal name Boso, from a Germanic personal name derived from a pejorative nickname meaning ‘leader’, ‘nobleman’, or ‘arrogant person’. Compare Dutch Boos.
Bosoy Russian
Derived from Russian босой (bosoy) meaning "barefoot". This may have been a nickname for a low-class person.
Boss English
From an originally French term meaning "hunchback".
Bosser Breton
Bosser means butcher in Breton.
Bosshart German (Swiss)
Derived from Middle High German bōzen "to thrash" and hart "hard".
Bossi Romansh
Derived from the given name Burkhard.
Bossi Italian
Variant of Bosso.
Bossier French
Occupational name for a cooper, from an agent derivative of Old French bosse 'barrel'.
Bosso Italian
Derived from Italian bosso "box tree", probably applied as a topographic name but possibly also as a metonymic occupational name for a wood carver or turner.
Bosson Swedish
Means "son of Bo 1" in Swedish.
Bostancı Turkish
Means "vegetable gardener" in Turkish.
Bostani Persian
Derived from Persian بوستان (bostan) meaning "garden".
Boston English
Habitational name from the town Boston in Lincolnshire, England. The name means "Botwulf’s stone".... [more]
Boström Swedish
Combination of Swedish bo "dwelling, home" and ström "stream, river".
Bostwick English
From an English surname which was from a lost or unidentified place name. The second element is clearly Old English wic "outlying (dairy) farm".
Bosustow Cornish
bos Ustoc, dwelling of Ustoc, poss: bos-ysow, corn abode
Boswachter Dutch
Dutch for "forester."
Boswell French (Anglicized)
The name Boswell is an Anglicization of the name of a French village: Boseville (Beuzeville). This was a village of 1400 inhabitants near Yvetot, in Normandy. (from 'A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames', by Charles W. Bardsley, New York, 1901)... [more]
Boteler English
Variant of Butler, from Old French bouteillier “bottler”.
Botelho Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian)
From the Portuguese word botelho, which can denote a measure of grain, a grain sack, or seaweed, and was probably applied as an occupational name for a grain dealer or a gatherer of kelp or seaweed.
Botella Spanish
From the Spanish word meaning "Bottle".
Botezatu Romanian
Means "baptized."
Böðvarsson Icelandic
Means "son of Böðvar" in Icelandic.
Bothwell Scottish
Also N Irish... [more]
Botkin Russian
This was the surname of Evgeniy Botkin ( 1865 - 1918) who was the Russian court physician. He remained loyal to the family of Tsar Nicholas II Romanov when the revolution occurred and followed them into exile in Siberia... [more]
Botros Arabic (Egyptian), Coptic
From the given name Botros.
Bottai Italian
From bottaio "cooper, barrel-maker".
Bottaio Romansh (Archaic)
Derived from Italian bottaio "cooper".
Bottaro Italian
Possibly from Italian bottaio "cooper, barrel-maker".
Botticelli Italian
Etymology uncertain. It can derive from the Italian word botte meaning "barrel" and from the occupation bottaio meaning "cooper". In the case of Sandro Botticelli it has probably another origin... [more]
Botting English, Dutch
Patronymic from BOTT, an Old English personal name of unknown origin.
Bottomley English
English (Yorkshire and Lancashire): habitational name from a place in West Yorkshire named Bottomley, from Old English botm ‘broad valley’ + lēah ‘woodland clearing’.
Bottum Anglo-Saxon
One of the oldest Anglo-Saxon names in Britain. It is the name of the families who lived in a broad valley or a hillside near Bootham near Yorkshire
Botzis Greek
Greek version of the Italian surname Bocci.
Boualem Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "father of Alam" (see Boualem); mainly found in Algeria.
Bouazizi Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "father of Aziz" in Arabic (chiefly Maghrebi). A notable bearer was Mohamed Bouazizi (1984-2011), a Tunisian street vendor who set himself on fire... [more]
Boubacar Western African
From the given name Boubacar.
Bouchaib Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "son of Shoaib"; mainly found in Morocco and Algeria.
Bouchareb Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "father of the moustache" or "father of the drinker" from Arabic أَبُو (ʾabū) meaning "father" and شَارِب (šārib) meaning "moustache" or "drinker".
Bouchemlal Kabyle, Berber
Kabyle surname of unknown meaning.
Boudewijn Dutch
From the given name Boudewijn, a Dutch variant of Baldwin.
Boudjin Dutch
Shortened version of the given name Boudewijn.
Boudreaux French
Variant of Beaudreau. Originated in ancient area known as Languedoc, where the family was established. Comes from having lived in Languedoc, where the name was found since the early Middle Ages.
Bouhired Arabic (Maghrebi)
Meaning unknown. A notable bearer is Djamila Bouhired (1935-), an Algerian militant and nationalist who opposed the French rule over Algeria.
Bouhouche Berber, Northern African
Kabyle name possibly derived from Arabic أَبُو (ʾabū) meaning "father" and حَوْش (ḥawš) meaning "courtyard, enclosure, farm" (chiefly Algerian).
Boujettif Northern African (Archaic)
Meaning, "The family of the son of the Clever Head" or "One Whom Possess a Clever Head." Bou (normally used in the North African Regions of the Maghrib Countries) has 2 possible derivative meanings both originating from the Arabic language, "Son of..." or an Arabic word Tho meaning, "One Who Possess A Quality." Jettif is a variance of Jettef, Jeif or Ji'f which is derived from the ancient Tamazight or Imazighen (popularly known as Berber) and is pronounced "j-ixf" which means Clever, head, or brain."
Boukhalfa Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "father of the successor" in Arabic (see Khalaf or Khalifa).
Boukharouba Arabic (Maghrebi)
Meaning unknown, possibly of Kabyle origin. A notable bearer was Algerian revolutionary and President Houari Boumediene (1932-1978), who was born as Mohamed ben Brahim Boukharouba.
Boukouras Greek
Name of Dacian/Illyrian or Thracian origin. It means "happy". Also, see the Romanian surname Bukur
Boulanger French
Means "baker" in French.
Boulier French
Occupational name for a maker of balls or the organizer of a game of boules, from French boule meaning "ball".
Boulton English
Means "district" characterized by bends from the Old English words boga and land.
Bouma Frisian
Origine is Friesland.... [more]
Boumediene Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "father of Midian" in Arabic (chiefly Algerian). A notable bearer was Houari Boumediene (1932-1978), born as Mohamed ben Brahim Boukharouba, an Algerian revolutionary who served as the second President of Algeria from 1976-1978.
Bounvilay Lao
From Lao ບຸນ (boun) meaning "happiness, prosperity, goodness" and ວິໄລ (vilay) meaning "splendid, beautiful".
Bounyavong Lao
From Lao ບຸນ (boun) meaning "happiness, prosperity, goodness" and ວົງ (vong) meaning "lineage, family".
Bounyavong Lao
From Lao ບຸນ (boun) meaning "happiness, prosperity, goodness" and ວົງ (vong) meaning "lineage, family".
Boupha Lao
Means "flower" in Lao, ultimately from Sanskrit पुष्प (pushpa).
Bourassa Indian
Seems to be an Indian name. I am in touch with a relative whose family were Pottawatomi Indians in Oklahoma. This name comes from that reservation.
Bourbon French
The Bourbons were one of the most important ruling houses of Europe . Its members were descended from Louis I, duc de Bourbon from 1327 to 1342, the grandson of the French king Louis IX (ruled 1226-70)... [more]
Bourbon French
habitational name from a village in Allier the site of the (now ruined) castle of Bourbon or from another place called (Le) Bourbon mainly in the southern part of France. The placename is derived from a Celtic and pre-Celtic element borb- denoting a hot spring.
Bourcard French, German (Gallicized)
From the given name Bourcard, variant of Bouchard, and frenchified form of Burckhardt.
Bourgeois French
from bourgeois "burgher" (from Old French burgeis from burc "fortified town") a status name for an inhabitant and (usually) freeman of a fortified town (see Bourg)... [more]
Bourget French
Possibly meaning "from the city, town" or given to wealthy families, (from bourgeois)
Bourguignon French
Originally denoted a person from Burgundy (called Bourgogne in French), a historical region of east-central France.
Bourguin French
From the medieval name Bourguin the French form of Burgwin.
Bourn English
Variant of Bourne.
Bourque French (Quebec)
Unknown history. A famous bearer is Raymond Bourque (B.-1960), a Quebec born professional ice hockey player from 1979-2001.
Boushab Western African
Used in Mauritania.
Bousquet Occitan
Originally a name for someone living or working in a wooded area.
Boutaleb Arabic (Maghrebi)
Maghrebi transcription of Arabic أبو طالب (ʾabū ṭālib) meaning "father of Talib".
Boutayeb Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "father of Tayeb" in Arabic (chiefly Moroccan).
Bouteflika Arabic (Maghrebi)
Possibly means "one who makes things explode" in Algerian Arabic. A famous bearer is Abdelaziz Bouteflika (1937-), who served as president of Algeria from 1999 to 2019.
Boutella Arabic (Maghrebi, Rare)
Means "father of the mountain" or "father of the hill", from Arabic أَبُو (ʾabū) meaning "father (of)" and تَلّ (tall) meaning "hill, foothill". Two notable bearers include father and daughter Safy (1950-) and Sofia (1982-) Boutella, an Algerian singer and an Algerian-French actress, respectively.
Boutet French
from a pet form of the ancient Germanic personal name Boto a short form of any of various names composed with the element bod "messenger"... [more]
Bouthillette French
Diminutive form of Boutilier.
Boutilier French
Name for a butler or sommelier of a medieval household.
Boutin French
Diminutive from the Germnic given name Bodo.
Boutros Arabic, Coptic
Variant transcription of Botros.
Bouzaher Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "father of Zaher" in Arabic (chiefly Algerian).
Bouzaid Arabic (Maghrebi)
Possibly a variant of Bouzid.
Bouziad Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "father of Ziad" in Arabic.
Bouzid Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "father of Zayd".
Bouzidi Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "father of Zayd".
Bouzigat Medieval Occitan
Lengadocian (dialect of Occitan): meaning "fallow land" or "cleared, uncultivated land"
Bovary French
It is the surname of the famous fictional character Emma Bovary protagonist of Gustave Flaubert's novel.
Bovo Italian
Variant of Bove.
Bow English, Scottish
Habitational name from any of various minor places called with Old English boga, meaning "bow, arch, bend".
Bowden Irish (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Buadáin.
Bowden English
Habitational name from any of several places called Bowden or Bowdon, most of them in England. From Old English boga "bow" and dun "hill", or from Old English personal names Buga or Bucge combined with dun.... [more]
Bowdler Flemish, English
Originally de Boelare it evolved to Bowdler or Bowdle after Baldwin de Boelare came to England in 1105 & was given a lordship over Montgomery, Wales.
Bowdoin French (Huguenot)
Americanized form of French Baudouin or Baudoin. Both the French form of Baldwin. A famous bearer of this surname was James Bowdoin II (1726-1790) Who was the second governor of Massachusetts and political rival of John Hancock.
Bowe Medieval English, English, Irish (Anglicized)
There are three possible sources of this surname, the first being that it is a metonymic occupational name for a maker or seller of bows, a vital trade in medieval times before the invention of gunpowder, and a derivative of the Old English boga "bow", from bugan "to bend"... [more]
Bowell English
Of Norman origin; habitational name from Bouelles, Seine-Maritime, France, which is from Old Norman French "boelle" meaning "enclosure, dwelling".
Bower English, Scottish
Scottish: occupational name for a bow maker, Older Scots bowar, equivalent to English Bowyer. ... [more]
Bowerman English, English (American)
1. English: occupational name for a house servant who attended his master in his private quarters (see Bower). ... [more]
Bowersock English
Likely an Americanized spelling of Bauersack.
Bowker English
A surname of French origin, from the occupational term for 'butcher' (boucher). Some theories have it that it derives from OE 'bocer', meaning a scribe, but the former is more likely and is more widely affirmed.
Bowland English
From any variety of places in England with this name. These places are likely from with Old English boga ‘bow’ (in the sense of a bend in a river) and land ‘land’.
Bowles English
Variant of Bowell with post-medieval excrescent -s.
Bowlly English
Variant of Bowley
Bowne Welsh
The Welsh name Bowne is a patronymic surname created from the Welsh personal name Owen 1 or Owain... [more]
Bowser English
Nickname from the Norman term of address beu sire ‘fine sir’, given either to a fine gentleman or to someone who made frequent use of this term of address.
Bowskill English
From the place name Bowscale.
Bowyer English
English: occupational name for a maker or seller of bows (see Bow), as opposed to an archer. Compare Bowman.
Boyacı Turkish
Means "painter" in Turkish.
Boyajian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Boyajyan.
Boyajyan Armenian
Means "son of the painter" from Armenian պոյաճի (poyači) meaning "dyer, painter".
Boychev m Bulgarian
Means "son of Boycho".
Boycheva f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Boychev.
Boydston Scottish
Habitational name from a place called Boydston near Glasgow. This surname is no longer found in the British Isles.
Boye English, German, Dutch, Frisian, Danish
From the Germanic given names Boio or Bogo, which are of uncertain origin... [more]
Boykins English (American)
Americanized form of Dutch Boeijkens: patronymic from the personal name Boye with the diminutive element -ken and genitive -s. Compare the English cognate Boykin and North German Boyken.... [more]
Boykov Bulgarian, Russian
Means "son of Boyko".
Boykova f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Boykov.