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Elis Medieval English
A transition of the given name
Elisabelar Basque
Meaning prairie or meadow of the church. It's a surname of the christian inspiration.
Elisabeth Dutch
From the given name Elisabeth
Eliseo Italian, Spanish
From the given name Eliseo.
Eliyahu Jewish
From the given name Eliyahu.
Elizabelar Basque
The Basque surname Elizabelar or De Elizabelar means "meadow of the church,". It's a surname that belongs to Celtic families. The Basques come from the ancient Celtic ethnic group (Celtic tribe) in the Pyrenees called (named) the baskunes or the barskunes (the people of the above).
Elizabeth American
From the given name Elizabeth.
Elizabethson English (Rare)
Means “son of Elizabeth”.
Elizalde Basque, Spanish
From Basque eleiza meaning "church" combined with the suffix -alde "by". This could be either a habitational name for a person who was from the town of Elizalde in Gipuzkoa, Basque Country, or a topographic name for someone living near a church.
El Jaouhari Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "the Jaouhari" in Arabic, Jaouhari being derived from Arabic جوهر (jawhar) "jewel, precious stone, gem, essence" (see Jawahir)... [more]
Elkano Basque
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the Navarrese municipality of Eguesibar.
Elkayam Hebrew
Means "God is exist" in Hebrew. From the words el, "God" and kayam, "exist".
El Khattabi Moroccan
Derived from the Arabic given name Khattab and translates to "The Khattabi". A famous bearer is Rifian political/military leader Abdelkrim El Khattabi.
El Khoury Arabic
Means "the priest" from Arabic خوري (ḵūriyy).
El-Khoury Arabic
Alternate transcription of El Khoury.
El-kindy Arabic (?)
A variant of Al-Kindy.
Elkington English
According to Wikipedia "Elkington is a deserted medieval village and civil parish in the West Northamptonshire in England. ... [more]
Elkins English
Patronymic of Elkin.
Ell Medieval
This name derives from the Medieval given name Elis first recorded in the 1220 Pipe Rolls of Middlesex "Elis de Adham". The ultimate origin of the name is the Hebrew, Elisha or Elijah (meaning "Jehovah is God")... [more]
Ellefsen Norwegian
Means "son of Ellef".
Ellenberg German, Jewish, German (Swiss)
Derived from two municipalities and a village called Ellenberg in Germany. As an ornamental name, it is derived from German ölenberg, literally meaning "olive mountain".
Ellender English
English variant of Allender.
Ellender German
Respelling of German Elender, a nickname for a stranger or newcomer, from Middle High German ellende ‘strange’, ‘foreign’, or a habitational name for someone from any of twenty places named Elend, denoting a remote settlement, as for example in the Harz Mountains or in Carinthia, Austria.
Ellender English
A nickname for a stranger or newcomer, from Middle High German ellende ‘strange’, ‘foreign’, or a habitational name for someone from any of twenty places named Elend, denoting a remote settlement, as for example in the Harz Mountains or in Carinthia, Austria.
Ellens English
Metronymic from Ellen 1.
Eller German
Habitational name from places in the North Rhine and Mosel areas
Ellerbrock European
North German: topographic name for someone who lived by a low-lying swamp overgrown with alders, from Middle Low German elre 'alder' brock 'swamp'.
Ellerhoff German
This name means "Black Alder Tree Courtyard" and was inspired by a tree in a yard at the family farm in Nettelstedt, Germany.
Ellermaa Estonian
Ellermaa is an Estonian surname, most likely an Estoniazation of the German surname Ellermann.
Ellert English
Son of Elliott.
Ellervee Estonian
Ellervee is an Estonian surname meaning "Eller water", but of undetermined origin. Possibly from the German "Eller". Possibly a corruption of the surname "Ellerbee" or "Ellerby".
Ellicot Scottish
The Ellicot family name was first used by descendants of the Pictish people of ancient Scotland. It is a name for someone who lived in Liddesdale and Teviotdale where the family has a long and distinguished history dating back to the early Middle Ages... [more]
Ellik Estonian
Ellik is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "hellik" meaning "sensitive" and "tender".
Ellingham English
Habitational name from places so named in Hampshire, Northumbria, and Norfolk. The first of these is named from Old English Edlingaham ‘homestead (Old English ham) of the people of Edla’, a personal name derived from a short form of the various compound names with a first element ead ‘prosperity’, ‘fortune’; the others may have the same origin or incorporate the personal name Ella (see Ellington).
Ellingsen Norwegian
Means "son of Elling".
Ellingson Norwegian
The name Ellingson came from Norway and was spelled Ellingsen but then it was changed to fit with more common English spelling. Ellingson most likely came from the son of Elling but may have more meanings.
Ellsey English
Variant of Elsey.
Elm English
This is a kind of tree
Elmahdy Arabic (Egyptian)
Means "the Mahdi" from Arabic مَهْدِيّ (mahdiyy) meaning "guided one, rightly guided". In Islam, the term refers to a figure who will restore peace to the world.
Elmaleh Judeo-Spanish, Arabic
From Arabic مَالِح (māliḥ) meaning "salty, savoury", probably used to refer to a salt trader.
Elmalik Northern African, Arabic
From Arabic الْمَالِك (al-mālik) meaning "the king" or "the owner" (chiefly Sudanese).
Elmas Turkish
Means "diamond" in Turkish (see Elmas).
El Masry Arabic (Egyptian)
Means "the Egyptian", from Arabic مِصْرِيّ (miṣriyy) meaning "Egyptian person".
Elmendorf German
Derived from a village with the same name in the district of Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.
Elmi Estonian
Elmi is an Estonian surname, possibly derived from "helmikas" meaning "melick" (perennial grasses of the genus Melica, related to fescue).
Elmo Italian
From the given name Elmo.
El Moctar Western African
Derived from the given Moctar, a variant of Mokhtar. A bearer is Jidou El Moctar (1985–), a Mauritanian runner.
Elmore English
An English habitational name from Elmore in Gloucestershire, named from Old English elm ‘elm’ + ofer ‘river bank’ or ofer ‘ridge’.
Elms English
Variant of Elm.
Elmurzaev Chechen
Means "son of Elmurza".
Elmurzaeva Chechen
Feminine transcription of Elmurzaev.
Elo Finnish
Means "life" in Finnish.
Elofsson Swedish
Means "son of Elof".
Elordi Romanian (?)
used by actor, Jacob Elordi
Elorriaga Basque
It indicates familial origin within either of 5 eponymous neighborhoods: the one in Gasteiz, the one in Deba, the one in Kortezubi, the one in Barakaldo, or the one in Lemoa.
Elortz Basque
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the Navarrese municipality of Noain Elortzibar.
El Ouafi Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "the Ouafi", derived from the given name Wafi. A bearer was Ahmed Boughèra El Ouafi (1898-1959), an Algerian athlete during the French rule over the country.
El Ouahabi Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "the Ouahabi" from the given name Ouahab.
El Ouazzani Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "the Ouazzani", originally indicating a person who came from the town of Ouazzane in Morocco.
Eloy Spanish
From the given name Eloy
Elphee English
Derived from the Old English given name Ælfwig.
El-qases Arabic
It means "the narrative (which refers to the title of a chapter of the Quran)".
Elrashidy Arabic (Egyptian)
Means "the rightly guided" from Arabic رَشِيد (rašīd) meaning "well-guided, following the right course".
Elric English, Popular Culture
From the medieval English givin name Elric. Notable bearers were the Fullmetal Alchemist characters Edward and Alphonse Elric, as well as their mother, Trisha Elric.
El Sayed Arabic (Egyptian)
Means "the master", from Arabic سَيِّد (sayyid) meaning "master, lord, prince" (see Sayyid).
Elsegood English (British), English (Australian)
Derived from an Old English given name, possibly *Ælfgod or *Æðelgod, in which the second element is god "god". (Another source gives the meaning "temple-god", presumably from ealh and god.)... [more]
Elsemere English
The surname Ellesmere was first found in Shropshire at Ellesmere, a market-town and parish, and the head of a union.
Elsey English
Derived from the Middle English given names Elfsi and Elsi, which in turn were derived from the Old English given name Ælfsige.
El-shafei Arabic
It means "the intercessor (which refers to the Prophet of Islam, who will hopefully intercede on one's behalf before God on the day of judgement)".
Elsharkawy Arabic (Egyptian)
Means "the easterner, the one from the east" from Arabic شَرْقِيّ (šarqiyy) meaning "east, eastern".
Elsing German
From a variant of the old personal name Elsung.
Elsinger German (Swiss)
Probably a derivative of Elsing.
Elton English
From a place name meaning "Ella's town" in Old English.
Eltringham English (British)
Meaning homestead
Elu Estonian
Elu is an Estonian surname meaning "life" and "being"; "living".
Elverman German
The name Elverman means Eel fisherman.
Elwell English
Means "person from Elwell", Dorset (probably "spring from which omens can be read").
Elwood English
It's either from a place name in Gloucestershire, England called Ellwood that is derived from Old English ellern "elder tree" and wudu "wood", or a form of the Old English personal name Ælfweald, composed of the elements ælf "elf" and weald "rule".
Elwy Welsh
From the river Elwy in Wales, whose name likely derives from the Welsh elw "gain", "profit". Also sometimes used as a male first name in Wales.
Elyas Ethiopian, Filipino, Malay
Form of Elias, latinized version of the Hebrew Eliyahu, "My God is Yahweh", found in Ethiopian, Filipino and Malay populations. See also the first names Elias, Elijah.
Elzea Hebrew (Gallicized, Rare), American (South, Gallicized, Rare)
The name means G-d’s help It is a French transition of the Hebrew name Eleazar applied to Jews that came to France by way of Egypt. Later it was carried over to the French Caribbean mainly St. Martinique which was the first major Jewish settlement in the Caribbean, but the name also spread to other Latin American Islands including Mexico... [more]
El-zein Arabic
It means "the ornament".
Emajõe Estonian
Emajõe is an Estonian surname meaning "mother river" (a genitive form of "ema jõgi"). The Emajõgi is a 100km river flowing through Estonia.
Emami Persian
From Persian امام (emam) meaning "imam, leader", of Arabic origin.
Emanuel Various
From the given name Emanuel.
Emboaba Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Variant of Emboava. A famous bearer of this surname is Brazilian footballer Oscar.
Embry English, Scottish
ember, smoldering fire
Emel German
From a short form of any of the various Germanic personal names beginning with the element amal, which means ‘strength’ or ‘vigor’.
Emeny English
It may be of Old Celtic origin, from the Celtic female personal names: Isemeine, Isemay, Ismaine... [more]
Emer Jewish, Anglo-Saxon
Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): metonymic occupational name from Yiddish emer ‘pail’, ‘bucket’. ... [more]
Emerin German (Brazilian)
Brazilian adaptation of the German surname Emmerich; altered for easier comprehension by the Portuguese-speaking population of Brazil.
Emersby English
Meaning "Emery's farm."
Emery English, French, Norman
English and French from a Germanic personal name, Emaurri, composed of the elements amja ‘busy’, ‘industrious’ + ric ‘power’... [more]
Emigdio Spanish
From the given name Emigdio.
Emiliano Italian, Spanish
From the given name Emiliano.
Émilien French
From the given name Émilien.
Emilsdóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Emil" in Icelandic.
Emilsen Danish, Norwegian
Means "Son of Emil"
Emilsson Icelandic, Swedish
Means "son of Emil".
Eminov Azerbaijani
Means "son of Emin".
Emir Turkish
From the given name Emir.
Emiroğlu Turkish
Means "son of Emir" in Turkish.
Emmer English
Derived from a nickname for Emerson
Emmer German
A topographic name for someone who lived by land where grain was grown, a status name for someone who owned such land, or a metonymic occupational name for someone who grew or dealt in grain.
Emmerich German
From the given name Emmerich.
Emmerly English
From the given name Amalric.
Emmus Estonian
Emmus is an Estonian surname likely derived from the root "-emus", meaning "superiority" and "advantage".
Emor Anglo-Saxon, Medieval English
This unusual surname has two origins. ... [more]
Emory English, Irish
English variant spelling of Emery.
Emperaire French
Means "Emperor".
Emre Turkish
Derived from the given name Emre.
Emreev Kazakh (Rare)
Means "son of Emre".
Emreoğlu Turkish
Means "son of Emre" in Turkish.
Emsley English
A name that came from a family that lived in Yorkshire, where they derived the family name from Helmsley. Probably of Old English origin Helm and ley or leah, which means "a clearing in the woods."
Enad Visayan
Possibly from Spanish "henar" meaning "meadowland" or "hayfield"
Enamorado Spanish
Nickname for a person relating to love.
Enatsu Japanese
江 (E) means "River,Inlet" and 夏 (natsu) means "Summer". A notable bearer is Yutaka Enatsu who used to be a pitcher for the Hanshin Tigers. Enatsu is also on the first name sight... [more]
Encarnación Spanish
Means "incarnation" in Spanish. This is given in reference to the Incarnation of Jesus in the womb of the Virgin Mary (see Encarnación).
Enchantra American (South, Americanized, Modern, Rare)
American surname feminine mainly in The USA
Enciñias Spanish
Derives from Spanish heritage and culture. Other spellings of the name of ENCIÑIAS may be Encinas, Encinias, Encinitas etc.
Ende Estonian
Ende is an Estonian surname derived from "enda" meaning "own" and self".
Endo Japanese
Alternate transcription of Endō.
Endō Japanese
From Japanese 遠 (en) meaning "distant, far" and 藤 (dō) meaning "wisteria".
Endresen Norwegian
Means "son of Endre 2".
Eneborg Swedish (Rare)
From Swedish en "juniper" and borg "castle".
Enescu Romanian
Means 'son of Aeneas' in Romanian.
Enevoldsen Danish
Means "son of Enevold".
Enfield English
Place in England. Like Uxbridge.
Eng Swedish, Norwegian
Derived from Old Norse eng "meadow".
Engdahl Swedish
Combination of Swedish äng "meadow" and dal "valley".
Engelbert German, English, French
From a Germanic personal name composed of engel (see Engel) + berht ‘bright’, ‘famous’. The widespread popularity of the name in France during the Middle Ages was largely a result of the fact that it had been borne by a son-in-law of Charlemagne; in the Rhineland it was more often given in memory of a bishop of Cologne (1216–25) of this name, who was martyred.
Engelbrecht Afrikaans
The name Engelbrecht has multiple translations, including "Angle Glorious" and "Bright Angel".
Engelbrecht Polabian (Germanized, Rare)
First person with this name was Engelbrekt Engelbrektson. Germanized Slavic name. Later, it was a noble family
Engelby Anglo-Saxon
The name Engelby has a long Anglo-Saxon heritage, from people of the village of Ingoldsby, Lincolnshire, or from Ingleby, found in Derbyshire, or at Ingleby-Berwick, North Yorkshire.
Engelhardt German
Derived from the Germanic given name Engelhard, composed of German engel meaning "angel" and hard meaning "brave, hardy, strong".
Engelmann German
1 German: variant of Engel 1, with the addition of the personal suffix -mann ‘man’, sometimes denoting a pet form.... [more]
Engels German, Dutch
A patronymic surname from the given name Engel.
Engelsen Norwegian
Means "son of Engel".
Engen Norwegian
From the name of several farms in Norway named with the singular definite form of Eng.
Engin Scottish
Scottish: habitational name from Elgin, a place in Moray.
Engineer Indian (Parsi)
Parsi name literally meaning "engineer", referring to someone who made machines or engines. As the British rule of India demanded for all Parsees to adopt a surname, many used English vocabulary based on their occupation.
England Norwegian (Rare)
From the name of several farms in Norway, named with Old Norse eng "meadow" and land "land".
Englander German, Jewish
Ethnic name derived from German Engländer, meaning 'Englishman', thus denoting an incomer from England. In some cases, the Jewish name may be an ornamental adoption.
Englund Swedish, English
Combination of Swedish äng "meadow" and lund "grove".
Engstrøm Norwegian, Danish
Norwegian and Danish form of Engström.
Enhörning Swedish (Rare)
Perhaps created in a similar manner as the German surname Einhorn.
Enis Irish
Variant of Ennis
Enjolras Literature
From a surname which was from Occitan enjeura meaning "to terrify". This was the name of a charismatic activist in Victor Hugo's novel 'Les Misérables' (1862).
Ennals English
This unusual and interesting surname is of medieval English origin, and derives from either of two Anglo-Scandinavian male given names: Ingald or Ingulf. The former derives ultimately from the Old Norse "Ingialdr", having as its initial element the divine name "Ing", borne by a minor Norse god associated with fertility, and meaning "swelling, protuberance", with "gialdr", tribute; hence, "Ing's tribute"... [more]
Ennemuist Estonian
Ennemuist is an Estonian surname derived from "ennemuiste" meaning "days of yore", and "ennemuistne" meaning "ancient".
Ennenga Frisian
From the given name Enno.
Ennok Estonian
Ennok is an Estonian surname derived from "Eenok" (English: "Enoch"), the biblical figure.
Ennor English
Of debated origin and meaning. Theories include a derivation from the Welsh given name Ynyr and a derivation from Jenner.
Enoch English
From the given name Enoch
Enokida Japanese
榎 (Enoki) means "Hackle/Chinese Nettle Berry Tree", and 田 (Da) means Rice Paddy, Field". A notable bearer with this family name is Daiki Enokida, who is a professional baseball player.
Enomoto Japanese
From Japanese 榎 (enoki) meaning "hackberry, nettle tree" and 本 (moto) meaning "base, root, origin".
Enoshima Japanese
From Japanese 江 (e) meaning "bay", ノ (no) which is a particle of possession, and 島 (shima) meaning "island". This can refer to the island in the Kanagawa prefecture.
Enrico Italian
From the given name Enrico.
Enright Irish (Anglicized)
From Irish Gaelic Indreachtach, literally "attacker". The surname was borne by British poet D.J. Enright (1920-2002).
Enrique Spanish
From the given name Enrique.
Enríquez Spanish
Means "son of Enrique".
Enriquez Spanish
Unaccented form of Enríquez.
Enroth Swedish
Combination of Swedish en "juniper" and rot "root".
Ens German
Variant of Enns.
Ensign English
From the military rank.
Enslie English
Variant of Ensley.
Enys Cornish (Rare), Celtic (Rare)
Enys is an ancient Celtic word meaning a circle, and island or a clearing in the forest, so it is possible that the first owners took their name from the land.
Eomäe Estonian
Eomäe is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "eose-" meaning "spore" or "eospea" meaning "cone" and "mäe" meaning "hill/mountain"; "cone hill".
Epaltza Basque
It indicates familial origin within the vicinity of the eponymous waterfall in the Navarrese municipality of Baztan.
Epalza Basque (Castilianized)
Castilianized form of Epaltza.
Epema Frisian
"Son of Epa" or "Son of Eepa". The name was applied starting around 1620 C.E. to the descendants of Eepa, matriarch of a family of the "grytman" type of elected nobility who held political power in and around the town of Sneek/Snits... [more]
Epifanio Spanish, Italian
From the given name Epifanio.
Eplboym Yiddish
It means "apple tree", denoting either someone who planted them or lived near them.
Eplik Estonian
Eplik is an Estonian surname derived from "leplik" meaning "tolerant", "acquiescent" and "meek".
Eppler German
Occupational name for a fruit grower or dealer, from Middle High German epfeler meaning "grower of or dealer in apples".
Epshteyn German, Jewish
This surname may be derived from a German town known as Eppstein in Hesse. Epp probably came from Gaulish apa which means water or river and stein translates into English as stone.
Epstein German, Jewish
A habitational name for someone from a place named Eppstein, which is from Old High German ebur meaning ‘wild boar’ and stein meaning ‘stone’.
Epureanu Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Érable French (Rare)
From érable meaning "maple."
Erasmus French, Dutch
it means beloved one or king
Eraso Basque
This indicates familial origin within either of 2 eponymous Navarrese neighborhoods: Eraso, Municipality of Imotz or Eraso, Municipality of Larraun.
Erber Jewish, German
Meaning uncertain. Either a habitational name for someone living in a place named Erb or Erp, a name for a owner of a farm named Erbhof (derived from MIddle High German erbære "honorable, noble"), or derived from the given name Erpo.
Ercolanese Italian
One who came from Ercolano.
Ercolani Italian
Means "son of Ercolano" in Italian.
Ercolano Italian
From the given name Ercolano
Erdem Turkish
From the given name Erdem.
Erdene Mongolian
Meaning "jewel" or "treasure".
Erdmann German
From the given name Erdmann.
Erdoğan Turkish
From the given name Erdoğan.
Eremia Romanian
From the given name Eremia which is the Romanian form of Jeremiah.
Erendi Estonian
Erendi is an Estonian surname derived from "erendus" meaning "blooming".
Erez Hebrew (Modern)
Means "cedar" in Hebrew.... [more]
Erg Estonian
Erg is an Estonian surname derived from "ergas" meaning "cheerful" and "alert".
Ergashev Uzbek, Tajik, Kyrgyz
Means "son of Ergash".
Ergin Turkish
Means "mature, adult" in Turkish.
Ergma Estonian
Ergma is an Estonian surname derived from "ergama", meaning "glow" and "radiate".
Ergün Turkish
From the given name Ergün.