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Deledda Italian, Sardinian
Variant of Ledda. A famous bearer of this surname is Nobel Prize for Literature recipient Grazia Deledda (1871–1936).
Deleeuw Dutch
Found in the North Brabant region of the Netherlands
De Leeuw Van Weenen Dutch
Means "Lion of Vienna" in Dutch.
De Leon Spanish (Philippines)
Unaccented form of De León primarily used in the Philippines.
Deleuran French (Huguenot), Danish
Huguenot surname of unknown origin. This family emigrated to Denmark in the 16th century, and now most members of the family are Danish
Delevingne French, English
Means "of the vine" in French. It is the surname of Poppy Delevingne and Cara Delevingne, both English actresses and models; it is also the surname of French-born photojournalist Lionel Delevingne
De Lévis French
This indicates familial origin within the Orléanais commune of Lévis-Saint-Nom.
Delfin Spanish
Meaning "dolphin" in Spanish.
Delfino Italian, Spanish
From the personal name Delfino, from Latin Delphinus, from delphis "dolphin", regarded in medieval times as a symbol of goodness and friendliness.
Del Frate Italian
Italian in origin, meaning; "of the monk"
Delgadillo Spanish
Diminutive of Delgado.
De Lima Spanish
"de Lima" is the surname given to the people who lived near the Limia River (Lima in portuguese) on the Province of Ourense, an autonomous community of Galicia, located at the northwest of Spain. The root of the name is Don Juan Fernandez de Lima, maternal grandson to the King Alfonso VI de León (1040-1109).
De Liniers French
This indicates familial origin within the Poitevin commune of Liniers.
Delisle English
From De L'Isle, "of the Isle, from the Isle" in French.
Della Italian, Spanish
Likely derived from the Italian and Spanish word della, meaning "of the".
Della Chièsa Italian
It literally means "of the church".
Della Francesca Italian
Means "son of Francesca". A famous bearer was Piero della Francesca (1415-1492), an Italian fresco painter.
Dellino English
A made up name used for roleplay.
Del Mar Spanish
Means "of the sea" in Spanish.
Del Mundo Spanish (Philippines)
Means "of the World" in Spanish. A famous bearer of this name is Fe del Mundo, a Filipino pediatrician.
Delorey French (Anglicized)
Anglicized version of Deslauriers, a topographic name for someone living among laurels, a combination of the fused preposition and plural definite article des ‘from the’ + the plural of Old French lorier ‘laurel’.
De Los Reyes Spanish
Means “of the kings” in Spanish.
Delos Reyes Spanish (Philippines)
Variant of De Los Reyes primarily used in the Philippines.
De Los Santos Spanish
Means "of the saints" in Spanish.
Delos Santos Spanish (Philippines)
Variant De Los Santos primarily used in the Philippines.
Del Pilar Spanish (Philippines)
Means "of the Pilar" in Spanish.
Del Pueblo Spanish
Means "of the village" in Spanish.
Del Rancho Spanish (Mexican)
Name given to a rancher or someone from a ranch.
Del Rayo Spanish (Mexican)
Means "of the lightning" in Spanish. Primarily used mostly in Mexico.
Del Rosario Spanish, Filipino
Means "of the rosary" in Spanish.
Del Sol Spanish
Means "of the sun" in Spanish.
De Luna Spanish
Means "of the moon" in Spanish.
Delvecchio Italian
The surname Delvecchio is derived from the Italian word vecchi, which further derives from the late Latin word veclus, which measn old, aged, or elderly.
Del Villar Spanish
Means "of Villar" in Spanish.
Delyanov Bulgarian
Derived from the Bulgarian given name Delyan.
De Lynden Obscure
Combination of the French word de, meaning "from" and the surname Lynden, denoting someone who lived near a linden valley.
Dema Spanish
1 Spanish: unexplained; it is associated with Uesca province, in Aragon.... [more]
De Macedo Portuguese (Brazilian)
Means "of the apple orchard" (see Macedo).
Demar French, English
Combination of the French word de, meaning "from" and the Old French word maresc, meaning "marsh".
De Marco Italian
From the given name Marco.
Demaree French (Anglicized)
Americanized spelling of French Desmarais.
De Maria Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian
Means "of Mary" in Portuguese and Italian.
Demaria Italian
Metronymic from the female personal name Maria, or name for a devotee of the Virgin Mary.
De Marni Italian
From Italy, most likely Northern Italy. One theory is that De Marni or a similar sounding name was the name of an orphanage, but it's origin is unknown.
De Martino Italian
Means "Son of Martino". A famous bearer is actor Stefano De Martino.
Demchenko Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Demyan.
Demegawa Japanese
From Japanese 出 (de) "out", 目 (me) "eye" and 川 (kawa) "river".
Dementiev Russian
Variant spelling of Dementyev.
Dementieva Russian
Variant spelling of Dementyeva.
Dementyev Russian
Means "son of Dementiy".
Dementyeva Russian
Feminine counterpart of Dementyev.
Demerchant French (Acadian)
A name meaning "the merchant", though the spelling indicates dutch origins.
Demers French
From French meaning "of the seas". A famous bearer of this surname was Modeste Demers, a bishop in 18th century Vancouver.
Demestre French
It's an occupational word coming from Latin. It means "master". It is of French origin.
Demetrio Italian, Spanish
From the given name Demetrio.
De Metz Medieval Jewish, Medieval French
A medieval Ashkenazic French habitational name originally meaning "of Metz", from the city of Metz (now known as Mettis) in Lorraine, which was originally known as Mediomatrica, after the Gaulish tribe of the Mediomatrici... [more]
Demić Serbian, Bosnian
Derived from Turkish demir, meaning "iron".
De Michele Italian, French
An Italian and French patronymic surname, meaning "son of Michele 1".
Demidov Russian
Means "son of Demid". This was the name of a Russian industrialist family prominent in the 18th and 19th centuries. A bearer of the feminine form Demidova was Anna Stepanovna Demidova (1878-1918), a lady-in-waiting in the service of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna who acquired posthumous fame for being executed alongside her employer in 1918.
Demidtsev Russian
Derived from a diminutive of the Russian given name Demid.
Demiral Turkish
Means "iron hands" in Turkish.
Demma English
Possibly an Anglicization of the Italian surname Demma, a metronymic from the personal name Emma.
Dempster Manx, English, Scottish
The name for a judge or arbiter of minor disputes, from Old English dem(e)stre, a derivative of the verb demian ‘to judge or pronounce judgement’. Although this was originally a feminine form of the masculine demere, by the Middle English period the suffix -stre had lost its feminine force, and the term was used of both sexes... [more]
Demsey Irish
Variant of Dempsey
Demski Polish
Refers to a dweller at, or near, an oak tree.
Demsky Polish, Jewish
Derived from Polish dab, demb meaning "oak", which is either a habitational name from a place with the same name or an ornamental name with reference to the tree and its qualities of strength and durability.
Demyan Russian, Ukrainian
From the given name Demyan.
Demyanenko Ukrainian
Means "son of Demyan".
Demyanov Russian
Means "son of Demyan".
Denaut French (Rare, ?)
Possibly a variant of Denault.
Denby English
Means "person from Denby", Derbyshire or Yorkshire ("farmstead of the Danes").
Deneen Irish
Variant of Irish Dineen.
Dénes Hungarian
From the given name Dénes.
Deng Chinese
From Chinese 邓 (dèng) referring to the ancient state of Deng, which existed during the Shang and Zhou dynasties in what is now either Henan or Hubei province.
Denham English
From the name of various places in England, most of which meant "farm in the valley" (from Old English denu "valley" + ham "homestead"). Notable bearers of the surname included John Denham (1615-1669), an English poet; British Labour politician John Denham (1953-); and British actor Maurice Denham (1909-2002).
Denís Spanish, Galician
From the given name Denís.
Denisenko Ukrainian
Alternate transcription of Denysenko.
Denisov Russian
Means "son of Denis".
Denisovich Russian, Literature
Means “son of Denis”. Used in the 1962 book "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich."
Deniz Turkish
Means "sea" in Turkish.
Denley English
Apparently a habitational name from an unidentified place, probably so named from Old English denu 'valley' + leah 'woodland clearing'.
Denmark English
From the country.
Dennehy Irish
Means Ireland and someone who likes Chinese food
Denning English
Derived from the Old English name DYNNA.
Denning Irish
Variant of Dineen.
Denninger German
Habitational name for someone from Denning in Bavaria. Denning is related to Middle Low German denne meaning "wooded vale".
Dennings English, Irish, German
Variant spelling of Denning.
Dennington English
Habitational name from a place in Suffolk, recorded in Domesday Book as Dingifetuna, from the Old English female personal name Denegifu (composed of the elements Dene meaning "Dane" + gifu meaning "gift") + Old English tūn meaning "enclosure", "settlement".
Denoncourt French (Quebec)
Possibly a habitational name.
Denson English (Rare)
Meaning "Son of Dennis" or "Son of Dean"
Denton English
"Valley Town" in Old English, where the given name Denton comes from.
D'entrone Italian
Italian conjugation, meaning "from within".
Denver English
English surname, composed of the Old English elements Dene "Dane" and fær "passage, crossing," hence "Dane crossing."
Denysenko Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Denys.
Déodat French
From the given name Déodat.
Deodato Portuguese
From the given name Deodato.
Depaul French
Son of Paul
De Pauw Dutch, Flemish
Variant spelling of Pauw.
De Paz Spanish (Latin American)
Means "of Peace" in Spanish.
Depietri Italian
The distinguished surname Depietri can be traced back to the ancient and beautiful region of Piedmont. Although people were originally known only by a single name, it became necessary for people to adopt a second name to identify themselves as populations grew and travel became more frequent... [more]
Depikolozvane Croatian
Derived from Italian del piccolo Zuan, meaning "of little Zuan".
Depp German
Derived from Germanic depp which is a nickname for a joker (person who plays jokes on others). A notable bearer is Johnny Depp, an American actor.
Deppe German
From a pet form of the given name Dietbert or Dietmar.
De Praetere Flemish
Means "The Prattler", from or related to Middle Dutch praten "to chatter" (c. 1400), from a Proto-Germanic imitative root.
Derado English
We think it is Italina?
Derbyshire English
Shire of Derby; one who came from Derbyshire, a county in England.
Derckson Swiss
Meaning: "Powerful People"
Deremer Dutch
From an old personal name Terrimar, which is probably from Old High German dart ‘spear’ + mari ‘famous’
Deressa Eastern African, Amharic
From the given name Deressa.
Deresse Amharic, Ethiopian
From the given name Deresse or Deressa.
Derevyanko Russian
From Russian деревян (derevyan) meaning "wooden".
Derhodes German
We think this is German or maybe French
Derian Armenian
Patronymic from classical Armenian tēr meaning ‘lord’.
Derkum German
Dermatis Greek
The surname is derived from the Greek word for skin.
Dernier French
Means Last in French
De Robespierre French
From the combined given name Robert and Pierre.
Deroboam French
unknown possibly french, family has french origins
Deroko Croatian
Croatian variant of "de Rocco".
De Roma Medieval Spanish (Rare)
A Spanish locational surname meaning “Of Rome”, perhaps for a Spaniard who lived in Rome or an Italian expat who immigrated to Spain
De Roos Dutch
From Dutch roos "rose" (see Roos).
De Rosa Italian
Derived from the given name Rosa 1.
De Rozen Dutch
A Dutch surname meaning "the roses".
Derricott English
Habitational name, possibly a variant of Darracott, from Darracott in Devon. However, the present-day concentration of the form Derricott in the West Midlands and Shropshire suggests that this may be a distinct name, from a different source, now lost.
Derry Irish, English
English variant of Deary, or alternatively a nickname for a merchant or tradesman, from Anglo-French darree ‘pennyworth’, from Old French denree... [more]
Derungs Swiss, Romansh
Romansh from Roman occupiers of Switzerland.
Dervishi Albanian
Albanian form of Darwish.
Derwent English
Originating from Derwent River in England.
Derwin English
Variant of Darwin.
De Sá Portuguese
Variant of .
Desai Indian, Marathi, Gujarati
From a feudal title derived from Sanskrit देश (desha) meaning "country, kingdom" and स्वामिन् (svamin) meaning "owner, master, lord".
De Salvo Italian
Meaning of "De" is "From", or "Of", so probably "From Salvo".
De San Buenaventura Spanish (Archaic)
Means "of Saint Bonaventure" in Spanish.
Desanges French (Rare)
Means "from the angels", possibly connected to the French title of the Virgin Mary Notre Dame des Anges, meaning "Our Lady of the Angels". Bearers of this surname include Louis William Desanges (1822-1905), an English artist of French descent, and French historian Jehan Desanges (1929-).
De San Jose Spanish (Philippines, Rare)
Means "of Saint Joseph" in Spanish.
De Santa Italian (Tuscan)
The surname De Santa was first found in Lucca, a city and comune in Tuscany, capital of the province of Lucca and where Bascilican type churches abound. The history commences in 218 B.C., and passed through many hands in the intervening centuries... [more]
De Santana Portuguese (Brazilian)
Means "of St. Anne 1" in Portuguese.
De Santo Italian, Spanish
Mean “Son of Santo”.
Desaulniers French (Quebec)
Topographic name denoting a property distinguished by a grove of alder trees, derived from Old French au(l)ne meaning "alder".
Descalzo Spanish
It means "barefoot"
Descatoire French
Alexandre Descatoire was a French sculptor (1874-1949)... [more]
Deschain French, Literature
Of French origin. This is the last name of the character of the Gunslinger Roland in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series.
Deschanel French
Derived from eschamel meaning "stepladder", or des chanels meaning "from the channels, from the little jugs". An occupational nickname for a trader, it supposedly originated in the Ain department, in Lyon, France.
Deschenes French
"Chenes" is French for "oak tree". In French, "Des" means more than one. "Des"+ "Chenes"= Deschenes meaning "Many oak trees."
Deshmukh Indian, Marathi
From the historical title देशमुख (deśmukh) meaning "district head", derived from Sanskrit देश (deśá) meaning "country, district" combined with मुख (múkha) meaning "face".
Deshpande Indian, Marathi
Means "district accountant", derived from Sanskrit देश (deśá) meaning "country, kingdom, province" combined with पण्डित (paṇḍitá) meaning "learned, wise man".
Desiderato Piedmontese
From the given name Desiderato
Desiderio Italian, Spanish
From the given name Desiderio.
De Silva Sinhalese, Filipino
Sinhalese and Filipino form of Da Silva.
De Simone Italian
Patronymic form of the given name Simone 2.
Deslauriers French (Quebec)
A topographic name for someone living among laurels, a combination of the fused preposition and plural definite article des ‘from the’ + the plural of Old French lorier ‘laurel’.
Desmarais French
Habitational name for someone from any of various places named with Old French mareis, maresc ‘marsh’, as for example Les Marets, in Seine-et-Marne, Centre, Nord, and Picardy.
Desnoyers French (Quebec)
Means "of the walnut trees", from French word "noyer", meaning walnut. "Des noyers" literally translates to "the walnuts".
De Souza Portuguese
Means "of Sousa" in Portuguese, referring to the River Sousa flowing through northern Portugal. The word Sousa itself is derived from the Latin saxa, saxum meaning "stone, rock". The surname is more commonly used in Brazil and Portuguese-speaking African countries today.
De Soye French
Meaning "From Soye" in French.
Des Roches French
Either a topographic name for someone living among rocks or a habitational name from any of several places named with this word, meaning "from the rocks" in French.
Desrouleaux French, Haitian Creole
Means "of the scrolls" in French. It is a occupational name for a scribe, a person who serves as a professional copyist, especially one who made copies of manuscripts before the invention of automatic printing... [more]
Desruisseaux French, French (Quebec)
Topographic name for someone who lived in an area characterized by streams, from the fused preposition and plural definite article des meaning "from the" and ruisseaux (plural of ruisseau) meaning "stream".
Desser Jewish
Habitational name from the city of Dessau in Germany.
d'Estaing French
Derived from Estaing, a commune in the Aveyron department in southern France. A famous bearer was former French president Valéry Giscard d'Estaing (1926-2020).
De Stefano Italian
Means "son of Stefano".
d'Estienne French
From the given name Estienne, a Medieval French form of Stephen.