Submitted Surnames Starting with P

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Plata Spanish
Byname from plata "silver".
Plata Spanish
Habitational name from places in Toledo and Cáceres provinces named Plata, or various places named La Plata.
Platte French
From Old French plat, meaning "flat."
Platten English
Diminutive of Platt.
Platter Scottish
Habitational name from the Forest of Plater in Angus.
Playfair English
From a medieval nickname for an enthusiastic competitor in sports and games (from Middle English pleyfere "companion in play, playmate"), or else a different form of Playford (from a Suffolk place-name meaning "ford where sports are held")... [more]
Plaza English
From the english word "plaza". A mostly famous bearer is actress Aubrey Plaza (1984-)
Pleasance English
Either (i) from the medieval female personal name Plaisance, literally "pleasantness"; or (ii) "person from Piacenza", Italy (from Latin Placentia, literally "pleasing things").
Pleasant American
Means being a very bright man in the near future. Also can be used as a alias.
Plekk Estonian
Plekk is an Estonian surname meaning "tin".
Plemmons English, Irish, German
Altered spelling of Fleming.
Plemons English, Irish, German
Variant form of Plemmons. A famous bearer is American actor Jesse Plemons (1988-).
Pletikosa Croatian
Derived from pletiti, meaning "to knit", and kosa, meaning "hair".
Pletikosić Croatian
Derived from pletiti, meaning "to knit", and kosa, meaning "hair".
Plevneliev Bulgarian
From the Bulgarian name for the Greek village of Petroussa (called Plevnya in Bulgarian), itself derived from Bulgarian плевня (plevnya) meaning "barn". A notable bearer is Bulgarian president Rosen Plevneliev (1964-).
Pliev Ingush (Russified), Ossetian (Russified)
Russified form of an Ingush and Ossetian name, which is derived from the name of an Ingush teip (clan). The name itself comes from Plievo, the name of a village in Ingushetia, which means "village of the sons of Pkhile", referring to a given name possibly derived from Ossetian пыл (pyl) meaning "elephant".
Plimsoll French (Acadian)
I don't know the meaning, but it is my maiden name, and I understand it to be French. Samuel Plimsoll is my ancestor. He was born in Bristol, UK. He was an MP who spoke up in parliament and subsequently the Plimsoll or loading line was introduced on ships... [more]
Pliner Russian, Czech
Originated from a small town in Russia named, Plino.
Ploom Estonian
Ploom is an Estonian surname meaning "plum" (Prunus).
Ploomipuu Estonian
Ploomipuu is an Estonian surname meaning "plum tree" (Prunus).
Plotnikov Russian
Means "son of the carpenter" from Russian плотник (plotnik) "carpenter".
Plum English, German, Jewish
English and North German: from Middle English plum(b)e, Middle Low German plum(e) ‘plum’, hence a topographic name for someone who lived by a plum tree, or a metonymic occupational name for a fruit grower... [more]
Plūme Latvian
Meaning "plum, plum tree".
Plumer German, English, Dutch
North German (Plümer) and English: variant of Plum, the suffix -er denoting habitation or occupation. Altered form of South German Pflümer, an occupational name for a grower or seller of plums, from an agent derivative of Middle High German pflume ‘plum’... [more]
Plumier French, Belgian
Possibly an occupational name for a dealer in feathers and quills, from an agent derivative of Old French plume "feather, plume" (compare English and Dutch Plumer)... [more]
Plummer English
1. Occupational name for a worker in lead, especially a maker of lead pipes and conduits, from Anglo-Norman French plom(m)er, plum(m)er ‘plumber’, from plom(b), plum(b) ‘lead’ (Latin plumbum)... [more]
Plunket English
Either an occupational name for someone who sold plunket, a "coarse white woollen cloth", or a location in France with the name Planquette or Planquenet.
Plymouth English (Rare)
Derived from the place name Plymouth.
Pniewski Polish, Jewish
Habitational name for someone from Pniewy in the district of Poznań, or from any of the many places in Poland named Pniewo.
Pobanz German
Nickname for a braggart or bogeyman, of uncertain Slavic origin.
Pobjoy English
From a medieval nickname for someone thought to resemble a parrot, from Middle English papejai, popinjay "parrot". This probably denoted someone who was talkative or who dressed in bright colours, although it may have described a person who excelled at the medieval sport of pole archery, i.e. shooting at a wooden parrot on a pole.
Poblete Spanish (Latin American)
Habitational name from Poblete in the province of Ciudad Real.
Podbielski Polish
Habitational name for someone from a place called Podbielsko in Konin voivodeship.
Põder Estonian
Põder is an Estonian surname meaning "moose".
Põdersoo Estonian
Põdersoo is an Estonian surname meaning "moose swamp".
Podolski Polish
Refers to a region named Podolia in Ukraine.
Podolskiy Russian
Variant transcription of Podolsky.
Podolsky Russian
Russian form of Podolski
Põdramägi Estonian
Põdramagi is an Estonian surname meaning "moose mountain".
Podriznik Slovene
From the article of clothing of the same name worn by priests, possibly denoting a maker of them or perhaps a relative of a clergyman.
Poduska Slovak
Poduska means pillow or soft cushion.
Podwojski Polish
Archaic -- denotes the office of a minor church official.
Poe English
From a medieval nickname for a vain or flamboyantly dressed person (from Old Norse "peacock"). American author and poet Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) was a famous bearer.
Poehler German
German (Westphalian): topographic name for someone who lived by a muddy pool, from an agent noun derived from Middle Low pol ‘(muddy) pool’.
Poelzer German
pronounced,Pfowelser,it means person skilled with bird's,as in Hawk's or Eagle's(bird's of prey).From Palatine,or Austria(a Royal house).
Poet Scottish
Of uncertain origin, probably a variant of Pate.
Pöge German
German cognate of Page.
Poghosyan Armenian
Means "son of Poghos".
Pogonat Romanian
Meaning unknown.
Pogonowski Polish
This indicates familial origin within either of 2 Lesser Polish villages.
Pogue Irish, American
An Irish surname meaning "kiss"
Poh German
From a dialect word for standard German Pfau ‘peacok’, a nickname for a vain person or for someone with a strutting gait.
Pōhānō Hawaiian
This surname means "wheezy."
Põhi Estonian
Põhi is an Estonian surname meaning "north".
Põhjala Estonian
Põhjala is an Estonian surname meaning "the North" and "Northern area" as well as "Norse".
Pohla Estonian
Pohla is an Estonian surname derived from "pohl" ("lingonberry").
Pohon Indonesian
Means "tree" in Indonesian.
Pöial Estonian
Pöial is an Estonian surname meaning "thumb".
Põim Estonian
Põim is an Estonian surname derived from "põimima" ("enlace" or "entwine")' loosely meaning "weaver".
Pointe French
Derivation of the name is from the pre 10th century Old French "pointe" meaning a sharp or pointed end, and ultimately from the Latin "puncta", to pierce.
Poisson French
Poisson is the French word for fish, and was given to one who was a fishmonger, fisherman, or could be a nickname for one who had the appearance similar to a fish.
Poitier French
Evidently an altered spelling of Pothier. A famous bearer of this surname was the Bahamian-American actor Sidney Poitier (1927-2022).
Pokrywka Polish
Nickname from pokrywka meaning ‘cover’, ‘lid’.
Polack Polish, Jewish
Anglicized from POLAK.
Polanco Spanish
Habitational name from Polanco in Santander province.
Poland English, German, French (Anglicized), Irish (Anglicized)
English and German name is derived from the Middle High German Polan, which means "Poland". The surname originally signified a person with Polish connections.This French surname originated from an occupational name of a poultry breeder, or from a fearful person; it is derived from the Old French poule, which means "chicken".In other cases, particularly in Ireland, the English Poland is a variant of Polin,which is in turn an Anglicised form of the original Gaelic spelling of Mac Póilín, which translated from Irish means "son of little Paul"... [more]
Polat Turkish
Means "steel" in Persian. Many Turkish Oghuz descendants are using this surname.
Põld Estonian
Põld is an Estonian surname, meaning "field".
Põldmaa Estonian
Põldmaa is an Estonian surname meaning "field land".
Põldmäe Estonian
Põldmäe is an Estonian surname meaning "field hill/mountain".
Põldoja Estonian
Põldoja is an Estonian surname meaning "field stream/creek".
Põldots Estonian
Põldots is an Estonian surname meaning "field end".
Põldpüü Estonian
Põldpüü is an Estonian surname meaning "partidge".
Põldroos Estonian
Põldroos is an Estonian surname meaning "field rose".
Põldsaar Estonian
Põldsaar is an Estonian surname meaning "field island".
Põldsepp Estonian
Põldsepp is an Estonian surname meaning "field smith".
Põldur Estonian
Põldur is an Estonian surname meaning "farmer".
Põldvee Estonian
Põldvee is an Estonian surname meaning "field water".
Pole English
Variant of Poole, from Old English pól.
Poley French, German, Jewish
French: variant of Polet, Paulet, pet forms of Paul.... [more]
Polgar Hungarian
Hungarian word for citizen. Taken on by Jewish Hungarians during World War Two to avoid Nazi attention for having 'Jewish' last names.
Poli Italian
From the given name Polo, medieval variant of Paolo.
Policier French (Caribbean), Haitian Creole
From French meaning "policeman".
Polidori Italian
Means "son of Polidoro". Famous bearers include John William Polidori (1795-1821), a physician to Lord Byron and author of 'The Vampyre' (1819), and his sister Frances Polidori (1800-1886), the mother of painter and poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti, poet Christina Rossetti, critic William Michael Rossetti, and author Maria Francesca Rossetti.
Polikarpov Russian
Means "son of Polikarp".
Poling English, Welsh
Altered form of Bolling, possibly also of Bollinger or Pollinger.
Polinski Polish
Habitational name from Polinowo in Pila voivodeship or Polinów in Biala Podlaska voivodeship.
Polite English
Derived from the English word polite. This name was most likely given to a person who was considered to be polite.
Polito Italian
Reduced form of Ippolito. Compare French Hypolite, Greek Politis... [more]
Polívka Czech
Means "soup".
Polk German
Ethnic name for a Pole.
Polk Scottish
Reduced form of Pollock.
Polka German (Slavic), Polish
Variant of German Polk, also a feminine form for the surname Polak, and comes from the given female name Apolonia.
Polke German
Variant of Polk.
Pollack Polish
Jewish (Ashkenazic): variant of spelling of Polak.
Pollak English, German
A name for someone who came from the place called Poland.
Pollett English
Patronymic of Paul, with the diminutive suffix -et.
Põllu Estonian
Põllu is an Estonian surname meaning "arable" or "agrestic"; associated with farming ("farmer" = "põllumees").
Põlluäär Estonian
Põlluäär is an Estonian surname meaning "arable (land) side".
Põlluaas Estonian
Põlluaas is an Estonian surname meaning "arable meadow".
Põllumaa Estonian
Põllumaa is an Estonian surname meaning "farmland".
Põllumees Estonian
Põllumees is an Estonian surname meaning "farmer"; literally "agrestic (põllu) man (mees)".
Põllupüü Estonian
Põllupüü is an Estonian surname meaning "field grouse".
Pollusaar Estonian (Rare)
I believe it means field island in Estonian
Polnareff French
Most known by famous French singer Michel Polnareff, and fictional Jojo's Bizarre Adventure character Jean-Pierre Polnareff (who is named after the singer).
Poloskin Russian
Derived from полоска (poloska), a diminutive of полоса (polosa) meaning "stripe, strip, streak". This may have been a nickname for a tall and thin person.
Polski Polish, Jewish
Nickname for a Polish person, originating in areas of mixed populations.
Poltimore English (Rare)
Rare English surname derived from a Devon place name of Celtic origin, allegedly meaning “pool by the large house”.
Polyakov Russian, Jewish, Belarusian, Ukrainian
Patronymic from the ethnic name Polak meaning "Pole".
Polyanski Russian
Meaning "From Fields".
Polychronakis Greek
The suffix 'akis' indicates that this name comes from the island of Crete. The precise meaning is unknown, though it is theorised that, as 'poly' means "many" or "much" and 'chron' might be supposed to come from the same root as 'Chronos' meaning "time", the name means "much time" or "long time".
Pombal Portuguese
from the portuguese word: pombo meaning "dove", "pigeon". ... [more]
Pomerantz German
Occupational name for an importer or seller of bitter (Seville) oranges, Middle High German pomeranz (medieval Latin pomarancia, composed of the elements arancia, the name imported with the fruit.
Pomerantz Jewish
From the Yiddish word pomerants "orange"
Pomeroy English
From an English surname meaning "dweller by the apple orchard".
Pompei Italian
Habitational name from a place called Pompei in Naples province. Or a patronymic or plural form of Pompeo.
Pompeo Italian
From the Italian given name Pompeo.
Pompey French, English
Variant of Italian Pompei.
Pompilio Italian
From the given name Pompilio
Ponce Spanish, English
The Ponce name was carried into England after the migration from Normandy following the Norman Conquest of 1066.'Ponce' is derived from 'Ponsoby',a place in Cumberland, where the family settled. The Ponce motto is 'Pro rege, lege grege' meaning "For the King, law, and people"
Ponce De Leon Spanish
Compound name composed of the family name Ponce + the habitational name León.
Ponciano Spanish, Portuguese
From the given name Ponciano.
Poniatowski Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Lesser Polish town of Poniatowa.
Ponomarenko Ukrainian
Occupational name for a church bell-ringer from Ukrainian парамонар (paramonar) meaning "sexton".
Ponomarev Russian
Derives from Slavic "пономарь"- Sexton.
Ponsonby English
From a place name in England.
Pontiff French
Means "bridge builder". Comes from the French word pont, which means bridge. ... [more]
Ponton Scottish
First recording of surname in scotland in 1306 in the town of Ayr Scotland. I have many links showing ties to Scotland.
Pooga Estonian
Pooga is an Estonian surname derived from "pooge" meaning "graft/grafting".
Pook English
Pooke was the original version... [more]
Pool English
Topographic name for someone who lived near a pool or pond, Middle English pole (Old English pōl), or a habitational name from any of the places named with this word, as for example Poole in Dorset, South Pool in Devon, and Poole Keynes in Gloucestershire.
Pool Estonian
Pool is an Estonian surname meaning "at", "to", "towards", as well as "half". Derived from the location in which one lived.
Poolamets Estonian
Poolamets is an Estonian surname meaning "half forest(ed)".
Pooley English
Habitational name from Pooley Bridge in Cumbria, so named from Old English pol ‘pool’ + Old Norse haugr ‘hill’, ‘mound’. topographic name from Middle English pole ‘pool’ + ey ‘low-lying land’ or hey ‘enclosure’
Poom Estonian
Poom is an Estonian surname meaning "beam".
Poon Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese romanization of Pan 2.
Poopuu Estonian
Poopuu is an Estonian surname, possibly derived from "poom" ("beam") "puu" ("wood" or "tree").
Pöör Estonian
Pöör is an Estonian surname meaning "crossbar" and "fall bar".
Põõsas Estonian
Põõsas is an Estonian surname meaning "bush" and "shrub".
Poot Estonian
Poot is an Estonian surname meaning "boat", derived from the German "boot" ("boat").
Popalzai Pashto
Meaning unknown, possibly derived from Persian پوپل‎‎ (pupal) meaning "betel nut". The Popalzai are a Pashtun sub-tribe of the Durrani in Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan.
Poplar English
Nickname for someone living by a poplar tree.
Popoca Aztec, Nahuatl
From Nahuatl meaning "to smoke".
Popoff Russian, Bulgarian
Variant spelling of Popov.
Popoola Yoruba
"The way of the rich man" or "The way of prosperity"
Popova Russian, Bulgarian
Feminine form of Popov.
Popović Croatian, Serbian
Means ''son of a priest''.
Popovici Romanian
Means "son of the priest" from Romanian popă meaning "priest".
Popp German
Derived from the given name Poppo (or possibly Boppo) which is of uncertain origin and meaning... [more]
Popp English
Derived from an Old English personal name, Poppa, of unknown origin and meaning.
Poppe German, Dutch, English
German and Dutch variant of Popp 1 and English variant of Popp 2.
Pöppel Upper German, German
Comes from a pet form of the personal name Popp.
Popuchet French
Wise and classy
Porcari Italian, English
From Italian porci "pigs", denoting someone who worked as a pig herder.
Porcaro Italian
From Italian porcaro "swineherd".
Porfirio Spanish, Italian
From the given name Porfirio
Pork Estonian
Pork is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "põrkama" meaning to "bound", "strike", and "bump". bounce, spring
Poroshenko Ukrainian
From Ukrainian порох (porokh) meaning "(gun)powder, dust", used as an occupational name for someone who made or sold gunpowder. A notable bearer is current Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko (1965-).
Porrin Italian
Americanized form of Perino.
Porss Estonian
Porss is an Estonian surname meaning "bog myrtle" and "bayberry".
Portal Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Portuguese, Occitan
Topographical surname for someone living near the gates of a fortified town.
Porteous Scottish
A topographic surname for someone who lived in the lodge at the entrance to a manor house, derived from Middle English port, meaning "gateway" or "entrance", and hous meaning "house". It can also be an occupational name with similar meaning, derived from Latin portarius meaning "porter"... [more]
Portera Italian
Occupational name for a female servant, from Spanish portera.
Portillo Spanish
Meaning unknown.
Portman German (Anglicized)
Americanised form of Portmann.
Portmann German
Occupational name for a gatekeeper, derived from Middle Low German port(e) meaning "gate" and man, or a topographic name for someone who lived near the gates of a fortified town.
Portnoy Jewish, Belarusian, Ukrainian
Occupational name for a tailor from Russian portnoj (an adjective derivative of port "uncut cloth").
Portnyagin Russian
Derived from Russian портняга (portnyaga), a colloquial nickname derived from портной (portnoy) meaning "tailor, clothier".
Portokali Greek
From Greek meaning "orange".
Portokalos Greek
From the Greek word πορτοκάλι (portokáli), which means "orange." The name could refer either to farmers who maintained an orange orchard / grove or someone who had an orange aspect to their appearance or demeanor.
Portola Spanish, Portuguese, Romani (Caló)
Portola is Spanish and Portuguese for Port and is a Romani calo surname. People include Gaspar de Portolá, a Spanish explorer who was the first governor of Baja and Alta California and had many names after him in California cities and streets.
Portrey Jewish
Origin uncertain. Perhaps an altered form of Jewish Portnoy of North German Portner.
Portugal Spanish, Portuguese, English, Catalan, French, Jewish
Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, English, French, and Jewish surname meaning ethnic name or regional name for someone from Portugal or who had connections with Portugal. The name of the country derives from Late Latin Portucale, originally denoting the district around Oporto (Portus Cales, named with Latin portus ‘port’, ‘harbor’ + Cales, the ancient name of the city)... [more]
Porziņģis Latvian
Unknown. A notable bearer of this surname is NBA player Kristaps Porziņģis.
Porzio Italian
From the given name Porzio.
Posada Italian
Spanish: habitational name from any of the numerous places named Posada, from posada ‘halt’, ‘resting place’. ... [more]
Posavec Croatian
Denotes a person living in Posavina, an area that is adjacent or near the Sava river in Croatia.
Posey English, French
Derived from the Greek word "desposyni." The Desposyni is a term referring to a group of people that are allegedly direct blood relatives to Jesus. They are mentioned in Mark 3:21 and Mark 3:31. American actress Parker Posey is a famous bearer.
Posner German, Polish, Medieval
Originally denoted a person from Poznań, Poland.
Posthumus Dutch, Low German
From a personal name which was given to a posthumous child, i.e., one born after the death of his father, derived from Latin postumus "last, last-born" (superlative of posterus "coming after, subsequent") via Late Latin posthumus, which was altered by association with Latin humare "to bury", suggesting death (i.e., thought to consist of post "after" and humus "grave", hence "after death"); the one born after the father's death obviously being the last.
Postma Frisian
Frisian variant of the Dutch and North German surname Posthumus.
Posy English
Variant of Posey
Potapov Russian
Means "son of Potap".
Poteet English, French
From the French name Pottet, which is derived from pot meaning "pot", originally a name for a potter.
Potemkin Russian
A Russian surname which derives from the word "Потёмка" (Potyomka) meaning "dark". People bearing the name Potemkin rose to prominence in Muscovy from the 16th century onwards.
Pothier English
One of the Many spellings of Pottier
Potisepp Estonian
Potisepp is an Estonian surname meaning "spade/shovel maker (smith)".
Potocki Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Lesser Polish village of Potok, Gmina Szydłów.
Pottier French
A variant of the french word for potter, potier.... [more]
Potulicki Polish
This indicates familial origin within either of 3 Greater Polish villages named Potulice.
Poulton English
English surname that means "settlement by a pool".
Povarov Russian
Derived from the Russian word "povar" meaning 'cook'.
Powale Indian, Marathi
Meaning unknown, of Marathi or Konkani origin.
Powalski English (American)
Surname of Leon Powalski from the Star Fox 64 series.